Serpents Desire (The Last Serpent #2)

Serpents Desire (The Last Serpent #2) Do You Have Any Idea What It S Like To Live With Five Other Guys And Want All Of Them I M About To Find Out Continuing Where The Story Left Off, Lilith Finds Herself Face To Face With An Awful Truth About The New World She Has Been Brought Into, But This Is A Dangerous World, Filled With New Challenges She Doesn T Know She Ll Be Able To Handle When Leo, Aiden S Mentor, Arrives At The Mansion And Puts The Whole Place On Lockdown So Everyone Can Focus On Protecting Themselves Against The Perils Lurking Just Outside Of The Grounds They All Live In, Lilith Soon Finds The Thought Of Being Stuck In A Mansion With Him Unbearable, Especially When His Feud With Dante Comes To Light Lilith Soon Learns That Sticking It Out And Waiting Inside The Mansion For Something To Happen Is Not Something She Wants To Do, But Leaving The Grounds Means Not Only Disobeying Leo S Command, But Also Risking Certain Death At The Same Time, There Are People Who Want Her Killed, And They Re Out There Right Now With The Help Of Aiden, Dante, And The Other Men In Her Life Men For Whom She Is Rapidly Developing Feelings For She Will Have To Figure Out Who Exactly Are The Players In This Game She S In, And Why These Players Are Trying To Kill Her And The People She S With Not Only For Her Sake, But For The Sake Of Whoever Else These Groups Decide To Go After Once They Get Tired Of Trying To Crack The Mansion S Protective Shields And Decide To Move On Serpent S Desire Is The Second Book In A Brand New Paranormal REVERSE HAREM Series By Tansey Morgan If You Love The Paranormal Romance And Urban Fantasy Genres, And Want To Read Something That Not Only Straddles The Line Between Both, But Introduces Not One, But Five Love Interests Possibly , Then This Is The Book For You Disclaimer This Book Is Part Of A Continuing Series Of Novels, All Which Will Follow The Same Arc Over Many Books, But Each Which Will Tease Into The Next Expect To Be Left With Questions At The End As A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy, You Can Expect There To Be Action, Magic, Intrigue, And Multiple Primary Love Interests Sexual Content Will Also Form A Part Of This Series, As Will Swearing And Violence If You Re Happy With All Of This, Then Scroll Up, Hit Buy Now, And Dive Deeper Into Lilith S Story

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Serpents Desire (The Last Serpent #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Tansey Morgan author readers around the world.

❰Ebook❯ ➩ Serpents Desire (The Last Serpent #2)  Author Tansey Morgan –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 167 pages
  • Serpents Desire (The Last Serpent #2)
  • Tansey Morgan
  • 04 September 2018

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    Just as with the first book, this one was an okey read Again, I practically flew through the book, though it might have to do with it s length rather than it s writing I liked the general plot and where the story is headed, but there were some things I did not agree with The second book managed to raise quite a lot of questions, but only gave answers to a few of them Like, the Keeper forbade Dante from teaching Lilith, even though he s the best man or in this case incubus for the job Why Because That explains it Also, in the previous book we did not get to know the characters all that well, so I hoped to do that here So, did we learn anything new about the characters in the second book, you wonder Nope, no we did not And, again, that ending No cliffhanger, no mini conclusion, nothing to even hint at the fact that it s the end Ugh

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    1.5 stars will not continue the series Ridiculously predictable a waste of my time.

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    FascinatingAs book two in the series we are starting to get it the meat of the story now Lillith is trying to figure out her powers and her place in the new group We get lots of magic, surprises, and as the story unfolds If you are looking for a great paranormal reverse harem series you should really try this one I really liked it so I give it 4 5 stars.

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    Addicting This series keeps getting better and better I love how the relationships keep building and their affection is so real I hate Leo though He is a total ass

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    Serpent s Desire by Tansey Morgan is book two in her, The Last Serpent series Serpent s Desire picks right up where things left off with book one, Serpent s Touch Lilith is at the mansion with several other men and she finally gets to meet this mysterious Leo Leo, the one who will be her mentor to teach her what she needs to know, is coming The minute Leo breezes through the door everything changes All authority seems to go to him as he rattles off commands to the Keeper and the others The mansion being put on lockdown does not sit well with anyone and Leo s attitude only serves to push everyone to their limits An unknown feud between Dante and Leo also surfaces bringing with it questions but no answers Lilith continues to learn about herself and her abilities, a partial fact that Leo is less than pleased about When Dante decides that they should leave the mansion to try and find answers Lilith is hesitant at first but she knows they need these answers She also knows that danger awaits but nothing will change with them not doing anything Serpent s Desire is engaging and keeps you riveted to the story all the way to the last page I like seeing how Lilith is developing and working with her powers to become stronger She has the support and encouragement of the men around her, minus Leo of course I like how we are given some insights on some of her powers as she continues to learn about them herself She s getting stronger and developing but that means that she will need to keep up her energy I also like that we get to see some of the talents of the men as well I love that they are all working together and that besides Leo, there are no ego trips to worry about at this time I will admit that I got slightly annoyed with Lilith when she is with Leo during a certain situation and he tells her to stop talking Instead of just being silent and not saying anything again and watching and waiting she starts talking again I got seriously annoyed because I felt that her doing commentary in that moment was so unnecessary Despite how it annoyed me it felt that it helped make her as a character real I have to say that at this point, Leo is my least favorite character He s giving me the vibe that something is off with him and that he may be hiding something.I enjoyed this book very much and am looking forward to the next book in this series While this book does end on a bit of a cliff hanger it s not as major of a one as the first book This cliff hanger is a softer version of where there is a bit of closer because you have some idea of what to expect next time There are a few minor spelling and editorial errors but nothing major that detracts from the story I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars This author is doing a great job creating this unique world with such engaging characters Looking forward to the next time we meet up with Lilith and her men.

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    Rating 2.5 starsThis book leaves a lot to be desired First of all the MC Lilith has no clue she is a supernatural Then she is attacked by vampires and saved by another supernatural who tracks down sups before they possess their powers She blindly follows this guy to a school for sups She is there for a day and then gets initiated made to make her powers manifest She meets 4 boys and some other stuff happens That is the end of the first book Second book is day 2 where she is trained for like 8 10 hours by a sup of different origin Now she is a complete badass and can go hunt but we as the reader pretty much know nothing of her powers or any of the boys powers or really anything that is going on Mystery and intrigue is great in a story line but we still need information Also this is not a reverse harem in my view She has 1 guy she has feelings for and another guy she has slept with There are NO relationships at all This book has potential but there just needs to be of everything More information, relationship building, individual character development.

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    Pretty goodOverAll the story was good Very short, but good Not a can of Leo and him killing that dude was way too suspicious, yet I read enough reviews of the end books to know better, so instead that killing is just baffling and makes no sense I haven t been impressed with anyone yet They throw themselves into danger with no plan and no idea what they are walking into It just seems immature and not real bright behavior The redeeming feature is that overall it s a good story No grammar issues and I m interested in seeing where the story goes Dante is mysterious and I would like to learn about him I like Aiden, just wish he had of a backbone against Leo, who is a tool The other guys are all just kind of bland and fade into the background Meaningful conversations are just not something seen between the characters, so we don t get much personality shining through Again hoping for better in further stories Since they are so short, it makes them a quick read.

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    The second book of Tansey Morgan s new series builds nicely on the first book We share Lilith s discoveries of her new abilities and also learn about the abilities of the five men she shares a mansion with as they work together to find out why she is in danger Dante is still a mystery, albeit a delicious and intriguing one, and Aiden is just gorgeous The other three are coming into focus a little but hopefully we will learn in the next instalment as they all take a road trip.The action was good and Tansey s imagination was very much in evidence, especially once Lilith s new whirlwind of a mentor arrived I have only given the book four stars because it was even shorter than the first book I understand why it finished where it did but I was disappointed because I wanted the book to be longer so I could read of Lilith and her men.I received an ARC but have voluntarily decided to write a review and this is my own opinion.

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    Love this unique series Huge fan of the RH genre, and Tansey Morgan knows how to do it right This is such a great series already and it s only book two But the storyline is so intriguing and the characters are wonderful There are the good guys the Keeper, Liam, Vik, Raphael, Aiden, Dante and Lilith, and the bad guys vamps, werewolves and the cult, and guys that are probably good, but we love to hate Leo and maybe Nikolai.The book is filled with suspense and action, but also with tenderness and acceptance Lilith is still trying to figure out the whole supernatural thing, all the while running and hiding from those trying to kill her But at lest she is getting closer with the guys except Dante, who just keeps rejecting her The story itself is getting and interesting I hope the series is a nice long one Can t wait to read the next book

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    This book continues with everything promised in the first book magic, mystery, secrets, and action Lilith s new teacher returns to the school, but is he really the right person to show her how to use her new powers Leo s presence almost brings strife than learning into her life While trying to learn control of her new gifts, Lilith also wants answers to why she s been targeted The search strengthens her ties to the other students but what they find leaves them with questions than answers And leaves me desperately wanting the next book already.I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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