The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband

The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband While You Were Sleeping With Her Brother Thomas Injured On The Battlefront In The Colonies, Orphaned Cecilia Harcourt Has Two Unbearable Choices Move In With A Maiden Aunt Or Marry A Scheming Cousin Instead, She Chooses Option Three And Travels Across The Atlantic, Determined To Nurse Her Brother Back To Health But After A Week Of Searching, She Finds Not Her Brother But His Best Friend, The Handsome Officer Edward Rokesby He S Unconscious And In Desperate Need Of Her Care, And Cecilia Vows That She Will Save This Soldier S Life, Even If Staying By His Side Means Telling One Little Lie I Told Everyone I Was Your Wife When Edward Comes To, He S Than A Little Confused The Blow To His Head Knocked Out Six Months Of His Memory, But Surely He Would Recall Getting Married He Knows Who Cecilia Harcourt Is Even If He Does Not Recall Her Face And With Everyone Calling Her His Wife, He Decides It Must Be True, Even Though He D Always Assumed He D Marry His Neighbor Back In England If Only It Were True Cecilia Risks Her Entire Future By Giving Herself Completely To The Man She Loves But When The Truth Comes Out, Edward May Have A Few Surprises Of His Own For The New Mrs Rokesby

1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don t read or write romance, and in 2001 she did so in grand style, competing on the the game show The Weakest Link and walking away with the 79,000 jackpot She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British an

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  • The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband
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  • 01 October 2017
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    ARC provided by Edelweiss and publisher for an honest review.I have enjoyed Julia Quinn s books in the past but have had problems with several of her stories having slow pacing and being on the dry dull side Unfortunately this one fell in the later camp This story I found to be quite slow the first third to half of the book and not very engaging or intriguing enough of for me, sadly.Cecilia Harcourt leaves the English colonies and heads to America in search of her brother Her brother fought in the war and has gone missing Cecilia has no luck finding her brother but does encounter his friend, Edward at a hospital lying in a bed, injured She takes over his recovery but the only way to do that was to claim that she was his wife her hope is he will have information about her brother When Edward awakens we find that he has amnesia and cannot remember the last several months Throughout about one third to half of the book we read about how they live as man and wife The inter dialogue of Cecilia s guilt and Edward s frustration of not remembering their relationship or why no strong feeling emotions aren t present or prominent in his psyche This was a very boring, dry and difficult beginning and had to force myself not to throw in the towel I came very close to DNF I liked the characters and found they both had depth, but the pacing and storyline needed .And about half way point things begin to pick up in pacing and plot Edward regains his memory, he and Cecilia need to work through the lying and deception, and the mystery of her missing brother.This was a sweet romance with a slow build But I felt the beginning was too slow and needed intrigue and better pacing Sadly not one of my favorite reads of JQ.

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    I wish I could say the book was as good as its ending Should I base my rating on my feelings at the end of the book I could easily tell you that I finished The Girl With The Make Believe Husband geez, that s a mouthful with a big smile on my face There s even a chance I could say that the ending left me satisfied and excited for I d even go as far as to say that that ending was a 5 star ending Unfortunately, I can t rate a book on the ending alone For most of this journey, I wanted to throttle the heroine I could have easily reached into the book, dragged Miss Harcourt out by her hair and lectured her about honesty and growing a backbone If only the hero hadn t taken a blow to the head Seriously, I wanted better for him.I won t need to go on too much in this review because it s pretty straight forward This chickie s father dies, and a slimy cousin wants to marry her She decides to travel across the Atlantic to visit her injured brother who is stationed in New York with the Army On arrival, turns out her brother is missing and his best friend is in the hospital Now, this best friend is sort of her penpal They won t let her see him because she s not family Well, her answer to that was to make herself family He wakes up, finds out he has a wee problem with his memory and is gobsmacked to find out he has a wife What follows is a tale full of LIES, LIES AND A FEW MORE LIES The EndOk, I admit, there s a wee bit to it than that but I seriously struggled to get past the LIES and it went on for most of the bloody story.Miss Cecilia Harcourt LIARCaptain Edward Rokesby Son of an Earl, handsome, strong, loyal and a devoted friend.There are plenty of other things that I grew to admire about Edward but I can honestly say that I struggled to like Cecilia She came across as weak, conniving and self serving Yes, she had her reasons and they weren t all bad but, to me, her bad outweighed her good.If this story, and my rating, could be based solely on Captain Rokeby, I would easily rate it 4 or 5 stars With Miss Harcourt in the mix, I struggledlordy how I struggled As I mentioned, I really enjoyed the ending I just wished that the truth had come out a lot earlier I wanted to see them together together, not just with secrets and lies marring their happiness.I am a huge fan of Julia Quinn and will always love her writing Unfortunately, The Girl With The Make Believe Husband just missed it by that much think Maxwell Smart Of course, this will not make me hesitate to read of her books in the future Stacey is Sassy, received an advanced copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.

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    I have to get back to this one someday when I get a print copy My library only had an audible and I honestly don t know how y all stand it Someone else reading to me They read too slow They put on stupid voices and accents They read wrong And, then when there is some smut and some English chick is reading it aloud to me The wrongness tripled.I got about halfway through and it was okay ish, but I didn t like that the heroine continued lying to the hero for so long The dude was injured, left for dead, almost killed by shitty medieval medicinal practices, and in pain You are making it worse by gaslighting him Seriously, girl, that s pretty low.Anyway, I ll read the rest of it someday.Someday is a magical day.

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    The Girl with the Make Believe Husband was a disappointment for me In short, it was full of lies and short on joy.I will be the first to admit that I love Julia Quinn novels However, this series has been an enormous disappointment to me I think I may need to take a break from Quinn novels for a while I know this is an unpopular opinion since people love JQ and think her writing is light and funny In most cases, it is Some of her novels are on my favorites shelf forever I even own two copies of It s In His Kiss I feel a bit disloyal for saying this, but if I hadn t won this book in a giveaway and felt obligated to finish and write a review, I never would ve gotten through it.While the book is well written JQ has a knack for snappy dialogue , clean of typos, richer in details that typical JQ novels, and doesn t have anything offensive, I am still angry about this book and strongly disliked it I cannot recommend this book It goes against what I believe constitutes a romance novel, which is a story of how two people build a relationship based on trust, respect, and joy in each other.So why the low rating Some of these may be spoilerish so I am going to tag them as such view spoiler 1 The book lacked romance Cecilia lied about their marriage from the get go so most feelings between them stemmed from Edward s belief that she was his wife and thus he had to care for her because he had married her 2 The book lacked joy My favorite character, Cecilia s brother, whom I adored from his letters, is dead Edward and Cecilia are both in mourning, burdened by lies, and scared for the future with the ongoing war Even secondary characters all only add details of how the war has taken its toll and how widowhood is hard 3 Cecilia knowingly gives herself food poisoning to avoid having an honest conversation with Edward I about lost it when I read this WHO DOES THIS SO STUPID.4 I didn t feel like the ending truly wrapped up Cecilia and Edward s problems They just accepted that there were lies and that was it Cecilia never owned up to her lies and simply ran from them and Edward chased after her The end Not satisfying.5 Finally LIES Cecilia uttered so many of them in this book I initially understood her reason when Edward was unconscious so she could help him, but after that No excuse She had her rationale, but I believe she was lazy and a coward Yes, she came across the Atlantic, which could be construed as brave, but she only did that to run away from the odious cousin After that, all she did was take the easy way out I hated this and its the main reason why I disliked this novel The fundamental part of a relationship is TRUST If the entire relationship was built within the context of a lie, there is no foundation for a happily ever after and no satisfaction for me as a reader hide spoiler

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    This was a buddy read with a bunch of girls from the Historical Romance Book Club Pretty much everyone rated this 3 to 4 stars, but honestly, this did not work for me I disliked it about as much as The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy so if you liked that one, chances are you might enjoy this one, too So, unpopular opinion alert I did not like this book It pains me to say this about something that comes from one of my all time favorite authors whose books I have re read countless times because I usually adore them, it really does Ok so I kinda liked the beginning It was cute, there was bantering, and to a point I can emphasize with Cecilia Her brother lost, presumed dead, she packs up her things and sets off to America in the middle of a war to get some answers She soon realizes that no one will talk to a mere sister of a mere soldier, so she pretends she s her brother s best friend s wife Once Edward wakes up from his coma, she s caught and just keeps lying because it s easier and he can t remember anything There was a LOT of fun bantering in the beginning, which was really adorable, and I laughed so hard at some of it And I immediately fell in love with Edward he s your typical Julia Quinn hero a Good Guy, a sweet and funny guy with a mischievous streak a mile wide, and just an all around sweetheart BUT I am not okay with lying Not in real life Not with fictional characters I get the initial lie, I understand how she thought it would be easier to just pretend, and how hard it would ve been to admit to her lies, but the fact that she didn t tell him until the very end made me furious She had SO many chances to tell him, but she never did She prefers a violent attack of FOOD POISONING to telling the truth self induced of course she knows she s allergic to strawberries, but because she doesn t want to be an adult and have an honest conversation, she runs out to buy some so she doesn t have to go to a ball with him where she would have to lie to even people And then there was the point where she decided to take off, syphon money off her expense money from him to buy herself a ticket home without a word In her words She was already a liar She might as well be a thief, too. She s that kind of person I m sorry, but that s not someone I want to read about I usually LOVE JQ s heroines because I can see myself in them, but this one I can just not understand I know a lot of people think the letter she writes to Edward at the very end because heaven forbid she should be a mature adult and face someone she has wronged and fess up makes up for behavior, but to me it just didn t I don t buy their connection, and I honestly don t see them working out in the long run I m sorry I guess Edward is just forgiving than me And speaking of my dear and precious Edward, I didn t like how he turned out Because she lied to him, it s somehow ok for him to lie to her to instead of telling her an uncomfortable truth Yeah No Not cool.So to sum up 2 stars because the first half was awesome Well except for the lying But the bantering, the writing, and the story deserve better than one star just because I loathed one of the main characters And hey I seem to be in the minority anyways, so Who knows This might be a classic case of it really is just me.

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    Good gosh this book THIS BOOK I had a really lovely experience with it, and I can t tell you how much I ended up loving The Girl with the Make Believe Husband It s poignant, emotional, and heartbreaking in its utter gorgeousness I m not up to date with all of Julia Quinn s books, but for me, this is the best story that she has ever crafted.With any romance that involves amnesia and one person lying about the nature of their relationship, there s this fear that it will lead to unnecessary drama and deceit So of course, I was a little bit nervous going in, but I shouldn t have doubted that Julia Quinn is a pro at what she does She handled the plot so beautifully and tactfully, that despite the deceit, I only wished for the best for both these characters Cecilia was a lovely character She s bold, brave, and truly sweet girl who wants nothing but the best for the people that she loves She doesn t set out with the intentions of lying to Edward, but her circumstances forced her to It would have been very easy for her character to have to be seen as manipulative and reckless, but Julia Quinn wrote Cecilia s character with multiple strokes She was complex, layered, and most importantly, the author makes you understand her deceit Throughout The Girl with the Make Believe Husband, she battles with the guilt that she experiences over her lying, but she also slowly finds herself falling for Edward, and wanting just a few extra moments with him My heart broke for her, and I wanted nothing than for her to find the happily ever after she deserved.Just as heartbreaking was Edward s character He wakes up with amnesia, but he doesn t let that taint his whole life He tries his best to find a way to recollect what exactly happened to him in Cecilia s brother, but he also continues to live his life I fell so hard for this man, and his kindness and his utter blinded devotion to Cecilia, despite the fact that he has no proof they were married I was hopelessly in love with Edward s character throughout most of this book, but his reaction to finding out about Cecilia s deceit, was what had me melting into a puddle in happiness His reaction was just so unexpected, but absolutely perfect.Going in, I thought for sure that Cecilia s lies would loom over the romance throughout the whole book, but Julia Quinn actually made me momentarily forget about it It s a truly beautiful romance that develops between the two, emotional, angsty, and totally packs a punch I was honestly breathless at every romantic scene in The Girl with the Make Believe Husband, and believe me there are lots and lots of those The romance had so much soul to it, it was alive We also get to see the nature of their relationship before Edward s amnesia, that developed through Cecilia s letters to her brother The letters were funny and heart warming and added an extra something to the story There s also a minor mystery plot line pertaining to what happened to Edward and Cecilia s brother I honestly saw the resolution coming, but it didn t detract from my enjoyment of the story.The Girl with the Make Believe Husband is one of the best books I ve read in 2017 You can probably tell how enad I was with this swoony and achy story This is a book that I highly recommend to fans of historical romances Trust me, you ll be wowed

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    While the mystery part about the spying wwas lame for me, I liked both the hero and the heroine A little bit the hero, though The heroine kept her lies too long, IMHO She berates herself about that too, but she still find a 1000 excuses to not tell the truth until the very end But she was sweet and a little bit naive, so I could forgive her.The hero was better He was honorable and in a difficult situation having lost his memory Still he was ready to accept what the heroine told him and trust her wrongly He didn t resist his love, but was really sweet with her.All in all a nice romance Not a 5 stars, but still good

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceThe Girl with the Make Believe Husband is a story I will admit that I was nervous about, especially since I haven t read the first book in the series But then I heard some great things about this one, and decided that I really needed to try it out I will say that I really stuggled with this one pretty much the first half of the book I just couldn t get interested in the story that much, but then once I hit between the 50 60%, then I was golden So this rating that I have is really based on the latter half of the book for the most part or it would be a lower rating.The story sets off when our heroine has come to the Colonies to find her injured brother, but when she learns her brothers closest friend, has been injured, she makes sure that he is alright, but she is forced to lie about who she really is So she claims him as her husband And before she realizes it, she keeps telling lies and she is in too deep and falling in love with her not so real husband But secrets have a way of catching up to us and burning us, but will Edward fight for her or let her go in the endThe story begins very slowly in the first half, it isn t until Edward regains his memories from his amnesia, where he starts to figure things out, and realize the real truth Our Heroine, Cecilia, is not what I wanted for this book but in some ways she did make it work I will say I wasn t fully satisfied with the ending, not in the ways that I wanted to be I feel like there is about her brother that we don t know yet, I just felt a bit off about what happens in this book The hero though, he was simply wonderful, I love how devoted he is to Cecilia And he makes some of the most swoon worthy scenes happen, especially toward the end I do think that this was not what I expected from this author, was the setting I was completely blown away that she even went out for a Early American Era and was fantastic It was so refreshing to see this author do something different from the typical regency setting I will admit that the secret wasn t my favorite part of the story Normally it doesn t bother me so much, but for some reason it kinda grated at me than I expected it would I think probably because Cecilia had many opportunities to come clean and didn t.But Overall this was still a wonderful story here I did have a blast with this setting, a amnesia hero, a reserved but determined heroine, a mystery and spy intrigue, a military dilemma and a love story that will bring tears to your eyes Click To Buy On foogallery id 38649

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    I was exasperated by the halfway point that the entire conflict revolved around Cecilia lying about being married to Edward That never changed Further, she never does come clean And when Edward finds out, he goes all manipulative liar out of anger In other words, there s no communication No respect And the only love expressed is the I m doing this for your own good variety So it s immature and selfish and they even go to extremes to get there.It s a good thing the plot made sense to compensate Oh wait It didn t The scene where we finally get exposition about what s going on I m thinking you have got to be kidding me I kept waiting for Edward to freak right the crap out because view spoiler his commander is either incompetent or corrupt And with bodies literally buried in secret and a dereliction of duty chaser hide spoiler

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    2 Dissapointed Stars A huge Dissapointment after Book 1 of this series This book was mediocre at best Nothing new or different about this read at all.This story has been done a hindered times over in many other better ways.The plot moved forward slowly with barely tolerable,boring leads and heck of LIES from the heroine which ends up causing unnecessary my opinion the hero would have definatly helped her out if she had just told him the truth Atleast 20% into the book.Nothing special about the climax either Would not recommend.

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