6 Dates to Disaster (Bird Face, #3)

6 Dates to Disaster (Bird Face, #3) Six Dates to Disaster is the third book in Cynthia Toney s Bird Face Series This series follows the life of teen Wendy Robichaud Wendy is a good kid whose seemingly innocent decisions lead to some trouble in her life I found her predicament in this novel to be quite relatable Often teens don t purposely make bad choices but instead get into trouble as good intentions somehow spiral out of control In this book Wendy finds herself trying to raise money to visit her beloved elderly friend, Mrs V Trying to achieve her goal leads to some problems with friends, relationship, family and school.Cynthia Toney s style is always easy to read, enjoyable and flows so easily that I find myself devouring her stories quickly As with her other books, this novel deals with many everyday challenges that teens might face such as financial difficulties, blended families, issues with dating and friendships, as well as facing consequences for their actions Readers of the previous books in this series will be happy to know all the wonderful characters from the first two books are back I don t know if the author is planning on writing a fourth novel in this series but she left me wondering what happens next and hoping for.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was an excellent continuation of the Bird Face series and will greatly appeal to teens and those of us who remember those years so clearly The author continues Wendy s story with warmth and honesty as she deals with first love, a blended family, financial problems, desperately wanting to make enough money to visit an elderly friend and surrogate grandmother with Alzheimer s before it s too late, the unexpected problems that arise from her money making scheme, and a friend s consequences to dating a boy with an alcohol problem The story moves at a steady pace yet gives time to connect the reader to Wendy and her problems in a sympathetic way Though part of a series, this book could be read without reading the first two but it will be better if you read them first and the ending, though perfect, will make the reader want to get the last book to find out what happens A recommended clean book for teens. In this third book from the Bird Face series, high school freshman Wendy is finally dating David, and all seems to be going well so far However, another area of Wendy s life is falling apart In the last Bird Face book, we learned that Wendy s elderly neighbor, Mrs V., was in the early stages of Alzheimer s Her son and grandson decided it would be best if she moved to Alaska near them In this book, Wendy is desperate to get to Alaska to visit Mrs V one last time before she can no longer remember who Wendy is The problem is that her parents have lost their jobs, and Wendy will have to earn the money on her own to get there Wendy s desperation leads her to some ethically questionable decisions Can she find a way to earn the money for the trip to Alaska and still maintain her relationship with David If you ve read the other two books in the Bird Face series, you ll enjoy this one as well Author Cynthia Toney keeps all the kissing scenes very PG, so parents can feel comfortable handing this book to their young teens The story moves along swiftly, and I was able to finish in just a few nights. Do you know those books that capture you right from the beginning and takes a lot of self control to stop to go to bed6 Dates to Disasteris one of those Right from page 1, I was hooked on Wendy and Alice s quest to find a jewelry box for their mom, to the very end when the final variables play out to determine whether Wendy can travel to Alaska for the summer The characters were certainly charming Wendy, as ever, was her brilliant, loving self Alice and Gayle were there most of the time to support everyone going through difficult decisions David was a lot tolerable in this book, and was a lot better to Wendy than in Book 2 Jennifer s tale was heart wrenching I really hope her story will continue in Book 4 This is an endearing tale about academic honesty, dealing with financial hardship, and teenage drinking and driving There s always a reason why I yell at my classmates for getting drunk I love Wendy Robichaud She is kind, caring, a bit naive She thinks of others first most of the time when that doesn t clash with her own desires When it does, look out She can be greedy and selfish, but deep down, Wendy cares about others, and though it takes her a while, she does eventually put their needs above her own When Jennifer comes back into her life, Wendy accepts her with no reservations and no accusations When one of the sticks , Melissa, asks Wendy for tutoring help, Wendy ignores the warning bells going off in her head and agrees to help which leads her down a road of greed and a whole lot of trouble.I read this book from beginning to end in about two hours I couldn t put it down Cynthia Toney is my new favorite author and has been from the time I discovered her I highly recommend her books to teen reader and adult alike We all have lessons we can learn from Wendy Birdface Robichaud. The third installment of the Bird Face series by Cynthia Toney is another winner for young teens As Wendy attempts to earn money to fund her Alaska summer trip to visit Mrs V and Sam , she finds herself in over her head tutoring classmates As the demands of her job spiral out of control, everything she cares about could be jeopardized running track, school, summer plans, and most worrisome her deepening relationship with boyfriend David.An old friendship is revived with Jennifer, who s also in over her head And then there s a little mystery involving a note hidden in an old jewelry box.6 Dates to Disaster and the first two books in the series allow teens to see the ramifications of the small but important choices they make that affect their relationships with their parents, siblings, friends, and members of the opposite sex Add a little Cajun spice, and you have the recipe for a great read I am acquainted with the author through a couple of online writing groups Opinions expressed are my own. The recently released third book in the Bird Face series, 6 Dates to Disaster, finds Wendy looking for ways to fund her summer plan of visiting Mrs V and her grandson in Alaska after her stepdad loses his job An excellent writer, Wendy agrees to secretly tutor one of the girls in the cool clique, with clients to follow, but Wendy finds herself doing rewriting than proofreading and is soon accused of cheating She s also distracted by her budding romance with David and by a mysterious note she found in an antique jewelry box.Author Cynthia T Toney s romance series for the junior high and high school audience gets into the heart and soul of a character that any teen reader would be proud to call a friend. Cynthia Toney has done it again 6 Dates to Disaster is the 3rd book in a series and I ve read them all Cynthia writes deep and grabs your heart strings at the beginning and doesn t let go I went Ahhh for Wendy and her love relationship with David I cringed for Wendy, when she ran into trouble and didn t stop and think it through about the school assignments The mystery thread throughout the book was fun If you want a story about real life as a ninth grader with lots of heart, this book is for you I hope there is a book 4, and I know what I d like to see as a continuation of the Bird Face Series Great job About this bookHer goal is to fly to Alaska Her family is broke Will an opportunity to make money be the answer to her prayers or the road to disaster For her mom s birthday, Wendy finds an old jewelry box at a flea market the perfect gift for someone who loves salvaged junk But inside the box is a cryptic note that appears to have been written recently Who wrote the note, and did the intended recipient ever see it Wendy s curiosity leads her on a search with boyfriend David at her side and eager to help But Wendy needs personal and urgent help the financial kind because her stepfather has lost his job The family s plan to visit Alaska on vacation is headed down the sewer like a hard Louisiana rain How will Wendy ever see Mrs V or Sam again When an opportunity arrives in the form of tutoring Melissa, one of the Sticks, Wendy s money problems appear to be solved Until the arrangement takes a turn that gets Wendy into trouble like never before And in the final months of ninth grade, she might lose everything she counted on for the future Series Book 3 in theBird Faceseries Review of Book 1 Here and Book 2 Here Spiritual Content Prayers Going to church Mass Wendy wears a crucifix is Catholic Talks about God His will Most H s are capital when referring to God Mentions of God Mentions of prayers, praying, blessings over food Mentions of churches, Mass, going to both Mentions of Catholics Lutherans Mentions of a crucifix necklace Mentions of Easter A few mentions of a saint A couple mentions of faiths Note A mention of a high school goddess Negative Content Minor cussing including a dumb , a shoot , a witch , two rats s, and six stupid s Some eye rolling Mentions of underage high school kids drinking drinking wine alcohol Mentions of a high school party with alcohol, drinking, drunks Mentions of a car accident, injuries, pain barely above not detailed Mentions of hatred Mentions of cheating Mentions of lies, lying, liars A few mentions of debts A few mentions of nightmares A few mentions of gossip A couple mentions of drugs A couple mentions of jealousy A couple mentions of a divorce Note A couple mentions of a vampire A couple mentions of pimples Sexual Content Wendy does have a boyfriend, they go on dates, they also sometimes talk in low sultry voices Spoiler view spoiler His parents want them to breakup near the end and they do, Wendy is very heartbroken and upset hide spoiler Her Goal Is To Fly To Alaska Her Family Is Broke Will An Opportunity To Make Money Be The Answer To Her Prayers Or The Road To Disaster For Her Mom S Birthday, Wendy Finds An Old Jewelry Box At A Flea Market The Perfect Gift For Someone Who Loves Salvaged Junk But Inside The Box Is A Cryptic Note That Appears To Have Been Written Recently Who Wrote The Note, And Did The Intended Recipient Ever See It Wendy S Curiosity Leads Her On A Search With Boyfriend David At Her Side And Eager To HelpBut Wendy Needs Personal And Urgent Help The Financial Kind Because Her Stepfather Has Lost His Job The Family S Plan To Visit Alaska On Vacation Is Headed Down The Sewer Like A Hard Louisiana Rain How Will Wendy Ever See Mrs V Or Sam Again When An Opportunity Arrives In The Form Of Tutoring Melissa, One Of The Sticks, Wendy S Money Problems Appear To Be Solved Until The Arrangement Takes A Turn That Gets Wendy Into Trouble Like Never BeforeAnd In The Final Months Of Ninth Grade, She Might Lose Everything She Counted On For The Future

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