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Star Wars Aphra S Back With A Brand New Plan That S Guaranteed To Pay There S Just One Teensy Problem It Involves Surrounding Herself With Some Of The Galaxy S Biggest Baddies And They Don T Like The Not So Good Doctor S Tricks Her Mission To Make Quick Credits By Auctioning Off An Ancient Jedi Artifact Will Start Well And End Badly And That S Just When A Dark Figure From Aphra S Past Decides To Make An Appearance Plus, A Solo Focus On Aphra S Wookiee Shadow, Black Krrsantan Find Out Why This Beastly Bounty Hunter Is As Frightening As They Say And Then Some COLLECTING STAR WARS DOCTOR APHRA, ANNUAL

Kieron Gillen is a comic book writer and former media journalist.

❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Star Wars  ❤ Author Kieron Gillen –
  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Star Wars
  • Kieron Gillen
  • English
  • 12 January 2018
  • 9781302907631

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    An absolute joy to read Gillen is so very good at injecting humor into what should be a serious story Aphra decides to auction off the ancient Jedi A.I she and Luke found in the previous volume What we get is the most murderous scum in the galaxy trying to weasel out the device Meanwhile BeeTee and Triple Zero are up to their typical murderous hijinks This is so much damn fun Plus, Krrystan s origin.

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    The first volume of Kieron Gilllen and Kev Walke rs Doctor Aphra ranks, for my money, as one of this year s biggest surprises a series based entirely around a secondary character from Gillen s prior Darth Vader ongoing that somehow also managed to feel fresh, distinct, and genuinely exciting Those first six issues remain a real treat, and I envy anyone who gets to read them for the first time It would be hard for any creative team to craft a follow up arc that lived up to the first s legacy, and unfortunately, Volume 2 of Doctor Aphra, titled The Enormous Profit, falls into a few pitfalls that its predecessor nimbly avoided, specifically in regards to pacing At 5 issues, The Enormous Profit actually runs 1 issue shorter than the first arc, yet the story that Gillen is telling here still doesn t quite feel like it s helped by the number of issues that it ultimately runs Issues 11 and 12, in particular, feel especially saggy, and you can almost feel Gillen desperately stretching out his material, trying to fill the mandated number of issues.However, even though Volume 2 of Doctor Aphra doesn t quite measure up to the first in terms of plotting, let there be no mistake there is still a TON to enjoy here, be it Gillen s wry sense of humor, Aphra s layered characterization, Walker s gorgeous art, or a litany of cool tie ins to the broader Star Wars galaxy Yes, it may run an issue or two longer than it should, but it s hard to deny the fun that there s still quite a bit of fun to be had with Doctor Aphra in her second go around Here s to a Volume 3 that runs exactly as long as its story deserves no longer, no less.

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    Synopsis Doctor Aphra s plan to make quick credits starts wellbut ends badly When she plans on selling an ancient Jedi artifact, she finds her life in danger from the galaxy s biggest villains, ranging from Darth Vader to the Hutts Also The fearsome Wookie bounty Hunter, Black Krrsantan, is hunted down by aliensbut, they don t know who they re dealing with The Good Like usual, the artwork and story here were fabulous For Star Wars fans like me, this is a treat.The Bad Some unnecessary bits here and there.Content Concerns Sex None.Nudity Women in low cut tops a lady seen from a distance in a bare midriff outfit.Language One or two uses of the h word.Violence Fantasy action violence throughout that occasionally gets bloody.Drugs None.Frightening Intense Scenes Scary villains freaky visuals emotional intensity.

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    Not sure why i hadn t given these a read earlier Really cool fun storytelling with good artwork I love the appearance of Vader Shes good but evil..its a good mix of the two.

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    Not sure why exactly but not as fun as the previous stories with the good Doctor This arc seems to want to wrap up her current situation, that of having two murderous droids my favorites and a wookie following her around However, these characters and her moral ambiguity made her interesting, and by the end you get the impression that she no longer is interesting She also borders a little too closely to Indiana Jones in space which makes her yet another derivative character in a world full of derivatives and reboots At this point she s probably better off being a secondary character.

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    Not my favorite of the issues so far Aphra has a high value artifact that she risks everything to sell Things go astray because of course they do The writing was fine, but not brilliant, and a bit confusing The art was all over the place which is frustrating for me I like consistency.

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    I ll say one thing up front the Bad Doctor can work a room when she is of a mind to Inconsistent artwork and an overall lack of relatable characters made this one a middle of the road Star Wars comic for me, definitely enjoyable but not exactly Galaxy shaking Aphra is considerably competent than Boomerang, but still the tone and hijinks reminded me of The Superior Foes of Spider Man Omnibus than anything else.

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    This review was originally posted on my review blog Deanna Reads BooksIf you want to get into the Star Wars books and you love comics, I HIGHLY suggest digging into the Doctor Aphra comics Doctor Aphra is definitely one of my new favorite characters of the new Star Wars canon I think it s just refreshing to read about a character that just knows she s a criminal and just does not give an F It makes me laugh a lot I really tend to like the outlaw characters in the Star Wars universe, they just seem to have way fun.The story picks up right where the first one ended, with Aphra up to no good and trying to sell the artifact she stole in the last volume Aphra feels like a true outlaw, and she knows she is a no good thief I kind of love that about her Also, you have to admit that the girl has mad style.I really love the art in this comic, and I imagine it looks even better in print, because it looks really good in the digital format I really like the rich colors that are used through out I also love that this book is just kind of funny There were multiple times while I was reading that I did actually laugh out loud Aphra is always getting herself in bad situations and somehow she makes it out, by the skin of her teeth Especially in this one where she asks Black Krrsantan to not let her be a good person.In this book, Aphra gets into a lot of trouble, and things end up bad for her with some of her partners, so I m really interested to see where this one is headed I also think some even bigger villains are going to be coming after her I can t wait to get my hands on the next one

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    Probablemente el m s interesante de los personajes creados en este nuevo Universo Expandido de Star Wars, Doctora Aphra 2 nos devuelve las desventuras de nuestra cient fica favorita Apoyado en un buen dibujo y un gui n s lido a cargo de Kieron Gillen, seguimos explorando aspectos desconocidos de la galaxia al tiempo que regresan personajes importantes del primer tomo.Como siempre, los androides son las estrellas.

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    Dr Aphra continues to bring epic and exciting adventures to the Star Wars universe New characters combine with Star Wars lore as the world becomes increasingly connected.

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