Marked (Northern Shifters, #1)

Marked (Northern Shifters, #1) Marked As Prey, Alec Refuses To Fall For A Werewolf Until He S Forced To Turn To Liam For Protection Alec Ryerson Carries A Scar Over His Heart And Scars On His Psyche, Ugly Reminders Of A Nightmare That Still Doesn T Seem Quite Real Even A Year Later, He Stays Inside On Full Moon Nights And Avoids Most People Until He Meets The Strange And Beautiful Liam Liam Feels An Undeniable Pull Toward Alec However Liam Is A Werewolf Alec Is A Human Who Clearly Has Trepidations About A Relationship Then Liam Discovers He Is Not The First Werewolf Alec Has Encountered Alec Has Been Marked For Death By The Murderous Quad, A Group Of Twisted Werewolves Who Prey On Humans Now The Quad S Sights Are Set On Recruiting Liam S Eight Year Old Brother Into Their Murderous Pack Liam Will Do Everything In His Power To Protect Both His Brother And Alec From The Wolves, Even If It Means Calling In Favors And Killing Those With Whom He Once Ran Because Alec, Like It Or Not, Is Liam S Chosen Mate

Joely Skye has written for years than she can remember Her latest writing passion is romance and shapeshifters She lives with her husband and two children in Canada.To learn about Joely Skye, please visit

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  • 188 pages
  • Marked (Northern Shifters, #1)
  • Joely Skye
  • English
  • 05 June 2019
  • 9781599987019

10 thoughts on “Marked (Northern Shifters, #1)

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    One of my new favorite shifter novels I like the balance in the relationship.

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    1.5 StarsSo I m in the minority once again I didn t care for this one I couldn t relate to either Liam or Alec The writing seemed choppy and stilted or perhaps that was a function of the nature of their relationship They were odd ducks wolvnormalswhatever They were odd balls snorts I didn t dig em Fair enough I gave 1 star for Ira and Claire because they were cute and cuddly and made the story bearable snickers Bottom line I never warmed up to either MC and the back story what why how was the Quad was never explained.

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    Maybe it was the weather, but I found this book to be depressing, and just not my cup of tea My friend told me the later books are better, and if I get them for free I might give them a try.

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    This was.a departure of sorts not my usual type of read, all that fantasy, sci fi, werewolves, etc It was certainly erotic, I will give it that it was embarrassing reading it in public the sex scenes and fidgeting to hide a raging hardon, but no complaints on the eroticism from both heads Otherwise, not very well plotted or fitted with complex, likeable characters confusing dialogue and point of view did not add to the experience Perhaps that is the given to any romance novels I wouldn t know, for this was a first venture into that genre as well Now that I think about it, the sex scenes, albeit intense, were too intense, what with mild roughness and violence not what I would call romantic.

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    I m giving it 3 stars because it got really good about 1 2 way through Up until then it was choppy with fractured writing that kept pulling me out of the story It s been a while since I read through something like that strange stuff I did like the story and, as noted, it really got good with plot about mid way in The sex was o.k but nothing too hot although frequently rough which I like It sets things up pretty well for sequels.

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    This is I think the most unusual werewolf story I have ever read Alec is a young gay man We don t have much physical description about him, but I can imagine him like a nice guy, handsome but not stunning And he has had a very bad experience one year before with a quad of rogue werewolfes which has left him with scars on the body and in the mind He fears anything and anyone So when Liam, the older brother of a child he has known in the library where he works, begins to approach him, Alec reacts badly.To be true Liam is not much of a word, and his sexual approaches are a little rough But Alec, despite his mind screams abuse, finds his body react to this man.Liam is a very young 24 years old and very hansome man He could have anyone he wants but he has a strange behaviour and most people go away after the first encouter And now he has a little brother to take care and so it s almost two years that he hasn t met no one But what he draws him to Alec, is not only sexual need, it s also the calling of his mate Cause Liam is a werewolf and now he has to protect not only his little brother from the rogue quad, but also his new found mate.Liam is an alpha male but he really doesn t act like that He is tender and uncertain He has strong feeling and hard reaction, but he is also very young, so he really doesn t understand all what happening around him Alec is somewhat adult, but he has fear He doesn t trust no one, but he is not a bad man, so when Ian approaches him like a wrestler than a lover, his first impulse is to refuse him, but then he maybe sees the need of physical contact in the eye of the younger man.I really have some problem to well describe what has drawn me in this book It s maybe the writing style, or the strong connection I can feel between the two characters It s maybe the fact that both men are really strong but at the same time they show weakness and a need to be hold into the arms of a lover The sexy is very hot, but realistic they fight and then they make sex and after sex they are too tired to continue the fight a really good way to stop the fighting

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    Alec and Liam are mates Alec is a human who s been dragged into the werewolf world His introduction hasn t been so good Fortunately, Liam isn t like the Quad, even if he was part of it a while ago This story was basically one family dysfunction after another I didn t know families could be quite this f ed up Apparently it can be.The first few chapters of this book left me completely confused I thought this was book one of the series I wasn t sure what was going on because it felt as if there were lots of back history I should know but didn t know For example, what was the Quad Trey was part of the FBI but no longer What is wrong with Alec What happen to Ira Many of these questions were never answered Still I enjoyed this book It was a rather fast read It was sweet with a happily ever after.Ms Skye writes in a captivating manner I read the book easily in one sitting I recommend this to people who like paranormal romances mixed with m m.

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    I loved this My first thought when i think of how to describe this story is to compare it to the Planet of the Apes I know it sounds strange but seriously, instead of apes having humans as pets, its werewolves This is a different kind of shifter book but absolutely one of the better ones I ve read It grabs from the prologue and keeps its hooks in you throughout the entire story My only complaint was that it ended.Liam is a great alpha werewolf who looks after his little brother Ira Ira befriends Alec and decides to play matchmaker for his brother Alec is human and lived in fear of wolves after being marked Can Liam get Alec to trust him and protect from the psycho werewolves that want to use him as prey in their sick game Of courseits still a romance silly.

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    4.5 StarsReally impressed with this story It was a refreshingly different take on Werewolves and the plot was well paced The author was able to show the passage of time without boring me getting off topic, there was also a nice build up of tension followed by plenty of action.I loved the kids and even the baddie was pretty cool is a psychopathic way The sex was supernova hot but at times realistically awkward at times.I can recommend it to all and I look forward to the next

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    I really enjoyed this story I think I would have enjoyed it if there would have been sexual tension instead of sex so early, but then the plot line wouldn t have worked This was paranormal romance but it didn t involve a whole bunch of world building and was easy to understand I liked both Alex and Liam, and even the two little kids Ira and Claire Not really funny or angsty, just a little suspense maybe I definitely want to read the rest of the series.

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