Chains of Gaia (The Changeling, #3)

Chains of Gaia (The Changeling, #3) Something Has Happened In The Forest, Boy, He Said Something Terrible A Shard Has Been Found, A Shard Of The Arcania, And A Monster Has Awoken If You Go Down To The Woods Today Something Dark And Dangerous Stirs Deep In The Netherworlde A Violent, Primal Power, Awoken From Its Slumber By The Shards Of The ArcaniaA Scourge Lies On The Great Everhart Forest, A Rampaging Beast Laying Waste To The Woods, And To The Towns And Villages That Border It, Bringing DestructionIt Leaves None Alive, And Robin Fellows, Heir Of Erlking And The World S Last Changeling, May Be The Only One Who Can Stop ItPressed Into Service, Robin And His Friends Must Navigate The Deep And Twisting Secrets Of The Legendary Woods, Fighting To Save The Netherworlde S Inhabitants From The Ever Growing Menace, While Racing Against Dark Enemies Also Searching For The Source Of The Monster S Power The Shard Of EarthTroubled By A Rising Darkness From Within, And A Tendency For His Magic To Go Haywire, Before Robin Can Wander From The Path And Begin To Unravel The Truth Beneath The Trees, He Must First Find A Way To Come To Terms With Who And What He IsUnexpected And Unwelcome Guests At Erlking, And Uncertain Guides In The Wilderness, Unsure What Secrets Are Being Hidden, Even By His Closest Friends, Robin Must Decide Who He Can Trust In A World Where It Seems No One, Friend Or Foe, Is Exactly As They AppearChains Of Gaia Is The Thrilling Third Instalment Of James Fahy S Bestselling Changeling Series Perfect For Fans Of High Fantasy Storytelling And Fae Mythology, This Sequel To Isle Of Winds And The Drowned Tomb Delves Even Deeper Into The Magical Netherworlde, And Into The Mystery Of Robin S Own Past

James Fahy is the childrens author of the Changeling fantasy series, a Middle Grade age series following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our world, and the Netherworlde, a shadowy realm which lies beyond our own.In addition to fantasy for younger people, James also writes adult Urban Gothic James is represented by the Ampersand Literary

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  • Chains of Gaia (The Changeling, #3)
  • James Fahy
  • English
  • 08 July 2018

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    just about upping the ante this series is getting bigger with every book, and I dont mean the thickness of the story although that too I mean the themes it covers, and the scale of the world and events unfolding around our heros In Book two we touched on paralells of death camps and survivor mental issues with the character of Jackalope who has roman numerals etched into his arm replacing his name in a pretty harrowing nod to concentration camps during WW2 and the numbering of prisoners here in book three we deal with PTSD, survivor guilt, betrayal, having to ally with enemies for a greater cause, freedom from slavery for a whole raceit s easy to forget that this is at heart a magical and enchanting fantasy book but it is, and somehow it works, and all seems to sit alongside itself well, the wonder and the horror this makes it feel like the real world to me, and it s an impressive achievement with an end climax like we get in this book, I can only imagine whats waiting up ahead

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    Chains of Gaia by English author James Fahy Book Three of The Changeling Series With each book, I love returning to Erkling and the Netherworlde, to catch up with Robin, Henry, Karya, Woad and the other Erklingers.This time, Robin and his friends have to retrieve the Shard of Earth from the heart of the Everhart Forest A scourge lies over the great forest, as a rampaging beast lays waste to it, and to villages that border it Their journey is fraught with danger as they encounter centaurs, a minotaur in an ancient labyrinth, and let s not forget the Grimms and Redcaps We meet new characters, including Ffoulkes with his affectations , a population of gentle green Dryads and a new Fae It s wonderful to see Robin maturing and learning to be his true self Henry and Karya are also growing up and there s a lot to learn yet about them, I m certain Woad keeps being Woad, which is just what I hoped James Fahy creates a very believable fantasy world His writing is concise and his imagery is magical I felt totally immersed in it The characters are all well written and well rounded The author s wit shines through them.I feel like I want to say and The book has such depth but moved along at a cracking pace I thoroughly enjoyed Chains of Gaia and can t wait for the next instalment I m sure you ll enjoy it too.

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    After reading the second instalment in this series a few months ago, I have been very very eagerly awaiting the release of this book so I could read on and find out what adventures and troubles Robin and our gang of Erklingers encounter next and it was most definitely worth the wait This time around, we see Robin and his friends trying to retrieve the Earth Shard, whilst also dealing with a minotaur, centaurs, dryads, and, of course The Grimms We see some new characters introduced to this book, including Ffoulkes who I love to hate , as well as an entire population of dryads But potentially my favourite thing about this book, was how we got to see our familiar characters, particularly Robin, growing and maturing by each page That being said, the writing in this book is also one of my favourite things We see the author s wit and sense of humour through the writing and there were several moments throughout the book that made me laugh out loud There were also tender, emotional moments which made me feel a lot of feels For me, returning to Erkling and the Netherworlde feels like coming home Robin and the gang feel like my family, and I feel like I am going on this big adventure with them And I cannot wait for .

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    i love the characters in this series than anything else about it they feel real, they act erratic, they re not always simple, and that plays off really well against the turbulent and uncertain backdrop of the world of the netherworlde caught in the civil war i hope we get to see of Strigoi in upcoming books he s such an interesting blend, part gestapo officer, part nazgul, but also i dont think his motives are always what they seem to be going off what this author seems to like doing with our expectations

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    Where do I even begin How do I review this without spoiling anything for you future readers Ever have that feeling of going back to some place familiar and comfortable like being tucked into your childhood bed Well here I am, back in Erkling, with Henry, Hestia, Woad, Aunt Irene, Inky I m HOME. and ready for another adventure to the Netherworlde This time they must retrieve the Shard of Earth and in the process have to deal with centaurs, a minotaur, dryads and new parts of the Netherworlde just to name a few New characters are introduced Ffoulkes has to be the most annoying and narcissistic character I ve seen in a while but damn I love him and surprises are peeking around every corner Once again, we see the author s sense of humor come into play with various references freckled throughout the book and through the friendships and relationships between the characters Woad s always been one of everyone s favorites and his simplistic, yet wise, view of the world is always refreshing as is Inky s loyalty to him I ve always liked Aunt Irene but she vaulted up my list for a variety of reasons We see Robin still struggling with his role as the Scion and controlling his power, yet maturing and becoming confident by the minute I always find it fun and endearing to watch characters grow book by book in a series and the author does this without fail.Fahy brings adventure, humor, emotion and action which keeps the pages turning I literally kept swiping left hoping pages would appear at the end, but sadly they did not Swipe, swipe, swipenothing I suppose I will have to just wait for the next installment until then I ll live my life by picking things up one at a time, socks and underpants And hey, you guys, as you get to reading this book, send me a hex message so we can discuss.

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    Epic high fantasy fare.Fahy continues to enthrall and delight in this third book in the Changeling saga.equal parts charming and magical but also dark and bloody, Robin Fellow s third adventure treads a careful tightrope between enchanting and beautiful landscapes and some truly pretty moments the treetop city of the dryads with its glowing bridges and fireflies but balanced against this is some very dark imagery, Banshees making you face your worst fears in moonlit haunted towns, tales of people being hunted for sport, life in the concentration camps and children being dragged from their homes in the night.There are some heavy themes in this big instalment, but somehow it never feels heavy handed or too grim, buoyed along by the eternally optimistic and brave heroes, facing the dangers of the Netherworld, both external and internal, head on, and with eyes wide open The Netherworlde, with all it s glory and wildness, and undercurrents of serious danger, is definitely one of my favourite fantasy worlds great story

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    This didn t feel like a separate book to me as I put Drowned Tomb down and picked this up the same day, so it all felt like a continuation, but I ll review it separately, because it deserves its own words.This third volume is maybe the darkest so far in the series of Robin s adventures as a changeling Sure in book one he gets menaced by the brothers Grim, and in book two he gets captured by the enemy in a war camp, but this book sees him, amongst other thing eaten, beaten, locked in a cage and pretty close to death on than one occasion no spoiler here, but actually gets saved by maybe the least likely person Robin really comes into his own in this book We ve watched him bumble and fumble, getting to grips with magic in books one and two, and being led by the hand a lot of the time by his much savvy and streetwise companions, but this is the turning point where we see him maturing into the strong leader we know the Scion will have to be in order to one day defeat the evil Lady Eris.All the development feels natural and believable, there are no convenient epiphany moments where the hero suddenly realises he s great, which happens so often in fantasy books Robin had slogged and slaved to get good enough to do what he does at the end of this book, and it s well worth the wait.Every time we go back to the Netherworlde, it s to a different region, with a different feel I loved the frozen wastelands from the previous book, but I think this book has my favourite locations, with its wild and dangerous moors and deep primal forests I m now suffering serious book hangover as there isn t a book four yet, and I don t know how long were going to have to wait for one

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    This is my favourite of the series so far which considering I loved the first two books, is saying something.Chains of Gaia throws all the good guys and bad guys in the air, and seems to delight in seeing where they land we see Robin flirting romantically with the enemy We find Henry making alliances with a Grimm, we come across good characters, Jackalope, FFoulkes, Hawthorn, all having dubious pasts and actions For MG fantasy, this is a series that at no point feels like it doesn t treat it s young audience as what they are, intelligent, inquisitive and learning the difference between right and wrong, and the shifting sands under our feet as this distinction gets muddier the older we get Robin is a true teenager here, although thankfully avoiding the angst that some lazy writers seem to think are the only way to portray teens and everything about this book, wonderful plot and all, seems geared to mirror his own maturing, both magically and personality wise that s some skilled storytelling book four is something I am very much looking forward to

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    This series is my comfort blanket of reads I adore Erlking and the Netherworlde and am waiting patiently for my invite This time Robin and his crew must venture into the great Everhart forest to retrieve the Shard of Earth, and what a journey it is There are centaurs to flee from, a race of gentle tree people, a minotaur in a labyrinth, a painful past to deal with, and that s just a part of it The author weaves a fantasy world so rich that you can almost taste it The imagery takes your breath away, time after time.Robin does a lot of growing up in this book, which I really loved His acceptance of a side of himself that he was struggling with is a definite highlight Woad continues to delight I have such a soft spot for him , with both Henry and Karya developing in character and laying seeds for future books, I think But it s Jackalope who surprised me, and his story will make you feel all the feelsWith an ending worthy of a five star review by itself, I urge you to pick this series up It will make you believe in magic all over again.

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    Book three of the Changeling Series sees Robin and his friends doing a lot of emotional development and growing up Robin learns to harness a new element, and develops his skills as a leader, Henry overcomes his feelings of inadequacy as the groups only non magical human Karya faces a royal reception from a group of tree dwelling Panthea who seem to worship her, and Woad remains determinedly uncowed Jackalope, introduced as a smaller character in the previous book, gets of an integration into the group in this instalment, with an exploration of his past which explains a lot of his prickliness and mood And it s not just the good guys we see coming into their own There are revelations around some of the series established villains too, which pique my curiosity for book four A mature and well crafted addition to the series.

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