When Love Blooms

When Love BloomsI listened to the audio book, and I had to put it on faster speed so that it doesn t take took long for me to get through it The reader did an ok job except I think she tried to hard to imitate the deep timbre of men s voices.they just sounded weird Overall a nice story with some conflicting emotions and such I didn t expect the main hero to be married since it doesn t mention that in the book description, but that was a big part of the conflict and tension The characters probably could have been developed a bit , too Nothing terribly exciting or page turning, but a pleasant read nonetheless. This book was comfortable but not exciting read The two main characters didn t seem well developed nor did the conclusion fit as well as it should have. From The Moment Gavin Blake Set Eyes On Emily Harris He Knew She Would Never Make It In The Rugged High Country Where Backbreaking Work And Constant Hardship Were Commonplace She Would Wilt There Like A Rose Without Water He D Be Sending Her Back To Boise Before The First Snows He D Be Willing To Bet On ItShe Could Say What She Wanted Emily Harris Didn T Belong In The Hard Life Of The Blakes Beautiful And Refined, She Was Accustomed To The Best Life Had To Offer Heaven Only Knew Why She Wanted To Leave Boise To Teach Two Young Girls On A Ranch Miles From Nowhere He D Wager It Had To Do With A Man It Always Did When A Beautiful Woman Was Involved Emily Wanted To Make Some Sort Of Mark On The World Before Marriage She Wanted To Be Than Just A Society Wife Though She Had Plenty Of Opportunities Back East, She Had Come To The Idaho High Country Looking To Make A Difference Gavin S Resistance To Her Presence Made Her Even Determined To Prove Herself Perhaps Changing The Heart Of One Man Might Make The Greatest Difference Of All Audio book A sweet romance with the classic Robin Lee Hatcher touch Love Hatcher What a perfectly, sweet love story that s clean and refreshing. This book was really good but it was kinda backwards in a way that you don t expect from a CHRISTIAN romance.Okay, so Dru and Charlie were married and very much in love and they had 2 daughters Then Charlie died and Dru was left alone with the girls When Dru found out she was dying of a cancer , she asked Charlie s best friend, Gavin Blake the hero , if he would marry her so the girls would have a dad after she died He obliged her They love each other, but only as a brother sister wouldSo at the beginning of the book, Dru and Blake who are MARRIED, nonetheless , are in Boise and Dru is trying to find a governess for her daughters and hopes secretly to find someone who Blake might like to marry after she s dead They find Emily Harris the heroine , and she goes with them out to their ranch where the cattle are or whatever.So Emily is teaching the girls Sabrina Brina and Petula Pet She quickly falls in love with them And she s taking care of Dru, too and she becomes friends with her as well Blake doesn t approve of her as she s a beautiful, rich young woman and doesn t look like she s last a week in the wilderness , and Emily is determined to prove him wrong and in so doing, she realizes that she s attracted to him She s HORRIFIED by this, because he is MARRIED and to her FRIEND She tries to leave, but Dru is like, You promised to stay till Spring You have to The girls are going to need you, and Gavin is going to need you, too AND Blake realizes he s attracted to Emily but he s ALSO horrified by this, especially since his parents married ended with adultery issues, and he is like, I m going down the same path if I keep thinking things like I m thinking And Dru, who has secretly been playing matchmaker is going, Oh crap I didn t foresee that I d be in the way because I d still be alive Oops But it s not like she wants to die and leave her daughters, you know Anyway, so it s kinda weird in that way Nothing happens of course, but it s AWKWARD there for a bit And then after Dru dies, Gavin gets all weird, and Emily gets engaged to someone else like the DAY before Gavin realizes Dru arranged the whole thing and he should go for it and then confusion, guilt, confusion, guilt until it all ends happily ever after Cute Emily was lovely, Gavin was great, the girls were adorable Overall, a really really cute story I normally never read historical romances but picked this one up by accident and it turned out to be a really good book about life in the 1800 s A mother dying of cancer wants to make sure her family will be loved and taken care of when she s gone. I started an audio version of this book and the narrator was awful It seems like a similar story that I d read before, maybe it was this book or maybe it was just similar, but it I didn t finish the book

Robin Lee Hatcher is the author of 80 novels and novellas with over five million copies of her books in print She is known for her heartwarming and emotionally charged stories of faith, courage, and love Her numerous awards include the RITA Award, Christy Award, Carol Award, HOLT Medallion, National Reader s Choice Award, and the Faith, Hope Love Reader s Choice Award, and she is also the

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  • Paperback
  • 282 pages
  • When Love Blooms
  • Robin Lee Hatcher
  • English
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9780310259282

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