Crescent Moon (Phoebe Harkness, #2)

Crescent Moon (Phoebe Harkness, #2) Oh my what a read, Crescent Moon book two of the phoebe Harkness Series I love these, everything about them and Fahy has just got it when it comes to story telling From the first page I was right back in New Oxford following on from the first instalment if you loved Hells Teeth then this follow up will not disappoint, like hells teeth I was hooked I could not put it down, it is a faced paced page turner full of twist and turns With new characters, and I m totes team Kane he is my new book crush. without fail James Fahy has left me wanting of Phoebe Harkness and her dark world Another fabulous instalment in the series that opened doors as well as posed new and very intriguing questions A fast paced page turner that had my heart racing for all different reasons A cemented favourite author of mine Highly recommend all of his books What Do You Do When Your World Is Turned Upside Down When You Discover Your Father Had A Direct Hand In The Genocide Of Much Of The World S Human Population Phoebe Harkness Life Has Changed Forever Thirty Years After A Cataclysmic World War That Eviscerated One Third Of The Human Population, A New Sub Species Of Vampire Like Drones Has Set Its Teeth To The Survivors Of HumanityThey Re Not The Only Ones Genetic Others Such As Vampires, Werewolves And Roam The Streets Of New Oxford, Trying And Sometimes Failing To Live Peacefully Amongst HumankindBut That Is All About To ChangeA Spate Of Serial Killings Have Occurred, Rocking The Already Fragile Ecosystem Of New OxfordBrutal Murders And Mutilation Are Now CommonplacePhoebe Must Get To Work She Is Named As Liaison Between The Genetic Others And The Cabal, The Ruling Order Of The Walled CityShe Must Negotiate With The Tribals, A Subset Of Werewolves Cast Aside By The Cultural Hegemony Of The CabalBut Before She Can Make Any Progress With The Tribal Leader, Kane, She Learns Of Murders And Three Missing Students And Kane S Daughter Is Among The Missing One Of The Victims Leaves A Message In Blood Crescent MoonNow Phoebe Must Act Urgently With The Help Of Kane And Her Former Paramour, Vampire Allesandro To Track Down The Culprit Of These Horrific KillingsBut Who Is Conducting All Of These Strange Happenings Behind The Scenes And What Does It Have To Do With The Crescent Moon Crescent Moon Is The Gripping Second Instalment Of The Urban Gothic Phoebe Harkness Series It Follows The Young Doctor As She Stalks Through The Corrupt Dystopia Of New Oxford I m always a little wary of sequels, the eternal question if does it stand up to the first is always in the back in my mind, maybe that s why I actually sometimes prefer standalone books However, in the case of Crescent Moon that thought soon evaporated James Fahy again delivers a slick, action packed follow up to Hell s Teeth With a fabulous cast of characters, old and new, good, bad, ugly and gorgeous, to get your teeth into, it speeds us back into the dark underworld of Dr Phoebe Harkness If we thought our poor Phoebs had taken about as much as any one person should withstand, think again As a new wave of gruesome murders unfolds, Phoebe gains the unenviable job of liaison between species, a dangerous task Crescent Moon is full of deliciously dark gruesome horror cleverly played with wonderfully humorous lines, not to mention my favourite scene with two of our fav characters locked in a dark cramped metal box steamy Enough said blushes Crescent Moon is a damn fine read and a must for all Helsings. Ooooooooh Book two in the Phoebe Harkness series was so good Fantastic world building, and I love all the characters The plot continued to surprise me, gradually opening up to a bigger picture I can t wait for book three Tell me it s coming soon Everything leads back to bacon, Dr Harkness BACON Phoebe is back and has now been promoted to be the liaison between the Genetic Others and the Cabal A recent slew of violent murders have occurred and all clues seem to be pointing toward the Tribals were animals shapeshifters As the newly appointed liaison, she is tasked with speaking to the Tribal leader, Kane, to try and get to the bottom of the investigation There are things afoot within, and outside of, the walls of New Oxford The sexy Allesandro is back along with Griff, Lucy and the force that is Veronica Cloves We get introduced to my new favorite character, Chase Pargate Who is he exactly and what purpose does he serve Is he friend or foe Are Kane and the Tribals really responsible for the murders around New Oxford or is someone setting them up for their own personal gain When the groups you re working with don t trust each other, how do you know which way to go James Fahy once again brings attitude, snarkiness, humor and adventure into what I call the second season because quite frankly, I imagine it as a show when reading I found myself giggling quite a bit and grinning when seeing references to the Scooby gang, Robert Frost, the Winchesters, Kids in the Hall and Whaaaaaaaaaat Highly recommend Hell s Teeth and this book for your next reads Can t wait for season three to come out D We re gonna need a bigger boatPhoebe why d you have to go be so approachable to the Genetic Others Okay, you re really not Why did you have to, you know, not die and kick some butt Oh right, survival is a good thing Well, doll, it s all your fault then.Poor Dr Harkness now Cabal thinks you need absolutely no time off, a datascreen in your house, and to come running whenever they call Weekends Yeah, those are gone.I suppose it s a perk being considered an expert on the GO s and being sent as anwait You didn t want to be an ambassador You just want to hang in your lab doing weird stuff and things Sending out your assistants for coffee Working hard and then going home to wrap up cosey and watch old TV shows.Too bad, enjoy the promotionIn the world of New Oxford power is failing, monsters are waiting, and something is killing Viciously Humans want what Others have This newest installation of Phoebe s story had me reading straight to morning It was fast paced and fun Suspenseful and gory The flirting, near misses, and a newthing just waiting to pounce The author included fascinating historical facts about the area that were so clear it was as if you were there I promised not to spoil anything it s SO hard not tobut I can say that if you ve read the first book GET CRESCENT MOON NOW You won t regret it If you haven t read book one, well, what are you waiting for Chilling post apocalyptic dystopian societies aren t just popping up everyday with Vampires, Werewolves, and other things that go BUMP in the night The best thing about reading fiction wrote by a British author is proper sarcasm You just don t get that in American authored novels They try, but it s not quite right.Anyway James Fahy definitely delivers sarcasm, excitement and intrigue to boot I really like Phoebe She s a relatable character than most written by women I know this is something the author was concerned about but he need not worry Phoebe is awesome The rest of the cast of characters are varied and interesting too.The story has you wondering what the hell is going on behind it all It s like Hells Teeth was the skin, Crescent Moon peeled another layer off and there s yet to discover underneath James your book is an onion When s book 3 out again Crescent Moon by James Fahy was amazing It was an exciting suspenseful adventure with touches of horror and little bits of sexiness here and there It introduced some great new characters and answered some questions left by the previous the book but also expanded the mysteries of this wonderful world he s built I cannot wait for the next installment Crescent Moon is book 2 of the Phoebe Harkness series by James Fahy.After a spate of gruesome murders, Phoebe Harkness finds herself acting as liasion between Cabal and the Genetic Others But someone or something is out to remove her from this position permanently.This book will take all of your preconceived ideas about genres and blow them clean out of the water We have dystopia, the walled city of New Oxford, protecting the inhabitants and GOs Genetic Others inside from the threat of the rabid and monstrous Pale, a species created by man Until man lost control We have horror, not the wall to wall kind that can desensitise, but the drip feed of tiny detail guaranteed to unnerve And we have humour and attitude in abundance from Phoebe herself, and the fabulous Ms Veronica Cloves.I loved all the new characters involved too, all of them crafted to be part of the whole Nothing is superfluous in this That s a great skill.There s also a rather nice side of flirtation and beautiful sprinklings of history which I devoured hungrily In short, this book dabbles in so many things, and James Fahy manages them all without missing a beat A fast paced and expertly woven read, go buy it now

James Fahy is the childrens author of the Changeling fantasy series, a Middle Grade age series following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our world, and the Netherworlde, a shadowy realm which lies beyond our own.In addition to fantasy for younger people, James also writes adult Urban Gothic James is represented by the Ampersand Literary

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  • Crescent Moon (Phoebe Harkness, #2)
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