Riptide For Centuries, Treasure Hunters Have Sought The Lost Horde Of The Notorious English Pirate Edward Ockham Clues Led To The Mysterious Water Pit On Ragged Island, Maine But A Curse Left Behind By The Long Dead Ockham Seems To Be Working Every Expedition Has Failed The Treasure Seekers Died In Gruesome Fashions Now A New Expedition Has Been Mounted, Using State Of The Art Computer Technology And Backed By Tens Of Millions Of Dollars It Will All Be Worth It, If The Treasure Estimated To Be Worth Billion Can Be Found But Modern Technology, No Matter How Expensive, May Not Be Enough To Overcome The Deadly Secrets Of The Water Pit

Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley Following a distinguished career at a private nursery school he was almost immediately expelled he attended public schools and the Cambridge School of Weston Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle the loss of his two

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Riptide Author Douglas Preston –
  • Hardcover
  • 528 pages
  • Riptide
  • Douglas Preston
  • 24 September 2019
  • 9783426619148

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    5 blimey stars from this buccaneer Argh mateys I had to finish it, I was obsessed with pirate treasure by the end.This book was so much fun, action packed and I loved every damn, scurvy minute of it This book was packed with cool science, great engineering theory and practice, historical information and lore on pirates, a vast pirate treasure and a deadly curse on a rocky island on the coast of Maine.Did they finally get the pirate treasure Did anyone survive Did they finally find St Michael s Sword Did greed and obsession turn friends into foes Read this book to find out Another excellent and suspenseful adventure from the Preston Child duo

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    Preston and Child are always amazing this book was no exception I was immediately enthralled with the National Treasure esque intro and all the mystery it presented Then I was kept holding my breath until the very end These guys can really spin a tale Almost every chapter ended with a cliffhanger This is typical for Preston and Child, but that is okay with me I wish all authors could get me this excited about moving on to the next chapter Usually, the end of a chapter is a good place to stop reading until later But, PC make it so I don t want to Also, I love the fact that they frequently make the mystery seem supernatural, but throughout the book plausible, factual explanations are presented As a fan of supernatural mystery stories, I am okay if the answer does not end up being supernatural, especially when a non supernatural solution seems impossible.Finally, pirates, archeology, and mystery medical diagnosis are all involved to make this one heck of a twisted and spooky ride If you like Indiana Jones, National Treasure, and things of that ilk, don t hesitate to give this a try.

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    An awesome, stand alone adventure from Preston and Child What s not to like about a modern day treasure hunt, complete with the latest technology The authors also throw in a good measure of pirates, curses, history, and great characters This book reminded me of the Money Pit legend of Oak Island RIPTIDE is one hell of a fun read

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    Tale focuses on a group of treasure hunters who are trying to find the buried treasure of a nefarious pirate It was likely inspired by the Oak Island Money Pit up near Nova Scotia where Captain Kidd or perhaps Blackbeard buried their treasure hoard Anyway, this treasure hoard is estimated at 2 billion dollars in the late 1990s and the choice item is St Michael s Sword which is said to kill any mortal who looks upon it Nobody really knows what St Michael s Sword is when the novel begins To further complicate matters the hoard is located at an island off the New England coast which has the dreaded Water Pit Trap which has killed or ruined many treasure hunters explorers of the past It s a well thought out investigative tale bringing in many fields to solve the many issues they face i.e history, word puzzles, geology, computer science, medicine, etc And the realization of St Michael s Sword, even if obvious about 3 4 of the way through the book is still satisfying People who enjoy puzzles or the grand treasure hunt will likely enjoy this novel Characters are well fleshed out though a few fall dangerously close to stereotypes and such.These two authors are probably best known for their novel, RELIC, which was turned into a so so movie back in the day CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B plus to A minus STORY PLOTTING B plus to A minus PUZZLES MYSTERIES A minus WHEN READ September to November 2011 OVERALL GRADE A minus.

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    This is my third Preston Child book the first two being their Pendergast series and I am now convinced that I don t need to read any of their synopses any, I am just going to pick up their books and read I m not sure which author writes which part, but I don t care Lol I just know that whenever I start to read I feel like I m intensely reading the page word by word because so much is happening, and you can see the movie being played in your head This one, especially, had some exciting, gripping and hold your breath moments that made the time just fly by while reading I thought it was great

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    Extremely disappointing 1.85 stars.Psstt

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    Riptide a non Pendergast book by messieurs Preston Child which concerns itself a group of treasure hunters that wants to solve the riddle of the waterpit of Ragged Island where by lore is told lies the buried treasure of the illustrious pirate Red Ned Ockham These days worth something around 2 billion dollars and the mysterious Spanish treasure St Michael s Sword that was a secret weapon that could kill anybody.In the history of Ragged Island there is a long list of failed attempts of recovering the treasure with a lot of deaths and financial downfall for those involved Enter the current owner Malin Hatch who lost his brother in the traps left behind on this mysterious treasure island When he gets an offer for 50% of the treasure without any effort on his part he allows it but enters the group as their kind medical doctor Hatch returns to the place of his youth with all the memories he left behind and sees firsthand what the impact of the treasure hunters is on the local community and what happens with the seekers while they are busy recovering the treasure The modern abilities of the treasure hunters prove to be too much for the architect of the water pit And yet this ancient architect has some surprises up his sleeve that will throw the whole expedition in disarray The secret of St Michael s Sword get disclosed and we learn what calculating folks the Spaniards where and how far they went to stop the unstoppable pirate.A great stand alone book that is grand adventure and the only one of their writing not connected to any other book in their two series Well worth your time and written in such a way that you want to keep reading until you know what did happen en how it ends An early novel that is actually a lot of fun to read especially on the beach.

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    You have a clue who these two peeps are No All right, I ll tell you.Rick Marty Lagina starring in The Curse of Oak Island These two brothers managed to turn a tiny fuck off Canadian island off the coast of Nova Scotia into a wheel of Swiss cheese as they tried to retrieve a legendary treasure wasting a shitload of dough while at it Of course, when they were finished, they didn t find shite all They did a look to camera and went Ah, fuck this We re going home Actually, they didn t say so but, if you ask me, the whole thing is fucking funny as fuck.I think the producers of the show read this book before venturing into the business of not finding a treasure Why There s a particular part in the book view spoiler where they pour dye in the pit in order to find out where the seawater is coming from hide spoiler

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    Ever hear of the Oak Island mystery If you haven t, you should look it up It s a fascinating and TRUE story of buried treasure or at least a buried SOMETHING, on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia As I have many times, Preston and Child have taken a or less historic event and built a tale around it, and a fascinating one at that In fact, outside of the Pendergast books, this is probably my favorite book by P C It s gripping right clear through and holds up through repeated readings and I ought to know, I ve read it four times now I d say it s the perfect vacation book, but it s awfully distracting Perhaps the perfect cold winter day book Interested in reading the in fact basis of the story Here s an excellent article, courtesy of Doug Preston His Own Self

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    Too much time has passed since I ve read a Preston and Child adventure Riptide was quite fun, no doubt However something about it placed it just beneath my favorites Thunderhead, Mount Dragon and Ice Limit But still a great story, I love the set up an island a good distance from the mainland, shrouded in fog, carries a history with mysteries and legends Ties to pirates, and their gruesome feats The idea of a gargantuan buried fortune that no one has been able to get their hands on, for generations I love it You know its a Preston Child trademark novel when a challenge, such as Ragged Island, is faced head on with millions of dollars spent on the latest high tech gadgets and the best scientists one can find But of course, no matter how much staff you have on hand, or how brilliant your technicians may be, how strong your structural support, or how many sensors giving readings of weather, pressure, temperature, etc Shit s bound to get hairy

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