A Risk Worth Taking (Legionnaires #3)

A Risk Worth Taking (Legionnaires #3) Whew I ll admit this book had a sort of slow start for me, although it was still interesting However, as I got further along in the story line I couldn t put it down and ended up finishing it in one day A Risk Worth Taking quickly became a riveting page turner that kept me on edge Filled with drama and action until the very end, we see just how far you have to go to expose the truth I love how well written this book is The conversation flows seamlessly and thesensual scenes were just enough to paint a picture without making the storyline turn into erotica This is one of the best romantic suspense novels I have read in a while, and I would definitely recommend this to lovers of the genre. 3.5 starsA Risk Worth Taking is definitely a book worth reading It s a fast paced adventure that will suck you right in and hours will pass before you come up for air The story involves Samira, a techie who is on the run because she is a witness in a conspiracy When she gets a mysterious note telling her there is tangible evidence to help her come out of hiding, she finds it s not safe enough Jamie comes to the rescue and will do anything to help her.I did ultimately enjoy the story I liked the fast pace of the story It really took off running and didn t let up until the end The characters are constantly on the move I felt like I was watching a Jason Bourne movie I enjoyed the characters Jamie was my favorite I loved his humor Samira was a fascinating character She speaks many languages, is an amazingly smart hacker yet she also battles panic attacks Unfortunately, they often crop up at the most inconvenient times I would have liked to see a bitromance between Jamie and Samira I felt like she was still really pining for her dead fiance and it kept both of them from being all in Their relationship lacked the heat I like to see in a romantic suspense.This book is the third book in the series Unfortunately, I don t think it held up very well as a stand alone I did read the first book, Deception Island, but missed the second book, Edge of Truth I definitely think I would have benefited from reading the preceding book Honestly, I really had no clear understanding why Samira was in hiding throughout most of the story I just knew who she was running from I felt like the author was assuming I had prior knowledge of the story arc from the previous book I would have likedrecap in the beginning Despite that, I do recommend the book It was an exciting read. He Can T Outrun Himself Legionnaire Jamie Armstrong Lives In The Shadows A Medic Haunted By His Mistakes, He Knows Better Than To Hope For Redemption But His Latest Mission Brings A Threat He Doesn T See Coming An Attraction As Irresistible As It Is Dangerous Hacker Samira Desta Is A Woman He Swore To Forget, But As A Key Witness To A Deadly Conspiracy, Samira Is His To ProtectBut The Woman He Rescues Might Be The One Who Saves HimAfter A Year In Hiding, Samira S Worst Fears Come True When Her Cover Is Blown And The Unlikeliest Of Allies Comes To Her Aid The Secretive Scot With Whom She Shared One Unforgettable Night Hunted By Lethal Forces And Losing The Battle Against Their Desire, Jamie And Samira Make A Desperate Play To Take The Fight To Their Enemy But Those At Greatest Risk Of Ruin May Be Themselves Reviewed by JoAnneBook provided by NetGalleyOriginally posted at Romancing the BookKelly is a new to me author not having read the previous books in the Legionnaires series since I didn t know A Risk Worth Taking was part of one As I got into the book I realized there was a lot of background information I was missing While some of it was slipped in during the telling there was a lot that wasn t which made it adifficult read.The story is a romantic suspense and starts out in Tuscany where Samira is isolated and has been in hiding While she is forced to run again she has no idea what she ll be up against with few people to support her or for her to turn to and trust Jamie, her one night stand from a year ago, becomes her knight in shining armor or does he, when she gets herself to London He has his own demons that he s battling and does a good job of hiding them or does he Samira has panic attacks and not at the most opportune moments.The descriptions of the land, the homes and hotel along with the chases, the deception, the crimes and criminal elements made me feel like I was there whether in Tuscany, London or Scotland Taking down a major American politician isn t easy There s a lot of cyber intrigue going on that was sometimes difficult to follow not only by me but Jamie too My heart was often in my throat not knowing what would happen next Would the good guys be able to keep one step ahead of the bad guys or are they outplayed and out numbered There s family and friends, colleagues, injuries, intrigue, fear, sadness, anger, hurt, accents, truths and lies along with some romance and even love The story flowed smoothly for the most part except where I was missing key information There is some closure but the book ended too abruptly for me I would have loved an epilogue unless there are to bebooks in the series.I look forward to reading the other books in the Legionnaires series and hope I get the background information I m looking for. Arc received for a honest review I really liked this one I haven t really read any romantic suspense before so I was not really sure what to expect A Risk Worth Taking is also a third book in this series so I was worried I might be confused by some things I do think you can read this a standalone novel but I think you might benefit from reading the previous books as it seems to be a overarching story But it is definitely not necessary I really liked Samira and Jamie and they were probably my favourtie part of the book Jamie is Scottish and a super smart medic, and Samira is also super smart she is a brilliant hacker and it was fun to read the scenes were she was doing intense things with computers because I would have no idea how to do any of those things I also loved the action scenes One thing is I kinda wish we gotromantic scenes or possibly just a longer one I wanted a bitin that department to see the main leads chemistry I was also able to kinda see some stuff coming but overall I would recommend this one if you want to read a romantic suspense I wasn t aware until after I finished A Risk Worth Taking that it was the third book in a series You can read it as a stand alone with no problem but I enjoyed it so much that I plan on ordering the earlier books in the series.The action in this novel starts on the first page and stays at a high level until the end I must admit that I was tense throughout the entire book and couldn t it down until the end Thanks to the publisher for this wonderful book that caused me to miss lots of sleep.Samira is a computer expert with secret knowledge about a government official in the US She has been in hiding for a year and as the book begins, her cover is blown and the bad guys are outside her hiding place She manages to escape and when she gets to London, where she feels she ll be safe, she needs to be rescued again this time by one of the Legionnaires Jamie, who she had spent some time with earlier I guess in one of the earlier books As they both try to keep one step ahead of the people who want to kill her and keep her from sharing her files, the suspense ramps up and stays at a high level At the same time, there is a sweet love story between Samira and Jamie This was a fantastic book You won t want to skim it because there is so much suspense on every page This is definitely a must read by a new amazing author.I read an advance copy of this book All opinions are my own. 4 1 2 starsBrynn Kelly is able to make characters who are in a fictional over the top world and make them feel real They deal with real life issues that weighed down a persons mind and soul A Risk Worth Taking is a fast pace story that is able to focus on characters development while they are running from bullets.This story can be read as a stand alone novel but it won t pack as much of a punch Readers are in a wild ride that is worth of sleepless night.Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Harlequin for the advance copy of Brynn Kelly A Risk Worth Taking The Legionnaires 3 Trust Brynn Kelly to make a full novel out of events spanning a couple of days Of course, as expected the details in this book are precise.This book is intense Let me correct that, James Armstrong is intense I mean his character leaps off the pages You can feel his struggle and you can actually connect with his various personalities I m not really feeling Samira even if I have a thing for female tech geeks. This is an action packed, fast paced and intriguing romantic suspense It is the third and concluding book in The Legionnaires series but I have to say that it worked well as a standalone as I hadn t read the earlier books in the series.Samira Desta is a skilled computer security expert, developing systems to thwart hackers and others determined to infiltrate networks and an expert hacker and app developer She has been in hiding for a year because her fianc , Latif, discovered a presidential candidate was responsible for organising terrorist type attacks, murders andUnfortunately her fianc was killed so she s been on her own most of the time since then except when being guarded by Legionnaire Jamie Armstrong for a very short time It was during that time that the attraction between the two developed but circumstances, fears and further danger forced them apart She s been living in different parts of Europe and when her Italian refuge is attacked she is on the move again, determined to keep safe This is the start of a desperate attempt to stay alive and thwart the corrupt politician As she works with the few people she trusts she s put into evendanger but Jamie is there to support her Can the two survive and find the evidence to bring the presidential candidate to justice The two characters are well developed with significant back stories which impinge on their actions and interactions There s drama throughout the story that will keep readers on the edge of their seat and turning pages there are no dull moments in this story It is an intense and thrilling story that I didn t want to put down and it has a truly climactic ending I hadn t read anything by this author before but I ll certainly be looking out forby her in future I requested and was given a copy of this novel, via NetGalley, with no obligation This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it. I really enjoyed the first book in this series And, while this book stands alone, I think it s easier to find the flow of this novel if you ve read the previous books I did miss book 2 and 2.5 so that may explain part of why I just didn t get into this as much as I wanted to.It s a good story with strong characters From the first page, things are moving and in flux Samira is in hiding Someone wants her dead and the information she can access destroyed She s been hiding for a year and uses her paranoia to help her survive A computer expert, she gets technology and she uses that to help her plan ahead and get away from those that chase her But from the moment she is running again, things are a mess going from bad to worse Enter a lover from a year ago and things could get interesting.Jamie is a legionnaire Choices in his past have left him a solider hiding from his pain Yeah, he slept with Samira and he really hopes she doesn t bring that up He s there to get her to a friend and then he s out of there But his past keeps popping up until he can t keep things from Samira But he ll do what it takes to keep her safe.I like both characters They are well written The story flows along fine I guess my issue is that this story is heavy on the suspense and light on the romance And I really am a romance reader at heart So, while I enjoy suspense around my romance, I preferromance than this one offers If you ve followed the series or the author, you re going to love it If you are a suspense reader that doesn t mind a little romance on the side, you ll love it But as for this reader, it just wasn t as good as I wanted it to be.

As a journalist, Brynn Kelly once spent her days chasing stranger than fiction news reports Now she spends them writing larger than life novels, in a happy bubble of fiendish plots and delicious words She s a RITA winner and an RT Book Reviews Reviewer s Choice Awards nominee.She has a journalism degree, and has won several other prestigious writing and journalism awards, including the Valerie

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