Brainwalker One Teen S Incredible Journey May Just Blow His Father S Mind Fourteen Year Old Bernard Thinks Outside The Box The Only Problem Is That Neither His School Nor His Ultra Rational Physicist Father Appreciate His Unique Ideas When He Reacts To A Stressful Situation At School By Mooning The Class, His Suspension Sends Him Straight To His Father S Workplace After His Frustrated Father Leaves Him Unattended, Bernard Does What Any Teen Would Do Wander Into The Particle Accelerator And Accidentally Get Transported Through A Wormhole It Doesn T Take Long For Bernard To Realize He S In Deep Trouble Not Only Did The Wormhole Drop Him In The Middle Of A Civil War Over A Depleted Resource, But The Battle Is Actually Taking Place Inside His Father S Brain Bernard Has One Chance To Save The Dying Side Of His Father S Creative Brain From The Tyrannical Left Side Can He Use His Outside The Box Thinking To Save His Father S Life Brainwalker Is A Young Adult Sci Fi Fantasy Novel That Turns The World Of Neuroscience On Its Head If You Like Incredible Fantasy Worlds, Fast Paced Entertainment, And The Human Mind, Then You Ll Love Robyn Mundell And Stephan Lacast S Amazing Journey Inside The Brain Buy Brainwalker To Help The Mind Survive Today I enjoyed reading Brainwalker I thought the premise was pretty clever definitely an approach to teenage urban fantasy that I ve never seen before I found myself quite enad with Bernard and all his geeky questions and theories He s charming and creative and perceptive a great counter character to his father, who is obviously having a hard time and is kind of blah.Bernard accidentally travels through a wormhole and ends up in his Dad s brain The plot hinges on a left brain vs right brain conflict, which is definitely interesting He also finds out that his Dad s brain is shutting down due to energy loss and function failure The science molded with fiction is pretty entertaining, and it creates an interesting conflict for the story.It s written well The characters are well rounded, the conflict is great, and the science is surprisingly interesting I think the author took a few liberties with the left brain being totally logical and the right brain being totally logistic, but hey it s science fiction, right Besides underneath all the neurology, it s really a story about connection and love and fighting for what s important.This is a great read, and perfect for the 12 15 age range.I received a digital copy of this title for an unbiased opinion and reviewing purposes. I was sent this book for review It is about a boy named Bernard who aspires to be a scientist His mother died in a experiment and his father has ceased to be creative ever since Bernard gets into a lot of trouble at school and on one ocasion that he gets suspended his dad takes him to work with him to a science lab Upon exploring the facilities Bernard gets sucked into his fathers brain via a wormhole He discovers an alternate universe that needs his help to restore itself and his fathers life depends on it I really really enjoyed this book because it s concept was so original and nothing like I ve read before Bernard was a very normal character and a lot of things in this book really made me think about who we are as people and what controls us The adventure that was lives in this book was extremely enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and wants to read something original. This a very amazing tale about a boy who is in love with science, he would ask just about any question to keep his mind buzzing with ideas and theories, however his dad has lost all will to experiment and try new things although he s a scientist himself because of a tragedy that occurred to the boy s mom in which she lost her life The boy jokes about changing his dad s brain but little does he know that s exactly what happens next when he s mind travels through a wormhole and ends up in the Brainiverse, the characters and the setting of this book are truly unique and very diverse, the plot is filled with fiction mixed with real brain concepts and puts everything into perspective from both fiction and reality.Note I received a digital copy of this title for an unbiased opinion and reviewing purposes. I kindly received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The main character of this book is the young Bernard I loved this boy a lot He loves science, thinks out of the box, challenges everything and is not scared to ask questions But after his mother died in an experiment gone wrong, no one appreciates his crazy ideas and curious mind, least of all his dad When Bernard follows his wandering mind in the Atom Smasher at his father s work, he ends up going through a wormhole that brings him inside his father s brain.This is a very unique and wonderful setting The authors managed to make an easy to understand and fairly magical portrayal of the brain, while also being mostly accurate It shows off the difference between the left and the right side of the brain in a fun and beautiful way.The first third was a bit flat for me Things went too easy, the conversations were a bit off but the story really picks up after that A few nice characters are introduced and the stakes rise It turns in a fun, fast paced and action packed story I ended up reading in a single sitting.Something that really adds to the story is the amazing artwork throughout the book.Overall I found this a great book for young readers who like their science, or to waken up an interest in those who do not yet This wonderful story of an amazing boy in an unique world has something for everyone. Bernard is the son of two scientists, and understandably, he Loves science Except, now that his mother is gone, no one appreciates his weird ideas Besides, he has trouble controlling his impulses Which is how he ends up inside the Atom Smasher at his father s workplace, Bernard s mind reduced to atoms and transported inside his father s brain a place that appears to contain a world of its own, with people, energia, and cities ready to go to war So Bernard teams up with his new friends to stop the oncoming war, restore the balance of Energia, and save his father s life.Brainwalker, created by Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast, will teach you about the brain in a way you never imagined Bernard is transported inside his father s brain, and although it contains its own world, it is still his father s brain Pretty much everything inside the Brain world has a parallel to the different organs and cells in the real brain the people living in the right brain are intuitive and creative while those in the left brain are logical and organized Kind of like Bernard and his father, where Bernard is right brained and his father is left brained And like the two different sides of the brain and the two nations corresponding to them, Bernard and his father must learn to get along and appreciate both the right and left sides of their brains and each other I am amazed at the creativity of these authors to make this allegory, providing both a great theme with many layers and a gorgeously creative world that teaches the reader a few biology lessons along with everything else I truly haven t read anything quite like it before Also, to help our imaginations along, the authors included a few images of Bernard s experiences in the Brainiverse I recommend this book to those who enjoy Middlegrade and YA Fantasy I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I must admit that I was a little surprised at how much I enjoyed this book It was like Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets science fiction Bernard is the son of two scientists but following his mother s accidental science related death, everything seems to be going wrong His dad is now afraid of creativity and emotion and Bernard himself is struggling at school A chance trip to his dad s office finds Bernard sucked into a wormhole and somehow ending up inside his dad s brain It s here that he begins to understand why his dad has lost his creative spirit It s a wonderful little book, I would think aimed at children but definitely a fun read for adults too It s educational in terms of science and best of all makes science both easy to understand and interesting at the same time For someone me whose never really had an interest in science that s a biggie The writing is very imaginative and the scenes and characters in the brainiverse are cleverly created and easy to picture I think this book is ideal for anyone who is interested in biology and science fiction as well But importantly I think everyone who has children should buy this to give them a fun way of learning about the human brain Thank you to brainwalkerfans on twitter for my free copy in exchange for an honest review This book blew my mind.literally From it s motley crew of colorful characters to the mind bending plot, for a science fiction novel that takes place in the brain this book has a lot of heart I laughed, gasped and cried at different parts First of all I really related to Bernard and his lack of impulse control as well as his frustration with Ms Needleman I always had so many questions in science class and they weren t always answered, much to my chagrin , but also Barnard has a wonderful imagination and curiosity about his predicament and I really loved that about him I also fell head over heels for Frobenius he s so adorable and Adhista she s so cool, and I loved Nesus, the neorosub , and Basilides as well This book is a perfect blend of science, fiction, action and adventure and I would highly recommend it to everyone, whether they love science fiction or not.I would like to thank brainwalkerfans on Instagram for e mailing me a complementary ebook in exchange for an honest review. Fun story Brainwalker is a clever and fun book that takes the middle grade reader or teen reader on a wild ride into a world inside a brain A boy that can t seem to stay out of trouble goes to work with his scientist dad and things go sideways from there Some crazy way his mind gets out in his dad s brain But the kid isn t alone there, he meets several characters in the Brainverse He has to help these characters to save his dad WARNING of possible spoilers, but I ll try to be vague about them If you need a break from the typical dystopian love triangle type of teen fiction, try Brainwalker It s a very imaginative adventure that takes place exactly where the title implies in a brain The novel follows Bernard, a young teen dealing with science class woes, his dad to whom he has trouble relating and vice versa , and the death of his mom In a strange event involving an atom smasher at his dad s work facility, Bernard is transported through a wormhole and into his father s brain Inside, he meets a number of unique characters and fights to keep the creative side of his dad s brain from dying off It s kind of like aspects of Alice in Wonderland and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea taking a trip on The Magic School Bus, for teens and young adults Brainwalker started out so strong, with excellent writing, and thoughtful, realistic details When Mom was alive, the kitchen was a laboratory, with mortars and pestles and steaming pots of original concoctions The house smelled of sizzling meats, grilled vegetables, and exotic spices She was the opposite of my dad She never followed a recipe Everything she cooked was an experiment Love it I was immediately drawn into the story of Bernard s life Although his father may have trouble relating to him, the reader shouldn t he s a clever, curious kid whose curiosity seems to get him in trouble even when he means no harm I liked him right away, empathized with him throughout the story, and appreciated how he used his head to problem solve in order to get out of a lot of scrapes.Once inside his dad s brain, the novel has some really creative ideas cities built on neurons, a life force called Energeia that is fast running out in one brain hemisphere, and inhabitants aptly named Intuits and Reezons according to which side of the brain they live in Although a lot of the terminology of the Brainiverse is invented, I found myself wanting to learn some actual science while enjoying this fictional story Brainwalker literally makes the reader access both sides of their brain that s a pretty remarkable writing strategy For nearly the entire novel, I was hooked on Bernard s adventure However, there was a certain point, somewhere in the last third of the book, where the story seemed to take a turn away from the thoughtful details and strong writing I was impressed by at the beginning The final denouement of Bernard s adventure and subsequent conclusion felt rushed and not as satisfying as the rest of the book There were things introduced at the start that I wanted to see come full circle what Bernard finally chose as his research project and how it was received by his teacher, how his life with his father changed after he exited the Brainiverse, and how his adventure also changed him The ending hints at things to come but the reader doesn t get to experience them I would have loved the conclusion to feature a bookend type scene from the beginning, in which Bernard and his dad sit down to breakfast, but this time showing us how their relationship and interaction with each other has transformed At a few points I also thought the novel might address how to deal with the death of a loved one at a young age, because Bernard speaks of his mother s death several times, and even questions how she could have died in the way she did so, I was expecting some kind of a cerebral pun kind of intended observation of coping with a loved one s death or at least some resolution about his mother s death in particular but that didn t come to fruition.Although for me the ending was lacking a certain something, I still highly recommend and enjoy Brainwalker The book features a merging of action adventure and education to create a unique, fun story that I think people of all ages can appreciate I received Brainwalker from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you to Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast for the opportunity to read this book Thank you also to BookTasters for the opportunity to review it.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Brainwalker book, this is one of the most wanted Robyn Mundell author readers around the world.

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