Drowned Tomb (The Changeling, #2)

Drowned Tomb (The Changeling, #2) Oh it feels good to be back in the Netherworlde This series is just everything that I love about fantasy.After reading Isle of the Winds last year, I was so excited to get back into the story and I was not at all disappointed The story is fast paced and exciting and I just absolutely love how the plot is unfolding I find Fahy s writing beautiful and very witty I found myself laughing aloud at several points throughout the novel.However, my favourite thing about this series is definitely the characters they are so complex, and well developed I was so glad to see all of my favourite characters reappearing, and learning about them It was also really fun to see the new characters, I particularly love Calypso I feel like I am good friends with Robin, Woad, Kayra and Henry, and I feel as if I am going on this big adventure with them.Returning to the Netherworlde feels like coming home, and I cannot wait for the next instalment. A perfect sequel full of adventure and heart.Earlier this year, I devoured the first book in this series Isle of Winds It quickly became one a favourite read of 2017, reminding me of the whimsy of books I adored as a child The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter, matched with the mature and engrossing worldbuilding of Tolkien All of these elements return in full force in this sequel, leading us back into Erlking and the characters of the first without missing a beat.Robin and his friends have survived their foray into the Netherworlde and as the summer hits, a new tutor arrives to help our young protagonist discover of his potential Calypso is a water nymph and easily one of the best characters written, her presence fitting in well amongst the original cast of characters.Robin, Henry, Woad and Karya make for an enchanting band and their characters take full form here, coming into their own as they set off on a new quest to discover the Shard of Water before Lady Eris s minions can.The antagonists in this story too are brilliantly conceived, coming across as real threats and yet carrying with them moral ambiguity that sets them apart And as mentioned, the mythology that lends this story life is gracefully woven through the prose that brings vividness to the setting A truly mesmerizing narrative.It is worth mentioning to that this story resonates on so many levels, making it a fantasy for everyone, bringing to it truths about grief and friendship, courage and hope.Cannot wait to see what happens to our heroes in the next one I want to live in Erkling and Janus Station myself to the Netherworlde on a whim Give me a jar of glam jam, my mana stone and my squad and I m off This is the second book in the Changeling series and after being nestled into these worlds from Isle of Winds, it was full speed ahead with new adventures, characters and feels The new characters are brought in seamlessly and even the ones you re not supposed to like, well, I like them Fahy has a way of submerging you into this magnificent world you truly care about the characters I had moments of goose bumps and audible gasps and maybe an occasional tear It s as if he s taken everything from my childhood, shook it up and presented it to me through different eyes in a way that I LOVE And THAT ENDING For fear of spoiling anything, I ll stop here Fans of fantasy, adventure, mythology and just an all around good story I strongly suggest you pick up Isle of Winds and then this book if you haven t already You can thank me later.. I fell in love with the first book in the Changeling Series, Isle of Winds, from the prologue, and have been eagerly awaiting the release of the second book And I certainly was not disappointed Once again James Fahy managed to pull me into a story filled with intrigue and adventure right from the start Drowned Tomb follows Robin Fellows and his new friends as Robin resumes his studies on the Towers of the Arcania But a surprising discovery leads Robin and his friends into danger once as they find themselves in a race to retrieve the Shard of Water before the Grimms, dark servants of the tyrant Lady Eris With the introduction of new characters and old secrets, plot twists and plenty of action, Drowned Tomb is a truly amazing book and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy. Book sequels always make me nervous It s hard to create that same rush of feeling and continuity of pace and character, but Drowned Tomb does not fit into that category James Fahy throws us right back into Erlking and the Netherworlde, and within a few pages it was if I had never left Robin does a lot of growing up in this book, he learns that all is not as it seems in the realms of good and evil, he learns about the power of friendship and of deceit I found myself cheering for Henry and my beloved Woad, and wondering about Karya and her mysterious past Fahy gives us just enough to nibble on, then leaves us hungry for.There are a host of new characters, all woven seamlessly into the story Any one of them could stand centre stage in their own book That s powerful story telling.This isn t MG fantasy It is fantasy for everyone In the grand tradition of C S Lewis and Tolkien, we walk every mile and experience every mishap and heartbreak I eagerly await book 3 And I want a kraken. Drowned Tomb by James FahyThis is a fantastic second book in The Changeling Series I loved the Isle of Winds, the first book, and I wasn t disappointed with Drowned Tomb.I was excited to get back to Erkling Hall and the Netherworlde to meet favourite characters once again Robin is as amazing as ever Henry is a real favourite of mine, with his humour and easy going manner, as is Woad and his new pet Karya retains her aura of mystery but we are teased with some hints about her past.New characters are added seamlessly into the story Some intriguing, some evil, some filled with menace New and old, all are brilliantly written, well rounded and believable, even the antiheroes.The development of the story and the world building are superb When I think of Drowned Tomb, I think of Lords of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia Like these timeless favourites, The Changeling Series is for all ages James Fahy s writing is witty, sincere, and concise, with a narrative that takes you on a fast and exciting ride, while at other times immerses you in scenes of beauty and magical wonder If you haven t read it yet, I d highly recommend you plunge into Drowned Tomb soon, ready for Fahy s third book, which is to be released on 12th June. I hugely enjoyed book one of this series, and it feels like forever that i ve been waiting for the next installment, but happily I can say it was worth the wait Book Two of the Changeling Series is bigger, bolder, and much colder I loved it Fahy s characters shine and I m already interested to see where things will head for book three.five stars After reading the first book within this series, it was obvious that I had to read the second one Like with the first book, I have really mixed feelings about this book, but, as a whole, I did really enjoy it Again, I am going to do a list format for this review because I think it will be easier Likes The description and the world building whether it was the human world or in the netherworlde I felt like I could have been standing next to Robin throughout this whole book The world building is full of rich descriptions it makes you want to visit The characters Again, all of the characters kept their own voices, despite there being so many of them Even with the introduction of new characters, they were unique and well thought out A lot of the core values of the characters from the first book were the same, but they had also changed in a way that came from what they went through in the first book Although, Karya s character is still bugging me.Woad He is a character, but he is my favourite character I adore him Can I adopt him, like he did Inky the kraken Can I adopt a Kraken The second half of the book kept me on the edge of my seat and I was desperate to know what happened next There was so much action and so many problems to solve, I had to keep reading The book didn t end like I expected it to I was expecting something similar to what we got in the first book Whilst it was a tad similar, there was also one major twist that I wasn t expecting and I am looking forward to see how this impacts with the next book in the series Dislikes The first half of the book felt a little slow I understand that Robin has to learn a new Tower etc but I felt like it could have been spruced up a little bit Even the face off with the Kraken felt a little anti climatic with the way it went At the beginning of the book, it almost felt like we had the Ron, Harry, Hermione trope Even their personalities felt pretty similar It took a while for this to change and for them to have their own voices.Awesome sauce I understand that the book is set in modern day England when they are in the human world, but did they really have to use the term awesome sauce Seriously I felt like the language changed a lot depending on who was talking and where they were and it was a little confusing I didn t like the use of the term Awesome Sauce.I also think that insulting someone by calling them a Nazgul isn t really an insult Instead, I was thinking about Lord of the Rings and the Nazgul All in all I really enjoyed this book and I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this series goes I gave this book 4 5 stars.Have you read this series Did you enjoy it Feel free to leave comments and I will check them all out This is the second book in The Changeling series by James Fahy I was so glad that Venture press thought of me to review this the second book in the series.When I read the first book Isle of Winds I was hooked James writes in such a way that you quickly catch up with what happened in the previous book For fear of sounding like a silly gushing fan I just want to say that I love his writing style When I started reading I saw that the book was a bit longer than what I usually read but you don t even realise it when reading as this book is so fast paced and when things start happening it just don t stop We meet a lot of new characters in this book some that are not so likable and some that you don t want to trust The description of the characters and the settings still makes me want to see this series made into a movie James makes it very easy to imagine how everyone and everything looks like with his descriptions.I can t wait for the next in the series and I hope that he is currently hard at work writing it I wonder what tower will be nextI would recommend that if you haven t read Isle of Winds that you get your hands on a copy and then start reading Drowned Tomb, a must read for fantasy lovers I promise you will be an instant Changeling and James Fahy fan War Is Coming The Summer Heat Is Sweltering, And The Young Changeling, Robin Fellows, Awaits Further Training He Has Gained Much Skill In The Shard Of Air, But What Is Coming Next After His Previous Tutor Was Revealed To Be An Agent Of The Mortal Enemy Of All Fae, Lady Eris, Robin Is Assigned A New Mentor To Continue His Magical Learning Enter Calypso, A Water Nymph And Member Of The Race Of Panthea That Also Inhabit The Mysterious, Enchanted Netherworlde Her Job To Instruct Robin In The Shard Of Water, A Powerful Magic With Which The User Can Cast Huge Bolts Of Ice And Command Entire Oceans To Bear Down His Or Her Will But All Is Not Well At Erlking Hall, And War Is Fast Approaching The Netherworlde More Agents Of Lady Eris Are In Pursuit Of Young Robin, The Scion Of The Arcania And Last Changeling In The World They Re Out For The Shard Of Water As Well And They Ll Stop At Nothing To Find It, No Matter Who Gets In Their Way What Follows Is A Spellbinding Journey, As Robin And Company Navigate Once The Enchanting And At Times Terrifying Netherworlde The Drowned Tomb Is The Mesmerizing Second Instalment Of James Fahy S Bestselling Changeling Series Perfect For Fans Of High Fantasy Storytelling And Fae Mythology, This Sequel To Isle Of Winds Is A Must Have James Lives In The North Of England, Close To Wild Moors And Adjacent To A Haunted Wind Farm, With His Extremely Patient And Long Suffering Family And A Very Old Cat Named Gargoyle When The Cat Dies, James Plans To Buy A Raven And Name It Quoth He Is The Author Of The Changeling Fantasy Series, Following The Adventures Of Robin, A Seemingly Unremarkable Boy Who Is Swept Up Into A War Between Our World, And The Netherworlde, A Shadowy Realm Which Lies Beyond Our Own In Addition To Fantasy, James Also Writes Science Fiction, Urban Gothic And Steampunk, For People Old Enough To Know Better

James Fahy is the childrens author of the Changeling fantasy series, a Middle Grade age series following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our world, and the Netherworlde, a shadowy realm which lies beyond our own.In addition to fantasy for younger people, James also writes adult Urban Gothic James is represented by the Ampersand Literary

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