Life-Changing Love

Life-Changing Love Christian Teen Fiction Caitlyn Summer, Soon To Be Fifteen, Must Practice Old Fashioned Courtship With High Parental Involvement, But She Has A Terrible Crush On Shy Roland West And She Has Competition From A Girl With No Restrictions As Caitlyn Struggles To Remain Faithful To God, Her Parents, And Herself, Her Best Friend Gets Pregnant And Might Get An Abortion When Caitlyn Discovers Her Mother S Past Mistakes, She Begins To Resent All The Guidelines Her Parents Expect Her To Follow The Characters In Life Changing Love Face The Questions Who Am I Where Am I Headed How Am I Going To Get There

Raised in a military family, Theresa Linden developed strong patriotism and a sense of adventure She began writing in grade school and her passion for writing has never waned Love for faith, family, and freedom inspired her to write the Chasing Liberty trilogy, a dystopian story about a future she hopes never becomes a reality She is also the author of award winning Roland West, Loner and

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  • Paperback
  • 330 pages
  • Life-Changing Love
  • Theresa Linden
  • English
  • 07 October 2019
  • 9780996816861

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    While teenage promiscuity, unwanted pregnancies and abortions are widely explored in non Christian fiction, there are few Catholic authors daring enough to address such heart wrenching issues, especially in a novel for teens Yet as the world we live in strays farther and farther from God, these things are becoming commonplace tragic realities which cannot afford to be ignored In Life Changing Love, the outstanding new novel by the incredibly talented Theresa Linden, readers are compassionately and deftly brought face to face with the shattering and far reaching consequences of teenage relationships which reject God s boundaries and blatantly violate His laws The story centers around fifteen year old Caitlyn Summer whom readers already met in Linden s wonderful novel Roland West, Loner and Caitlyn s best friend Zoe Both find themselves attracted to different brothers of the West family Caitlyn has a crush on shy, mysterious Roland the unforgettable hero of the prequel , while Zoe is besotted with his arrogant and unscrupulous older brother Jarret As Caitlyn struggles to accept her parents strict guidelines for virtuous old fashioned courtship, she discovers to her dismay that the most gorgeous girl in their school, Mya, also has an eye on Roland Caitlyn simply can t compete with her To make matters worse, Zoe ends up pregnant and pressured towards having an abortion.While all this drama is going on, the third West brother, Keefe, is having soul searching experiences of his own in faraway Italy, where God is gently drawing him to higher things through His Presence in the Blessed Sacrament I especially loved this sub plot of the book, which went straight to the heart of Catholicism and had me so absorbed that once or twice I almost prayed for Keefe, forgetting that he was only an imaginary character The way Linden weaves all the various intricate plots together is at once delightful, edifying, heartwarming, and, believe it or not even hilarious at times Linden is to be lauded for the way she handles such delicate and controversial subjects and brings them to a level where they can do so much good for hurt and confused teens struggling with these same issues.Despite the fact that this book follows Roland West, Loner it could be read as a stand alone novel Yet the prequel was so good that, really, you don t want to miss it Roland West, Loner was my personal favorite novel of 2015, so grab that one too The author and myself are both members of the Catholic Writers Guild and I received a complimentary advance copy of this beautiful book in exchange for my honest opinion I truly can t wait to read the upcoming third and final book of this fantastic series, Battle for his Soul which is scheduled for release in October I highly recommend all of Theresa Linden s novels.

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    Not only is Life Changing love an entertaining read, but it s a great tool for launching conversations between teens and parents about their expectations for dating and relationships.Caitlyn Summers is in love with being in love She yearns for her first boyfriend and her first kiss And she knows just the boy to make those dreams come true Roland West Only Roland, despite the mixed signals he sends, is not interested in having a girlfriend.By contrast, Caitlyn s gorgeous best friend Zoe has gone from zero to well beyond the speed limit in mere days with Roland s dangerous older brother Jarret.When Jarret s twin Keefe returns from a trip to Italy with his father, he s changed unwilling to allow Jarret to manipulate him, introspective, pious, and intrigued by Caitlyn.The lives of the West brothers and Caitlyn and Zoe turn topsy turvy as they struggle to navigate obedience to their parents, the longings of their hearts, and the predicament Jarret and Zoe have created for themselves.Theresa Linden does an outstanding job of capturing the tension of the teenage years The result is a moving story that shows the consequences of premature sexual relationships and the value of pursuing friendships that honor God and respect the dignity of each person The author is a fellow member of the Catholic Writers Guild I received an advance copy for my honest review.

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    A standalone sequel to Roland West, Loner, this novel tells the story of Roland s classmate Caitlyn, who at 15 is not allowed to date but who dearly wishes for a romantic relationship, competing for Roland s attention with a girl who has no restrictions and seemingly few inhibitions The characters Catholic faith is sensitively integrated into the narrative.This is a compelling novel that will appeal to readers in grade 7 and up.My review is based on an advance copy of the novel I received no compensation for this review.

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    I had a pretty good idea where this book was going This is the second book in the West Brothers series, but I have been jumping around and reading them out of order Prior to reading this book I had read book 1, Roland West Loner, and loved it I had read book 4, Standing Strong, and thought it was amazing I have also read Anyone But Him, which is a West Brother story set a few years after the first 4, and was blown out of the water by it So, even though I had an idea about some of the central events and how they ended up playing out, this book really touched me I so wish there had been Catholic Fiction Like these books when I was a teen, If I had read books like this book, this series, I likely would not have made some of the mistakes I mad growing up My faith would have been stronger earlier, and these fictional stories would have helped planed and deepened the roots of my faith This book brought me close to tears, and I have been married 15 years and my wife has only seen me cry twice This story does an excellent job of capturing adolescence and young adult life It captures, struggles, challenges, difficulties, mistakes, and trying to learn to do the right thing To begin with the West brothers are different than your normal high school kids Up until the year before this novel, they had used tutors and travelled with their parents on archeological digs and doing research They also lived in a castle with turrets and all They owned horses and a large piece of property And in this book, there is a lot of different things going on The characters are wonderfully written And the story is magnificently crafted Caitlyn Summer is almost fifteen and must practice courtship and wants to be in a relationship with Roland West.Zoe is a bit of a wild girl And is dating Jarret West Jarret West is the oldest of the boys, and until now was a bully to Roland, and hung out most with his twin Keefe.Keefe West has always acted as Jarret s conscience the story begins with him in Europe assisting his father on assignment He experiences a miracle in Italy that has changed him drastically Roland West is quiet, sincere, and really wants to patch things up with Jarret But he can t help feeling Jarret is about to mess up.There is a log going on in this novel Teen pregnancy A boyfriend pressuring the mother to have an abortion A religious experience that is shaping and transforming a young man And a girl that realizes she was an accident and the reason her parents got married And when you throw in camping trips, Halloween party, thanksgiving dinner And You have a snapshot of teen life today This book is strong enough to be read alone As are any in the series The writing is excellent Linden is my favorite contemporary Christian fiction writer The way that she infuses her stories with drama, action and yet strong faith and religious themes is wonderful I highly recommend this book and to be honest anything by Linden Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Theresa Linden As well as an author profile and interview with Theresa.Note This book is part of a series of reviews 2018 Catholic Reading Plan

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    Life Changing Love is a poignant tale about the beauty of life and the importance of being yourself It was well written and compelling, inspiring me to finish it within a few days.Caitlyn Summers is a character after my own heart This teenage girl reminds me much of how I myself was as a teen with her shy and modest nature I love how she realizes early on that she does not have to dress like the other girls, but, instead, has the perfect right to just dress according to her own personal style She also discovers an important truth that many teenage girls today need to know that you should never try to be someone else in order to appeal to a guy This strength found in taking a stand is paralleled in Roland, the guy she likes, as he must find the courage to speak up when a wrong is being committed The personalities of both characters are well captured through both inner thoughts and how they present themselves to others.The writing was filled with lovely imagery that allowed me to not only visualize the scene, but go beyond it That is to say, it had this poetic quality that moved beyond the common world in which we live to a description of a transcendent nature As a result, it could be argued that it connected to one of the main themes of the novel Life is beautiful.Like the writing, the atmosphere of the story had a transcendent quality Keefe, one of the West twins, like Caitlyn, is on a journey towards finding himself This inner journey is paralleled by an outer journey a trek through Italy Italy becomes almost like another character in the book a real, living, breathing place that nudges Keefe along as he discovers who he really is apart from his troublesome twin I loved how he realized that part of finding himself was finding God and growing closer to Him His spiritual growth after witnessing a Eucharistic miracle was nothing short of beautiful One of the most profound and noteworthy elements of the story was its pro life message While the main topic was abortion, Ms Linden showed the beauty of life in all stages, aptly defying the criticism that is often given to the pro life cause view spoiler Caitlyn gently cradles her baby brother, the two gazing at each other with pure love, while somewhere her pregnant best friend, struggling with a difficult situation, realizes that she cannot harm the younger baby in her womb Jarrett sits on a rock boulder with his twin brother, the two changed and now true and solid like the foundation upon which they sit He is a sixteen year old boy who used to care only for himself, but finds himself drawn to a child who will ultimately cause him to make a selfless choice Once, long ago, he saved a life for selfish reasons Now that foreshadowing has come full circle as he realizes the true meaning behind saving a life and the value of each and every human being Somewhere, at a family owned bed and breakfast, a young autistic boy, exuberant and filled with life, excitedly asks the guests questions He is beautiful and loved regardless of his disability And, finally, in one of my favorite moments, Caitlyn and her best friend Zoe return to the swings in a moment of innocent joy and healing hide spoiler

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    Overall, it was a nice read I liked getting into Caitlyn s head since that was interesting However, in Roland West, Loner, the antagonist doesn t come back and no one mentions him or his predicament It has a strong pro life message, which was nice to read Some of Caitlyn s parents rules were super strict I mean, I understand rules, but Caitlyn can t even watch a movie for two hours with her boyfriend in the afternoon Perhaps this is because she s fourteen fifteen That makes sense Maybe I m only finding this hard to believe because I m imagining the no movie at 2PM rule about a seventeen year old girl instead of Caitlyn Oh well Zoe shouldn t have lied and run off with her boyfriend, either Slow relationships are better than fast ones It was super annoying that she kept doing that, even after she got pregnant since Zoe getting pregnant is in the summary, I don t think that needs a spoiler warning.Jarret was a jerk as well I can t believe he would get back with his brothers by SPOILER threatening to mess with Caitlyn, because she s dating Keefe, but Roland also has a crush on her She doesn t have to be involved, yet he wants to drag her into his messed up plot SPOILER OVER.I did like that SPOILER Roland was Caitlyn s first kiss Since she never liked Keefe as much as Roland, I m glad they kissed instead of Keefe and her SPOILER OVER

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    It was so easy to relate to the characters in this novel, the second in a series by author Theresa Linden If you re like me, you ll remember how hard it is to have a crush on a wonderful person of the opposite sex when you re shy or reserved but someone else interested in him or her is not This is good Christian Catholic reading with a wonderful story that demonstrates love and faith as life changing motivators I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    This is the 2nd book in Linden s West Brothers Series One of the unique aspects of this series is the varying POV s In this book the chapters alternate between all three of the West brothers and their friend Caitlyn These different perspectives add a lot of intrigue to the story.One of the things I admire about Theresa Linden is that she is never afraid to tackle difficult topics and present them from a Catholic perspective The way she highlights the vast differences between conservative Christian values and societal norms is extremely powerful Because of this, her books are filled with incredible topics for discussion Life Changing Love focuses on dating in our modern society The book explores the differences between dating and courting and even broaches the difficult topics of pre marital relations and teen pregnancy There is nothing graphic in this book, but the subject matter might be aimed for slightly older, mature teens This is a wonderful pro life book with an emphasis on theology of the body I have read all the books in the West Brothers series and have enjoyed seeing their struggles, their growth, and their relationships grow and develop throughout the books.

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    Full of emotion and ridden with reality, Life Changing Love was an amazing young Catholic read.

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    Second book in the series a little tougher subject but handled in such a way that a young reader would not be scandalized I am looking forward to the third book in the series.

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