The Detections of Dr. Sam Johnson

The Detections of Dr. Sam Johnson The second of Lillian De La Torre s Sam Johnson detective series Very much like the first a series of amusing short stories featuring Dr Johnson of dictionary fame as an amateur sleuth, but with the added feature of a short explanation of the historical facts at the end of each story.A footnote I came across Sam Johnson, private investigator when I was looking for Murder in the Hellfire Club, featuring Ben Franklin as detective I got excited, thinking this was the tip of the iceberg of a whole genre of detective stories featuring 18th century polymaths Alas,that s not the case. I Will Not Be Deterred From Detecting What I Think A Cheat By The Menaces Of A Ruffian Samuel JohnsonContents The Tontine Curse The Stroke Of Thirteen The Viotti Stradivarius The Black Stone Of Dr Dee The Frantick Rebel Saint Germain The Deathless The Missing Shakespeare Manuscript The Triple Lock D Room 3.5 stars The mysteries were interesting, but I found that the language, however authentic k , lessened my enjoyment. Fantastic book I love the whole idea of Samuel Johnson solving crime, and the writing is superb Not every story has an actual crime in it either. Deliciously witty, deftly written, and cleverly authentic to the period and its language If de la Torre tends to make her vignettes all too cute the nastinesses of Johnson s age are conveyed through sepia tinted glasses, with many a giggle that only adds to the enjoyment of her stories Anyone who seeks an alternative highly implausible view of the Great Cham, as a corrective to Boswell s prurient candours, will find these stories a delight Is it really the 18thc No But who cares Good historical mysteriesBy Charles van Buren on April 11, 2018Format Kindle EditionVery good historical mysteries which mix the real world Johnson and Boswell with fictional mysteries In this volume there is a fine locked room mystery and several stories with seemingly unlikely perpetrators Dr Johnson, of course, was not built for physical adventures so these mysteries are solved through cerebral effort rather than the application of brawn.I purchased a Kindle edition of this book along with some other volumes in the series I do not know why it is not recognized as a verified purchase. 3.5 Stars Some Good, Some So SoKind of difficult at first getting used to the writing style and time period It has been a while since I have read stories from this time period, late 1700 s.

Lillian de la Torre was an American novelist and a prolific writer of historical mysteries Her name is a pseudonym for Lillian de la Torre Bueno McCue.Her most popular works were in a series of stories she wrote about Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, under the title Dr Sam Johnson, Detector She also wrote numerous books, short stories for Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine, reviews for The New

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