Its Not the How or the What But the Who

Its Not the How or the What But the Who Succeed By Mastering The Art Of The WhoWhy Surround Yourself With The Best Because It Matters In All Aspects Of LifeIn Fact, In Professional Environments, Getting People Right What Global Leadership Authority Claudio Fernandez Araoz Calls The Art Of Great Who Decisions Marks The Difference Between Success And Failure To Thrive, You Need To Identify Those With The Highest Potential, Get Them In Your Corner And On Your Team, And Help Them Grow Yet Surprisingly Very Few Of Us Are Able To Meet That ChallengeThis Series Of Short And Engaging Essays Outlines The Obstacles To Great Who Decisions And Offers Solutions To Address Them In A Systematic Way Drawing From Several Decades Of Experience In Global Executive Search And Talent Development, As Well As The Latest Management And Psychology Research, Fernandez Araoz Offers Wisdom And Practical Advice To Improve The Choices We Make About Employees And Mentors, Business Partners And Friends, Top Corporate Leaders And Even Elected OfficialsThe Personal Stories And Cutting Edge Studies Described In The Book Will Help You Understand Both Your Own Failings And The External Forces Commonly At Play In Staffing Decisions The Author Shares Concrete Recommendations On How To Select The Best People, Bring Out Their Strengths, Foster Collective Greatness In The Groups You Ve Assembled, And Create Not Only Better Organizations But Also A Better SocietyStarting With The Cases Of Pioneer Jeff Bezos And Brazilian Tycoon Roger Agnelli And Continuing With Individual And Corporate Examples From Around The World, Fernandez Araoz Paints A Vivid Picture Of What Great Who Decisions Look Like And Presents A Fresh And Commanding Argument About Why They Matter Than Ever Today

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Its Not the How or the What But the Who book, this is one of the most wanted Claudio Fernández-Aráoz author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➼ Its Not the How or the What But the Who  ➲ Claudio Fernández-Aráoz –
  • ebook
  • 240 pages
  • Its Not the How or the What But the Who
  • Claudio Fernández-Aráoz
  • 11 March 2017
  • 9781625271532

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    I enjoy reading about employee engagement, culture, and related topics since I am a firm believer that the human resources if treated right, are a company s true competitive advantage Luckily startups and companies are starting to understand this and studies and books support this.Claudio Fernandez Araoz in his book It s Not the How or the What but the Who Succeed by Surrounding Yourself with the Best shows us the flip side of this He has studies and anecdotes to demonstrate that if you figure out how to hire the best and surround yourself with these people, you will be able to succeed well beyond the average This, he believes, is the secret behind the great CEOs such as Bezos, Jobs, Agnelli and others deemed top CEOs in terms of value they provide their shareholders.The book helps us learn how to do this for ourselves from recognizing internal biases that can interfere with hiring the best, to how to set up a recruitment process that will ensure we find the best, to onboarding them correctly so that they can shine Given the author s experience as a senior global executive search adviser, the information and advise are invaluable and also very readable.I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to succeed, since you will have to learn how to surround yourself with those that can further your success.

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    Not a very cohesive book It s a collection of extremely short essays that give you bits of information, without the depth that a experienced reader on these topics would expect All in all, it does give a few interesting ideas, but you can save yourself some money by just visiting the HBR website every so often.

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    Lots of valuable resources to make good people decisions Also, great storytelling and amazing use of the research that is out there on many topics I made many notes on specific research and exercises that I will definitely come back to when I have to make people decisions Some of my highlights We would never hire or promote someone who was not a high performer, highly passionate, and committed to our long term strategy and demanding objectives note the committed to our long term Resisting the cookies had depleted their limited stock of mental energy, and so they threw up their hands in defeat This is the summary of an excellent piece of ego depletion research that the book shares In line with what is highlighted above avoid unnecessary or low priority decisions Try to routinize or outsource as much as possible Write down the essential conditions necessary to perform it, such as speaking a certain language Then, list the desirable attributes you d like to see in a candidate

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    I don t just like this book I love this book Who decisions are made by each of us at different levels throughout our lives At home, it is about appointing the helpers and at the country level it is about voting leaders into power.Mankind continues to learn about Man Better understanding of Man is what leads to better people decisions.This book offers very insightful arguments, anecdotes, research and real life instances that would enhance the quality of our decisions around people Wish, this could be the prescribed text book for topics such as Human Resources Capital.Thanks to Mekin Founder of Udhyam Learning Foundation for recommending this book.The author end his book with an appeal to its readers to evaluate for potential and not just past I feel so good that the world is moving beyond the past and respecting and valuing individuals for what they can be rather than what they have been A seed once, a tree then So too are people Let s change our approach.

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    Ya un cl sico de la gesti n de TalentoSi estas buscando un libro en el cual encontrar las respuestas b sicas a las cuestiones de talento, el de Claudio ya es un must Aqu vamos desde acciones pr cticas a conceptos abstractos para el dise o y aplicaci n de pol ticas en las organizaciones y en el desarrollo personal Sus pas a paso para rodearse de los mejores y lo importante al momento de evaluar no tiene precio.

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    This was one of the books that made me start realizing that paying attention to who is on the bus with us at work is important than organizing what to do or what are the functions we think we need, very interesting also to direct how we should think about our own work and what we should delegate.

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    People decisions are the most important decision a leader takes Once you surround yourself with the best, you will be on the path to success In his easy read book, Claudio provides some practical advice on the most crucial talent management decisions a leader manager can face.

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    A very interesting book Easy to read Good insights, specially for those interested in finding and retaining talent

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