The Tannis Project

The Tannis Project What happens when a nearly 200 year old vampire is introduced to the internet He writes a blog of course At least this one does.This novel is written in blog entries, which makes it unique I personally love vampires so reading this book for me was a no brainer, however, it might not be everyone s cup of tea Readers have to take into account this is how a 200 year old vampire would think and express himself He can ramble a bit in places.What I love so much about The Tannis Project is the inside look at a vampire from which organs he uses, blood, sex life, emotions and even celebrations like Valentine s Day it is all explained in detail That is what, for me, made this a 5 star read Being A NearlyYear Old Vampire Comes With A Lot Of Experienceand A Lot Of Baggage In His Weekly Blog, Tannis Reflects On The Experiences And People That Have Shaped His Life, As Well As His Budding Romance With Single Mother, Kayla Adaptation Ensures Survival But Offers Little Insight On Falling In Love With A Human Kayla Accepts Him And His Struggles, But Can He Do The Same Her Teenage Son, Tie, Is A Challenge All On His Own He May Not Be Ready For A New Father, Especially One Who S A Vampire For The First Time In His Life, Tannis Struggles To Adapt Do The Rewards Outweigh The Risks Having His Own Family Seems Like A Dream Come True, But Dreams Can Just As Easily Become Nightmares Have you ever wondered how many ways there are to make a vampire How do vampires feel about being vampires Do vampires have families How do they reconcile feeding on humans with their religious beliefs Do they Ahem go to the bathroom Author Daryl J Ball does a remarkable job explaining all the various and minute aspects of being a vampire, along with providing a window into their history and culture, in The Tannis Project.Ball s 200 year old vampire Sire, who commonly refers to himself Tannis, communicates his thoughts and life experiences via a weekly blog which he sometimes yields to guest hosts who can be as humorously morose and witty as they are dangerous In this blog, Tannis is as candid and sincere host, discussing his turning, his past deeds, and his depravity as easily as he talks about the finer,classical aspects of living an undead life We often see him struggling to fit his dark lifestyle into the human world so he can maintain his romantic relationship with a human female with whom he has become enad and become a role model, of sorts, to her teenage son.Although the plot line itself readslike a vampires owner s manual than a work of fiction, with its sometimes drab and matter of fact commentary followed by responses to the lead character s daily Q A sessions, through his blog, the author s provocative and compelling lead character establishes a unique and intimate bond with his fans, leading them by the hand through a complex world that is both simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar Even the most knowledgeable vampire and Lycan aficianados will findthan a few surprises in store.This story, as a whole, moves along at a random pace It often seems as though this diary or memoir, if you will is made to enhance Tannis appeal as a leading man and father figure and to dish out a series of facts and events rather than propel a complete story Fans of the living dead who just can t miss out on otherworldly trivia, as well as those who would be captivated by an autobiography biography on a segment of the Children of Darkness, are likely to enjoy this read I recommend The Tannis Project for ages 17 and up due to adult content and violence. This was an interesting concept for a story One of which I ve never read before Each chapter is written in a blog post format where mostly Tannis writes about his life experiences as vampire Including turning, trials and tribulations and all kinds on interesting things he s encountered in the past We also meet his Childe s which are the vampires in which he sired There are some interesting tales about them as well I really enjoyed this book It took a bit to get used to the style but after a few chapters I found myselfdrawn in As well it was fun to read day by day or skip a few much like the weekly posts Tannis was making 4 5 The Tannis Project is a very fun and interesting book It s quickly revealed that Tannis is a vampire who has decided to take up blogging thanks to a human he has taken a liking to At first, it seems light hearted and interesting TheTannis writes theyou see that he is rather evil, and overall a complete jerk And yet there are times I found that I agreed with him on things Which made me want to loath himDaryl J Ball did a wonderful job on this novel and it will be fun to see what else this author comes up with Hopefully a follow up book since that last entry Well spoilers. 4.5 StarsBrilliantly executed, engaging characters, pleasantly intriguing content and creative use of both the medium of blogging and traditional vampire lore none of that eternal teenager glitters in the sun tripe Good For If you want something cozy and pleasant to read but you re also feeling sort of Gothic. Unique modern take on Vampires In the form of a weekly blog, an established vampire relays the story of his beginnings and the world of vampires and other creatures of the night There are also guest bloggers with odd updates, quirky and amusing. Tannis, is a vampire, he has seen and experiencedthan most mortals could dare to dream, and now, at the bequest of his mortal friend, Kayla, he has begun to keep a blog A blog to explore his thoughts, feelings, even his memories as he continues his relationship with this fascinating mortal, who is also a parent to a teenage boy Discover what it means to be a vampire, dispel the myths as you learn through Tannis blog of his life, family, and conflicts.Daryl J Ball writes a vampire novel of the likes I have never read Presented as a series of posts on a blog, including guest posts from people in his life Written in an audience suitable style it is easy to believe you re reading a blog post Imaginative, entertaining, and fun, especially for lovers of the genre. A different and enjoyable approach The descriptions of the environment, the lifestyle and the struggles make this a very entertaining novel.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Tannis Project book, this is one of the most wanted Daryl J. Ball author readers around the world.

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