The Discovery

The DiscoveryIn this book the Animorphs become 7 After the new kid at school discovers Elfangor s morphing tech cube in the construction site near his house, the Animorphs embark on a mission to get it in safe hands Unfortunately this results in a battle between Visser Three s forces and the Animorphs, which exposes the Yeerk battle and destroys the new kid s house in the process The Animorphs manage to escape with the cube, but are thrust into an awkward situation as the new kid now knows too much The Animorphs are then forced to make new kid David into one of them The Animorphs bring David on a crucial mission, where failure could see the President of the United States being made into a Controller Marco immediately realises something wrong with David as he freaks out before the mission, and also kills a crow in cold blood whilst in eagle morph The Animorphs narrowly escape being squashed in cockroach morph whilst on the mission, only to end up flung out the air hatch several thousand feet above the ground The book ends with a to be continued cliffhanger, and Visser Three having acquired the President s DNA Oooh, this is the first two part storyline we ve had All the other books were monster of the week self contained stories, but this one stretches over multiple books I m really interested to see how this David guy plays out It was one thing for him to fall apart or be a giant asshole, but it was another to kill the crow in cold blood I m wondering whether he s some kind of awful sociopath serial killer in the making, or if he was unhealthily expressing his angst at having no control over his life He d previously whined about how he constantly had to pack up and leave because of his dad s job, and how he therefore never really had any friends So it d kind of make sense if his killing the crow was because he finally felt strength and control in that eagle morph That being said, get the fuck out of the Animorphs club already I m not sure how the author could permanently get rid of him without a gory or violent end I don t think the Visser is going to lop his head off, because that would probably be too violent for a series aimed at kids so young It s one thing for the Animorphs to rip the throats out of Hork Bajir, or for the Visser to make general decapitation threats, but it feels different here because they now know David I m personally hoping that he either killed in cockroach morph or becomes a nothlit But knowing the author, the Ellemist will interfere or there will be some other random means by which the Animorphs can strip David of his morphing capabilities and his memories I m also incredibly interested to see how this mission with the world leaders turns out It was bad enough when the Animorphs only had to worry about preventing a world leader from becoming infested, but now they have to worry about the Visser having acquired the President s DNA The scales have tipped considerably in the Yeerks favour, and unless the Animorphs can manage to kill Visser Three in this next book which I doubt as I get the feeling he ll be there till the very end , the Animorphs are screwed Fingers crossed the Ellemist or even Erek intervene. So begins one of the most well known and arguably strongest arcs in the series The New Animorph Trilogy.This is a busy book with a lot of plotlines They re handled really well, though Very organically At the time of it s original publication I had felt this and it s follow ups were the strongest in the series thus far.Definitely worth the read as this kicks off a story that hits so many points of what made the series great It started with Marco, which was perfect The follow ups have Jake and Rachel which again, were perfect And in the perfect order, no less. The Discovery FilmAlloCin The Discovery Est Un Film Ralis Par Charlie McDowell Avec Robert Redford, Jason Segel Synopsis L Histoire D Amour Entre Une Femme Au Pass Tragique Et Le Fils De Celui Qui A Prouv LThe Discovery Film Wikipdia The Discovery Ou La Dcouverte Au Qubec Est Un Film De Science Fiction Romantique Amricano Britannique Cocrit Et Ralis Par Charlie McDowell, Et Sorti The DiscoveryIMDb Two Years After The Afterlife Is Scientifically Proven, A Man Attempts To Help A Young Woman Break Away From Her Dark Past The Discovery Film Wikipedia The Discovery Is ABritish American Romantic Science Fiction Film, Directed By Charlie McDowell From A Screenplay Written By Justin Lader And Charlie McDowell The Discovery Official Trailer HD Netflix YouTube One Year After The Existence Of The Afterlife Is Scientifically Verified, Millions Around The World Have Ended Their Own Lives In Order To Get There The Discovery Netflix Official Site Science, Suicide And The Meaning Of Life Weave Together In A Mind Bending Mystery It All Comes Down To Love Watch Trailers Learn Full review and rating later I m gonna do a full David Trilogy review What a whopper. It may be weird to say, given that nothing goes right, but this is satisfying competence porn the failures are due to a difficult situation, not poor communication or lazy writing everyone is distinct and able, with a strong but complicated group dynamic David is meant to be awful, and he is, but not always in the right way the conflict he creates within the Animorphs is engaging, but his conflict with Marco our PoV and the reader s sensibilities is just unpleasant A two part narrative is such a change of pace The series is far enough along there s room for it, even within its sort of hilariously pointless attempt to make each installment comprehensible out of context, but it still feels out of place. Originally reviewed at Plot So, the story starts out with Marco trying to pick up girls in the halls of his school This goes about as well as you d expect But then he notices David, the new kid at school, shoving the one and only blue box, the one that Elfangor used to give them all their morphing abilities, into his locker Internally panicking, Marco approaches David and tries to cozy up with him and ask about the box Turns out David found it stashed in a cement brick at the construction site, and no, he won t sell it to Marco for a piddly dollar and change.The group meets up later at Burger King to stalk David, knowing that it is imperative that they get the blue box from him While there, Erek, our friendly Chee spy, shows up and adds to their pile of concerns, saying there will be an international summit of sorts in their city in the next few days All the big world leaders will be there, and, of course, the Yeerks will be set on infesting some of these powerful people More worryingly, Erek knows that at least one leader is already a Controller, but doesn t know which one Storing this fun thought in the back of their heads, the group draws straws for who will nab the blue box from David s room Tobias has been scouting and saw an open window, but came back per orders Think about, if he had just grabbed it then, this entire story arc could have never happened Tobias should always take the initiative, that s what we re learning here Marco, Rachel, and Tobias end up going Isn t it always Marco, Rachel and Tobias Cuz they re so great together You and me, Xena, I said Rachel arched one eyebrow at me You know, if I m Xena, what s that make you Hercules, obviously I was thinking Joxer Isn t that the annoying weenie who hangs around Xena There s a mini scene where Marco almost gets caught while morphing a bird in the bathroom, and Jake has to pretend he s his very little brother who is suffering from an illness called beakanoma But eventually, the three of them end up outside of David s room Rachel s eagle is too big to maneuver, so Tobias and Marco go in Tobias s warning about the pole propping open the window comes too late, and Marco gets trapped in the room Tobias hits the window and is dazed throughout this entire scene Marco ends up in the room with David s cat Marco doesn t do well, so Rachel decides to crash through the window to rescue him They grab the blue box, but right then, David bursts in The two take off flapping down the hall trying to haul away the blue box and chased by David and the cat They ultimately have to drop the box to escape.The next day at school, David approaches Marco at lunch to tell him all about the trained birds who had tried to steal the box And how now, knowing that people must want it, he s posted it for sale online and already has an interested party He s set up a timed email to go out at the end of school to let the buyer know his address Marco sees this for what it is the Yeerks will be showing up to get the blue box if that email goes out Jake tells him to skip last period and try to take care of it He picks up Tobias and Ax on his way, and the group once again infiltrates David s house Marco accidentally triggers the home alarm, and he and Ax have to rush to David s room to hide from David s dad who arrives to see what s wrong In the room, they see that the email is timed to go out in three minutes But not only is David s dad coming, but David s pet cobra is loose in the room and under the bed where Marco is hiding Ax is in the closet Marci manages to acquire the snake, and then, caught up in the morph, eats spider Ax Ax must demorph quickly to avoid the venom from Marco, and David s dad sees him Throughout this all, they realize the email has gone out, and the Yeerks are arriving.The craziness just gets worse when David shows up, having skipped out early from school Ultimately, David s bedroom becomes a battle scene between Hork Bajir, the Animorphs, David s dad with a gun, and Visser Three who morphs a huge purple alien that can shoot sharp cones out of its four arms The other Animorphs show up to provide support, and through it all, they manage to grab the blue box, and haul away David They retreat to an alley They know that David s Dad and Mom will be Controllers by this time, and that if David returns, that will happen to him Ax suggests that they have another option use the blue box to make David one of them We can now all blame this entire episode on Ax s brilliant suggestion But then he goes and votes against it later, so, whatcha doing Ax, even bringing it up The group discusses the pros and cons of this, noting that unlike the rest of them when they first became Animorphs, none of them really know David at all Marco is the most suspicious of him, and given that he s interacted with him the most, this should maybe have carried weight than it ultimately does.Ax votes no, based on the fact that they don t know him, and that they have a big mission coming up Marco votes no But is surprised when Rachel votes yes Cassie Tobias vote yes, and Jake decides it.Back in the barn they explain the harsh reality to David It s a lot to take in and Marco insists that they don t cushion him from the truth David is very resistant to listening to them David looked sullen It s all a trick I shot a look at Rachel She looked like she was already regretting her vote.But after Ax demorphs, he has to believe Marco takes him to his house for the night In the middle of the night, he catches David trying to call home He leads him to a nearby pay phone and warns him that his parents will sound normal, but just to ask how they can explain what happened in his room David calls and his parents claim that it was just a trick played on them by guys from work Marco abruptly ends the call and drags David away, warning that the Yeerks will be on their way Sure enough, they show up, but Jake arrives in rhino morph one of the few times we see him use it , and chases them off Marco reveals that the others have been watching his house and they followed them to the pay phone for just this reason they ve really wizened up at this point.The next day it begins to really set in that things are going to be hard with David Sure he s a new Animorph, but he s a human kid who the Yeerks will recognize, unlike the rest of them He can t go home, he can t go to school, he can t go anywhere They decide to get him his first morphs, and Cassie brings in a merlin bird for David to acquire, but David wants to larger, powerful golden eagle They explain that they ve had problems with the size of Rachel s bald eagle, and that s why this one is better again, evidence that really highlights how far this group has come with regards to their strategy and competence with this war David pushes back, harder than they appreciate Marco snaps at him to stop being a jerk and to respect Jake as a leader David gives a speech about either being part of the group or not, and Marco has to respect this, even though he still doesn t like David Cassie takes David to get a power morph from the Gardens.Later, they all morph bird to go scout out the resort where the summit is going to be held David loves his bird morph, but suddenly dives and kills a crow like the maniac he is He claims that he got caught in the morph, and the others believe him Cassie even comforts him But Marco can sense the lie and knows that David just killed a crow in cold blood for no reason.But they don t have time to focus on that, as several cloaked Yeerk ships show up and nab the President s helicopter The group frantically try to scoot onto the Blade ship as well they all make it except for Tobias and Rachel who are stuck outside Crammed beneath the helicopter, the team has no choice but to morph cockroach Cassie made David get one of these, too They tell him to close his eyes and go with it He keeps them open, however, and starts to scream when he witnesses the albeit truly disgusting scene that is the others morphing bugs Cassie steps up with her manipulation skills she said I d never seen this exact side of Cassie She s always good at understanding people It hadn t occurred to me she d be good at manipulating people if she had to.Marco knows that this will just make David hate him , but as he s not David s biggest fan, either, and he knows that this was the only way to get David to finish his morph, he goes with it Avoiding being stomped and gassed by Raid, the team manages to get up to the top level of the ship and overhear Visser Three saying he will now acquire the President Unable to do anything about this, they return to the helicopter, figuring the Yeerks will now simply let it continue on its way But they forget that the latch they are standing on beneath the helicopter will open to release it They all fall END SCENE I remember this first cliffhanger in an Animorphs book simply ruining me as a kid It s a big move, and one that probably would have only worked as well as it did at this point in the series when the books were at the height of their popularity and almost all readers were clearly bought in enough to stick it out another month for the next book.The Comic Relief Marco is an excellent narrator for the first book in this arc By this point in the series, readers know that Marco is one of the clear eyed characters when it comes to evaluating the character of otherse Cassie and Jake can be optimistic than is warranted Rachel doesn t give two craps about analyzing other people s motives Tobias is fairly disconnected from humanity at this point And Ax just does what Jake tells him to do But Marco, we know Marco will tell it how it is So, as this book progresses, because we re seeing everything through Marco s ever suspicious eyes, we know never to completely buy in to David Like Marco, we don t know exactly what is wrong, but we know that something is.Beyond David just being the little jerk that he is, it also makes the most sense that Marco would be the most suspicious of a new person Not only was he and Rachel the longest hold out on Ax, but he also mentions in this book his own process of buying in to the war and how long a journey that was for him With this in mind, he knows that not everyone will just jump on board with their mission and this war in general It s a lot to ask.Marco is a very level headed narrator throughout this all And this book once again confirms why his narration and books have been my favorite this read through I almost wish that Marco could have just narrated the entire David arc I think it would have been really interesting see all of these events unfold through his perspective.Our Fearless Leader Ultimately, the vote about whether or not to have David join comes down to Jake He notes how big of a decision and risk this is I found myself wondering if he was willing to take this huge risk because this is just following Cassie s last big risk trusting Aftran and knowing that that turned out well So maybe he s just primed for optimism that usual.But I think that Jake also begins to start worrying a little about David even in this book, especially when David pushes so hard for the golden eagle morph Jake, and the group, have a clear understanding of how these things go and the factors behind how they make decisions They ve learned from Rachel s eagle morph that big birds aren t as useful So they re all put off by his unwillingness to listen or trust the expertise of others The group trusts Jake David doesn t The group respects Jake David just wants the cooler bird Xena, Warrior Princess It s always fun seeing Marco and Rachel together in action The two simply play well off each other She saves his butt during the first trip into David s room, but then takes the surprising yes position on whether to include David or not.In some ways this makes sense, she s one of the bold members But it s also clear that she s the most hesitant about her vote, clearly understanding and mostly agreeing with Marco s qualms And she s also quick to be put off and perhaps regret her vote by David s bad attitude about being told the truth.Again, knowing where this arc is heading just makes it all the sad witnessing what goes on in this book She takes an almost uncharacteristic risk on David, and she pays the biggest price for it, in the end.A Hawk s Life Poor Tobias, again not getting as much action as the rest He slams into the window that Marco accidentally closes in the first mission to David s and spends the rest of the chapter dazed and thinking he s playing a game of Clue He s also very put off by the golden eagle and the fact that David wants to morph it, knowing that golden eagles will go after other birds And, what do you know, when David first morphs it and loses himself to the bird s mind, he does try to go after Tobias foreshadowing , and is only stopped by Cassie grabbing him until he gets it figured out.And then Tobias and Rachel end up locked out of the Blade ship, so they miss out on all that action Peace, Love, and Animals When they re first in the Burger King discussing what to do, there s a brief moment with Marco refers to Cassie s quitting in the last book I took a good, long look at Cassie See, there was this little episode with Cassie She quit the Animorphs because I guess she had problems with some of the stuff we have to do She came back, of course But since then I d felt a little shaky around her.This speaks pretty true to Marco s less trusting nature You break his trust once, and it takes a bit to come back But as we saw earlier, he s very impressed by Cassie s ability to manipulate David when he s freaking out about morphing cockroach And he also references the fact that it s hard to hold a long grudge against someone who has saved your life on than one occasion.Cassie is all for making David an Animorph and the general possibilities of making Animorphs all together She also completely believes David when he claims that he got caught up in the eagle s mind when he kills the crow and tries to comfort him.E.T Ax Phone Home So, as I mentioned, Ax is the one to first suggest letting David join the group using the blue box or the Escafil Device, as he calls it But then when it comes down to a vote, he s against it We are not an army We are a guerrilla group, he said Guerrilla, gorilla The differences between the two words are very subtle You humans should not make your words so But my point is, going from six members to seven will not make us much stronger, and it carries risk Risssss kuh we should start with someone we understand Not a stranger We have this mission before us, to save the human leaders of your various countries A seventh person might help us But it might also make our team indecisive, uncertain This makes a lot of sense for Ax s thought process He s a soldier at heart and knows that numbers alone don t necessarily strengthen a small group, especially one that relies so much on trusting each other and being able to predict each other s choices.Best Body Horror Moment When Marco morphs a bird in the bathroom, he gets to experience the new gross horror that is having his hand bones just shoot out, free of any skin Also, when he morphs the cobra there are some lovely descriptions of what it feels like to have your organs just sag down, unsupported by the usual bones and muscle that hold them in place.David s freak out, while obnoxious, does remind the other what it was like the first time they morphed bug They re all still grossed out by it, but they re also fairly accustomed to it at this point Having David see it all for the first time really hits it home how bad it still is.Couples Watch Not a lot with our traditional pair ups, but Marco, too, comments on the fact that he and Rachel often end up on the same side of things It s weird, somehow, the way Rachel and I often end up on the same side She likes Tobias than me, and Cassie a lot than me, but it s often the two of us together on big issues.If Only Visser Three had Mustache to Twirl Visser Three introduces yet another terrifying alien morph with the cone handed purple monster of death It s also worth nothing that his ego mania is once again on display with their plan with the President They decide not to simply infest him, because heaven forbid that some lowly other Yeerk have a powerful host body Nope Instead, Visser Three will simply morph him whenever they want to do things This is such an awful plan, and you have to think that the other Visser higher ups who are critical of the way Visser Three is managing the Earth invasion must be able to point to stupid choices like this as evidence that he s really bad for this job I mean, this is nothing but ego, and they re passing up an excellent opportunity to infest a world leader purely because of Visser Three s power issues.Adult Ugly Crying at a Middle Grade Book As much as I hate David, you do have to feel bad for the position he finds himself in The others all still have their families and their anonymity to fall back on They can go home and go to school and to the mall and have friends All of this helps support that horrible trauma that is fighting this war What does David have If David hadn t turned into a complete psychopath, you have to wonder what the long term plan would have been I mean, what kind of life could he have And, as a human boy, he s much less able to just hide in the woods like Ax and Tobias have been doing It s a pretty tough situation, not only practically, but for the emotional well being of David Not that that s any excuse for him going crazy, but if he had been a nice guy to begin with, this situation would have been really tragic.What a Terrible Plan, Guys Other than having the hindsight to know that making David an Animorph is probably the worst choice they make in the entire series, this book really highlights how smart the Animorphs have become throughout it all They aren t the confused kids from the first few books They make smart choices with what they choose to acquire suggesting the merlin based on their experience with the limitations of larger birds They keep a watch on Marco s house, suspecting that David might make a run for it or do something stupid They quickly adapt when their simple scouting mission turns sideways and they need to infiltrate the Blade ship And, as we ll see in the next two books, the only reason they come out of this whole David situation ok is due to the fact that they ve been around the block a few times If this had happened earlier in the series, I m not sure they would have made it.Favorite Quote Marco calls it right away, saying this when they re debating making David an Animorph I spread my hands, pleading He names his cat Megadeth He has a cobra named Spawn What kind of a kid is that This may seem like silly reasoning, but it all adds up when you think about the fact that not everyone is cut out to do what they do Up to this whole episode, I don t think they realized how lucky they are that their group is made up of the people it is.Scorecard Yeerks 5, Animorphs 9A point for the Yeerks Not only do we know that the David thing is not going to turn out well for our favorite team, but Visser Three successfully acquires the President, too Hello, David Welcome aboard The first part of a three part arc though Pretty interesting to have a new animorphbut that s it. So in the last book we were down an Animorph, sort of, and in this book we gain an Animorph, sort of The Discovery is the start of the Third Age of Animorphs the stakes are higher, the action is intense, and the consequences are further reaching than we ve ever seen One day I hope to have a successful sideline as a writer of next week TV promos If memory serves, this is all going to end in tears.But before I talk about David, I need to have a little rant about Andalite arrogance.David finds the Escafil device the blue box that bestowed morphing capability on the Animorphs and it s a big deal, because the Animorphs need to get it from him before the Yeerks find out he has it Because the last thing we need are Yeerks with morphing technology Everyone is freaking out about recovering the blue box.But, hey, Andalites did you never think of password protecting this thing I know that, theoretically, you need someone with morphing ability to trigger the device although the Yeerks have that in the form of Visser Three And maybe the Andalites were just so confident that one of the devices would never fall out of Andalite hands Still When humans are doing a better job of infosec than the Andalites, we got issues Stick a hashed 20 character password on that baby and call it a day.The blue box is really a secondary plot to The Discovery, however, because what really matters is David and his crash course induction to the Animorphs.The way Applegate deals with David is pretty dark The Yeerks and Animorphs bust up his family s house the Yeerks hustle off his parents to become Controllers, leaving the Animorphs to vote on whether to let David into their club That s bleak Poor David.Too bad he s possibly a psychopath, huh I love how Applegate lays down the clues in Marco s narration From David s choice of pets and names for pets to subtle behaviour, we start getting a picture of the kind of kid David is And I m not saying every kid who likes illegal snakes and metal bands is a killer But I m saying that kids who like illegal snakes and metal bands and who have violent tendencies might find a way to explore those tendencies if you give them the power to turn into any animal.Let this be your PSA You re welcome.The most telling thing about this book, however, is simply that it ends on a cliffhanger It literally ends with Marco falling out of a helicopter in roach morph, with To be continued promising us a conclusion in the next book This is the first time Applegate has ever done this, and that makes it special.Next time, David completes his heel turn But even though Applegate hints here that he s not going to work out as a member of the team, I don t think it s evident yet just how bad David will be.I m getting chills.My reviews of Animorphs 19 The Departure 21 The Threat Brought to you by The Moonlight Library A new kid at school has found the blue box, the box that gave the Animorphs their morphing power Now the Animorphs have to decide whether they are going to turn him over to the Yeerks, or make him the newest Animorph It s pretty obvious from the get go that David is not going to fit in Not only does he not find Marco funny, but every reaction is a disappointment to the other Animorphs He freaks out when he morphs it is weird, I ll grant you that , he kills a random crow for absolutely no reason then lies and tries to pass it off as eagle instincts, and he constantly tells the others that no one tells him what to do He doesn t follow rules and his bad attitude in general leaves a sour taste in my mouth We re not meant to like him, and it s a good thing that Marco doesn t like him either Cassie even plays Marco and David s rivalry against each other to get David to morph in a life or death situation this is why I love Cassie, because she s manipulative.There is absolutely nothing redeeming to say about David, and I m not just saying that because this is a re read and I know how this trilogy ends He has a huge ego, a bad attitude, and a tendency towards violence that outshines Rachel s Rachel may love battle in her morphs, but David owns a BB gun and isn t afraid to use it He has absolutely no remorse for killing animals He s pushy and although I can see his point, that he wants powerful morphs like choosing the golden eagle over the merlin I would too he s doing it for the wrong reason I do feel sorry for him because he s lost absolutely everything, but that s no excuse to be a dick He doesn t have to be grateful to the Animorphs but he can respect them But no, he was a dick before his life changed and he ll be a dick long after He also thinks he s the smartest of the group by far, but we re going to see how his overinflated ego and sense of self importance is actually his downfall This book is essential reading in the Animorphs series It answers the question why don t the Animorphs just create Animorphs It s also a part of a trilogy, continuing in Jake and Rachel s next books Not only that, but it s beautifully written and highly enjoyable, even if David is a dick. This book brings in a gamechanger and introduces a major plot arc, the first trilogy of the series, as the Animorphs recruit a brand new member and decide to give him morphing abilities I didn t realise that David joined the group so early ish in the series it s a little delightfully unpleasant revisiting this all over again, because my feelings towards him are so freakin visceral I hate this arc but also absolutely love it at the same time The Discovery plants the seeds for a story that will unfurl over the next several books this one literally ends with a To be continued , which probably made me fling the book across the room and shriek back in 1998.The stakes are also WAY HIGH as the Animorphs try to quash the most ambitious Yeerk scheme yet infesting the leaders of several major world powers at a political summit.I won t say much, for spoilers it goes much further in 21 but what is so fantastic about this arc is that the Yeerks are no longer the biggest threat The Animorphs biggest threat comes from within from an unknown factor, an untested quantity, an unreliable addition to the delicate balance of their team, which was already a fragile machine.As usual, I also love the hints of Marco s analytical mind, his keen dissection of a situation and how they should approach it, his ruthless bottom line, and how much he and Rachel actually jive in opinion, but simply expressed in different ways.Other things I loved Cassie s empathetic nature being shown as also making her really really good at manipulating people, reading them well enough to play their feelings in order to get them to do what she needs them to do I m finding the Marco and Cassie dynamic especially interesting too, since they re such opposites, but he s realising her strengths even as he doesn t trust her due to the shenanigans she pulled in the last book, even as he s also grateful to her for saving his life over and over plus there was her guilt complexes over saving him in the first Megamorphs, and they have another great moment in the next book I dunno, I just really appreciate the balance between this entire cast, and the complex relationships they have with each other.

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