Trinity of Light (Symphony of Light, #3)

Trinity of Light (Symphony of Light, #3) Some Loves Are Worth Risking It All Burdened By Her Love Of Two Men And Her Newfound Supernatural Life, Linden Looks To Cyril To Help Ease Her Transition From Human To Other Earthly Badass He Arranges Linden S Reacquaintance With Overton, But His Plan Is Foiled When The Two Are Attacked By Vidius, The Mastermind Behind The Legions Of Magical Shapeshifters Vidius S Actions Have Lasting Consequences That Lead Linden To A Startling Discovery That Will Change Her World Yet Again With Than Ever To Lose And Everything At Stake, Can Linden Protect Her Secret And Save Them All, Or Will The World Be Damned For Her Efforts

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➜ [Epub] ❧ Trinity of Light (Symphony of Light, #3)  By Renea Mason ➦ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 235 pages
  • Trinity of Light (Symphony of Light, #3)
  • Renea Mason
  • 10 May 2017

10 thoughts on “Trinity of Light (Symphony of Light, #3)

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    Where to begin to rate this book.Let me start by saying that the overall read was good, I enjoyed the plots throughout the book, but at times I felt disappointed as the buildup to specific events was so great and the event did not leave any lasting experience I also must say that I am all for a heroin but everything seemed to have come so easy for her that she outdone the people who has been around her for so long and it seemed like she never needed them at allThe fact that she fell in love with the 2 guys was great, however at times I got so irritated with the fact that she loves both, but it seemed that she devoted herself to only Overton, that I could believe that Cyril kept on loving her, the concept was great however the fact that she got jealous about his past and the fact that she had 2 of them was just a bit much and made me roll my eyes in frustration a couple of times After the first book it became of a passion for Overton and it almost felt like only lust for Cyril that I wanted to see Cyril with someone better, as it felt like the only time she wanted him was in his time of sorrow or in her time of needs, and I felt sorry for Cyril loving someone that it seemed like doesn t love him the same as she was distant towards him than Overton.That said, the ending was okay I really expected much , especially with the baby in the mix, but what we got was a quick rundown of a very simple ending to a very long awaited battle That said, all these books were not a bad read and when listening on audible the narrators are also great.Thanks for the experience

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    listened to audiobook Another great addition to the series, but I feel like everything happened to quick, especially the ending Can t wait to see what happens next.

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    What I liked It was quite a ride The author really knows how to build up worlds and characters that you care about She understands the engagement of the readers senses while, at the same time, giving off all the action and suspense While many times characters can become stagnant after you ve been introduced to them in previous books in a series, there is no danger of that here Each read in the Light series builds upon the one before it Character wise, I enjoyed Linden the most I got to see her do in a role she never expected to fulfill and, as a result, I was able to see just how strong she really was and how much she helped to tie the group together, beyond a somewhat spiritual connection.What I didn t like Cyril was all over my nerves I understood that having a domineering attitude is a piece of who he is But in this book, he crossed the line and a lot of times he was just being a big baby, pissed at everything that shakes him up and, many times, blaming Linden for it I feel like he should be so beyond this attitude having lived so long and, important, gotten to know Linden Overall It s a great wrap up to the Symphony of Light series, though I ll be honest, I d like to see what, if anything, happens next So, I think if you enjoy fantasy with a lot of steam and thrills to it, this one is worth the read or listen It s pretty lit.

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    I don t know what i can say about this series that I haven t already said The story is intriguing, never predictable and so so steamy The Characters are growing and changing even in just the short time we have known them I enjoy seeing Linden come into her own and become a bad a in her own right This book will seriously throw you for a loop but in the best way I don t know what i will do waiting for the next book must go stalk Renea now for updates. Narration I can not say enough how amazing Erin and Noah are They add so much extra flavor to an already amazing story It is an extreme pleasure listening to a narrator who puts them all into the performance They are fabulous in every book i have ever listened to by them FanForLife

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    I am in love with this series Renea Mason can make the impossible seem possible This installment of the Cyril and Linden series continues the path of acceptance that love can come in many forms is apparent Once again the narrators of the audiobook hit it out of the ballpark I can t wait for the next book and where these characters path go next.

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    A mother s love is never messed with, it will bring out the beast in her Linden, Overton, and Cyril battle not only what they feel but the war waging against them Love blooms stronger, a surprise comes to life, and family unites.

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    Great addition to the series Can t believe where the story went If you love PNR, this is a good series.

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