HATHCOCK AND BURKE (Best Snipers Series Book 14)

HATHCOCK AND BURKE (Best Snipers Series Book 14) You May Have Read About Legendary Marine Snipers Hathcock And Burke Before But In This Over , Word Short Story Based On Actual Events, Burgess Puts You Right Beside Them Watching The Very Things That Made Them Legends Unlike Other Biographers, He Adds Answers To Details That Many Never Knew At The Time If You Fought In Nam You May Have Wondered At These Too For Instance How Did The Enemy Move So Easily Through The Jungle In Total Darkness How Did They Avoid Booby Traps Set By Their Own People How Did They Disappear So Quickly If Your Buddy Was Killed In A Firefight, Why Was His Body Never Found As You Go Along With Marine Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock And Lance Corporal John R Burke On These Legendary Missions Watch How They Unravel Various Clues In Their Search For A Sniper After That, You Too Will Know The Answers To These Long Ago Mysteries This Is High Tension Vintage Action From An Author Who Doesn T Mince Words And Doesn T Overlook Details Of These Actual Events After Reading This, You Will Have Shared A Small Bit Of Their Nam Action In The Comfort And Safety Of Your Easy Chair But Now, Perhaps, You Will Know A Bit About What Our Veterans Went Through During This Very Difficult And Unpopular War Hopefully, You Will Also Appreciate Why These Veterans Deserve Every Ounce Of Respect For The Terrible Sacrifices They Made For Us Especially Those Who LikeYear Old Lance Corporal John R Burke From Clearwater, Florida Gave Everything They Had To Give For This Read You Better Wear Your Flak Jacket Just In Case

Robert F Burgess grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and as a youth often trout fished the same creeks and streams as Ernest Hemingway At the end of World War II he served with the U S Army 88th Blue Devil Division Ski Troops in northern Italy After the war he returned to Europe on the GI Bill to study foreign languages at universities in Italy and Switzerland then completed his education in J

❄ HATHCOCK AND BURKE (Best Snipers Series Book 14)  kindle Epub ❦ Author Robert F. Burgess – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 44 pages
  • HATHCOCK AND BURKE (Best Snipers Series Book 14)
  • Robert F. Burgess
  • 14 March 2019

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    Much too shortThere is so much that can be said about Carlos Hathcock and Johnny Burke that this brief offering is only a drop of water to a thirsty man These brave men, and others like them, saved thousands of American lives with their well honed skills.They have my highest respect.2

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    This is fiction based on a real man First, this is not a book, it is a sketch Second it appears the author read about Hathcock and then wrote fictional Accounts around some of the facts he had read Third the author seems to be unfamiliar with Vietnam and guns Fourth O purchased two books by this author at the same time and much to my disgust the review would work for both Basically this is a scam.

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    Short but good This gets into some details of his companion USMC sniper to which I had not previously been exposed It goes into some very good detail as to the circumstances of the famous counter sniper shot through the NVA sniper s scope Most remarkable account.

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    This was a great read about two Marine legends

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    A short story but compellingThis tell the story of how an american learnt his trade and used it well worth reading.enjoy the read

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