It's Not About Me (A Second Glances Novel, #1)

It's Not About Me (A Second Glances Novel, #1)It S Not About Me Is A Must Read For Every Young Adult In Today S World, Boy Or Girl Not Only Does It Explore In Depth The Intense Sexual Pressures Placed Upon Today S Youth, But Also The Serious Effects Of Alcoholism And Rape More Importantly, It Addresses Issues Of True Faith And Christianity

Michelle has written over two dozen edgy, inspirational novels She is a book reviewer blogger, and a supervisor for the State of Arizona.

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • It's Not About Me (A Second Glances Novel, #1)
  • Michelle Sutton
  • English
  • 13 January 2017
  • 9780979748516

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    I made the mistake of picking up this book as soon as I finished Michelle Sutton s Never Without Hope I figured I d take a peak and ended up ignoring my family for the entire night so I could finish it The book caught my attention from the get go and then shocked me and kept me hooked all the way through.Wonderful Christian fiction with a great message

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    Most Christian books dance around the subject of sex and the repercussions, especially at the teen age level This one wades right in and lays it on the line A couple of the scenes get somewhat graphical in nature, making it seem real They may make the Puritan types queasy and even cause them to put the book down and maybe send them scurrying to the bookstore to complain that they are offended by the garbage they have purchased. This material is not written for them anyway This work is a light in the darkness to help teens find the safe haven of the love of Jesus and not mistake the lust of the world to be their refuge For impressionable and inexperienced youngsters to understand that lust, they need to see it unveiled in at least some of its unholy glory The true hero is not portrayed as a saintly zombie who is above being tempted by sin He fights the same temptation that we all do But he wins the battle, partially by knowing that discretion is the better part of chastity and that the best way to avoid making a mistake in the area of sexual encounters is to avoid putting yourself in a situation where there is no escape Are you looking for something to augment the lessons for your children or young prot g es dealing with the birds and the bees You can t go wrong with giving them this book Teens will be able to relate to this.

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    I picked up IT S NOT ABOUT ME intending to glance at a page or two, and ended up spending the entire day glued to the story This book handles some tough issues with sensitivity and grace Besides that, it s just a GOOD story The hero is incredibly romantic, and the heroine so realistic she brought tears to my eyes Parts of this story are hard to read, but that s because the author drew me in so thoroughly I felt like I was experiencing the painful parts with the characters And because of that, I rejoiced when they rejoiced, too A great debut.

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    I picked this up because it was supposed to be an edgy Christian romance and I was interested to see what was meant by that I suppose edgy means total melodramatic trainwreck, because the book certainly was that But maybe it was the vomiting because there was plenty of that too.Annie is a Nice Christian Girl dating a Tony, a preacher s kid who has started hanging out with a Bad Influence Friend character not fleshed out who releases Tony s inner Mr Hyde Tony starts looking at porn and pressuring Annie for sex, leading indirectly to Annie being horribly assaulted and Tony into becoming even of jerk, but this time with added drinking problem Enter Dan, Tony s Nice Christian brother who has long admired Annie from afar, and who is just thrilled to be there for her while Tony is struggling with his own metaphorical demons There s also a subplot involving Annie s friend Susie, who has a crush on Dan and plots to keep him and Annie apart So poor Annie is surrounded by all these douchebags It s no wonder she turns to Jesus But Wait you say Didn t you describe Annie in the first paragraph as a Nice Christian Girl Hasn t she already turned to Jesus Well, Annie thinks she is a Christian in the opening of the book, too, but apparently she isn t really a really REAL Christian despite believing in Jesus and wanting to be a Christian, and praying to be one, and being observant and making choices to do the right things the things which I thought make up Christianity No, she has to pray AGAIN, apparently it didn t work the first time, because if you re a really REAL Christian God you have to pray again , and then God will talk to you telepathically nearly constantly Which, is not, in my experience at least, the way it works, but maybe I m not a really REAL Christian, or maybe this is of a work of fiction than I thought it was supposed to be So every time each one of these trainwreck characters reaches a crisis point in their life every 50 pages or so , Dan is there not to tell them to get right with God because they ve lost their way, because most people do lose their way every now and then on their Christian walk but to tell them to convert So, yeah, despite having all the violence, teen social problems, and puking assault , alcohol , and food poisoning related you could ask for, from which the edginess comes, this book was also very preachy, and it was preaching something I can t really get behind, namely that those who really desire to be a Christian and have started down that path, but somehow lose track of where they really ought to be spiritually aren t really saved, somehow I was reminded, actually, of Martin Luther s advice Whosoever accepts the Son and is baptized and believes on his Word will be saved.If you wish to escape from despair and hate, let your speculation go There is no other way Otherwise you must remain a doubter the rest of your life God did not come down from heaven to make you uncertain about predestination or to cause you to despise the Sacraments He instituted them to make you certain and to drive such speculations out of your mind.Cling to the revealed God, allow no one to take the child Jesus from you, hold fast to him, and you will not be lost The Father desires you The Son wishes to be your Saviour and Liberator Letters of Spiritual Counsel So, to sum up the book the plot and characters were over the top dramatic, the book was preachy as opposed to illuminating an inner spiritual journey , and I had real issues with the theology As for the writing, I found the prose to be very readable but the plotting didn t seem particularly tight the Susie subplot exploded pretty much out of nowhere late in the book Overall probably about 2.5 stars but I had to choose between 2 and 3.

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    I told Michelle I wasn t fit to write a review of this book and I still don t believe I am, but I m going to give it a fair shot It s good THERE That s my review Naw, not really Man Where does one begin Two brothers, a beautiful girl, one using charm and good looks to get her, the other relying on God Then you have the girl She s a mess herself She wants the younger brother, for all the wrong reasons She gets attacked one night because the younger brother, is in trouble and is late picking her up So, he has to bum a ride from his older brother The girl actually believes she s a Christian Yet while she s in the hospital recovering, and talks with the older brother she realizes she s not, she s just been talking the talk Michelle turns this into a triangle of the ages Both brothers want her, she wants both of them, yet when God gets put smack dab up front and center, watch out because things are going to change The twists and turns in this book will keep you on the edge of your seat until you turn the last page No wonder Michelle is called the Edgy Fictional author It totally fits her I loved this book from start to finish This is a must read I give this a 5 out of 5 stars

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    IT S NOT ABOUT ME, BY MICHELLE SUTTONFinally In an amoral society that pushes young people to the edge, we have an edgy novel that pushes right back Kudos to Michelle Sutton for her debut novel, It s Not About Me, which confronts real problems encountered by real youth sexual pressure, drinking, pornography and counters them with a message of hope and faith that is so vital for today s young adults This compelling story gives a rare and honest glimpse into the perfect life of Annie Meyers, a young woman on the threshold of college and marriage When her fianc Tony begins to pressure her sexually, Annie s faith and confidence begin to teeter, but when tragedy strikes, both crash headlong into a black hole of self doubt and confusion Unable to cope with Annie s disaster, Tony seeks comfort in alcohol, leaving his older brother Dan to provide Annie with the spiritual and emotional support she so desperately needs Out of the ashes of Annie s misfortune, rises a love triangle that will have readers turning the pages long into the night Michelle Sutton has crafted a story of passion, betrayal, hope and redemption that is right on target for the Young Adult market and beyond Can t wait for the next one

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    This is my second Michelle Sutton novel and I so appreciate her heart The desire she has to portray life and Christianity as she sees it is inspiring.I cared about the characters in this novel Both Dan and Tony are endearing in their own, very different ways And I was happy to see that Annie the beautiful church girl who survived a horrific attack was able to find Christ through the tragedy On the downside, this novel has a very narrow audience Unless you ve grown up in church, you may not have the patience to sit through the Christianese I found myself wondering if people actually talk like Annie and Dan Like Tony I, of course, have grown up in church and at times felt like I was watching a youth group skit warning against the dangers of flirting with the ways of the world It s Not About Me has several themes, all of which I find necessary The fact that YA novels are being written for Christian audiences is exciting and I want to thank Michelle for venturing into the genre without a bookshelf.

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    Oooo la la la.magnifique That s what, It s Not About Me, is A very emotionally satisfying, romance filled, edgy story Michelle is a very gifted writer whose writing style is quite unique And she s not afraid to touch on, well, touchy subjects, and she handles them extremely well A must read to be sure Top of the line YA book.

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    Annie has a charmed life she s beautiful, graduated from high school with honors, has been accepted at the college of her choice, is surrounded by family and friends who love and support her, and has a handsome steady boyfriend But one night, her perfect life is shattered and everything changes so quickly she s not sure which way to turn Caught between her boyfriend and his brother, both of whom claim to love her, Annie is torn as to who she should choose to be with while trying to heal from the event that altered her once easy life.Will she choose Tony or Dan And will she finally truly come to know the One whose love will never fail, even in her darkest hour What a powerful and moving debut from young adult author Michelle Sutton Dealing with such topics as false Christians, pornography, peer pressure, alcohol abuse, and pressure to engage in sexual activities, It s Not about Me meets teen readers right where they are, tackling issues that they come up against on a regular basis.This first book in Sutton s A Second Glances Series, gets readers thinking, What would I do in this situation This book s strength definitely resides in its well developed, strong, often complex characters whose personal battles and desire to do God s will is as challenging as understanding the world around them And while admittedly faith plays a significant role in this book, I wouldn t say that the reader would need to be a Christian in order to enjoy reading It s Not about Me Most of the issues the characters are dealing with affect all teens, regardless of belief system.With It s Not about Me, Sutton delivers an edgy and entertaining story that young adults will devour with zest.

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    Having read a bunch of reviews of this book before I was able to get my hands on a copy I had several thoughts about what to expect In starting the first and second chapter I was extremely hesitant It was reminiscent to a time that I would gladly leave in my past memories and never go back to reflect A time that brought on a great long depression and I did not want to bring it back But I promised to read the book and the author is a friend, so I prayed about continuing, felt peace and went on In starting the third chapter I realized that this was not at all what I thought it would be and upon finishing the book, oh how true is that statement Michelle has done it She has written a book that is so true to our youth and lives This should be read through out colleges, I declare It is a hard read, and I would definitely say that maturity should factor in, but I would not hesitate to say that if a parent deems their pre teen old enough to let them read it, with the intention of discussion to follow It touches on so many points that people would rather ignore, and need to be spoken As a person who is past the age of the characters in the book, I d like to say that there was definitely a little too much kissing and all, but in reflection to who I was at that age, I should keep my mouth firmly shut One can wish for tragedy to have never occurred, but without it, we would not be where we are today Michelle, you did it I enjoyed the book I would say the contemporary edgy is my genre, but it s a good story in a good book, by a good author.

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