Catch My Fall (Falling, #4)

Catch My Fall (Falling, #4) He Ll Do Anything For A Second Chance Deacon Hunter Knows What It Feels Like To Want To Ache To Longing For The Woman Who Captured His Heart When They Were Deployed In Iraq To Know That He Screwed Everything Up With The One Woman Who Trusted Him One Night Changes Everything Kelsey Ryder Has Scars, The Kind Of Scars She Hopes That No One Ever Sees Working Around The Guys At The Pint, She S Reminded Of Everything She Lost When She Left The Army Behind But She Can T Leave She Won T No Matter How Much She Might Be Afraid Of The Sleepless Nights But Some Scars Refuse To Stay Hidden Nothing Will Ever Be The SameBeing Alone In The Dark Changes Everything It S The Silence That Breaks Her Makes Her Reach Out To The One Man She Shouldn TAnd Deacon Doesn T Know If He S Strong Enough To Catch Her When She Falls

Jessica Scott is an Iraq war veteran, an active duty army officer and the USA Today bestselling author of novels set in the heart of America s Army She is the mother of two daughters, three cats and three dogs, and wife to a retired NCO She and her family are currently wherever the Army has sent her.She s also written for the New York Times At War Blog, PBS Point of View Regarding War, and IAVA.

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    Kelsey and Deacon are both former army Sergeants who served together in Iraq, they had an intense secret relationship during their deployment but things fell apart when they returned home before Deacon deployed again Now they ve both left the army and they re struggling to find their feet in a civilian life, both studying to complete their degrees they meet again when they become colleagues at The Pint The sexual chemistry is definitely still there but Kelsey is terrified of getting hurt again and returning to the dark place she was in at the end of their last relationship, Deacon wants but knows pushing too hard will only make Kelsey run so he s working on winning her around slowly They re both fighting demons though and need to learn to deal with the emotional and physical scars left by everything they experienced in the army before they can find a way back together.I always love Jessica Scott s writing and Catch My Fall is another perfect example of why I enjoy her books so much Her military romances are always so incredibly heartwarming but they also highlight the difficulties faced by soldiers returning home from deployment and the way they can struggle to adjust to civilian life It s not just the emotional turmoil though but also the way it can be so hard for them to get the medical help needed, this would obviously be slightly different for soldiers in the UK who have access to the NHS, but I was absolutely horrified by the way Kelsey was treated by the VA and I can only assume that this is something that happens to vets all the time in the US As a serving soldier herself and with a husband who is also in the army you can tell that Jessica Scott writes from real life experience, her stories have so much genuine emotion in them that not all military romances manage to capture.In spite of showing how hard life can be for army vets this series is above all a romance and Catch My Fall is about finding yourself again after emotional trauma and finding a way to move forward It s not about love fixing all your problems but it does show that the right support can make the world of difference, be that support of a partner or from family, friends and colleagues The staff at The Pint are all ex military and they ve built a great network where they all watch out for each other It was nice to catch up with some of the previous couples and we also get to know Caleb a bit better so I m really looking forward to his story I absolutely loved Kelsey and Deacon s story, they were such a brilliant couple and I m glad they finally found their way back to each other.

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    I ve been looking forward to Deacon s story since Jessica Scott gave readers a preview a the end of After I Fall, the 3rd book in her Falling series Catch My Fall was everything I expected and then some.Deacon and Kelsey weren t just soldiers who were trying to get used to being civilians, they were soldiers who had served together They had a history and because of that they knew things about each other that no one else did, but not even Deacon knew everything that Kelsey kept hidden Kelsey desperately wanted to keep it that way Deacon knew that he should just leave Kelsey alone, but she drew him closer the harder she tried to push him away These two pretty much broke me by the end of their story.I ve really fallen in love with this series for a lot of reasons I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to books written by this author, but it has to be mentioned She has a unique POV when it comes to portraying her characters because she s been there and it comes through in her writing I love the perspective and the realness that comes through It s not always easy to read, but it s important Coming home is always as easy as just coming home some things aren t easy to leave behind and the support that these soldiers should have is frequently lacking The approach to that topic was handled uniquely in Catch My Fall and I really enjoyed that little twist Things weren t perfect for Deacon and Kelsey by the end, but they were getting there.Another thing I love is the sense of family that runs throughout each book Not all of the former characters have as strong a presence, but there are enough that it s hard to miss I love seeing how they re all doing and getting glimpses of what s to come Speaking of which, the character featured in the next book has been around for a while and he s actually kind of growing on me Until We Fall promises to be interesting I received Catch My Fall in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    This was a tough one to read, not because of the book, but the subject manner With this series we see Veterans struggling when they come back to civilian life, but with Deacon and Kelsey it was You knew they had history,but not what it was By working with the ROTC cadets it helped them work through things they had been struggling with and gave them a point to start talking What made me really mad in this book was how Kelsey was treated trying to seek treatment at the VA I know stuff like this happens all the time and it is wrong, so very wrong I really liked that Kelsey told Deacon what was going on and how he went about trying to bring attention to this Where they were heading at the end gave me hope in many ways, hope that they can be a couple and hope that Kelsey s issues at the VA are addressed

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    Deacon and Kelsey come alive Catch My Fall is a haunting tale that is hard to walk away from A thing of beauty Ms Scott takes readers through the trials of falling in love in the worst of circumstances Damaged souls, broken dreams and emotional upheaval, surround two former soldiers trying to move on from the battlefield Deacon is a protector He needs to be needed and that inner light in him burns for the one woman so broken even he may not be able to save her Catch My Fall is a courageous look at what devotion is and how love has the power to heal A powerhouse read.

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    This was a great book I am happy that there was much story in this book then just sex The last book in the series felt like it was all about the sex This book was all about emotions and yes so sex but much then that I like that Jessica was in the Military so she has the right perspective for all her Military stories It is really hard to read how bad the Military treats it s soldiers especially women after they get out of service This book is very emotional, you will laugh, cry and get mad for the injustices that are put on on our soldiers This is my favorite book so far out of this series If you love hot alphas, bad ass woman and some emotional shit all mixed up then you need to read this book.Ps forget to add that I was excited to hear from Sorren Brings back memories of her other books Also fun Deadpool references

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    A powerful story.I wish that I didn t think this story was realistic Knowing that Jessica Scott is still serving our country and that she finished grad school only a couple of years ago, I am quite certain that there are way too many parts of this based on things that have really happened to real people.My review of Catch My Fall is only 4 months overdue The book released back in September 2017 right after hurricane Irma hit Florida That pesky storm seriously interrupted my reading and reviewing schedule and I m trying to catch up with reviews that should have been done back then.I have been a serious fan of Jessica Scott s writing from the very first book of hers that I read back in January 2014 Her stories have all had such a realistic feel to me and because she continues to serve in the Army, I just think that makes them better than a lot of other military romances.Catch My Fall is the fourth book in the Falling series but it can easily be read as a standalone All of the books have connected characters, with one couple taking center stage for each book, so I think you might enjoy them even if you start at the beginning.Deacon and Kelsey had a thing while they were deployed in Iraq but something awful happened and now Kelsey can t let herself get close to Deacon again Ms Scott does a great job of giving us little breadcrumbs and keeping us guessing about the details of what happened between Deacon and Kelsey Once I got into this book I couldn t read it fast enough because I wanted to know what happened The angst factor was pretty high in places but that s not unusual for New Adult stories.Deacon and Kelsey have a lot of baggage to wade through but the story moved at a good pace and my attention never wavered until I finished reading it Catch My Fall doesn t have a much sex in it as some of the others in this series but I love a good slow burn story We know that Deacon and Kelsey have done it before but we re kept guessing for quite a while into the story before they get together again.I feel like I wandered up and down and all around with this review I hope you won t let my lack of focus stop you from reading this book and or series They are all fantastic stories that made me smile in places and cry big fat tears in others I can t wait for the next book in the series Reviewed for Xtreme Delusions dot com

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    4.25 out of 5 stars Catch My Fall by Jessica Scott is part of the new adult contemporary and military romance Falling series that centers around a small college town where military veterans are dealing with reintegrating into civilian life and pursuing higher education degrees As always, the author paints a vivid portrait of the challenges and frustrations of coping with the indelible changes war has imprinted on their bodies and psyches and contrasts the lives of those who have experienced so much with those who are relatively na ve to the horrors of war This story provides the added twist of pitting the veterans against those who will soon face the challenges that will test their ethics and morality but are not quite ready to hear the truths their experienced brethren are trying to impart.This couple Deacon and Kelsey also gives a glimpse of the horrendous catch 22 veterans are caught in while dealing with an overburdened VA and struggling to cope with their respective issues The challenges of having any kind of relationship, let alone an intimate one, is sensitively portrayed and I ached for both of these strong people who are struggling to deal with civilian life I was particularly struck by the frustration of being a female soldier and trying to work within a system that doesn t even recognize one s service, let alone value it It was delightful to get glimpses of some of the other characters from the series even as one s emotions are caught up in the struggle as we share in the frustrations, sympathize with the low points, and cheer at the little victories The realism is sobering and reminds us of the sweeping changes that are needed to help those who have sacrificed so much to keep the rest of us safe I always enjoy the stories penned by this talented author because she provides such compelling stories with realistic characters and this was no exception I am particularly anxious to read the next story, especially after devouring the teaser at the end of the book, so I hope she has that one well in hand A copy of this title was provided to me for review

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    Catch My Fall is the first book in the Falling series I ve read, but not my first book by Ms Scott so though I didn t know any of the series characters yet I knew what type of story to expect a gritty, realistic glimpse into the fictional but could be real lives of men and women who have in this case or are serving in our armed forces Oh yeah and there d be a romance in there too, and some steamy scenes as well, just to keep it interesting Catch My Fall definitely did not disappoint Though it took a while to get to know the two main characters both Kelsey and Deacon have pasts that they are keeping close to their vests, and neither is being terribly forthcoming with each other or anyone else about what is going on with them or what they re dealing with I was fully invested in their story long before Kelsey s ill fated visit to the VA medical center And OMG, that scene was hard to read I can t even imagine living itwhich obviously, people are doing every day in this countrywhich is beyond shameful I finished the book still not fully understanding everything that either of the main characters lived through in their pasts which, since they re trying their best to move on from, did make sense but with a definite sense of hope for their future And then I read the teaser for the next series book, Until We Fall, which cannot come out soon enough, IMHO Can t wait Rating 4 stars A I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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    I am not sure where to begin with this one I was both in love and frustrated with Deacon and Kelsey Reading what they had both been through and what each felt and at some points denied feeling was what kept me going from word to word and page to page all the way to the end I feel this may be my new favorite book by Jessica Scott I don t want to say too much about the book because I think it is important that a reader take a chance and experience the book for themselves I will be recommending this to all my bookworm friends I seriously think this is a wonderful story and think they all need to read it The characters face challenges with each other and also with themselves individually I wanted at points to scoop Kelsey up myself and just be there to support her Deacon was trying to balance what he thought was best for Kelsey and what he wanted They absolutely gutted me at points but I could not help but keep going to read all their story I have read other books by Jessica Scott so I knew that the characters would be amazing and their story would be something that would stay with me long after I read it but I have to say this one is a story that I will keep close for a long time I really felt for both Kelsey and Deacon I give this one five stars and encourage anyone who reads my review to please pick up the book and read it I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.

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    I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion.Deacon and Kelsey are both hurting veterans and finds the path to civilian life challenging at best What they don t see is they need each other to heal Kelsey sees herself as a broken and unworthy soldier She can t see beyond her bad decisions and the darkness that wants to take over Where everyone around her sees the unselfish, loyal and give my life up person she truly is Deacon hadn t seen Kelsey since they were in Iraq When Deacon and Kelsey end up working at the same place, their once hot relationship in Iraq plays in repeat mode in their minds Deacon gravitates to her but knows he shouldn t engage Deacon wants to help Kelsey find a solution for her troubles but he also knows that he s part of her troubles I felt emotional as I kept reading Kelsey s story I just wanted her to take the chance, to only focus on the good and get some sleep I got sucked in It maybe fiction, however, Jessica s ability to tell the story brings it to life and makes her readers feel the struggle is real It s a story that makes you aware of the how our veterans are treated after they ve put themselves in front line and how their life is filled with uncertainty I m rating this a 4.5 stars.

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