The Fish Tank: And Other Short Stories

The Fish Tank: And Other Short StoriesGreat book filled with interesting and enjoyable stories I enjoyed them all. Heart and Soul in Short StoriesThis is the first book I have read by Maria Elena Alonso Sierra, but definitely not the last You can easily see that she has put her heart and soul into every story All are written in a different genre showing the versatility of this author Maria Elena could have easily turned every one into a full blown novel I can t pick a favorite because they are all so well written Each story comes alive on the first page All have completely fleshed out characters and their worlds are complete It feels like you are right there in the middle of the action I highly recommend this book and others written by Maria Elena Alonso Sierra. Two things.One, I am a hard person to please when it comes to reading You see, I don t much care for populist stories, they are all a bit same old, same old They tend to pander to the lowest common denominator in a sad and futile race which only serves to brace the writer s ego.I look for , muchI want stories written from an interesting perspective, ones which touch the soul, stimulate the mind and provoke thought Elements so often overlooked in favour of the mindless banality which tends to pass for entertainment.Secondly, I rarely write reviews.I will only mention a book if I think it worthy and, therefore, think I have put pen to paper this way only four times in at least as many years.Consequently, it is not without reason I write this article, call it a review if you wish, about a book called The Fish Tank other short stories, written by Maria Elena Alonso Sierra.I first came across this book whilst editing The List , an annual recommended reading list published by CQ International The cover of The Fish Tank, which is designed by Scott Carpenter, grabbed my immediate attention exactly as a good cover should.A little later, I was asked by an author friend if I would read an ARC I did, hence this rambling account.I was intrigued by the first tale, Jerrys gift, which sort of sets the feeling for the entire book I say sort of because the ambience of each unfolding story moodily fluctuates while continuing the ambience of haunting hope interwoven with a lingering sadness of passing.The title tale, The Fish Tank, brings to life the stark reality of the authors experience as a child leaving Castro s Cuba for a life in exile.Maria has captured the trepidation and anxiety of both mother and daughter in the final moments before their possible departure.After reading The Fish Tank, I understand Maria s statement about writing these short stories, I never suspected creating the short stories would tear at the scab protecting a deep wound I still harbour in my heart, one that will not quite properly heal Each story is narrated beautifully the well paced revealing of the characters and their situations makes each tale a joy to read, easily flowing from start to the end.Reading this book allowed me to glimpse into people s personal and private lives, to live with them as they feared for what the next day, the next hour may bring and, I felt the subdued passion of hope, as the teasing dreams of a better future dangle tantalisingly out of reach, just that one little fingertip away from As I said at the beginning, I am a hard person to please when it comes to reading, so I rarely find a book worthy of writing a review, such as this.Enough said. An unexpected treasure handed over from an ex spouse via the divorce lawyer a classic mother son bonding experience on a roller coaster ride tragic tales of survival of ordinary Cuban citizens in the 1960s a paranormal happening in the Museum of the Weird, the Sad, and the Wretched and a complex murder mystery all of these stories in one volume, The Fish Tank and Other Short Stories by Maria Elena Alonso Sierra, reveal life stories in the raw with a compassion for reality and fantastical Maria Elena is a marvellous storyteller She presents her narrative with overwhelming descriptive power and unexpected and surprising twists and turns The plots are cleverly orchestrated with characters that come alive with compassion, both good and evil Her protagonists are strong and endearing, particularly in her Cuban stories which depict an era of unspoken horrors and frightening scenarios The suspense leading up to the climax pulls the reader along a roller coaster ride filled with adventure to a climax that certainly doesn t disappoint, but rather fills the reader with a sense of awe as the reader realizes the power behind the narrative and unusual path that the author has followed The resolution reaffirms the author s intent to provide the reader with a certain wow factor in the story itself From suspense, to romance, to real life stories from the author s own past, the finely tuned craft of the short story is clearly evident in this collection of stories Each story in this collection is engaging, thought provoking and memorable This is clearly an author who writes with style and with class Reviewed for Readers Favorite. Thank you for the copy of this short story collection I particularly liked the detective story and would like to readabout that character. I do not usually enjoy short stories, but I did really enjoy this book and look forward to readingby this author. THIS IS A BOOK WITH SEVERAL SHORT STORIES ALTHOUGH THEY ARE SHORT THEY ARE WELL WRITTEN THEY CAN DEFINITELY BE MADE INTO A LONGER STORY We are proud to announce that FISH TANK and Other Short Stories by Maria Elena Alonso Sierra is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree This tells readers that this book is well worth their time and money I adored these stories because they were so compelling, so different, and I was gripped by everyone In fact it is difficult to say which one was my favourite I could name them all for different reasons.The author had first hand experience of what it was like in Cuba under Castro and was able to turn these into works of fiction They glued me to the page Some were incredible Things you and I take for granted in our every day lives, these people would be thrown into jail or worse for owning them Things like washing powder for example These stories were amazing and frightening at the same time.Talking about scary stories, there was one set in a museum where dark things were happening For a short one, it was fully formed and almost read like a novel The author managed to get everything into it without it being cramped Like her other stories, although complete, I was left wondering.So, in conclusion, this is a fantastic book I loved every word and would highly recomend it for the high quality of writing and story lines.Full Review is here 2018 05 A Collection Of Short Stories From The Mind Of Romantic Suspense Author Maria Elena Alonso Sierra That Will Take Your Imagination On A Ride Across All GenresStart With An Unexpected Treasure Handed Over From An Ex Spouse Via The Divorce Lawyer And A Classic Mother Son Bonding Experience On A Roller Coaster Ride Then Jump To Tragic Tales Of Survival Of Ordinary Cuban Citizens In The S Continue To A Paranormal Happening In The Museum Of The Weird, The Sad, And The Wretched, A Complex Murder Mystery, And Finish With A Short Poem Of Author Whimsy The Fish Tank And Other Short Stories By Maria Elena Alonso Sierra Reveals Life Stories In The Raw, With Strong Women, And A Few Surprises

Hi, everyone My name is Maria Elena Alonso Sierra yes, I knowit is a mouthful I am originally from Cuba, lived in many places countries throughout my life, and am now living in beautiful North Carolina.It is so difficult, sometimes, to say things about yourself, but let me try I love all things medieval I love history As a matter of fact, I have a masters in medieval literature 12th cen

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