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The Airbnb Story An Engrossing Story Of Audacious Entrepreneurism Charles Duhigg Captures The Remarkable Journey Of Airbnb Exceedingly Well Reid Hoffman Fast Paced, Fun Dive Into One Of The Seminal Firms Of Our Time Rana ForooharIn , Two Broke Art School Graduates And Their Coder Whiz Friend Set Up A Platform That In Less Than A Decade Became One Of The Largest Provider Of Accommodations In The World Now Valued AtBillion, Airbnb Is In The Very Top Tier Of Silicon Valley S Unicorn StartupsYet The Company Has Not Been Without Controversy Disrupting ABillion Hotel Industry Makes You A Few Enemies This Is Also A Story Of Regulators Who Want To Shut It Down, Hotel Industry Leaders Who Want It To Disappear And Neighbourhoods That Struggle With Private Homes Open For Public Rental But Beyond The Headlines And The Horror Stories, Airbnb Has Changed The Terms Of Travel For A Whole Generation Where A Sense Of Belonging Has Built Trust Between Hosts And Guests Seeking A Original Travel Experience That Hotels Have Struggled To ReplicateThis Is The First, Definitive Book To Tell The Remarkable Story Behind Airbnb In All Its Forms Cultural Zeitgeist, Hotel Disruptor, Enemy To Regulators And The First In Depth Character Study Of Its Leader Brian Chesky, The Company S Curious Co Founder And CEO It Reveals What Got Airbnb Where It Is Today, Why They Are Nothing Like Uber, And Where They Are Going Next

Leigh Gallagher is an assistant managing editor at Fortune and cochair of the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit She is a frequent guest on MSNBC s Morning Joe and public radio s Marketplace appears frequently on CNN, CNBC, and other outlets and speaks regularly on business and economic issues The End of the Suburbs is her first book Biographical blurb from the back of The End of the Suburbs.

[Ebook] ➦ The Airbnb Story  ➥ Leigh Gallagher –
  • Paperback
  • 217 pages
  • The Airbnb Story
  • Leigh Gallagher
  • English
  • 14 November 2017
  • 9780753545591

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI love stories about these plucky little start ups that make it big it s like a modern day version of the Horatio Alger myth or the Cinderella fairy tale In the age of information, everyone s out to create the next big website or app, trying to find that niche that everyone has miraculously ignored and yet desperately needs.AirBnb is one of those businesses that started out in someone s apartment and ended up becoming a booming global enterprise THE AIRBNB STORY chronicles the company s origins, its growth, its struggles, its successes, and its potential for growth.I didn t actually know what AirBnb was, until I watched Adam Conover s Adam Ruins Everything video about AirBnb and much of what he says can be found in the chapter on AirBnb s struggles We ve all heard the horror stories about tenants from hell, but we ve also seen the BuzzFeed listicles about the most fantastic listings on the site, many of which are crazy affordable, and amazing hosts who end up forming not just a customer client relationship but a personal one.AirBnb is, at heart, like most other large companies it has positives and negatives, but it found a niche that hadn t really been deeply explored They went exploring, and ended up creating a multi billion dollar company because of it.The book itself is a little slow to start, with a lengthy prologue, but quickly picks up in pacing I liked that the author was actually able to sit down with the founders and ask them questions She had a good narrative voice and did a good job explaining how AirBnb entered the pop culture lexicon If you are interested in start ups or the corporate culture of tech companies, you will like this book.Thanks to Netgalley the publisher for the review copy 3.5 stars

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    Nothing new Absolutely insincere IPO advertising book Short version of book AirBNB is friendly and disruptive, hotel lobby is eval, founders are genius, everybody loves Airbnb, nothing bad should happen.I don t hate the company, no bad feelings about it But the book has nothing intereating.If you d love to read really engaging story about tech in travel company, read Truck full of money about Kayak s founder Paul English

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    Having just stayed at a Airbnb and running a Airbnb home, I was very curious how the American business model got started Interesting book mixed with some dry statistics Obviously a lot of research went it to it The three men who started it, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk and Brian Chesky, have changed the travel and hotel business forever.

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    A wonderful story about three guys who just blew up the tourism industry with their start up Airbnb They had a very difficult path, but their passion for their work was stronger Now it is a multi billion dollar business An interesting story about one of the most successful unicorns of Silicon Valley , Airbnb , I read this book on Google Books by Readlax Chrome Extension Train your reading speed and read than 10 books per month.

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    There s an incredible amount of research gone into this book with plenty of data, statistics, quotes, details of local laws, etc Personally I found it all made for a dull story wtih too much minutia I enjoyed the chapters about people s personal experience of renting out their homes but most were dramatically bad so it made me wonder why people do it There was a lot of detail about the company s conflict in big cities like New York where renting out your home, or part if it, seems to be in conflict with many local laws I found all the legal stuff very tedious, not helped by the fact I am not a US citizen so the many different laws and regulations meant nothing, nor the politians and local people in government that were quoted.It took me weeks to read and even then I have skimmed much of it.With thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House UK, Ebury Publishing for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    What an interesting and inspiring story Definitely have to recommend this to a few friends.

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    PERFECT TRIANGLE AND CEREAL BOXES STORIES BEHIND THAT BEAUTIFUL BELOThe story started from a room where two design school graduates, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, lived They pursue an idea to connect room and house owners to random travelers or ordinary people The idea sounds weird and crazy, but nowadays the startup has a US 31 billion valuation.However, it s not an easy way to crossed for Airbnb s founders They have to asked their mate Nathan Blecharczyk to leave his fiancee and join them through Y Combinator, they had to sell a gigantic amount of cereal to stay alive, and they also had to face a big wall of regulation that was created by government.Airbnb s key of success is laid inside their founders mind Chesky is a natural leader and learning enthusiast, while Gebbia is a perfectionist that can handle the company s operation and new innovations really well Blecharczyk, is not only an ordinary CTO He has a great business mind that inspired him to create growth hacking tools, such as integration to Craiglist and legendary payment system.And now, Airbnb had evolved and become a community However, there are still lot of hurdles that wait for them in the future, while they also have plan for IPO next year If you want to learn practical ways to follow Airbnb s success, this book is a perfect thing to read.

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    Fascinating story of how Airbnb began incidentally by two art majors and a computer person and grew so fast The company was brought to my attention by a daughter several years ago and now in 2017, I will soon stay at one of these online booked BnBs This perhaps repeats their corporate beliefs often than I would like to hear them, but a corporate entity with beliefs seems unusual in today s crass commercial world What is fascinating is how each potential setback was dealt with to improve the company Also interesting is the three founders emphasis on future diversification to add value to peoples travel experience throughout the world.

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    it is very repetitive and not the keast a journalist s work but rather a long fan letter

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    English version below The Airbnb Story pretende contar a fascinante hist ria de como uma ideia simples se tornou num enorme fen meno mundial Toda a gente sabe o que o Airbnb e toda a gente j teve alguma experi ncia, directa ou indirecta, com a plataforma E foi por isso que decidi ler este livro e saber mais sobre o seu passado.A jornalista Leigh Gallagher mostrou ser uma excelente narradora, tentando mostrar tanto as falhas como os sucessos da plataforma e dos seus fundadores Para al m disso, Gallagher explora o poss vel futuro da ind stria de viagens, uma abordagem que enriquece bastante o livro.Recomendo este livro quer para os que querem saber mais sobre a hist ria do Airbnb como entrepreneurs e interessados em start ups The Airbnb Story serve como uma ferramenta interessante de motiva o e informa o The Airbnb Story aims to tell the fascinating story of how a simple idea became a massive global phenomenon Nowadays, everyone knows what Airbnb is and everyone has had direct or indirect contact with it And that is why I decided to read this book and get to know about its past.Journalist Leigh Gallagher is an excellent narrator, trying to explore the failures and successes of the platform and its founders Moreover, Gallagher explores the possible future of the travel industry, an approach that enriches the book.I recommend this book to those who want to know about the origins of Airbnb and entrepreneurs and start up enthusiasts The Airbnb Story is an interesting tool for motivation and information

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