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Trilogía sucia de La Habana For The Last Four Decades, Fidel Castro S Communist Cuba Has Survived A Harsh Economic Blockade In , Castro Attempted Economic Reform By Allowing Cubans To Use US Dollars And Begin Their Own Business Ventures A Huge Messy Free For All This Time Of Confused, Low Rent Capitalism Is The Backdrop For Pedro Juan Gutierrez S Gritty, Powerful, And Atmospheric Novel In Stories, Dirty Havana Trilogy, Translated From The Original Spanish Version By Natasha WimmerGutierrez, Whose Prose Sings Of Grime And Simple, Hard Clay Truths, Much Like The Words Of Junot D Az, Is A Well Known Member Of The Latin American Visual Poetry Movement And A Magazine Journalist Living In Havana Dirty Havana Trilogy Is Written From The Semiautobiographical Point Of View Of Pedro Juan, AYear Old Sex Starved Ex Radio Journalist Cobbling Together An Existence By Selling Everything From Himself To Drugs To Whatever He Can Get His Hands On Everything S Worth Something Here, He WritesPedro Juan Is An Ex Radio Journalist Because In A Model Communist Society Nothing Bad Is Acceptable News Through His Tormented Lead Character, Gutierrez Provides A Window Into His Reasons For Writing Such A Crude Book That S Why I Was Disillusioned With Journalism And Why I Started To Write Raw Stories I Write To Jar People A Little And Force Others To Wake Up And Smell The Shit That S How I Terrorize Cowards And Mess With People Who Like To Muzzle Those Of Us Who Speak Up My Stories Could Run Bare Assed Out Into The Middle Of The Street, Shouting, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom That Said, Be Warned Dirty Havana Trilogy Is Not For The Faint Of Heart It Is Raw, Squarely Confronting Poverty, Racism, Violence, Prostitution, And The Lengths Cubans Go To In Order To Secure The Almighty Buck In One Story, The Man Who Lives Across The Hall From Pedro Juan, In The Crumbling Apartment Building That Serves As The Focal Point For Much Of The Book, Is Busted By The Cops For Stealing Human Livers From The Morgue And Selling Them On The Streets As Pork LiversBut Survival Isn T The Only Thing On The Minds Of Gutierrez S Colorful Characters Oddly Enough, It S The Quest For Release, For Fits Of Pleasure, For Some Sliver Of Happiness No Matter How Warped The Avenue May Seem To The World Outside Havana And That Quest Is Manifested In The Hard Core Sex That Permeates The Pages Of The Book An Orgasm Is One Of The Few Pleasures No One Can Be Denied As Violent And Nauseating As The Sex And The Life May Seem On The Surface, Gutierrez Achieves The Difficult Task Of Lifting His Characters From The Muck, Giving His Dirty Havana Trilogy An Intellectual And Emotional Depth That Far Outweighs The CarnalNear The End Gutierrez Writes, Born In The Ruins, They Just Kept Trying Not To Give Up Or Let Themselves Be Beaten So Severely That At Last They Were Forced To Surrender Anything Was Possible, Everything Allowed, Except Defeat The Book Then Becomes A Manifesto, A Well Wrought Fight Against Literary Persecution, A Release The Same As An Orgasm, Where The Truth Behind Every Dark Corner, Behind Every Door, Must Be Told Dirty Havana Trilogy Comes From The Same Womb In Which Literature Was Born, A Book That Just May Someday Be Held Up Beside Those Of The Mighty Dead Nelson Taylor Is A Freelance Writer And Author Of The Travel Guide America Bizarro, Published By St Martin S Press

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Trilogía sucia de La Habana book, this is one of the most wanted Pedro Juan Gutiérrez author readers around the world.

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    Cities, like dreams are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perceptions deceitful, and everything conceals something else Italo Clavino, Invisible Cities Just a word of warning there will be mature content in this review due to the explicit content of this novel This novel is a series of short vignettes that are roughly in chronological order The book is raw, focusing on the poorest of the poor of Havana It is 1993 and Castro has just allowed his people to trade legally in US dollars and opened up the market to free enterprise People can now own their own businesses as long as those businesses do not compete with the state It is a society short on goods and services, very few working opportunities, and the crushing boredom of too much time and too little diversion, people are walking on the thin edge of survival every day The main character is Pedro Juan a man who once was a celebrity radio reporter It is never really explained what he did, murky details, but he stepped on some toes and was fired We meet him at one of the many low points in his life As the book evolves it will become harder and harder to pinpoint the true low points The book is loosely based on the real exploits of the author Pedro Juan Gutierrez Pedro Juan Gutierrez So there I was, staring out at the Caribbean, with no idea what the fuck I could do to make a few pesos. Yep, that is pretty much Pedro Juan s circumstances every day He gets jobs as a garbageman, street sweeper, and slaughterhouse worker to name a few, but none of them pay very well and within short order he finds a reason to quit or provides them with a reason to fire him He only takes a job out of desperation when his black market scheming quits bearing fruit or he can t find a woman to make money for him.Havana is crumbling The infrastructure is on life support Bathrooms don t work, and there is no one to fix them Grand old mansions have been turned into apartment buildings sometimes holding 400 people The building that Pedro Juan is squatting in has an ebb and flow to it People coming from the country, people going to jail, and people finding temporary salvation living off a foreigner keep the building occupant numbers in flux There is this point in the novel that for me really showed the decrepitude of the circumstances that people are reduced to Pedro Juan is standing in line to use a bathroom on the rooftop of his building The bathroom doesn t work and a mound of crap is slowly advancing into the room Pedro Juan decides he can t wait any longer he craps into a piece of paper, wads it up and throws his offering onto the rooftop of the building next door Okay maybe I have been a member of the middle class too long, but I would do any work, whatever was available, to avoid finding myself in circumstances where I am taking a crap in front of my neighbors into a piece of paper and tossing that wad like a bomb onto a neighboring building There are people that may be there because they have no other options, but Pedro Juan has choices He is educated and capable, but being FREE is important.Pedro Juan has his own theories about the horrors of being middle class The middle class never knows what s what That s why they re always scared and want to be told what s wrong They think everything s deviant behavior It must be terrible to middle class and judge everything from a distance like that, never trying anything out for yourself The great thing about squalor is that I don t have to live it to experience it I can sit in my arm chair and pick up a book and spend a day in the slums of Havana or New Delhi or Detroit I don t feel the need to experience poverty first hand Crumbling CubaWhen I was going to college there was many times when the gas gauge of my car was setting on empty, that blaring amber round light burning a hole into my retina Many times I found myself with two thin dimes in my pocket and a bit hazy on the last time I had eaten I brushed up against poverty and in no way am I making a case that I experienced any true hardship, but those brief moments of uncertainty made me realize that I was going to do everything I could to not find myself in such circumstances again Pedro Juan believes that living in poverty equals true freedom Every day is a struggle to eat and afford the lifeblood of CubaRUM, but with no securities and no dependents he feels as free as a human being can He has naught to lose and very little to gain I had nothing to do Nothing urgent, at least In the long term, there are always prospects, hope, the future, everything soon to be better, God our savior But that s all always in the long term Just now, this minute, there s nothing The problem with his theory is that he is most successful when he is living off of a woman To maintain his freedom he must subjugate another When he finds his pockets empty and his stomach growling he sends his girlfriend out to patrol the streets looking for a foreigner to screw so he can eat He, for lack of a better term, is a pimp, a lazy pimp at that He doesn t walk the streets providing protection for her he just lays around the apartment waiting for her to return so he can spend her money When one woman gets smart, or finds a better position and leaves him he simply finds another Sex dominates the book, drips into every vignette some way or another Pedro Juan is obsessed not only with sex, but with his Long Tom or his preferred term prick I have a beautiful prick, broad, dark, six inches long, with a pink, throbbing head and lots of hair The truth is, I like my own prick, balls and pubes too It s a sinewy, luscious, hard prick Later in the book he is describing his package again and miracle of miracles it seems to have grown And I showed her my prick, eight inches of steel, thick and veined and angled to the left. If you do decide to read this book you will be subjugate to many descriptions of Pedro Juan s one eyed wonder weasel You will also experience his constant desire for sex His range seems to be anyone, regardless of shape or size, who is female between the ages of 71 and 20 He may not have standards, but he does have preferences He prefers mulattoes with large rear ends and grand tetons for breasts I have read and enjoyed Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, and Jean Genet so I don t think of myself as prudish, but as I worked my way through these stories the obsession with sexual conquests and the ready complicity of all the females started to become wearisome With very little effort he seems to convince these women to have sex with him There is one point where he hands a woman a plate of food at his house and becomes angry shortly there after because she refuses to have sex with him He is so used to having it all come so easily that he is outraged over any resistance The author has to keep reminding me that Pedro Juan is 45 because his actions, from his obsession with sexual conquest to his avoidance of any responsibility, keep me thinking he is in his early twenties The author also in his forties when he wrote this book seems to be proud of the fact that he still has the same desires as a much younger man It isn t a novel that you want to sit down and read straight through The stories start to feel repetitive I found that the book worked better for me when I would read a few vignettes and then set it aside to read something else I picked this book up because I really enjoy Leonardo Padura Fuentes His noir color series about Lieutenant Mario Conde brim with sensuality and his eye for detail make me feel like I m there and want to be there His first book in the series Havana Red won The Cafe De Gijon Prize, The Novela Negra Prize and The Hammett Prize If you want a subtler, but still rich with detail, introduction to Cuban culture that would be my recommendation.

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    Pedro Juan Gutierrez s Dirty Havana Trilogy is a fascinating book The Havana he talks about is not the one described in travel brochures it s a bleak world, a blend of Bukowski, Miller, and Kafka In many ways, this reminds me of non fiction works by Reinaldo Arenas, only Gutierrez has one big advantage over Arenas his prose may show the dark side of Cuba, but he is devoid of any obvious ideological position Dirty Havana Trilogy is not a political pamphlet, he is not an opposition to the regime, he is not anti communist or he is so at least to the extent he is anti capitalist, or anti anything for that matter He doesn t seem to have a well articulated political position and bounces from one to another throughout the book in a similar fashion, the size of his penis oscillates as well The very genius of the book is in this bouncing around, from one woman to another, from one drink to another, from being a journalist to selling drugs, etc The book is extremely readable, but it gets repetitive after a while, since all the new things that happen have happened before Murders stop being intriguing, sex stops being shocking and your reading experience may turn into his life of the same For this reason, I recommend you dose the chapters carefully Enjoy.

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    Senza un cazzo da direNon che mi abbia mai dato fastidio il turpiloquio o il linguaggio volgare, ma credo ferventemente che questo debba essere inserito in un contesto sensato Per fare un esempio, Welsh mi piace Invece, ci che non mi piace, quando qualche frase sboccata viene utilizzata principalmente perch non c altro da dire.Qualche frase ad effetto, un paio di riflessioni sul senso della vita e sul ruolo degli esseri umani nel mondo, condite da qualche cazzo e scopare , non possono bastare a colmare un grande vuoto di trama che non ho capito quale fosse, per inciso vero, l autore permette di affacciarsi ad uno scorcio della miseria pi nera che imperversa a l Avana, ma a parte questo non saprei che altro abbia letto, oltre ad aver trovato sgradevole il voler essere grezzo quasi forzatamente.Leggo che Pedro Juan Gutierrez venga considerato una versione latino americana di Bukowski, che non ho mai letto forse, semplicemente, non fa per me Ho letto questo primo tassello della trilogia sporca con Elisa grazie della compagnia pensando che avremmo poi potuto proseguire con la lettura, ma abbiamo deciso di fermarci qui, evitando di infierire Semplicemente, non c stato feeling.

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    I discovered this on my husband s bookshelf while dusting it recently, and was curious about it, so thought I d give it a go I ve kept picking this up over the last few weeks, but having read 205 pages, I ve decided to give up on it, and accept it s not for me I usually like quite gritty or shocking books, but I just couldn t connect with this Dirty Havana Trilogy will put you off ever visiting Havana I think it s completely destroyed my positive experience of the film Dirty Dancing Havana Nights This is quite a slow moving dirty, dark, gritty, harrowing and shocking book Covering violence, squalor, lots of sex, masturbating, drugs, sexuality and suicide If reference to the chopping off of a penis, graphic suicide scenes and the raping of dead bodies doesn t appeal to you, I d strongly recommend avoiding this book.I m sure this will appeal to many readers, but this just made me feel sick, hungover and in need of a shower every time I read some of it The funny thing is when I mentioned it to my husband and asked him what he thought of it, he told me he gave up reading it after 25 pages In hindsight, I probably should have asked him about it before I started reading it.

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    I m not sure if I really enjoyed this, to be honest Its three stories, but I can t really see any reason for them being separated into a trilogy rather than a bunch of short stories There is no storyline in any of the three parts, every chapter is just a different account of supposed daily life of those struck by the crippling poverty awful quality of life in 90 s Havana That element itself is what I enjoyed about the book, as it was a culture place I knew nothing of before reading this book What killed the book for me was the horrific use of macho sexual bravado, which to me just came across as desperate boring According to this book every woman in Havana is a whore, people fuck on every street corner, its acceptable for a man to jerk off in the street, no one seems to get STDs, women are struck dumb by the beauty of a hard cock It just sounds like this guy has never had sex in his life, the sexual overkill was such a turn off Its a shame, as the writing would have been so much effective had he chosen the sexual episodes carefully used them sparingly.

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    this book SHOCKED me with g s ability to craft such steaming hot often funny raunchiness into such truly gorgeous sophisticated tales it s one of those novels that each chapter stands on it s own and each closes on a really poignant note but it s DIRTY just plain filthy and hairy and stinky and raw i mean, you ll blush on the train and look over at people thinking they must be able to sense it to smell it on you even but it s really really great nonetheless i tried another of his books but it was a huge disappointment after this it seems so free because of the content but it has astoundingly masterful discretion in style.

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    I m not quite sure how I feel about this book From what I can gather it s a semi fictional autobiography of the author himself, who used to be a journalist in Cuba The Havana in this book is not the pretty, sunny, exotic Havana I remember from the documentary _Havana Libre_ It s filthy, sweaty, cut throat, and depressing People fucking in alleys filled with garbage and cockroaches Sleeping on the floor next to the cockroaches Drinking cheap rum and eating mangoes someone else vomited on Telling each other to crawl up their mother s cunt I will say that the writing is brilliant you can feel your skin crawling with the realism of the gritty descriptions Every time I put the book down I wanted to go take a hot shower and scrub myself down to the bone And despite the disgust the book inspired, I did feel compelled to read it to the end There isn t much of a plot and several times I couldn t remember whether certain characters were new or had appeared in a previous chapter, but overall I d say it s an interesting read I m not sure if I ll want to read it again, though Definitely not the kind of book you want to curl up with on a lazy afternoon.

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