Dropout One Family S Story Of Coping After Their Teenage Daughter Drops Out Of School, And An Examination Of The Public School System Itself In The Fall Of , While In Grade , Leslie Gavel S Daughter Avery Began What Would Be A Four Year Disengagement From School Avery Didn T Fit The Stereotype Of The Dropout Why Would A Privileged, Middle Class Adolescent Choose This Path When Dropping Out Was A Social Stigma And Would Complicate Her Personal Life And Career Choices Leslie Began To Analyze The School System Itself, But All Of Her Research Led Not To Answers But To Further Questions Did School Its History, Structure, Practice Play Any Role In Underachievement Was The Problem Of Marginal Or Failing Grades, Chronic Student Dissatisfaction, And Disruptive Classroom Behaviour Always The Fault Of The Student And, By Extension, Her Parents Or Could It Be The Fault Of The School System Itself And Did Dropping Out An Ultimate Taboo For Teenagers, Along With Pregnancy And Drug Abuse Really Have To Mean The End Of The World For Child And Parent Told From The Deeply Personal Perspective Of A Concerned Parent, Dropout Is A Memoir About One Family S Experience In The Public School System It Also Considers The Latest Research In Alternative Approaches To School, And Offers Suggestions For Students Who May Not Fit The Educational Mould Or Society S Definition Of Success Leslie Gavel, A Former Social Worker, Is A Calgary Freelance Writer Her Work Has Appeared In Reader S Digest, Canadian Living, More, Today S Parent, Avenue And Several Canadian And American Newspapers, And Has Been Produced For CBC National Radio Born And Raised In Regina, She Has Lived In Calgary For DecadesAdvance Praise For Dropout In A Courageous Act Of Often Painful Self Disclosure, Leslie Gavel Exposes The Secret, Massive And Most Crippling Bullying That Haunts Western Educational Systems Our Abandonment And Degradation Of Students Who Do Not Fit Our Perception Of School Success Like Callous Physicians Who Coldly Dismiss Patients Who Have Illnesses They Don T Understand, Our Schools Treat Non Achievers As Pariahs, As Lepers Confronting Us With Things We D Rather Not See This Bullying Is Even Damaging Than Peer Abuse For Struggling Kids Like Gavel S Daughter Since The Devastating Rejection Comes Not From Teenaged Jerks, But From Admired And Respected Adult Authorities This Brave Book Should Be Required Reading For Anyone Who Claims The Title Of Educator And Will Help Parents To Bind The Wounds Of These Suffering Children And Nurture Them Back To Life Success And Happiness Dr Michael J Bradley, Author Of Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind Dropout Is Not Only A Ruthlessly Honest Saga Of One Family S Conflict Over School, It Is Also A Polemic That Rails Against A System That Cries Out For Fundamental Reform Through Research And Storytelling, Leslie Gavel Shows The Reader What S Wrong With School As It S Conducted Today, Which Is Not Unlike How It Was Conducted One Hundred Years Ago When The Goal Was To Produce Workers For Factories Who D Do As They Were Told Gavel Warns Something Must Change Or Our Children Will Continue To Be Victims Of An Oppressive, Authoritarian Institution I Wish I D Read Dropout Before My Own Kids Faced Off Against Our One Size Fits All Educational System Robert W Fuller, PhD Former President Of Oberlin College

Leslie Gavel, a former social worker, is a Calgary freelance writer Her work has appeared in Reader s Digest, Canadian Living, More, Today s Parent, Avenue and several Canadian and American newspapers, and has been produced for CBC national radio Born and raised in Regina, she has lived in Calgary for decades.

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Dropout
  • Leslie Gavel
  • 05 August 2019
  • 9780995933002

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    Up to date research, tucked into a riveting memoir like read, details the painful school experiences of a caring Canadian family of four Over and over again though, readers learn that no matter the income or social status levels, no matter the race or religion, the key quality of academic wellness is caring emotional connection and mutual respect a feature still missing in many fear based academic forums that place competition over caring, rules over reason and obedience over imagination Like Vancouver s Dr Gabor Mate, Calgary author Leslie Gavel passionately advocates backing your kid, supporting your child s genuine happiness and staying strongly connected no matter what Eleanor Cowan, author of A History of a Pedophile s Wife Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer

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    I won a copy of this from a Goodreads Giveaway This book is packed full of research on the Canadian education system, and the author s experience of it with one of her daughters The story of her family s experience is intermingled among the research I found this offputing at first, I felt it would have been better if this were formatted differently, but I eventually got used to it.The research is well thought out and well used within the book It gave me an interesting perspective on the Canadian education system Being that I didn t grow up in Canada and have only lived here in BC for a couple of years, it s something I ve been curious about.One of the main differences I noticed between the Alberta education system where the author s daughter went to school, and California, where I went to school, is standardized testing In Alberta, Standardized tests are only adminstered in Grades 3, 6, and 9 When I was going to school, STAR testing was done every year from grades 2 11 When I was in 12th grade I also took Golden State Exams in Spanish, since I had taken 4 years of it in high school I scored high enough to earn distinction, as well a small scholarship toward college.Alberta also seems to offer a much wider variety of the types of courses that students can take in high school and junior high.I felt for the author as I read her and her family s struggle with their daughter s educational experience There were times where I wondered why the author didn t move her daughter to some kind of different schooling arrangement, especially since she said Avery thrived on connections wth her teachers which she clearly didn t have, given her experiences At the same time, I could also see why she might have chosen not to move her, since there was already such a struggle with the subject of school in their house as it was.I wish there had been of her other daughter Lucy s perspective as well I m always curious about the big picture and feel that just a bit insight on Lucy s thoughts would have rounded this out even .I know a few people who dropped out of high school, and so the research that was used is particularly interesting to read and compare to the experiences of those that I know Plus this book really spoke to the sociologist in me with mention of school being a form of social control and social training.This is a book I d highly recommend to those looking to learn about the Canadian education system or looking for resources on it.

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    A compelling and well written account of what happens when a student falls through the cracks in the education system While the author of this book is highly critical of the school system that failed her daughter, this isn t a book that s merely about pointing the finger of blame although there is a fair bit of that It s also about considering what might work better for students who are at risk of dropping out namely, personalizing the curriculum to better meet the needs of each individual student and making the relationship between the student and the teacher the priority at school This book will give parents, teachers, students, and others who care about education plenty to think about It makes for particularly sobering reading at a time when far reaching cuts to educational budgets appear to be back in vogue, at least here in Ontario where I live.

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    A mother s story of her daughter s problems with junior high school, which led to her daughter dropping out of high school in grade 10 Gavel effectively weaves personal, family and school issues to show how this happened and its effects on a whole family Citing studies and research by educators, she suggests ways our public schools could be improved for all children I found the book well written and page turner, even when you know where it s going School graphics and quotes at the start of each chapter were nice touches I d recommend Dropout to parents of teenagers struggling in the public school system as well as teachers interested in a parent s perspective.

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    The pictures the author paints, the structure and flow all drew me in and made it difficult to put the book down The book was definitely informative and I share many of Gavel s reservations and critiques of the education system I felt I was part of the journey, rooting for Avery and becoming increasingly annoyed at her rigid teachers The author is so open about her struggles and the toll this took on her family a difficult and honest depiction of life in her home.

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    A gripping memoir that is both heartfelt and informative Gavel intertwines up to date facts with personal experience to deliver a compelling case for change Her book is both timely and necessary as we enter an age of increased entrepreneurialism Couldn t put it down

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    Through her family s story of struggle with the public education system, Leslie digs into the real issues, with support from experts in the field Well researched and well written.

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