Crave He Craves Me, And I M Addicted To HimBut I Walk A Tightrope With No NetI Arrived In This Small Town Looking For Freedom From My Past, And Found Something Better Oliver SackvilleHeart Of Gold, Blazing Eyes, Dirty Mouth, And The Kind Of Body That S Made For Sin One Touch Of His Hands, And He Owns Me One Night In His Arms And I M HookedIt Should Have Been Our Happily Ever AfterTurns Out, It S An IllusionOur Pasts Are Entwined, And When Oliver S Catches Up, It Drags Mine Right Back With ItBlackmail, Revenge And Lies Cause My Balancing Act To TeeterOne Wrong Move And Our Heavenly Match Will Turn To Hell

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crave book, this is one of the most wanted Ash Harlow author readers around the world.

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    Crave is filled with twists and turns, drama, emotional moments, blackmail, revenge,some laugh out loud moments, sizzling chemistry, steamy scenes, and strong characters.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

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    Got ARC for an honest review.I loved the story, thought it was well written Characters were well developed The author created a world so believable, that you felt like you were there watching them live their lives Once you start reading you can t put it down, afraid you might miss something if you do Darcy and Oliver, characters unfold in front of you, to show who they are and how they act Chemistry between them slowly builds as the story plays out The two of them make it hot and tough to turn the burning, steaminess that hit the pages With its ups and downs, it blossoms into a beautiful relationship between them Very nice read.In my own opinion the story had a feel of Christian Grey, Oliver Queen, a billionaire mix to it Its the feeling I got of Oliver Still loving the authors books can t wait to see what the author puts out next on their shelves for us to read Thank you for letting me read your story.

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    This was quite an intriguing story that had many facets throughout that made for an exciting read I enjoyed the storyline and would have no hesitation in recommending this book.Darcy is trying to make a new life for herself in Waitapu, but it is not easy she needs a job desperately, but all she keeps getting is disappointments Oliver notices Darcy in a sports bar and unconventionally gets her attention he knew from the minute he saw her that she was the one for him The two talk and Oliver offers Darcy a job it is exactly the work she is good at, PR and Marketing Oliver has a fundraiser he wants Darcy to promote his objective is to build a drugs rehabilitation centre and he has personal reasons for wanting to do this Lucas is Oliver s friend and partner and has Oliver s back at all times, but he doesn t trust Darcy her sudden appearance seems too coincidental and he wonders if she may be in collusion with Oliver s stepfather or his ex girlfriend Annabelle Little does Darcy realise that Lucas background check on her is actually going to be to her benefit in due time Rob, Darcy s boyfriend for the past 3 years, has caused her nothing but trouble with his drug dealing antics, leaving Darcy to suffer the consequences Annabelle s attempts to blackmail Oliver backfire, but not before Darcy sees a video clip showing Oliver and Rob in a compromising situation how could that be Oliver is upfront with Darcy about his relationship with Annabelle, but Darcy doesn t feel able to confide in Oliver about her past, not even when Rob makes a re appearance Oliver could see that Darcy is trying to pull her life back together again and wants to support her without any pressure, while her strength and courage astound him Rob wants money, but when he attacks Darcy, Oliver intervenes Rob makes it clear he will regret his actions Eventually, Darcy tells Oliver everything, but as far as he is concerned it is all history and he doesn t think any less of her Annabelle s interference, yet again, forces Oliver to take drastic action it is time for him to confess and let everyone know the truth Darcy s efforts and Oliver s speech ensure the fundraiser is a huge success It is the culmination of a wild few months where Darcy manages to get her life back on track and also fall in love with an amazing man Oliver is kind, honest, sincere and generous But just as everything starts to fall into place, Darcy finds her past comes back to haunt her now new doubts would be raised Lucas and Ginger feature predominantly in the story, as do other couples, and if anything, I would have liked to know about their stories nevertheless, this doesn t distract from my overall enjoyment of the book A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.

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    An absolutely amazing read Emotional, sensual and sexy This author takes ordinary words and puts them together in such a way that I feel completely seduced As I m reading, I m falling in love with the characters and entranced in their connection and feelings toward each other The attraction and bond between Oliver and Darcy is palpable, undeniable As well as the deep lifelong friendship between Oli and Luther You feel it rather than just being told and asked to believe it Ah, God, bless his voice Bless its balm, the way it soothed my raw nerves Bless its strength for giving me something to hold on to Bless the way it wrapped around me, gathering my frayed edges back together again I loved all the characters They were written in such a way that I felt like I had met and spent time with them I felt a warmth toward them Well, except Rob, who I wanted to bash in, which is what the author was going for, I m sure There are mysteries about Oli and Darcy s past being revealed in pieces throughout the book Both Darcy and Oliver have been badly betrayed by people they loved These trust issues have taken form in different ways and it was fascinating watching them struggle with their feelings and decision to let someone in again Darcy s hurt is new and raw and the way Oli respected her, was patient with her and gently led her past her fears, was really beautiful I want you, Oliver, she repeated She had me I was hers But, she had to trust me as much as I had to know who she was I said his name, over and over, pleading that this was too much It s not, it s perfect I want you to come with me, Darcy, fuck, tell me when you re ready You ll break me, I said And I ll put you back together Ready The plot is nail biting suspenseful And yet the story has such a smooth flow I was completely engrossed and oblivious to the world around me when I was reading Also, amidst all the drama, suspense, deep feels and incredible sex, the author infuses wittiness and some LOL moments And one other plus the beautiful setting, untamed New Zealand a favorite You ve had a shitty day, Darcy I intend to make it up to you after dinner You re going to fuck me back to happiness Whatever it takes My dick is kind of magic like that I burst out laughing See he said, with a cocky grin Even the mention of it cheers you up I highly recommend this book This author is very talented She crafts beautiful, seductive and sensual stories with all the feels Perfection The I received and advance copy of this book and am happily and voluntarily reviewing.

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    Crave is another entertaining book by Ash Harlow I believe that each book I read gets better and better They have unexpected depth and well developed characters This story takes place in a small coastal village in New Zealand Darcy, a former marketing executive has arrived in the summer staying in her friend s family cottage She has returned to New Zealand to rebuild her life after she lost everything her reputation, her job, her money, her belongings, and the man she once loved She s trying to get a job in a local sports bar as a start to reclaiming her life It doesn t go as hoped, but while there she does meet an attractive man, Oliver Sackville She s not one for casual flings, but decides to make an exception this time She needs to feel wanted and to connect with another human if only for a night Instead of a one nighter, the two go for dinner and Oliver ends up hiring her for a 3 month contract to promote a gala fund raiser near and dear to his heart The only catch is that his company has a firm no fraternizing rule Unfortunately for company policy the two kiss before she is officially employed Both are hooked immediately.The summer is an eventful one Darcy and Oliver become deeply involved and they both are haunted by past drama Darcy is feeling at home in the village and is successfully putting the gala together Their sexual attraction is off the charts, but their appreciation for the other s intelligence, kindness, and sense of humor have made this than an affair Both would like their relationship to extend past the summer However, there are secrets between them that could destroy everything The past still has a hold that can ruin the future Trust is an issue The story itself was entertaining with a few unexpected twists and turns There is a wide, diverse cast of characters Each is flushed out and adds layers to the book Oliver was surrounded by a lovely set of friends I am a big fan of Luther s and it was nice to see Ginger start to gain confidence with Darcy s support Darcy and Oliver were both complex characters damaged but not broken Oliver, especially surprised me a time or two in a positive way The town itself is like an additional character it s warm and embracing, beautiful and rich I wanted to visit Fun story, likable characters, steamy sex, a HEA ending I would definitely recommend this book.

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    4 stars This was a pleasant surprise of a read I really enjoyed this book This is Darcy and Oliver s book A native Aucklander, Darcy has left behind a disastrous relationship that pretty much ruined life as she knew it To recover and get away, she moved to a small New Zealand town to stay at a friend s relatives house for the summer She meets Oliver at a bar on her first night in town He is a wealthy businessman They feel an instant attraction and Oliver hires Darcy to work for him for the summer, using her PR background to plan a charity gala As they spend time together, the two fall for each other They both have trouble trusting due to past relationship mistakes And problems from both of their pasts come back to threaten their hope for a happy future together It all works out for them as it should in the end though and they get their HEA It took me a little bit to get into this one I didn t feel the instant attraction between Darcy and Oliver right off the bat, but after a little bit, I did start to feel it I really liked both Darcy and Oliver That had that special something that made me feel their strong connection They were very sexy, sweet and had great chemistry There was very little angst inside the relationship, fun side characters and some interesting suspense All good stuff I also enjoyed the small town New Zealand location This book is my first read by this author It does end at 22% There are 3 bonus books included but none really stuck my fancy I may try this author s others books in the future Overall, this a really good, sexy and at times emotional read and I really enjoyed it

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    Darcy is trying to move on from her disastrous and emotionally draining year New town, new life, new job while in the midst of looking for work she runs into Oliver, or rather forcefully runs into her once he convinces her to talk to him, they realize they have a common goal He needs someone that has her skill sets for an upcoming project, ready to hire her on the spot he is conflicted due to his insane attraction and his rules about not mixing business with pleasure Darcy having secrets than the CIA is just as conflicted, she is worried about taking this job, but not having two pennies to rub together is a good motivator, and her intense attraction doesn t hurt either, it is just a few months what it could hurt Oliver and Darcy are about to embark on whirl adventure full of secrets, emotional roller coasters self doubt turns to self assurance and love that some could only dream of.Crave is the second book I have had the pleasure of reading by Ash Harlow, and I have to say I am still in awe of the incredible attention to detail and complete freely flowing storyline I read in this authors books Once I started reading and got so caught up I just couldn t let go The characters were wonderfully written and seemed to fit together so well I felt like I had known them all for some time by the 3rd chapter, the sexy all out strong alpha and smart, sassy female that weaved throughout this one made for an excellent read I won t soon forget I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book

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    Enjoyable readDarcy is back in New Zealand where she s trying to rebuild her life away from Australia and her ex boyfriend She left behind a life filled with betrayal and broken dreams Now feeling a bit insecure and downtrodden, Darcy is looking for any job to help boost herself When she meets Oliver at the bar, she has no idea he s the local billionaire mogul Oliver gravitates towards Darcy She looks a bit lost, but sees the determination and strength within her It s just her luck Oliver is looking to fill a position to help their company s fundraiser, and Darcy s qualifications in marketing fits the bill These two can t resist each other, and there s no holding back But Luther, Oliver s friend and lawyer reminds him of his ex girlfriend s betrayal, that he might need to tread carefully where Darcy is concerned.There is intrigue and a bit of suspense where Darcy and Oliver s past come back to haunt them I just love how Oliver explains to Darcy that their past relationships don t define them Love the attention and patience he shows Darcy I love the chemistry and the sizzling attraction these two have which comes across the pages Wonderful secondary characters that help bolster the storyline A very pleasant and entertaining read with an epilogue that brought a satisfying ending.I received and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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    I am a relatively new reader of Ash Harlow, and her stories continue to impress Set in the fictional setting of Waitapu, New Zealand, Darcy is desperate for a job in a dive sports bar After being stood up by the manager, Darcy attempts to leave when Oliver Sackville intervenes He is intrigued by newcomer Darcy, and it s been a long time since Darcy has felt any interest in a man And thus Crave begins Ms Harlow s Darcy is smart, independent, hard working, a genuine women that I would love to have for a friend Oliver is hot, sexy, patient, trusting, and devoted to Darcy from their first meeting While Oliver adores Darcy, she has good reason to mistrust her own judgment of men, and to whom she should give her love Their histories are revealed slowly and add so well to the unfolding events Rueben and Stella Stellar Love make an appearance, and at least one of the secondary characters is getting a book yay Ms Harlow s books are just getting better and better I actually felt like I experienced them falling in love not told to me, or described, but felt it Swoon She knows how to create relatable characters with an intriguing plot, and her writing style flows smoothly When I finished this book, I felt content and fulfilled, and the good feels sat with me for awhile This is the stuff of book hangovers

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    Darcy is in a need of a job when she walks into a sports bar hoping for an interview Instead, the interviewee stands her up Luckily, she meets Oliver who hires her to plan his charity gala The problem is that the two are instantly attracted to each other Oliver doesn t like to mix business with pleasure but he is willing to forgo all of this for her He wants her, she wants him too But we learn that Oliver doesn t trust as easily because he was hurt in the past Despite all of his trust issues, he trusts Darcy Should he Darcy has things in her past, things she doesn t want anyone uncovering As she gets closer to Oliver, will she reveal it Will he leave her when he finds out Will everything just get ruined Y all should read this to find out This was an interesting book I think both of these characters are strong, resilient characters who have gone through h ll and back Both of their past is intense and it explains why they have such a hard time letting someone in Throughout the book, I kept worrying how they ll overcome these issues Will they Darcy is even closed up about her past Sometimes I wish I could shake these characters and tell them to just tell the others what happened But obviously, I can t They need to do it on their own timeframe.I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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