Hell's Teeth

Hell's TeethThis was great vampires, zombie type things and a good collection of interesting strong and non clich female leads blasting their way through a city stalked by a murderer a few spelling grammar issues in my copy, but nothing that took away from the enjoyment of the story This book read like an action movie, with great fast pacing and barely a moment to rest between some excellent set pieces From escaping vampire nightclubs by punching through a wall, battling the undead in gothic church basements, gunfights with mercs at a wealthy gala poor Phoebe Harkness definitely gets her cardio quota in all this action is balanced well with some good old fashioned sleuthing cue hacking into private secret government computers and snooping around your bosses abandoned house finding curious old photographs It felt like I was watching a movie than reading a book, it was so immersive And the constant danger is tempered with some extremely witty dialogue It s like Buffy grew up and moved to Oxford England, and I love it. This book reads like an epic TV show every chapter feels like a tune in next week cliffhanger, in a good way, and it felt like a mish mash of all the best bits of Buffy and Underworld Absolutely great fun flicks through Netflix looking for the adaptation Fabulous read a true murder mystery full of vampires, a great dark and gothic setting, and some hilarious humour and one liners.At times dark and gory, and filled with titbits of history and interest I loved this and can easily see it being a Netflix series or movie one of the funniest MC I ve read in a while New Oxford A Third Of The Human Population Has Been Lost The Wars Came, And They Created A Monster The Pale, A Subhuman, Vampire Like Drone Then They Lost ControlIn The Thirty Years That Followed, Humankind Sought To Rebuild Itself Within The Walls Of New Oxford But Society Had Become Fractured Humans Now Lived Incongruously Among Genetic Others, Themselves A Group Of Many Subspecies The Most Dangerous Of Them All The Vampires Somehow, These Groups Have Managed A Peaceful Co Existence Under The Controlling Government Influence Of The Cabal But That Is All About To Change When Phoebe Harkness Receives A Phone Call In The Middle Of The Night, Things Take A Turn To The Horrifying Her Supervisor At Blue Lab One, A High Security Research Facility, Has Gone Missing And All That Is Left Behind Her Teeth Dr Harkness Now Finds Herself In A Race Against Time To Stop Further Bloodshed And Uncover The Mystery Behind The Victims Of This Horrific Crime She Must Navigate The Dark Underworld Of The Vampire Community, Without Becoming Someone S Prey Herself But She Is Not Alone On Her Side, Against All Odds, Is Another Vampire Together They Must Fight For Answers Before It S Too Late Hell S Teeth Is The Gripping First Instalment Of The Urban Gothic Phoebe Harkness Series It Follows The Young Doctor As She Stalks Through The Corrupt Dystopia Of New Oxford You guys This book was SO good The opening chapter was brilliant hooked me right in and kept me that way right through I found it surprisingly refreshing to read a vampire story where romance wasn t the central theme Phoebe Harkness is witty, strong and extremely likeable Fast moving plot, and fantastic world building Very impressed, I m excited to read from this author. This book is a very fresh take on the vampire urban gothic myth In a world ravaged by wars, the story is set within the walls of New Oxford, a place both recognisable and chillingly believable A great deal of dystopia is very far fetched, but this scenario, and the uneasy truce between humans and the Genetic Others, seems a little bit too possible.The author has created a very likeable, relatable character in Phoebe Harkness She has the most delightful sense of humour and a steely determination to make the best of this new world She s not the usual flawless heroine, and that s why she appealed to me so much She is thrown into something that she has no control over, and subsequent events lead her further down the rabbit hole unearthing buried secrets which have a huge impact on humanity as a whole Fahy also excels in his introduction of the supporting players They are all well rounded, beautifully crafted and with their own part to play in the story Quite simply, they shine I have a huge soft spot for Griff, Lucy, the ever prickly Ms Cloves and Allesandro.I will be eagerly awaiting the second book in this series, Crescent Moon, later this year. Phoebe Harkness is my new Hero How awesome to have a leading female MC who isn t a plain girl with a plain face but a PROPHECY FILLED DESTINY and forever falling at the feet of every eight pack abbed vampire would be lover who stumbles across her path.No, in Hell s Teeth, what we get instead is Harkness, a funny, slightly awkward but unapologetically intelligent scientist, who is constantly surrounded by the usual shirtless supernatural lotharios who saturate this genre, but who to be honest, finds them of an irritation than anything else Phoebe would rather slob at home and watch her world s equivalent of Netflix, but to great comic effect, is constantly thrown into the path of danger and conspiracy Some of the funniest moments in this excellent book come from Phoebe s often sarcastic and funny responses to super dramatic situations which would feel massively melodramatic in the hands of a less skilled writer This manages to poke fun at all the stereotypes of the genre, while also being a damn good story too. 4.5 massive stars for this great read Again, not my usual genre, but boy, was I sucked in My housework suffered today as I was glued to the pages, heart pounding, head racing and wow Reminded me of the Will Smith movie, I am Legend Fabulous read Mr Fahy Hell s Teeth by James FahyA phone call wakes Phoebe Harkness at 3.00am At that godless hour, it s only ever one of two things Somebody s dead, or somebody s drunk Unfortunately for me it was the former From this gripping opening, James Fahy s fast paced story held me every step of the way New Oxford In a new world after war has ravaged the old, Dr Phoebe Harkness hurries to uncover a mystery of a terrible crime In the process, she must go into dark areas of the city, and try to get out again alive In this new world, humans co exist with Vampires, GOs Genetic Others , Pales and Bonewalkers James Fahy s world building is excellent and is delivered with complete ease to the reader.The characters are fantastic I ve read James Fahy s Isle of Winds and I found the same in that story wonderful, well rounded characters that leap off the page Chief of these is Phoebe who is tough, witty and smart I found the story gripping, compelling, and exciting, with a good dose of humour, and with a thrilling, nail biting conclusion This is a 5 Star read I definitely recommend this book.

James Fahy is the childrens author of the Changeling fantasy series, a Middle Grade age series following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our world, and the Netherworlde, a shadowy realm which lies beyond our own.In addition to fantasy for younger people, James also writes adult Urban Gothic James is represented by the Ampersand Literary Agen

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 236 pages
  • Hell's Teeth
  • James Fahy
  • English
  • 06 June 2018

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