Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught Me

Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught MeI really enjoyed this book I am glad it was written IMO there aren t enough autobiographies written by trans people, and the ones that do exist are about trans ness, when clearly there is also so muchto each trans person s story This book is about Janet and her first marriage, and her first job in the publishing industry, and her brushes with racism in publishing I hope readers of her first book also pick this book up. Good, bad, or indifferent Mock writes with an authenticity and bravery that few can match To read the rest of this review and to see an interview with Janet Mock and Francesca Ramsey There are absolutely no words to express how much I loved this book I loved Redefining Realness But Surpassing Certainty really spoke to me as a black woman still trying to be seen and heard. I first heard about Mock when she appeared on Chelsea Weekly on Netflix, I made note of her book but didn t really get around to really researching it Fast forward to July and I saw all over my twitter the boycott of The Breakfast Club again Mock name came up It was then I read an article she wrote specifically about the boycott, and it is through that article I found out she is transgendered, with that said, I decided it was time I give this book a read I have to say, I was impressed with Mock s writing, her storytelling abilities surprised me, and I did find myself enjoying her story It is so refreshing to get a glimpse into what it takes to make it and what it takes is usually a lot of hard work that in itself is inspiring A solid read. I ignored my two kids, work responsibilities, and the desire to binge The Crown and finished Janet Mock s memoir in three days It was riveting Her storytelling style is accessible the pages turn quickly and she is honest and sincere without sentimentality I grew up in Hawaii, and so I enjoyed her references to strip clubs, food joints and beaches that I frequented But I realized I knew little about trans experience or native Hawaiian perspectives on non binary gender I most appreciated her telling of her passionate, angsty first love It touched my personal experience.Many authors tell the story of coming into their voice Mock s voice is beautiful and iconic, and her journey to find that voice is riveting Read this. 4.5 StarsThis was so good I ve been listening to Janet Mock s Surpassing Certainty over the past day, and I found any spare moment to press play This is her second biography and I need her to keep living her life, because her memories make the best stories I know, I sound like an insufferable gossip feeding off other people s lives, but I don t just watch anyone, I watch the interesting ones, and Mock is a very interesting one.I loved Mock s first bio, Redefining Realness , but I adored Surpassing Certainty I connected with this one , since it feltpersonal and revealing It covers a shorter span in Mock s life and a pivotal relationship that spanned the majority of her twenties, a relationship that in many ways helped free her to be who she is today It was compelling, enlightening, heartbreaking, and uplifting.As with her previous book, Mock shows the reader all sides of herself, but I think unlike her first book, we also get to see how her journey to happiness and self fulfillment left a mark on the people in her life, particularly one It s this aspect that had me crying during the book s final chapters Janet Mock is strong and resilient, but she s also self absorbed and selfish Her strengths are also flaws, and like us all, she had to make difficult choices about how much of herself to give to people, how much to bend before she started to take the form of someone she didn t recognize.In this memoir, Janet meets a love of her life, she graduates college and struggles to realize her dreams and love the man who showed her unconditional acceptance and support, but who may not fit in with the image of the future she has for herself This memoir is a coming of age story in many ways like hundreds that have been told before, while being unique and revealing a perspective that s often unperceived.I don t read a lot of biographies, but if I can findlike this one, then I ll start readingI love reading novels, and Surpassing Certainty felt like one It felt like a coming of age fiction, romance, chic lit, whatever The way Mock narrates it both in print and via audio is intimate and compelling, and I felt like I was taking her journey, as opposed to simply being told about it I recommend you take the journey as well.Originally posted on Majority Marginalized Certainly, it s always interesting to read about something that s new to you, and I haven t read anything else yet about someone s transgender journey Mock writes well too My qualm with this book is that Mock doesn t seem to accept or own up to her own part in major events in her life The easiest example involves the manner in which she discusses her romance and eventual marriage to her first husband Perhaps I should have started with her first memoir, but this one had been recommended by a friend. This was not as good a read as her first book It may be because I m in my thirties and this memoir chronicles her twenties, or maybe because Redefining Realness taught me so much and really endeared her to me Either way, while this was well written, it was kind of boring. If you read REDEFINING REALNESS, you ll be happy to find that Mock s second memoir is even better warmer, deeper, and in many wayspersonal This is a good book for anyone in their 20 s, the story here is one we often skip over when we talk about the narrative of people s lives, how your early attempts at personhood and independence shape you Mock is able to explore a wide array of experiences but always keeps you emotionally connected to her She explores desire and being desired, when and how to disclose her trans identity, how race impacts her career and professional prospects, and how relationships can open us up and close us off at the same time If you re familiar with Mock, you know how this book ends The last chapter coincides with her first big public piece when she landed on the national scene But it s absolutely a journey worth taking to follow her from a job stripping in Hawai i to breaking into People magazine in New York City You ll find there is less Trans 101 here, which makes sense This is no longer a story about transition The Janet of this book is a grown woman who is often confident in her gender, though not always in herself It s important to have stories featuring trans people that aren t about transition and it s even better when they re a joy to read I read this one in one sitting. Riveting, Rousing, And Utterly Real, Surpassing Certainty Is A Portrait Of A Young Woman Searching For Her Purpose And Place In The World Without A Road Map To Guide HerThe Journey Begins A Few Months Before Her Twentieth Birthday Janet Mock Is Adjusting To Her Days As A First Generation College Student At The University Of Hawaii And Her Nights As A Dancer At A Strip Club Finally Content In Her Body, She Vacillates Between Flaunting And Concealing Herself As She Navigates Dating And Disclosure, Sex And Intimacy, And Most Important, Letting Herself Be Truly Seen Under The Neon Lights Of Club Nu, Janet Meets Troy, A Yeoman Stationed At Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Who Becomes Her First The Pleasures And Perils Of Their Union Serve As A Backdrop For Janet S Progression Through Her Early Twenties With All The Universal Growing Pains Falling In And Out Of Love, Living Away From Home, And Figuring Out What She Wants To Do With Her LifeDespite Her Disadvantages, Fueled By Her Dreams And Inimitable Drive, Janet Makes Her Way Through New York City While Holding Her Truth Close She Builds A Career In The Highly Competitive World Of Magazine Publishing Within The Unique Context Of Being Trans, A Woman, And A Person Of ColorLong Before She Became One Of The World S Most Respected Media Figures And Lauded Leaders For Equality And Justice, Janet Was A Girl Taking The Time She Needed To Just Be To Learn How To Advocate For Herself Before Becoming An Advocate For Others As You Witness Janet S Slow Won Success And Painful Failures, Surpassing Certainty Will Embolden You, Shift The Way You See Others, And Affirm Your Journey In Search Of Self

Janet Mock is a writer, TV host and advocate whose work has appeared in Marie Claire, The New Yorker, and Lenny With a Masters in journalism from New York University, the Honolulu native worked as an editor at, produced HBO s The Trans List, hosted a series of specials for MSNBC, and appeared on OWN s Super Soul Sunday Oprah Winfrey has called her a fearless new voice and trailblaz

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