Omega in the Middle (The Rogue Pack, #5)

Omega in the Middle (The Rogue Pack, #5) Sold By His Sire, Ben Is An Abused Omega Forced To Sell His Body For Money His Rescuer Comes In The Unlikely Form Of A Beta Living Among Humans By Choice, And Who Has No Intention Of Exploiting Ben Now The Beta Has Brought Him To The Rogue Pack For Adoption While Ben Is Happy To Be Safely Tucked Within A Protective Pack, It Means Facing His Destiny As A Breeding Shifter Daniel Loves The Life He S Carved Out In The Human World He Doesn T Want To Go Back To Living In A Pack, But Recognizes That He Has To Take Care Of The Vulnerable Omega He S Rescued The Plan Is To Find The Mysterious Rogue Pack That He S Heard Of, Leave Ben In Their Capable Hands, And Return To His Comfortable Life That Was The Plan, But Something About The Fetching Ben Is Causing Him To Drag His Feet Carr Is Tired Of Living The Life Of A Feral Shifter He Followed His Friends Without Hesitation Into The Wild, But Now He Has A Chance To Become Part Of A New Pack The Arrival Of A Sweet And Available Omega Gives Him A Reason For Joining The Rogues For Good The Only Problem Is The Irritating Beta Who Doesn T Seem Inclined To Give Carr A Clear Path To Claiming Ben With Everything He S Endured, Ben Isn T Sure About Taking A Mate Although He Knows He Can T Stop His Heat, He S Determined To Breed First And Worry About Mating Later Make That Never Except His Nature Has Other Ideas His Heat Is Coming Fast And Hard, Not Giving Him The Time To Decide Which Of The Two Dominant Shifters He Wants To Breed Him Daniel, Carr And Ben Are Three Shifters Thrown Together In A Primal Dance That S Designed For Two They Are Going To Have To Find A Way To Work Together, Or Risk Ben S Very Life

Samantha Cayto is a Boston area native who practices as a business lawyer by day while writing erotic romance at night the steamier the better She likes to push the envelope when it comes to writing about passion and is delighted other women agree that guy on guy sex is the hottest ever.She lives a typical suburban life with her husband, three kids and four dogs Her children don t understand why

[Reading] ➶ Omega in the Middle (The Rogue Pack, #5)  By Samantha Cayto –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 176 pages
  • Omega in the Middle (The Rogue Pack, #5)
  • Samantha Cayto
  • English
  • 01 March 2018

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    This is undoubtedly my least favorite book in the series First of all, if you have been following my reviews for a while, you must know that I m not a big fan of either poly or m nage I suspected that this book must be either one of them once I saw the title but I didn t want to skip the book in the series so I went in anyway I m definitely frustrated with Daniel character in this one Why would he send Ben to the rogue pack in the first place if he wanted him for himself Even though he lives in the city, if he really wanna make it work, he could work out to build a life together with Ben And although he knew himself that he wouldn t be able to commit to the omega, he jumped in at the opportunity of serving the omega in heat I have nothing bad to say about Ben character since he s obviously vulnerable and confused about his feelings And Carr is an ultimate chivalrous and caring guy Although they did end up together in the end as a monogamous couple, I didn t get a lot of them together Instead, I got the unwanted trio with a meddlesome Daniel for two third of the book And the sex scenes were mediocre for me I genuinely think the storyline for this book is weak too although I did appreciate reading the battle scene We have been seeing that coming since from the very first book and it s nice to see that finally happened I m still very hopeful for this series though There must be a one black sheep in a series and that s usual I have loved previous 4 books and I think I ll like 6th one too although Daniel is being MC again in that one Regardless, I ll stick with the rogue pack and omegas until the very end 2.5 it could be a better trio stars

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    3.9 StarsBest one yet.I know some authors don t like having their books being considered guilty pleasures but I can honestly say that SC s works are turning into that for me Yes, there are some deep themes of biology, societal constraints and destiny explored but for the most part I like how easy these are to read.

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    2.5 starsThe weakest part of The Rogue Pack yet I m not a big fan of 3somes, though I do read them from time to time And some of them I even like But a love triangle between wolf shifters In a universe where there is supposed to be a special bond between the lifetime mates Sorry, but no, thank you That s not what I m looking for in an A B O trope And then that strange view spoiler blood brotherhood between Carr and Daniel And the bond between their wolves WTH hide spoiler

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    If this book hadn t made a huge shift tee hee I made a pun once Carr and Daniel started to act only in Ben s best interest instead of just being focused on their rivalry I thin I would have seriously hated it Lucklily the author was brilliant in the way she wove Carr and Daniel into Team Ben and form that point on it was perfection Even though made obvious long before the end whom Ben will choose it doesn t matter The final battle between the Rogue s and Hadon s pack is exciting, nail biting if I did such a thing and exhilarating And the way it ended and it s aftermath was just beyond awesome Every member of the Rogue Pack went above and beyond to save each other The writing of this book was just as good as the previous ones, and the new characters just as interesting and worthy of love I absolutely loved the epilogue introduction to book 6 Daniel and Reed s story at the end of this one It s obvious that Reed and Daniel are perfectly matched, though God knows it sounds like Redd is gonna be a handful I really really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one.

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    This was book 5 in The Rogue Pack series Ben is an Omega who was sold by his sire to Kurt who used and abused him and forced him to sell his body Daniel is a beta who enjoys living in the big city among humans When he sees Ben being abused he steps in to help he knows that he can t keep him in the city so he sets out to find the Rogue pack The Alpha of the pack lets Ben stay at first he doesn t know what to think the pack is different than the one he was born into everyone is nice including a Carr a gamma who has white hair and is all white in his wolf form Carr was a feral wolf who left his pack with his friends when they found the Rogue pack he wants Ben for himself Daniel realizes that he wants Ben and is having a hard time leaving him when Ben goes into heat it takes both of them to satisfy him Carr and Daniel form a friendship and they both will do anything to keep Ben safe Ben is not ready to take a mate and he knows that Daniel doesn t want to stay in the pack when trouble starts with another pack they have to fight to keep the weaker members of the pack safe While fighting together Carr is hurt and needs a blood transfusion Daniel gives it to him When Carr is hurt ben realizes that he is in love with him and wants to be his mate This was a good read I liked how the Kyle the Alpha mate and a couple of the other omegas helped Carr and Daniel making the attackers chase them Turns out Lorcan the Alpha killed the other Alpha who was Kyle s sire and by doing they gained pack members This book had some good sex scenes in it with the three of them This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series Daniel has found Ben s little brother Reed who is a omega also.

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    Prior to reading Ooh A m nage shifter story How is that going to work After reading Well, hell Based on how it turned out, I m having to give this 2 stars it was okay I ended up being really disappointed view spoiler For the entire book, you have 2 guys, a beta and a gamma, vying for Ben s omega attention Then they BOTH have to service him during his heat Yet he ends up picking the one I didn t see him having much of a connection with WTH But the Epilogue leads us into the next book and takes care of what happens to the other guy Still, based on what happens and that the beta and gamma form a type of bond, I was VERY disappointed this didn t end up as a menage relationship hide spoiler

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    I can t give my real thoughts without spoilers So I ll just say this I was ALMOST pissed off at the direction the book took towards the enduntil I read the end, and now I m happy and excited for the next one in series.

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    So far I liked this one the least.

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    There was so much that I didn t care for in this book and series I don t like the fact that they always call their mates boy because it makes me think they see the other as a little boy These are men so let s call them men please. I also didn t care for the trio part in this book I didn t like the Omega with Daniel, they just seemed like an odd pair and I really thought he fit better with Carr I don t even think Daniel should have been included in this book.

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    Fits nicely in with the rest of the series and there is never a boring moment Daniel, a modern day knight in shining armor, is for me the star of the book and a true sweetheart.

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