Paper Roses

Paper RosesPaper Roses by Patricia RiceI liked this story.The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book I m adding it because I believe the one on the Goodreads page does not depict this story LOVE OUT OF REACHEvie needed a skilled gunslinger to escort her safely to Texas Her dime novel said Pecos Martin was the best Unfortunately the golden haired gambler she mistakenly approached at the Green Door Saloon was a hell raising womanizer named Tyler Monteigne Evie had grown up in a genteel St Louis home as a boarder In reality, she was an abandoned love child with no one to love her until a letter from Texas told her where to find her true identity.Tyler could shoot straight enough, but he was also an expert con, and he knew this pretty gal was wrestling with inner demons just like him Sure he d take her across the river to Texas Yet he didn t foresee the dark passions rising to sweep them away, making Evie all he wanted and making him exactly what she most feared. LOVE OUT OF REACHEvie Needed A Skilled Gunslinger To Escort Her Safely To Texas Her Dime Novel Said Pecos Martin Was The Best Unfortunately The Golden Haired Gambler She Mistakenly Approached At The Green Door Saloon Was A Hell Raising Womanizer Named Tyler Monteigne Evie Had Grown Up In A Genteel St Louis Home As A Boarder In Reality, She Was An Abandoned Love Child With No One To Love Her Until A Letter From Texas Told Her Where To Find Her True IdentityTyler Could Shoot Straight Enough, But He Was Also An Expert Con, And He Knew This Pretty Gal Was Wrestling With Inner Demons Just Like Him Sure He D Take Her Across The River To Texas Yet He Didn T Foresee The Dark Passions Rising To Sweep Them Away, Making Evie All He Wanted And Making Him Exactly What She Most Feared I loved the way the main characters interacted The chemistry between them was perfect I enjoyed this one a littlethan the first The only problem was the first love scene between them was basically rape even though the heroine kinda wanted it she still said no and there was only a small blurb about how she felt violated and didn t want to have a bastard child like her But then she just shrugged it off like it was no big deal Not very realistic I just wish I could re write that one scene However, it was a good story with a little mystery thrown in I will look forbooks by Patricia Rice. While I don t tend to read Western Style historical romance often, every once in awhile I stumble into one I picked up just because of the author I enjoy Patricia Rice s style of writing and find I am pulled in and must finish as soon as I pick up the book I will say there is a little bit of a rape scene that caught me off guard as part of the romantic story I know this is a republished work from a slightly out dated style of the sub genre but as I was working throughout the story, I had a bit of why In the back of my mind I will still pick up anything from this author and look forward togreat reads I particularly love her magic series. Exceptionally well written I didn t have to mentally correct grammar or misspellings once The author was descriptive without being crude I love her writing style. My fave rice book Loved the hero and the heroin and couldn t put the book down The chemistry between them was perfect all the way through the book.

Jamie Quaid

[Reading] ➻ Paper Roses By Patricia Rice –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Paper Roses
  • Patricia Rice
  • English
  • 12 March 2019
  • 9780451404695

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