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Already Here Already Here Tells Of The Death Of Leo Galland S Son, Christopher, At The Age OfThe Direct Visual Evidence Christopher Showed Him That Our Souls Do Go On And The Communications He Received From Christopher S Spirit That Dramatically Changed Leo S Understanding Of Life And Its Meaning In Life, Christopher Was A Brain Damaged Special Needs Child Who Challenged Everyone He Knew With His Unpredictable Behavior And Uncanny Insights After His Death, He Revealed To Leo The Real Purpose Of His Life, As A Spiritual Guide Who Taught Others By Confounding Their Assumptions And Expectations And He Began To Share With Leo A New Perspective On Everything From The Nature Of Good And Evil To The Concept Of Timelessness God S Moment To The Notion That The Universe Is, Fundamentally, An Act Of Love Christopher S Wisdom Was Revealed To Leo Over The Course Of A Year, Coalescing Into Three Themes, Which Leo Calls The Gift Of The Opposite, The Gift Of Presence, And The Gift Of Timelessness Leo Quickly Came To Realize That These Gifts Were Not For Him Alone They Contain Ancient Wisdom, Held Sacred In Many Traditions, That Chris Intended Him To Share With Others He Wrote This Book, Under Chris S Direction, To Do Just That Already Here Presents A Unique Dialogue In Which An Analytical, Scientific Mind Tries To Comprehend Truths From Another Plane Of Existence One That, Nonetheless, Is Inseparable From Our Own Chris Describes Heaven And Earth, Spirit And Matter, As Unified Opposites That Cannot Exist Without Each Other And Cannot Be Separated From Human Consciousness The Book Takes Its Title From Christopher S Final Message To Leo, In Which He Describes Heaven As An Eternal Present Where Everyone Is Together, Even Those Of Us Still Living Earthly Lives Lighten Up, Christopher Says To His Father You Re Already Here, You Know

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Already Here book, this is one of the most wanted Leo Galland author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Already Here
  • Leo Galland
  • 11 October 2017
  • 9781401954161

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    You can also see my review found this book by accident after looking up natural heartburn treatments for a family member As I was looking at the author s other books, I found Already Here and knew I had to read it I ve always had an interest in the afterlife and spent my free time studying NDE s when I was in college The subject fascinates me.In this book, author Dr Leo Galland writes about his son Christopher before and after his tragic death Chris was a brain damaged, special needs child from birth He was special and challenged everyone he met with his behaviors, including family, friends, and teachers When Chris passed away it was totally unexpected and out of everyone s control That day, Christopher s spirit revealed itself to Leo and Chris s mother Christina.As time goes on, events take place that convince Leo that Chris is still very present Leo has encounters with him and this book is basically a memoir about everything he learned from Chris that explains Christoper s life along with Heaven, Earth, spirits, and how they all connect Leo learns about the Gift of the Opposite, the Gift of Presence, and the Gift of Timelessness and shares all of these experiences with readers The Universe itself is an act of overwhelming love He also shares thoughts about transcendence after death and how we can exist when our bodies are dead All of these experiences brought Leo to a better understanding of life and why we re here He shares how he applies it in his life now Heaven and Earth are unified opposites that create God s moment I ended up picking this up on Audible and wish I would ve grabbed the physical book or at least the Kindle version instead I really needed to take notes and ended up writing a lot down as the book requires deeper thought than what I could give and because of that, I had to pause frequently I did appreciate that it s narrated by the author himself though.People tend to be dismissive when it comes to thoughts on the afterlife, especially when they haven t had experiences themselves They hear the stories, but they don t see the evidence I personally found Leo Galland s story compelling and it made total sense to me It s extremely thought provoking and the book required deeper thought than what I expected, but I enjoyed it in the end I loved reading about Christopher and wonder what it would ve been like to know him I m really happy to have found this book and highly recommend it.4

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    This book was absolutely amazing Loved every page It was a quick read, and so worth it I read it in 2 sittings couldn t put it down I am used to Dr Galland as a health writer Seeing this side of him, and the way he was able to weave this book together with the help of his son, Chris was both unexpected and refreshing It is insightful, beautiful and inspiring Highly recommend.

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    A beautiful and very brave story Death is never an easy subject and the idea of heaven is usually best left unsaid as it implies there is an opposite place we could end up Yet, this story manages to make a heaven of earth, of our lives, transcending our perception of hell as a place possibly ahead of us to a place we are about to leave, and that is a very comforting idea It feels right, too.

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    This is an incredible book, written through the mind of an intellect and scholar When Christopher, his brain damaged special needs child, dies at age 22 At the time of his death Christopher appears to Leo and his wife Christina From that moment Leo s life and mind were open to an understanding of the soul and immortality This is not a feel good, easy understanding read Instead the book is written by a scholar who s analytical, scientific mind tries to comprehend truths from another plane of existence Following the dialogue with his son Chris, Leo is convinced of heaven and the soul His writing is convincing and inspiring Being a believer in this mystery and experiencing first hand somevisits from those who have passed on I am grateful for this book, the Leo and Christine for sharingtheir lives and transformation.

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    Good on Galland for writing this I think alot of us have experiences like this when a loved one passes, and he at least gets the conversation going about it He s not a kook, and his writing is clear and concise and not overdone.

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    Lovely storyTruly enjoyed reading this book of love and life I would have liked to have met Christopher and learn his view on life.

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    Already Here Love this book and how it portrays Christopher What a beautiful tributeto honor his innate wisdom that we all can learn from.

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    Enjoyed reading A great read It gives you a different and still unexplainable yet comforting insight on what is beyond this realm.

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    CHRIS, thank you for helping me to understand the Gift of Opposite.

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    As contemporary metaphysical books go, this 160 page one was not a bad read Dr Galland comes across as an intelligent, sane man I mention sane because unfortunately with some metaphysical books, as well as some memoirs, one actually ends up reading about nothing but the severe psychological problems of the author To truly appreciate this story, however, you have to believe that not only did Dr Galland have after death communication with his son, but that his brain damaged, special needs child was now a wise soul, who instructs his father on the meaning of life and the nature of Heaven It s not that I totally disbelieve that possibility, but I still wonder, when I read books like this one, if a parent s grief is not making him or her imagine their deceased child is telling them all sorts of enlightening things from the other side Isn t it just as possible that all this enlightening information is coming from Dr Galland s mind, not the mind of his 22 year old departed son Isn t it just as possible that all of the talk in the book about how his son s infuriating and inconsiderate behavior was actually just a wise soul testing others on Earth, were the words of a grieving father trying to make the life of his brain damaged child meaningful and less meaningless This is not to challenge Dr Galland s belief that his son s life was meaningful, but I can t buy all the ideas he is putting forth in this book It s too much like a New Age book where everyone is suppose to feel good about everything, even things that are not or were not good Good is a very subjective word, though Nevertheless, there is really nothing new in Already Here nothing that hasn t been proposed before about life, death and Heaven nothing particularly inspiring Of course, what does not inspire one person may inspire another This book may also help grieving parents, particularly those who have lost a mentally or physically challenged child Note I received a free copy of this book from Vine.

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