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Super Sikh #2

Super Sikh #2 Super Sikh, Le Nouveau Super Hros Contre Les Talibans NEON Super Sikh Est Un Super Hros Pas Comme Les Autres Qui Lutte Contre Les Talibans Avec Son Turban, Sa Barbe Et Ses Lunettes D Aviateur, Super Sikh Incarne La Diversit Et Il S Oppose Aux Plans Malfiques D Un Commandant Taliban, Salar Al Amok Super Sikhebook EPub Amit Tayal, Eileen KaurSecret Agent Deep Singh Is On His Way To His Long Awaited Vacation To The Land Of The King Graceland However, With All The Demented, Dangerous, And Downright Deadly Enemies He Has Faced Over The Years, Our Turbaned Hero Has Never Run Into The Likes Of The TSA EBook Avec Kobo By Fnac Super Sikh Volume One EPub Amit Tayal, Eileen KaurSuper Sikh Volume One, Amit Tayal, Eileen Kaur Alden, Supreet Singh Manchanda, Rosarium Publishing Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Super Sikh, Le Super Hros Qui Lutte Contre Les TalibansSuper SikhEnglish Edition EBook Kaur Alden, EileenAchetez Et Tlchargez Ebook Super SikhEnglish Edition Boutique Kindle SuperheroesSuper Sikh Le Super Hros Enturbann Qui Combat Un Taliban Super Sikh Le Super Hros Enturbann Qui Combat Un Taliban Un Nouveau Combattant Indien Coiff D Un Turban Fan D Elvis Confront Au Commandant Salar Al Amok, Va Faire Son Apparition Dans Le Super Sikh By Eileen Kaur Alden Goodreads Deep Singh Aka Super Sikh Is The World S First Modern Sikh Superhero Comic Book Geared Toward Both Young Adults And The Young At Heart, Super Sikh Comics Is A Not For Profit Venture Supporting Global Literacy Programs And Diversity In Media Super Sikh, Un Nouveau Hros En Turban Contre Les Talibans A La Diffrence De Sa Cons Ur, Kamala Khan, La Nouvelle Hrone Musulmane De Marvel D Origine Pakistanaise, Super Sikh N A Pas De Super Pouvoirs Ds Le Dbut, C Tait Un Choix Affirm Des SUPERSIKHCOMICS Full Color Comic Books IssueTakeoff And Landing Printed ComicIssueViva Las Vegas Printed ComicSuper Sikh YouTube,

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Super Sikh #2 book, this is one of the most wanted Eileen Kaur Alden author readers around the world.

➽ [Download] ✤ Super Sikh #2  By Eileen Kaur Alden ➲ – Ultimatetrout.info
  • ebook
  • 26 pages
  • Super Sikh #2
  • Eileen Kaur Alden
  • English
  • 01 November 2019

10 thoughts on “Super Sikh #2

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    ARC via Netgalley

    Just when you realized you need something you didn't know you needed.

    Super Sikh, aka Deep Singh, goes on to vacation in America because he wants to visit Graceland. Then he gets thrown into a TSA holding cell.

    This comic is just so wonderful. Super Sikh battles Group X, which is a comic version of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and so on. I say comic because there is a slight Boris and Natasha feel to them. This does not mean that the creators of this comic have overlooked the misogyny that is connected to such groups. It’s just there is a humor here that is quite fun.

    Deep Singh’s trip takes him to Las Vegas as well, where he steps in to help a young woman. This is the only slightly false note. Not his helping her, but her reaction, even taking into account Singh’s good looks. She doesn’t act stupid or anything. Additionally, she is aware of the weirdness of what happened. I can’t really say any more without giving away spoilers.

    It’s actually quite a lovely book. I love the characters – including the rats and the car rental guy.

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    34/45 books read in 2017
    Provided by NetGalley for an honest review

    Fun, quick & a little silly. This is follow up to part 1, but can definitely be read on its own. I love the use of humor to lighten up and bring attention to serious topics such as terrorism & racial profiling. It is a little cheesy, but then again which superhero isn't? Definitely recommend if you need a pick me up.

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    Issue 2 picked up nicely with the same suspense and high stakes galore! With the introduction of a black woman, I hope she is portrayed positively in future. Excited for Issue 3 to drop!

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    I admit that I'm writing this mini-review several months after having read the comic and that starting at the second issue probably doesn't help matters, but I don't remember being blown away by Super Sikh. I asked my friend about the first one (she's Sikh, and her younger brother apparently likes the series) and our conclusion that it Super Sikh is overall pretty "meh."

    Don't get me wrong, the art is beautiful. The dialogue, however, is lackluster and the plot relies on a few trope and stereotypes, which is ironic because Super Sikh is one of those comics with an underlying political message. It seeks to change people's opinions of Sikh people.  Unfortunately, while in the process of exonerating Sikh people, the comic throws Muslims under the bus. Not Cool. Muslims are cast as the terrorists who are out to destroy America or American ideals or something like that, and because Deep is the superhero of the story, America's enemies become his enemies. Super Sikh quickly devolved into an "us versus them" (America versus Muslims, or Sikh versus Muslims) story.

    I don't think I need to list examples of Islamophobia in America (or in European countries) here, but I will mention the existing tension between Sikhs and Muslims. I'm going to be general with my following explanation and I know not everything I say is applicable to everyone,  but I don't want to get into a long, complicated discussion in this blog post.

    For some reason, a rather large portion of Sikh Americans (and Sikh Canadians) detest Muslim Americans and Muslim Canadians. I think the sentiment has to do with the partition of India. Sikhs see themselves as fundamentally Indian (with some choosing to elevate their Punjabi heritage) while Muslims, especially South Asian Muslims, are seen as traitors. According to the Sikh haters, Muslims dared to abandon India and go to Pakistan. This is obviously not true of all Muslims. Not every Muslims is South Asian, and there were Indian Muslims who decided to stay in India during the partition. Still, although Sikhs are fighting to end discrimination against their people in the Americas, some turn a blind eye to discrimination and violence against Muslims when we should all be fighting on the same side. The end goal is religious tolerance and the end of discrimination against all racialized people.

    Anyway, Super Sikh's art was nice, but it wasn't nice enough for me to forgive the perpetuation of an unnecessary feud.

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    Episode two in the series sees Agent Deep Singh on holiday in the USA. He is off to visit Graceland, the home of his hero Elvis Presley but trouble follows him. An unknown and slightly incompetent group of terrorists are on his tail from Pakistan, hoping to rid the world of Agent Singh and he has upset a local right ring group who are also on his tail. His will Singh deal with both these threats?

    I really liked the artwork. It is well drawn with bright colours and I like the idea of having a Sikh superhero. I haven't read book one but I found it easy enough to pick up the story in this second volume. It is a light hearted story which actually deals with serious issues such as discrimination but by showing instead of telling. We don't get to see the end in this volume but what we do see is entertaining.

    I thought it was interesting, sometimes amusing and an ok comic. I look forward to seeing how this series develops.

    Copy provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    Book – Viva Las Vegas \ Profiled (Super Sikh #2)
    Author – Eileen Kaur Alden, Supreet Singh Manchanda, Amit Tayal
    Star rating - ★★★★★
    No. of Pages – 26
    Cover – Perfect!


    To be honest, although some might find it a little cheesy, I loved the little page with the rats talking. It totally fits the sort of sassy attitude of the previous comic and Deep himself.

    Once again, Deep has got himself into trouble without realising it, but it's great to see the little flashbacks of his father, telling him about female equality and upholding justice. It's also nice to see that he's willing to step in where help is needed.

    The pages about Group X were very tongue-in-cheek, but the jokes and quips took the edge off the very serious threat and danger of terrorists, allowing the story to be light-hearted, while portraying a very serious plotline.

    I'm looking forward to the next issue.

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    Super Sikh #2 by Eileen Kaur Alden, Supreet Singh Manchanda, and Amit Tayal et. al. is a free NetGalley e-comicbook that I read in early August.

    With an introduction to the Sikh concept of chardi kalaa or to maintain an 'ever rising positive spirit,' I was ready to open my heart to Deep Singh after enjoying the first issue a whole lot. However, this issue proved to be just as enticingly short with Deep traveling from Vegas, then toward Memphis with a Tennessean cocktail waitress named Janelle, all while being tracked by the fierce, mean, evil, and chavenistic members of Group X.

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    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

    This was an excellent follow up to the first issue. I like that this comic manages to tackle important issues like racism in America and the relationship of every day Muslim to the Taliban, etc while still managing to keep a light and fun to the issue as a whole. Deep is just a really fun character and I'm interested to learn more about the other characters as well. I definitely this is a very important comic right now and I can't wait to see it really get off its feet!

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    I loved the first Super Sikh comic - my only complaint was that it was too short! And, once again, volume 2 is just as charming and fun as volume 1, except it, too, is way too short, and ends with a cliffhanger! Agh. I need volume 3 now. And volumes 4, 5, 6, 7...and when are we getting the movie and/or tv series?

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    "Well they say the universe works in mysterious ways - let's go!"

    The story picks up in this issue of Super Sikh but it's still pretty short. Deep is finally on his way to Graceland and just wants to enjoy some time off but it seems he's always surrounded by trouble. I'm interested to see where the story goes.

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