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Its a Question of Space Written by an astronaut who was in space for five months, It s A Question Of Space is certainly written by an expert in all things astro And it shows in the answers to these serious and not so serious questions in this book There s some really interesting questions that need to be answered about travelling in space and Anderson certainly answers these brilliantly Keeping them human but also informative he shares his own personal experience of space travel in this book but also gives insights in to how it all works A really great book for a kid, especially one maybe doing a school project, it answers everything you will ever need to know about space and what it takes to be an astronaut I received an arc from NetGalley for a honest review. Librarian Yes, I ll absolutely be recommending this book for purchase As it happens my library is currently looking for books on this subject, as the school recently added a space unit for our Year 5s, and between 4 classes of 26 students each we keep running out of books on the subject Plus this book covers many of the sorts of things that the students are most interested in, so I can easily see it being a favorite.Reader I could totally see myself picking up this book I ve always been fascinated by space When I was a kid I had dozens of books on the subject, and one of my favorite Christmas memories is the year that my Dad s family all teamed up to buy me a telescope Even now space travel fascinates me I have a tendency to gravitate towards it when I m looking for a good nonfiction book to read That being said, I didn t find myself particularly drawn into this book I found the QA format slightly off putting The tone just didn t sit right with me That being said there was plenty of interesting information, and I d probably pick up other things from this author.3.5 Stars Having Spent Over Days On His First Tour Of The International Space Station, It S Safe To Say That Clayton C Anderson Knows A Thing Or Two About Space Travel Now Retired And Affectionately Known As Astro Clay By His Many Admirers On Social Media And The Internet, Anderson Has Fielded Thousands Of Questions Over The Years About Spaceflight, Living In Space, And What It S Like To Be An Astronaut Written With Honesty And Razor Sharp Wit, It S A Question Of Space Gathers Anderson S Often Humorous Answers To These Questions And In A Book That Will Beguile Young Adults And Space Buffs Alike Covering Topics As Intriguing As Walking In Space, What Astronauts Are Supposed To Do When They See UFOs, And What Role Astronauts Play In Espionage, Anderson S Book Is Written In An Accessible Question And Answer Format That Covers Nearly All Aspects Of Life In Space Imaginable From Living In Zero Gravity To Going To The Bathroom Up There, It S A Question Of Space Leaves No Stone Unturned In This Witty Firsthand Account Of Life As An Astronaut I read an ARC of this book, but apart from some layout issues it was fine.This book is a collection of questions asked my interested users on Quora and the answers Clayton gave in these forum So it is a nice structure of question followed my answer they also tried to bundle them topic wise, although sometimes it still felt a bit astray There were also some repetitions and he really wants us to read his first book The Ordinary Spaceman , but you cannot blame him on that one It was a nice mix of questions from banal or trivial to some technical ones Sometimes I needed to concentrate a lot to be able to follow, but that was expected at this topic with English not being my native language Clay seems down to earth and writes in a casual style, which I liked and sometimes his jokes made me smirk, but often they did not reach me and felt a bit forced All in all it was a nice book which offered you Clay s QA actions bundled up in a comfortable way to read. I was really looking forward to this book as I devour everything I can get my hands on with regards to space and space travel Clayton does offer some great insight, and answers some really interesting questions, but unfortunately this book as a whole just didn t do it for me Many of the questions he answers are done multiple times throughout the book, the question was just asked in a slightly different way So, it got a little boring to read the same things over and over again I also found it hard to focus as I was expecting a little detail and information on the questions he answers Most of them are so high level that once I start getting interested in what he s talking about, he s done and moving on to the next question.I m sure his actual autobiography would be better, but he makes reference to it so often throughout this book I find myself not wanting to read it all just out of principal because it felt like it was getting shoved in my face I think this could ve done with a little editing and organization to make it a compelling QA read, but I do think it could be a great book for younger readers who have a very small window of understanding into these concepts and just want a high level explanation of many things, instead of in depth explanations of a few things I received a copy of this story via Netgalley, and have provided a review of my own accord. This is definitely a five star read Even if you are not interested in space, it s so entertaining The author is so down to earth, he is the exact opposite of what you would expect from a highly trained, science background astronaut The style of the writing is chatty and informal There are the obligatory boring science y parts but they are so few and far between, and reading about this man s life in space was amazing I adored this book. Very cool, his enthusiasm and love for his work comes through powerfully All the stuff you wanted to know and either weren t sure who or how to ask.Really cool insider perspective on monumental achievement of getting into space, and getting back.It maybe fun to pick and choose than to read straight through this is a book I will be happy to have to refer back to when I can t quite recall what I need to.Fun, fascinating, do read Book received via NetGalley for an honest review.If you have ever had questions, or have kids with questions, about some of the routine tasks in space, Anderson has an answer This book covers a lot of areas from how to become an astronaut to how to keep yourself clean on the ISS A lot of the questions were things I would never think to ask, but once they were I thought oh yeah, how does that work Fortunately Anderson is really good about answering them.Admittedly, there are times when Anderson just doesn t know the answer, but he s very good about directing you to resources or people who would know Some of the answers required a lot technical expertise than he had, so he called in his friend Robert Frost who actually worked on those sides of the missions Anderson also keeps a good sense of humor in a lot of his answers There were some, to me, ridiculous questions, like what if an astronaut murdered all of his fellow astronauts on the ISS Anderson actually went through a bit of a scenario of what would be required for the killer to do All the while he made it clear that, given the rigorous psychological testing astronauts have to go through, he didn t think this would ever actually happen.I think my biggest issue with this book is the editing He says that the book is from his writings on Quora and it shows There are a lot of repeat questions and answers spread throughout the book under different topics Admittedly some of the questions had multiple questions in them so I can see why they were under different categories and thought to be different questions I just think it would have been readable had he consolidated the questions and answers instead of just repeating what was on Quora.Other than that, though, I did like this book and it did answer a lot of questions I didn t even know I had about space and being an astronaut 3.5 hoots Like many others, I m fascinated by space travel I imagine what it would be like to not be in this planet at least once a day I m sure you too So bless all these astronaut and cosmonauts writing about their experiences I get to vicariously fly through the atmosphere and live in zero gravity Read the rest of my review here. It s A Question of Space by Clayton C Anderson has science, humor and soul, and above all, it s super easy to read Continue reading our review here.Please note We don t use ratings but for this purpose, we tag books with three stars by default Would like to be a reviewer contributor to Bookbed Sign up here We also accept review requests More info here.

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[PDF / Epub] ☀ Its a Question of Space  By Clayton C. Anderson –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Its a Question of Space
  • Clayton C. Anderson
  • 24 August 2019
  • 9781496205087

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