Be Strong & Curvaceous (All About Us Series #3)

Be Strong & Curvaceous (All About Us Series #3) After Spending Spring Break In Mexico With Her Grandparents, Carly Aragon Can T Wait To Get Back To School At Spencer Academy In San Francisco With Lissa Mansfield And Gillian Chang By Her Side, She S Ready For Anything Except A New RoommateLady Lindsay MacPhail, Flamboyant Daughter Of The Earl Of Strathcairn, Quickly Becomes Carly S Worst Nightmare Mac Not Only Swoops In And Steals Carly S Privacy, She S Also Dating Brett Loyola Carly S Biggest Crush But When Mac Starts Receiving Strange, Threatening E Mails, She And Carly Must Come Together To Figure Out Who S Behind Them And Why In The End, The Fate Of One Girl Will Lie In The Other S Hands Will The Two Learn To Trust One Another And Trust God

Shelley Adina is the author of 24 novels published by Harlequin, Warner, and Hachette, and a dozen published by Moonshell Books, Inc., her own independent press She writes steampunk and contemporary romance as Shelley Adina, and as Adina Senft, writes Amish women s fiction She holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania, where she teaches as adjunct fa

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  • Be Strong & Curvaceous (All About Us Series #3)
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  • 16 May 2019
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    Carly Aragon is is a scholarship kid at the elite Spencer Academy, but she s managed to keep that fact a secret for two terms so far Hopefully she can keep it up the last thing she needs is to be a source of gossip around there She s managed to stay under the radar for two terms by keeping her home life and background a total secret, purchasing a few choice brand name accessories last year s fashions usually , and her father sends a limo every weekend but only because they are in the limo business so she looks the part barely, though The cool thing is that she s made some awesome friends there, girls who are different from the rest Different because they re Christians But even they don t know her deepest secrets.Her third term looks promising until she discovers that she s getting a new roommate And the minute they meet, she knows this term won t be an easy one Red hair in an explosion of curls.Fishnet stockings to here and glossy Louboutin ankle boots.Blue eyes that grabbed you and made you wonder why she was so not interested in whether you took another breath.Ever pg 3 Add a British accent and an insufferable attitude and you ve got Lady Lindsay MacPhail.Although this is the third book in the All About Us series, each book is a novel in itself Be Strong and Curvaceous was my intro to both the series and the author and what an intro it was By the time I had read to the end of chapter two, I loved Gillian, Lissa, and Carly and knew I would have been thrilled to have been friends with them as a teen or just had this series to read In this particular book, Carly Aragon is the focus and we re given a peek into her mind and heart.I have to say that the author did an excellent job with the characters when it came to Carly, I felt for her and with her as she struggled with being the odd one out in a school full of rich kids.There s nothing boring about Be Strong and Curvaceous Besides dealing with the social and roommate drama, Carly finds herself in the situation of being the confidant of a girl who is being stalked and is receiving some pretty creepy and disturbing emails Her newfound faith in God may be tested much sooner than she expected.I think any teen girl would love this series it s one of the best clean YA chick lit books I ve read, ever Definitely comparable and much better than some of the secular young adult chick lit that is so popular right now I highly recommend it And don t feel guilty about reading and enjoying it yourself Be strong and courageous Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you he will never leave you nor forsake you Deuteronomy 31 6 NIV

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    Oh My Goodness.This book was awesome Heart pounding action I took a moment and checked while reading Definitely heart pounding , knee buckling romance, and a faith that stands against all odds Sheesh, I loved this book Way better than the previous two This is, so far, my favorite in the series It was simply amazing Please read it So worth your time I loved everything about this book except for the characters keeping secrets about things that didn t really matter It was awesome Not very exciting at first, but once I got halfway through it, it was a full blown battle to put it down.Cute cover 4 stars The outfits are all cute I really like Mac s dress, though I wish it was modest.Thank you, Shelley Adina, for this amazing book I highly recommend it SPOILER ALERT I am so in love with Brett Goodness, can you seriously get any sweeter He was amazing I was so hoping he would end up being a jerk like Callum and Lucas, and I am so glad he was not I knew he liked Carly That was so sweet how he followed her because he was concerned and then stayed with her in the height of drama, and then kissed her Oh my goodness, that kiss , and then later went to her house and they had an adorable, chaperoned date swoon Carly There was only one thing about her that I didn t like and that was the secrets Like any of that would even matter to her friends at all That was annoying But other than that, she was great I was glad that she didn t keep relentlessly chasing Brett, but relinquished him and decided that if he was going to like her, then he wasn t And she wasn t gonna keep trying to fight for him That surrender and letting itself work out was much preferable to me than for her to have charged after him.Mac I tell you, I loved her the minute she entered the book Okay, well, not exactly At first she was a total brat Then I loved her response to Vanessa And then I didn t like her again And then she softened and I totally felt her She was just trying to be all tough when she really just needed a friend I can t wait until she gets saved Drifter I d rather not call him David, cuz really that s a nice name Not at all fit for an insane psychopath would be murderer What a creep And all because he was jealous It s crazy how someone can allow a single thought to completely warp and take over their mind Ugh I couldn t help but agree with Carly about wishing he d have a beefy roommate named Bubba.All the girls were great Lissa with her faith and loyalty Gillian with her take charge attitude and intelligence Shani with her attitude and defensiveness I love their bind and friendship It s so perfect.Phillip was a great boss and friend Mrs Curzon was nice, though I somewhat disagree with her punishment Her assistant was a total idiot Vanessa was the same snob as usual, as were her minions Carly s father was sweet Her mother was a jerk, though I think Carly should be a bridesmaid even though I totally understand why she doesn t want to Her little brother was the cute, typical little brother.This was a great book I really loved it and I can t wait to start the next one.

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    Occasionally, I have to switch gears and reach for something fresh and clean and optimistic and I can always find that in a young adult Christian novel by Shelley Adina She has the knack for taking me back to my first crush and bringing out the breathlessness of the situation That, to me, is true romance, and no one does it better than Ms Adina does while sending a positive, non preachy Christian message that s aimed toward teenage readers.In Ms Adina s latest, Be Strong Curvaceous, Carly Aragon doesn t feel as if she measures up to the standards of her schoolmates at Spencer Academy While other students can afford the latest fashions and the hottest thing going because of their rich and famous parents, Carly could only get into the academy with a full ride scholarship When she gets the opportunity to participate in a fashion design contest, Carly has to find a job to help cover the cost of her material While Carly is juggling homework, class schedules, a job, and her social life, Lady Lindsay MacPhail is assigned as her roommate Mac has an attitude problem, and she s also interested in Carly s biggest crush Brett Loyola.Mac wants to be left alone and forget that she s the daughter of the Earl of Strathcairn Just because she has everything she wants, it doesn t mean that her life is good or that she s particularly happy Hiding behind an attitude, she tries to keep any of her classmates, especially Carly, from getting too close But when Mac starts receiving threatening letters from an email stalker, she might just need Carly s faith to help her get through the threat without getting killed in the process.Out of all the students at Spencer Academy, I could relate to Carly the most In high school, I remember trying to keep up with the cool kids and desperately trying to hide the fact that I couldn t But Carly is smart and resourceful, and, in the end, that s what will get you out of a bad situation not the latest Louis Vuitton purse.Though Lady Lindsay MacPhail has a bad attitude, Ms Adina skillfully works in the fact that Mac has serious problems below the surface, making her likable and leaving the reader wanting things to work out for her And that s the mark of fantastic characterization.With a hint of danger and mystery mixed with a dash of teen romance and Christian faith, Be Strong Curvaceous is one of the most exciting and adorable young adult novels of its kind I highly recommend it for teenage girls who are wobbling on the line between faith and popularity Ms Adina gets the message across without repeatedly whacking readers over the head with it Faith can t be shoved down a non believer s throat Ms Adina knows this and that s why I love reading anything she writes.Review first appeared in

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comCarly Aragon has had a rough start at Spencer Academy She s a scholarship student who feels that she needs to hide her status from the rest of the school, just to fit in She s been secretly crushing on Brett Loyola, who is way out of her league After all, he was dating the It Girl, Vanessa Talbot And to top it off, she was accused of selling exam scores to other members of the junior class So she has high hopes upon her return after spring break But she comes back to find out that she s got a new roommateLady Lindsay Mac MacPhail How can Carly compete with a Lady And Mac is everything that Carly is not It will only be a matter of days before Mac is a new member of Vanessa s crowd Carly can t believe her luck when she is approached by one of Vanessa s minions to join the Design Your Dreams committee The DYD event is the opportunity Carly has been waiting for It will give her a chance to showcase one of her own designs, for Carly is an amazing fashion designer She just needs the chance to prove it The only condition of being on the committee is that she has to convince her new roommate to come along Carly will figure out something They haven t exactly gotten off on the right foot, but she will do whatever it takes Slowly, Carly and Mac come to accept each other Though they may not be friends, Mac tries to instill some confidence in Carly Mac convinces Carly she is beautiful in her own right, and has much to be proud of And she makes Carly start to think that she has just as much chance of dating Brett as someone like Vanessa does It s only after Mac shares her mysterious emails from the Drifter that the two finally come together Through a bizarre twist of events that only the guiding hand of God could direct, the two, plus their other band of friends, come together to save themselves, and Spencer Academy And surprisingly, Carly gets than she bargained for in the end I have to admit that I enjoyed BE STRONG AND CURVACEOUS the third novel in the ALL ABOUT US series the best to date There s a fourth due out in the spring WHO MADE YOU A PRINCESS that I m eagerly looking forward to, as well The series of events in BE STRONG AND CURVACEOUS seemed much real to me than those in THE FRUIT OF MY LIPSTICK I found Carly far likeable and vulnerable than the previous two characters that have been written about Don t get me wrong, both of the previous novels were good, but I enjoyed the drama and intrigue in this novel the most Ms Adina does a wonderful job infusing the love and guidance of God into the lives of insecure teenage girls The story shares the wonders of newfound faith as well as unquestionable friendships Read BE STRONG AND CURVACEOUS you won t be disappointed.

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    Perfect for Personal reading, book club readIn a nutshell This is a great book for adults and young adults alike Carly Aragon is instantly likable, and her room mate Mac has a quick wit about her As a reader we learn that she is a talented fashion designer, and that she is at the Spencer Academy in San Francisco on a scholarship She returns from break to find that she has a new room mate, and later finds that her room mate has a secret, and is in need of a friend and some help Throw in a little faith, a little romance, and a little intrigue and action, and you have a perfect story Extended Review Characters You ve got the girl who deserves to be there, her close and supportive faith filled friends, the new girl, the popular girl, the cute guy, the nice boss, etc The characters in the book have been written and developed in a way that makes you feel that they have come to life.Story Line Carly struggles to hide the fact that she is at the school on a scholarship, and that she needs to earn money to pay for extras Crushes and popularity issues abound throughout the book, and are something everyone can relate to, no matter where you went to school Carly also struggles to hide the fact that she is a scholarship kid, her dad is no one and she is not privileged like some of the other kids expensive vacations, top brand name clothing, etc When her new room mate arrives, she learns to be a better friend, and must make some important choices that will impact the life of her new friend.Readability A fun and quick read very enjoyable Overall A great book for any age, but probably something a young adult girl would love as she would see that other people experience the same things minus the Prada and LV high fashion items

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    Be Strong and Curvaceous is the third book in the all about us series but it was also very good as a stand alone The hardest thing about reading it first was just getting the cast of characters set in my mind Carly, Lissa and Gillian are all students juniors at Spencer Academy in San Francisco They have just started the spring term and upon arriving back at school, Carly discovers that she has a new roommate Mac who we later discover is Lady Lindsay MacPhail, daughter of the Earl of Strathcairn Mac isn t at the school long before she publicly humiliates Vanessa Talbot the it girl at the school and puts up a wall that Carly isn t sure she wants to negotiate Adding to Carly s confusion is that she just became a Christian and is sure that this isn t the Christian thing to do Mac could also help her reach her goal of designing a dress in the Design Your Dream Event if only she hadn t taken on Vanessa To make matters worse, in seems like Mac also has her eyes on Brett, Carly s crush This book has romance, rivalry, responsibility, friendship, adventure, and most importantly God I want my daughter to read it so that she can see that she can talk with God in any and all circumstances even boys This would be a great read for a teenage girl I can t wait to get the first book

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    I have really enjoyed the first 2 books in this series and was anticipating the 3rd book It was worth the wait This series about 4 friends that meet at a high class high school and go through semester after semester together What I love is that each book takes a semester from a different girl s perspective, so we are getting inside the head of someone new each time Each girl is dealing with different issues and circumstances so some things change but overall we find that friendship is really important.First we had It s All About Us Then there was The Fruit of my Lipstick And now Be Strong and Curvaceous This 3rd book is about Carly and it is amazing I would recommend reading the books in order, but please hurry so you can get to this one In addition to the usual adolescent angst, Carly throws in some mystery, suspense, stalker danger and, oh yea, the English royalty that becomes Carly s roommate did I mention she acts like royalty too This is my favorite in the series so far and would be a great addition to any YA bookshelf

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    Review by Jill WilliamsonCarly Aragon gets the chance to help with the big school fashion show Since her dream is to be a fashion designer, she does everything in her power to make this work But that means getting a part time job to pay for the fabric she ll need to make the dress But she doesn t want her friends or enemies to discover that she s a scholarship kid When a stalker starts harassing her roommate, will Carly be able to do what s right and keep her new friend This was my favorite All About Us novel so far I related to Carly because I was a poor scholarship kid and I wanted to be a fashion designer But that wasn t all Even though Carly struggled with it, she remained true to herself despite what anyone said or did I liked her character a great deal and was so glad I got to see of her in the fourth book Way to go, Shelley Adina What an awesome series this is Highly Recommended.

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    Carly Aragon goes to a well off school as a scholarship student, which her friends don t know about Along with juggling her family issues, Carly makes the decision to accept Christ into her heart But she struggles with accepting who she is and it doesn t help when her roommate, Lady Lindsay MacPhail Mac, enters her life and causes havoc Carly learns of an issue Mac is struggling with As it becomes personal, Carly must learn to trust who she is, trust Mac, and God as the things she knew most are questioned I really enjoyed this book It had a Christian theme to it and it had mystery to it as well My favorite character is Carly She has trouble accepting who she is and she doesn t see herself as much, although others think differently I love how the author portrays her as well as the other characters I would definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy some mystery with a Christian back ground and real life issues.

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    I gave this book five stars because I really liked it that much The ending was really cool and I loved how Carly was so smart through the whole climax and that she added a little sense of humor to it I thought the writing was great and the rising action and climax had my heart pounding and I just really enjoyed reading it This might just be a tiny bit of a spoiler but my favorite scene is in the end when Carly calls 911 and after they help her they ask if she needs anything else and she s like Um, you could try explaining this to our headmistress Because she knows she ll be in a lot of trouble because she broke some rules trying to help her roommate and I just thought that it was hilarious.

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