An Unexpected Role

An Unexpected Role After A Humiliating Event And Overwhelming Peer Pressure, Year Old Josie Flees Her Home To Spend The Summer With Her Aunt On A South Carolina Island Her Fresh Start Turns Into The Summer Of Her Dreams As Friendships Grow, Romance Blossoms, And A Series Of Thefts Surround Her With Excitement However, When Tragedy Strikes Someone Close To Her, Josie Realizes There Are Important Things Than Her Reputation As She Sets Out To Solve The Mystery She Has Become Entangled In, She Not Only Realizes The Importance Of Relying On Her Faith But Along The Way Also Discovers Who God Wants Her To BeGold Medal Moonbeam Children S Book Award

Leslea lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and three children Their own life of adventure includes traveling, skiing, and scuba diving Leslea strives to write fiction that will inspire readers to use their own talents and gifts to glorify God The Perfect Blindside has received a 2016 First Place Catholic Press Association Book Award and a 2016 Illumination Book Awards silver medal.An

[KINDLE] ❄ An Unexpected Role  Author Leslea Wahl –
  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • An Unexpected Role
  • Leslea Wahl
  • English
  • 22 August 2017
  • 9781632133045

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    I just finished reading AN UNEXPECTED ROLE by Leslea D Wahl I can t believe I read it in one day, but it was that good from beginning to end I mean, this book is absolutely hilarious For me, as a writer, I love that the main character s mom is a writer And poor Josie decides her mom is ruining her life because everyone at school thinks the embarrassing stories in the book are about her More than anything, Josie wants an escape And she gets one which has the potential to be everything a girl could want As the fun plot moves forward a mystery begins to develop, then the tension really starts mounting In addition to being fast moving and at times hilarious, this novel has incredible descriptions Since I read this as summer is dwindling down, I really appreciate the beautiful imagery, the beaches and ocean view It lets me hold onto summer for a wee bit longer But this story is also filled with life lessons that are totally relevant to young adults well, to me too This book is a fun and rewarding read

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    I m a big fan of Leslea s style of writing She easily makes her teen characters likeable and relate able.What I really liked about this book in particular was Leslea s ability to bring up topics like caring for immigrants and refugees, respect for veterans, and a teen s struggle to find herself amidst the bullying climate of high school all without coming across as preachy or didactic She easily weaves these topics into a tale that teens can enjoy from Josie s attempts to find romance to her efforts to discover what s really going on in this small island beach town.Told with humor and heart, An Unexpected Role is a tale for any teen who enjoys a book with a little romance, mystery, and adventure

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    About this book After a humiliating event and overwhelming peer pressure, 16 year old Josie flees her home to spend the summer with her Aunt on a South Carolina island Her fresh start turns into the summer of her dreams as friendships grow, romance blossoms, and a series of thefts surround her with excitement However, when tragedy strikes someone close to her, Josie realizes there are important things than her reputation As she sets out to solve the mystery she has become entangled in, she not only realizes the importance of relying on her faith but along the way also discovers who God wants her to be Series As of now, no.Spiritual Content Prayers Thanking God Scriptures are read, mentioned, thought over, remembered quoted Going to Church for mass a sermon Going to a chapel Talks about God H s are capital when referring to God Josie tried praying before, but when nothing happened to her that she wanted, she stopped she does try sooner than half way in this book to pray again Mentions of God faiths Mentions of prayers making bargains with God Mentions of churches, mass praising God Mentions of a sermon, a priest thanking God Mentions of a youth group leader A few mentions of those in the Bible A couple mentions of Heaven A couple mentions of being blessed A couple mentions of religious refugees A mention of Hail Marys Note A mention of Medusa A mention of bad karma Negative Content Minor cussing including a you ass tronomical jerk is said, written as quoted a darn , a heck , a holy crud muffin , an OMG , two dang s, two duh s, two forms of freakin , two gosh s, two shoot s, two shut up s, two forms of suck , three oh my gosh s, four forms of screw up , six geez s, six idiot s, nine dumb s, sixteen forms of stupid A couple mentions of curses said, not written Sarcasm Eye rolling Josie can be rude and disrespectful to her mom she think her mother ruined her life and others Pain Passing out up to semi detailed Lying Lies Many mentions of thieves, burglaries, robberies a scam Mentions of wars, the Army, hostages gunfire Mentions of an accident, injuries, pain semi detailed Mentions of kidnapping Mentions of threats hatred Mentions of cruel teens, bullies, crude comments, gossip rumors Mentions of blackmail Mentions of lies lying Mentions of wine cocktails martinis, daiquiri virgin drinks which Josie has the last one Mentions of a bar Mentions of high school parties Mentions of a divorce Mentions of a fire Mentions of jellyfish stings A few mentions of someone peeing on another for jellyfish stings A few mentions of an attempted break in A couple mentions of con men A couple mentions of a wife mother who left her husband and daughter A couple mentions of poker A couple mentions of tattoos A couple mentions of nightmares A couple mentions of puking A mention of jail A mention of roadkill A mention of brownies laced with laxatives Note A couple mentions of feminists they re called dumb and the cause that chivalry is dead Mentions of musicals songs.Sexual Content two cheek kisses, a forehead kiss, a barely above not detailed kiss, two semi detailed kisses, and a boarder line semi detailed detailed kiss Remembering a kiss up to semi detailed Josie thinks she s going to be kissed and when she isn t, she s disappointed Josie gets tired of hand holding and pecks on the cheek, she wants a real kiss Wondering about kisses and embraces when to be kissed Touches, Tingles Dancing semi detailed Noticing, Attraction Smelling up to semi detailed Blushes a sexy and seven forms of hot Many mentions of dating, dates, boyfriends, girlfriends, breakups Mentions of dating rules chaperones Mentions of kisses kissing Mentions of a kiss when the kissers braces get stuck together Mentions of noticing Mentions of dreamy, cute good looking guys Mentions of romances summer romances Mentions of flirting, winks blushes Mentions of crushes being interested in someone Mentions of guys looking at Josie two ways respectfully and then I can t get this girl out of my mind Mentions of weak knees from a guy s smile dimples A few mentions of seeing others kiss A few mentions of a girl throwing herself at a guy A few mentions of jealousy A couple mentions of hormones A mention of tonsil hockey kissing A mention of a guy being checked out A mention of whispered sweet nothings A summer romance Note Josie accidentally hits a guy in the unmentionables, later hits another man there self protection and mentions of Josie hitting his family jewels A mention of a daughter from a set of parent s uber cool loins A mention of a baseball hitting a guy in his groin A mention of a guy swimming in just his boxers A couple mentions of a guy s cute butt Mentions of how good guys look in their baseball pants Mentions of and noticing shirtless guys their abs barely above not detailed A mention of a wardrobe malfunction that exposes someone s backside A mention of revealing wet t shirts A mention of a girl s bra size Mentions of a girl s bikini top flying off while jumping off a diving board while trying to impress a guy Mentions of bikinis and Josie wears bikinis Mentions of a locker covered in tampons, a girl starting her period while wearing a white skirt up on stage, that time of the month and sanitary products Josie DelRio, age 16 1st person P.O.V of Josie 250 pages Pre Teens One Star New Teens One Star and a half Early High School Teens Two Stars and a half Older High School Teens Three Stars and a half My personal Rating Three Stars and a half Add to a full star for those who are in private public school Okay, this was fun and different from most Christian YA It reminded me a bit of a Melody Carlson young adult book, but dare I say entertaining and fast paced I think this novel reminded me of Melody Carlson s works because of all the mentions of public school cliques, problems and such Like some Melody Carlson books, there were parts and comments I wasn t a fan of which was the same story with this author s other YA book, The Perfect Blindside , but for those not exactly wanting a super conservative Christian read, might be interested in this one At first I was on the fence about Josie she could came across as self centered and over dramatic at times but when she wasn t like that I was on her team She grew in An Unexpected Role and it s always nice to see character development On the romance side of things, I, of course, liked Ryan Ryan was great Which bring me to my next point baseball Baseball There was baseball in this book, y all Yes Baseball is truly the only sport I can watch fully, so I really enjoyed those parts The mystery was intriguing and I had an idea on who it was I really like reading first person point of views, so that was definitely a positive to this book All in all, I enjoyed this one and I m looking forward to learning about what will be the next YA book that Leslea Wahl writes.Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author I received this book for free from the Author for this honest review.

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    4.5 stars I really liked this book at lot, it was very enjoyable Though I did like The Perfect Blindside a little better My favorite characters were Mr Thomas and Ryan, I loved Ryan Also Cyd was so cute Anyway, I think this is a great read for girls because it s a reminder that we need to stay true to ourselves even when it s hard as teenagers Josie is such a fun character and she s easy to relate to I loved when Josie and Ryan were playing in the sprinklers after rollerblading They are perfect together.

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    3 stars means I liked it, but I will not recommend it I received a copy of this book from a giveaway hosted by the authoress I was really looking forward to reading this because it s a contemporary Catholic YA novel The story line is exciting, full of fun, adventure, and romance The characters are really well developed They quickly become your friends Can I just say I love Mr Thompson The atmosphere and setting are beautiful The authoress does a beautiful job of illustrating the scene in your imagination There are very good lessons learned in this story To look outside of yourself To listen and help others To have a two way conversation with God I hope readers also learn not to get swept off your feet, lust instead of love, or act without thinking.Also, I m a huge musical theatre geek, so all the references were awesome I loved the authoress style overall It flowed very well and kept me reading.Sadly though, I was really disappointed by all of the worldly, immoral, and immodest content throughout the story Lindsey s review below does a great job of listing all the content For a Catholic novel the Catholic faith wasn t mentioned very much I blushed at the mention of tampons and loosing a bikini top while swimming with a boy What made these things horrific though is that Josie s Catholic mother wrote about them in a novel for teens I would have been just as furious as Josie was The boyfriends and kissing in this book was WAY over the top, especially for a 16 year old There was crude humor and light language sprinkled throughout the book.In today s dark world, we need good, strong Catholic role models I didn t find this in any of the characters which was disappointing Josie s actions or dress did not communicate a Catholic young woman to me, but just a girl trying to fit in to the world All in all I liked the characters, the aesthetics, the plot, and some of the valuable lessons learned by the characters, but I would not recommend this book because even a little bit of crude or inappropriate content can ruin the whole thing.

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    This was the second book by Leslea Wahl I have read in the last month It was a nice surprising read A little bit mystery, a little bit, romance, and a bit of coming of age But all of that is written around a young woman who is away from her family and figuring out who she really is Who she wants to be And who has a growing faith One of the key criteria I have when judging young adult books, or really any book for that matter is would I want to read it with my children when it is age and maturity appropriate Can I recommend it to parents of tweens or the tweens I know This book gets a resounding yes Leslea Wahl writes in a very easy and engaging style Her books that I have read to date and specifically this book are what I would categorize as realistic fiction Or books much like Madeleine L Engle s Chronos books, the Austin Family Chronicles There is nothing supernatural, extraordinary, about this book It is very grounded As I stated it is realistic fiction I read this book over a few days, there were a few twists in the mystery plot that I had completely guessed wrong It is good when a mystery throws you a bit The style of Wahl s written creates enjoyable characters and the protagonist is very relatable It is also interesting reading a story where the main characters is a teen daughter of a writer, who often includes her mishaps in her books The big problem in our book is that Josie s mom has gone from writing middle grade books to writing teen or young adult books And after her first book in this style comes out Josie is relentlessly harassed by students from school Yet this time there is nothing in the book that was actually taken from her life It gets so bad that Joie flees home in Colorado to spend the summer with her Aunt, a painter in South Carolina Living on an island, and spending days on the sand sounds like just what Jose needs That is until her first night there and she runs into one of the jocks from back home, Ryan McNaulty But with a rash of robberies on the island, Josie and Ryan team up to try and help the locals and solve the crimes But the scuba instructor also has his eye on and plans for Josie for the summer.This book deals with a number of issues both big and small Learning to face being bullied, true friendship, standing up for what is right, respect for veterans And also learning to apply your faith in day to day life It was interesting watching Josie get post cards from her mother with bible verses written on them To see her memorize them, and recall other verses in times of need Her Catholic faith is growing throughout the novel The book however is not preachy in any way the Christian message in the novel is subtle, no bible thumping.This was a great fun read And I really look forward to sharing it with my girls in a few years when they are a little bit older An excellent read and I look forward to book by Wahl in the future.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More Note This book is part of a series of reviews A Year of Reading Intention Catholic Reading

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    Great book for young adults, but I liked it too It s about a 16 year old girl who is humiliated by the books her mother writes about her misadventures She gets away for the summer and has her eyes opened to see life is not all about her Seeing other people s problems puts ours in a different perspective She has adventure, mystery, romance and some narrow escapes A few Bible verses thrown in for encouragement and musical theatre references for inspiration What a lovely book for teens I m so glad I won it in a giveaway from

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    As I finished this book, Leslea Wahl convinced me of one thing it is hypothetically possible that a baseball player can be nice Awesome Chivalrous Hypothetically Don t get your hopes up that I ll start to like them Josie I love that name I immediately connected with her once she described being the target of bullying Sarah was bullied for being obsessive compulsive and autistic Josie was bullied for a similarity between her and the main character of her mother s book Initially, she scoffed at Catholicism because it was her mother s go to thing instead of listening to her Understandable I like the way she was with Niko, giggling like an adorable rabbit I don t know where that came from don t ask As she befriends an elderly veteran, Josie s character develops dramatically, and in a good way Ryan The chosen one The baseball player that has a soul Without even opening his mouth, Josie got me to dislike him She eloquently narrated that he was one of the populars , the clich group at the top of a social hierarchy from a 90s movie He had an annoying little smile he showered at young uns like the perfect fa ade while he set about destroying others lives.And then it turned out he wasn t as evil as Josie thought He was so sweet so protective of Josie when he thought she was in trouble, always being kind, and I liked it when he view spoiler chased Niko down after he made Josie get out of his car in the rain hide spoiler

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    I found this YA novel so refreshing after reading several novels in a row with multiple POVs This story is told well from a single POV in first person I always analyze a story with mulitple POVs and ask myself Could this story be told just as well in one, or perhaps two, points of view I was able to get into the main character s head and appreciated not being jerked out of hers and into another head every chapter or scene This story was a smooth read It includes a mystery but maintains a light tone, which was another refreshing aspect I recommend it for teen girls The author provided me with an ARC of this book.

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    This was a very easy, enjoyable read, a summer romance crossed with a crime mystery with some satisfying character growth thrown in Rather amusingly, I inferred completely the wrong thing from the title and synopsis Not being a theatre nerd, the word role suggested to me that Josie would have to take on some role , such as caring for someone, that she wouldn t want to do So I spent a long time waiting in suspense for her aunt or someone else on the island to get a terrible diagnosis, forcing her to grow up and start caring for them Ha ha I think it s only a mild spoiler to let on that this doesn t happen Role is used in the theatre sense Just in case anyone else was under the same misconception Josie does grow up during the book thankfully and therefore all the satisfyingly but the catalyst for this is other things There s quite a lot of excitement I found the motorbike scene particularly heart in the mouth and shocking.Josie s attraction to and description of Niko was so overwhelmingly physical and very much based on the stereotype that Latin men are hot that it was a bit uncomfortable BUT, since this reflects her state of maturity at the time, it isn t unrealistic It s just good if uncomfortable characterisation.Some parents might want to be aware that Josie wears a bikini at times and this is viewed as 100% normal However, although Josie, in a convincing teen girl manner, is very fixated on appearances, the book is very clean there are 2 kisses, one initiated by a boy, one by Josie.However, I do feel that parents probably need to have a conversation with their teens after the book is read about when the use of torture is justified or rather, that it isn t, ever This is because mild SPOILER view spoiler the teen heroine manages to obtain a confession from the baddie at the end hide spoiler

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