Castaways (The Challenge #1)

Castaways (The Challenge #1) 2.75 Stars MINOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT I liked this book There were a few plot twists that I did not see coming and there were certain aspects of it that I really enjoyed I wish I would have liked it though There were times when I was bored and I wanted to put the book down which is one of the main reasons it didn t get a higher rating from me.When I read RH, I tend to drift toward the contemporary section I do this because, in RHs with paranormal supernatural elements, something happens that makes the male characters magically not jealous of each other I find this unrealistic and extremely annoying With the contemporary RH section, an author can t magically get rid of the jealousy which is why I tend to look for RHs in that section Unfortunately with this book, Lily Harlem did the contemporary equivalent of that She wrote the book in a way that made the male characters come to an agreement without Olivia being present to share her Somehow this makes them not jealous of each other in any way and they are all suddenly willing to share a woman that they met less than a week ago with other men that they also met less than a week ago That is so unrealistic and I HATE when an author decides to include it in a contemporary RH This is the main reason that my rating it so low.On the positive side, I liked all of the male characters They were each different in their own ways and each of them came off very unique to me A negative with contemporary RH is that the male characters personalities tend to blend together That was definitely not a problem in this book and I feel like if Lily Harlem hadn t added the coming to an agreement trope, I would have continued the series Unfortunately, she did use that trope and I will not be continuing. Olivia Bailey Is Up For The Challenge Why The Heck Wouldn T She Be With Mariner Qualifications Piled High, Engineering Experience To Rival Someone Twice Her Age, She S Ready To Take On The Mighty Pacific Ocean And Win But What About Her Fellow Crew Five Guys, Four Nationalities A Billionaire S Heir Who Likes To Take Charge In Every Aspect Of Life, An Outback Expert With A Heart Stopping Smile, A Spanish Chef With Mouthwatering Moves And Sexy Twins Who Reveal Themselves Slowly, Until It Matters, Then They Act Fast An Adventure Was What Olivia Wanted, It S Certainly What She Gets Because Things At Sea Happen In A Heartbeat, Friendships Grow, Tempers Heat And Desire Flares But What About When It All Upends When The Unexpected Happens Will They Pull Together, Or Will Fear Drag The Crew Of Temptress Apart very fun I enjoyed this one, it has potential and i will read the next one RH is a newer genre that I have been getting into and there have only been a few that really catch my attention This one wasn t terrible but it also wasn t great. This was a unique and page turning read The plot of the book is strong, but it also lends perfectly to setting up the reverse harem element Olivia is a strong, smart woman who knows what she wants, and it s intriguing to discover how things progress Each of the guys are sexy, and have their own charms, but I suspect every reader will have their favourite s I certainly did The bonus being you don t have to root for anyone, because this is reverse harem she gets with them all Overall, this is a book I d definitely recommend for fans of reverse harem or those open to trying something different within erotic romance I m looking forward to checking out the next book in the series. Rating 3 5Heat Rating 3.5 5Narrator Performance 5 5I found the story enjoyable but not too special There were some parts of the plot that felt a bit incomplete to me Plus it was quite predictable in my opinion This is considered a Reverse Harem book but the sex scenes are one on one with only two of the five guys I m sure that will change in future instalments though Unfortunately the aforementioned scenes didn t feel too erotic to me.The narrator was amazing I really enjoyed hearing the different accents of the characters I m definitely eager to listen to of her performances. Strong female lead check Adventure check Survivorship check Romance check If you are looking at this, and is debating on whether to read this book or not, I will say go for it as long as you don t mind reverse harem romance If you do, well sadly, this book is definitely not for you I been searching for a good survivorship book for a while now By accident, I stumble upon this one However, at that time I was like there is no way I am going to read this book I guess for some reason the cover turned me away But a couple days ago, when I was just browsing around the internet, finding something good to read, I came upon this book again And I was like, why not Might as well, is not like I can t put it down once I started it, and so I did And boy was I glad I did It was EVERYTHING I was looking for in a survivorship book stranded on an island with no civilization, strong female lead that isn t too scared to do any thing useful, great romance, hot guys, and lots of actions definitely a great read. I loved every word of it Five guys, one gal marooned on a deserted island They have to pull together if they re to survive Olivia finds herself falling for five very different, very sexy, kind hearted men who ve all fallen for her in return and there s no way she can choose between them Castaways book one in the Challenge series by Lily Harlem is a reverse harem novel that is exciting and tastefully written, together with great characters, it s an absolute must read I loved every word of it and can t wait to read Tearaways the next book in the series. Perhaps I am biased as a sailor, but this was pretty disappointing from that perspective Also, this is the first in a series, and while there is a partial HFN, the story arc likely stretches across the rest of the series There is a hidden bad guy out there somewhere.The writing was solid, and the romantic aspects were nice It all could have been better.I ll pass on the rest of the series, unless someone tells me that these improve quickly.

Lily Harlem is a USA Today Bestselling, award winning author of sexy romances She lives in the UK and writes for several publishing houses including HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Evernight and Stormy Night Publications She also features in numerous UK and US anthologies, some of which all proceeds go to charity.Her books are a mixture of full length novels and short stories, some are one offs, s

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