WolfsongPRICE DROP TODAY TO 0.99 ATUS IF YOU DON T OWN THIS ONE 4 4 19Spoiler free review4.5 stars RAWR T.J Klune writing a shifter book I m soooooo there First of all, I m a total T.J Klune fan girl, so when I saw that he was writing a werewolves book, I just about died I know what you all want to know does this book deliver The answer is YES Do you also want to knowabout the story, the really relevant things, not just a plot summary If the answer is YES, then read on T.J Klune has two main writing styles serious Withered Sere, Into This River I Drown and hilarious Tell Me It s Real, The Lightning Struck Heart , with some intersection in between How To Be A Normal Person Wolfsong falls squarely in the serious camp, with little moments of levity, but lots and lots of angst I like T.J Klune in all forms of his writing I like it when he writes his really light hearted stuff, and I like it when he writes his heart breaking stuff This book also had a particular style of writing that T.J Klune often uses, mostly with his heavier stuff There is a lot of repetition of important lines and text, over and over again throughout the story, and a lot of imagery that is very evocative to the reader The style is alsopoetic and less He went to the store and bought chicken Then he went to the park T.J Klune is very deliberate and conscious of his word choice in this story, and it readslike fantasy than most paranormal shifter romances that I m used to That is a good thing, and I m always grateful that T.J shows us different stuff than any other author This book is also, dare I say it, sexy T.J Klune is known to be a lot of things, but a writer of really down and dirty sex scenes yeah, not his bag I m a lover of the sexy parts of romance novels, but I never mind the lack of sex in a T.J Klune book Wolfsong, however, was pretty freakin hot at parts I mean, we only get a couple of scenes here or there, but I was impressed , man I think it will be a pleasant surprise for some readers who aren t expecting T.J to really turn up the heat What excited me most about this book, however, wasn t the really special writing style or the plot line, which was interesting but not anything particularly mind blowing in the world of shifter romance What impressed me was how completely awesome the romance was between Ox and Joe I swear, T.J Klune can write chemistry like no other I often struggle with romance books where there is a lot of telling about the connection between two MCs but no showing SHOW ME THE LOOOOVE I love an EPIC romance, and so many authors give me a friends with benefits vibe That is NOT a problem in this book Ox and Joe have a romance for the ages, and not because of some silly shifter book insta love mates thing, which I see all the time We really get to see Ox and Joe grow and change together, overcoming insurmountable obstacles, and getting stronger andcomplex as a couple Now, on the topic of Ox and Joe as a couple, I did feel a little like, wait, haven t I seen this before with a T.J book The big age gap, the crushes, the childhood friends thing It felt SO familiar Then I realized what it was I had been getting a BIG Tyson and Dominic vibe The Art of Breathing Now, that isn t a bad thing, even a little bit, but it did feel a little familiar to me and it might also to you.Onto a slightly different topic, there are things that happen in this book that made me feel VERY frustrated and mad I was frustrated along with some of the MCs, and one of the things I am most grateful for is that T.J Klune didn t let ANY characters off the hook easily It is one of my biggest pet peeves when a character does something that makes me mad, and the other characters just let it go like nothing ever happened, like they weren t ever upset NO I LOVE that T.J let his characters be resentful and petty and frustrated and emotional and annoyed, just like real people There are a lot of emotions there that really rang true for me I also loved T.J s secondary characters and there are a LOT of them In fact, I had a hard time remembering who was who in the beginning All of those names it all jumbled together By the end I had it sorted out, but I was lost for little pieces at the beginning However, the characters that he does write are very, very strong They all felt well rounded, and I have high hopes that a number of them will be getting their own stories in this series in the future What this book didn t do for me, that it seemed to do with every other reader, was make me cry I sat there not crying like a callous beotch during some really sad scenes I m not sure why I wasn t quite touched on that level but I wasn t It isn t a bad thing, especially considering the emotional wrecking that I went through with Withered Sere, but I just wasn t there Don t get me wrong, I felt a LOT of emotions during this story, but it didn t destroy me I m going to wrap this review up, I swear Basically, all of T.J Klune s fans will love this book It was fabulous and well written, just like we ve all come to expect from T.J., with the added bonus of some sexy times and some light brushes of humor I think shifter book fans, and those who have never tried one, will eat this one up, and I know that this series had some AWESOME things in store for us Copy provided in exchange for an honest review And that right there, ladies and someladies and probably a few gentlemen, is how you write a freaking shifter novel This is the tale of the Bennett pack of werewolf shifters, the oldest, most respected pack in the entire country, and how a human boy named Ox first heals the broken family at the end of the lane and then makes them stronger than they d ever been before.At the core of the story, though, are Ox Matheson and Joe Bennett How they meet, how they grow up, together and separately, how they become family and eventuallyMates.At 12, Ox s drunken father leaves for good, telling his son that he s dumb as an ox and that people will give you shit all your life Ox never feels like he fits in and that he isn t worth much at all.Then 4 years later, Ox meets a little blond tornado named Joe on the side of the road, who is convinced that Ox is his personal everything At 10 years old, Joe had been kidnapped and broken by a monster He d withdrawn from the world and hadn t spoken a single word for over a year Until he meets a 16 y.o boy who immediately becomes his entire world.The next 7 years are mostly candy canes and pinecones and epic and awesome , with lots of humor and touching moments of family and belonging until Joe s monster returns and TJ gives us a huge dose of wookie cry face Bastard I ll be honest, with as many books as I read, I ve gotten fairly desensitized to sad parts in books and often find myself saying,Shouldn t this be making me cryWell, not this time There in the forest, under a new moon and stars that lied, we sang our pack homeYes, I cried And cried Then cried someLike a goddamn baby.However, worse than the aftermath of the attack is the long separation that follows This part made me want to punch one T.J Klune squarely in his junk, guys Sorry, love you, T.J heh Three years One month Twenty six days That dividing of the pack, and our boys, is awful, but necessary, I suppose It doesn t mean that I liked it, though.During those 3 years, the pack not only heals, mostly, but Ox also comes into his own, becoming what the pack, his pack, needs him to be.When Joe finally returns home, Ox is just so very angry that he doesn t know if he ll ever be able to forgive Joe for abandoning him and his family when they all needed him the most.But TJ isn t a complete fucker, so past hurts are slowly forgiven and, as expected, Ox and Joe do get their hard won HEA.What I truly loved about this book was that, yes, it was a shifter story, but TJ didn t quite adhere to the typical werewolf lore rules found in all of the other shifter stories that I ve read I was in awe of where TJ took Ox s character and what, as a human, he accomplished for the pack What he became for the pack, out of necessity Out of love And out of loss.Yes, there were metric tons of angst and tears in this story, but there was so much love, so much connection between the characters that it all felt like a continual lightning strike to the heart See what I did thereThe decade long story just flowed and every single one of the plot points felt natural and entirely essential There were no drama llamas or contrivances on any of the book s 400 pages Wolfsong is one of TJ s best works to date and is easily one of my all time favorite books.So do not pass go Do not collect 200 Go directly to One Click and get this great 4.75 star book ASAP My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. Updated 10 5 16 Wolfsong is now available in audio I hope you enjoy it.Tjhttp www.audible.com pd Fiction WolUpdated 9 17 16 The audiobook for Wolfsong is in the process of being recorded as we speak After listening toauditions than I ve had with any previous book, I selected Kirt Graves as the narrator Never heard of him That s because this is his first audiobook.No pressure, right But man, did he nail that audition And what put him over everyone else was his voice for Gordo He was the only one that got it exactly right It was a little nerve wracking, especially given when I found out he hadn t recorded anything else before, but then I remembered one thing Michael Lesley hadn t either when he was picked for Tell Me It s Real, and look what happened with that So Kirt will be Ox and Joe and all the others And it s looking like Wolfsong will be out in audio by the end of the year I ll let you all know when it s ready Tj Thanks for reading.Buy Links Dreamspinner Noble Romance 5 StarsHe said, There was never anyone else the entire time I was gone.There was never anyone else for me.Because even if you couldn t hear me when I called for you,the howl in my heart was always meant for youEvery once in a while a book comes along that you weren t expecting and just blows you away.I d read friends reviews for this and got the sample but the only thing putting me of was that it s quite long and the lack of steam.Well,I started reading it and right from the first page it sucked me in and I was completely captivated by Ox.He s 12 when the book opens,a bit of a loner with no self worth.When he s 16 he notices the house down the lane,which has been empty for a while,is now occupied by a familyThe Bennett s.One day he meets the youngest,10 year old Joe.A little blonde tornado who rocks into his world and won t let go.Little does Ox know that this meeting will change his life forever.I ve read a few shifter books but this is in a different league.I loved the characters.I loved the family and feeling of belonging.There s love,loss,deep connections and bonds that are unbreakable.It s the first book I ve read by this Author and to say I was impressed is an understatement.the writing is simply stunning.Just an amazing,emotional story 5 stars So I have a friend who recommended this book to me I put it on my TBR and said I d read it soon Then a few weeks later, she said Hey Have you read this yet Since I was getting badgered LOL I looked it up to see if it was on audible It was, so I knew it was meant to be I started listening right away Wolfsong is a story of family, friendship, loyalty and love It s my first read by TJ Klune, but I plan to read manyEspecially if there are spin offs from this book I know a few characters that need their own storyIt s always the ones who are the quietest who often have the greatest things to say Ox s father left him and his mother when he was 12 Ox was always a little on the quiet side He never really fit in He started working at a local mechanic s shop shortly after and found a group there that got him But it wasn t until the Bennett s came into town that he truly felt that sense of family and belonging On his sixteenth birthday, his life is forever changed when Joe Bennett comes into it Joe s family is a little different, but that s okay with Ox I love how everyone in this story embraces differences There are some fantastic characters in this story Not just the main ones, so many of the secondary ones had a place in my heart Everyone has a purpose to the story As much as I loved them all, none were as special to me as Ox I completely adored him I loved his relationships His relationship with his mom, with Gordo, all his guys at the shop, and everyone in the Bennett family His relationship with Joe is by far the most important I love how it started out as friendship, then grew into so muchJoe saw Ox as the man he really was He wasn t the quiet, awkward boy He was everything SighYou don t get to decide what you re worth because you obviously don t know You don t get to decide that any because you have no fucking idea that you re worth everything This was a long book, but it didn t feel long It was one of those audios that made me want to put down whatever book I was reading so I could focus on listening to it There were lots of moments I smiled, some moments of laughter, tears, and even frustration You will get frustrated a time or two, but it s okay It s all okay at the end The angst was so worth it TJ Klune wrote an outstanding, emotional and extraordinary story when he wrote Wolfsong I can t think of one thing I didn t love about it The narration was fantastic if you like audio I highly recommend this one 5 starsI just want to be wherever you are ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER Signed paperback giveaway grabby hands Go to www.steamyreads.net to enter It s right on the front page Back in September my buddy Judith said, I was blown away by this book She said, I wasn t expecting it And I said, Sounds good, may be later Then my friend Jan read this book and said, SO MUCH TALENT And I said, Noted On TBR And then in October, on Instagram, Tillie Cole said, Holy shit you guys, read this book She said, It s beautiful She said, Everyone should read it And I said, Okay And now I ve read it And I said to my blog wifie Val, HOLY FUCKING SHIT I said, This has everything you love shifters, mates for life, M M And she said, Okay Then I said to my biotch Arianna, You should read this book, it s awesome I said, It s long but you ll like it I know you will And she said, Okay And I say, NO, NOT OKAY GET THE BOOK AND READ IT BECAUSE I AM ALPHA I AM TELLING YOU TO READ THIS BOOK OKAY ON SALE FOR.99 RIGHT NOWYou don t get to decide what you re worth because you obviously don t know You don t get to decide that any because you have no fucking idea that you re worth everythingHow does one review perfection I don t know But I am sure going to try.I knew from chapter 1 this was going to be a 5 star read That this was going to be the best thing I ve read in a while Or maybe even one of the best books I ve read, EVER.You know when a book is so good you have to go back and re read chapters because you just don t want it to end You know when a book is so good that you RUSH home and shut out the world so you can focus on the story and nothing else You know when a book is so good you sneak your kindle out wherever you are so you can just be with the characters for a little while longer That was this book In fact, I don t think I ll ever stop reading it I think I ll just re read chapters for the rest of timeAnd I ve been waiting, Joe said For him to look at me like I looked at him And he finally did He finally did And I m going to do everything I can to make sure it stays like that Because I want him for alwaysI mean I highlighted whole chapters WHOLE ENTIRE FREAKING CHAPTERS.I was not prepared for the emotional slaughter this put me through I was NOT prepared to fall in love with the simplistic writing style Or to laugh as hard as I did Or to have my heart burst from the love that oozed from the pages or the incredible charactersYou confuse me You aggravate me You re amazing and beautiful, and sometimes, I want to put my teeth in you just to watch you bleed I want to know what you taste like I want to leave my marks on your skin I want to cover you until all you smell like is me I don t want anyone to touch you ever again I want you Every part of youTo quote the great Suanne Laqueur, What the fuck is this book doing being a profoundly beautiful love story For real, TJ Klune Who the hell do you think you are creating this masterpiece Wtf man.You ve ruined me RUINED ME You have also sabotaged anything I try and pick up after this There is no freaking way anything will compare.All kidding aside, every single person needs to read this book I will be harassing you until you do DThere was never anyone else the entire time I was gone There was never anyone else for me Because even if you couldn t hear me when I called for you, the howl in my heart was always meant for youWolfsong Find Me On Instagram FB Page FB Blog Blog 5 Stars Re read 7 11 18Second time around and it was just as enthralling and brilliant as the first time This is a story you can t help but get sucked into never wanting to leave these characters behind I can not wait for the next book xx What can I say TJ You blew my mind once again I cannot say enough how much I LOVE this mans writing The worlds and characters he creates are nothing if not brilliant The way he weaves a story together while at the same time managing to create so many different characters who are so unique in their own right in ONE book has me in awe of him Whenever I see a new book coming out by this guy it s an automatic buy for me He s a go to read He s unique in what he writes He has a way of grabbing you and keeping hold of you throughout his stories that you don t feel the number of pages you read You don t miss the sex you get in so many other books He captures you by his unique story telling and his amazing characters he has created The guy is brilliant and so was this story.I waited awhile to read this one I needed the hype and all the posting of it to slow down before I could start it It was hard because so many were reading it and posting amazing reviews or comments on it, but I held out Until I couldn t any Once I started this I couldn t put it down It, like so many of T.J s books, grabbed me and wouldn t let me go I was completely useless to my family while reading this and annoyed them greatly as they did me when they tried to interrupt my reading LOLOx What a special character I adored him He was so damn sweet He s 12 when the story begins and I loved that we got to grow with him He is a character that will capture your heart He did mine and by the end I was completely in love with this character Once the Bennett s show up everything getsinteresting The family is close and I loved them all Especially the twins and of course, Joe He was just too cute The friendship between him and Ox was so damn adorable Joe and Ox s story starts when they re both kids Ox being 16 and Joe being 10 They meet as Ox is walking home Joe is standing in the middle of the dirt road and tells Ox that he smells of, candy canes and pinecones and epic and awesome And their relationship blooms from there We watch them grow, separate, and come back together I don t want to give much of the story away Just know it s amazing and just writing this review makes me want to read it all over again.I recommend this one to everyone Even if this isn t your type of read, try it The characters, writing, and story building is too great to miss out on Enjoy, dolls xx Ox Was Twelve When His Daddy Taught Him A Very Valuable Lesson He Said That Ox Wasn T Worth Anything And People Would Never Understand Him Then He LeftOx Was Sixteen When He Met The Boy On The Road, The Boy Who Talked And Talked And Talked Ox Found Out Later The Boy Hadn T Spoken In Almost Two Years Before That Day, And That The Boy Belonged To A Family Who Had Moved Into The House At The End Of The LaneOx Was Seventeen When He Found Out The Boy S Secret, And It Painted The World Around Him In Colors Of Red And Orange And Violet, Of Alpha And Beta And OmegaOx Was Twenty Three When Murder Came To Town And Tore A Hole In His Head And Heart The Boy Chased After The Monster With Revenge In His Bloodred Eyes, Leaving Ox Behind To Pick Up The PiecesIt S Been Three Years Since That Fateful Day And The Boy Is Back Except Now He S A Man, And Ox Can No Longer Ignore The Song That Howls Between Them This smells of pinecones and candy canes Of epic and awesome.I don t exactly remember the smell of pinecones and candy cones right now.But I will always remember the smell of epic and awesome.It s a power some have A power a few people on Earth simply have The power of writing epic and awesome The power of creating epic and awesome.This is an epic and awesome creation And it s powerful In every sense of the word.I loved everything in this book I loved Ox I loved Joe I loved the pack, as a whole, and each one of them individually I loved the family I loved the friends I loved the bonds I loved the sexy I loved the kink yes, the KINK I loved the fluffy I loved the rawness I loved the laughs I loved the lump in my throat I loved the magic I loved the wolves I loved the sense of belonging The sense of ownership The sense of conquering The sense of surrendering The sense of acknowledge The sense of goodbye The sense of marking The sense of mating The sense of despair The sense of exhilaration The sense of completion The sense of perfection.It was poetry in prose This inner voice This earthy voice This mystical voice This soundless voice A voice that reverberates A voice that pulls you under A voice that makes you fly It was an insistent voice, an evocative voice, a tactile voice Pictures behind my eyelids Vibrations inside my bones Sinking feeling in my stomach It s a voice that surrounds everything and impregnates everything It s a voice I can touch and I can caress It s a voice that touches and caresses me From the inside It s warmth and it s love It was liquid and solid Without defined shape Without defined color It s powerful Violet, blue, red, orange Green.Green Green Green I felt I was dying and seeing the sun for the first time in my life I felt I was flying too close to the sun I felt I was touching this sun and setting myself afire.Once and again Once and again And again.Some books don t exist but there is always a place waiting for them There was an empty space once This space screamed For a long time Demanding attention Demanding plenitude Nobody heard that scream It existed once Not any Because this book was created and it filled that space At last It was meant to be.What s this, really A shifters book A love story A tale of family and union A coming of age book A soul mates destiny A fantasy novel The light against the dark I don t dare to say what this is.I was so satisfied.With everything.I marvelled at the long arguments How things were not black and white Were not easy to solve Were not something that could be fixed with a kiss and a few words I loved the complex conversations I marvelled at the big mistakes and at the big wise moves I marvelled at the suffering and the healing I marvelled at all the hilarious in here I marvelled at brothership and friendship and packship and all the ships in the universe.I marvelled at a witch working in a garage I marvelled at Bennet s pups protecting Ox at school I marvelled at Ox s mother kicking like a bad ass Rico s Spanish Elizabeth s dances at a song of those who stay behind Or are left behind Small displays of genius that are subtle but constant I m sure I didn t catch them all with my conscious mind and that s why I will never be able to write them and pay a proper homage to them But deep inside, I saw them all They were there I can simply sum it up saying how marvelled I was at the affection I felt for everybody here, because every detail is essential, every little word, every casual scene Each one of them was carved on stone Every one of them is there for something Every breath of theirs is useful and noticeable The characters not only keep their seats warm, but you feel the lost of warmth when they disappear, and you feel the warmth when they come back Or the eternal loss when they never do.I marvelled at Ox OxOxOxOxOxOxOxOxOxOxOxOxOxOxOxOx His selflessness His loneliness His longing His ability to love And forgive And love again His innocence His strength His resilience His sense of what s right and what s wrong His straightforwardness His raw honesty His hesitant self worth His large presence Large as life His heart on his sleeve but also his guts, his balls And his brains Life is going to give him shit, but he will always be standing I love Ox s love.Joe.This little tornado who came out nothing Whose words meant the beginning of it all Of adventure Of happiness Of loss Of everything It was simply right that he pronounced those exact words to that exact person in that each moment in that exact place It was right His joy His euphoria His instincts His choices, bad and good His hopelessness His nightmares His shadows His dark This yearning that makes him tremble His lack of voice His trigger to make him talk.The characters were not perfect but they were born that way Epic and awesome in their own way Little shining stars in this infinite universe of Klune.The story line not only makes sense but feels right In every moment of the road.It s complex and could go on and on and on Beyond the ending, there is a to be continued An Hasta la vista, baby.Not exactly an I will be back but an I never left.It s full of green.When I was little I wanted to go to Hogwarts But when I graduate there, I want to move to Green Creek and become part of the Bennet pack More pics view 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When TJ Klune was eight, he picked up a pen and paper and began to write his first story which turned out to be his own sweeping epic version of the video game Super Metroid he didn t think the game ended very well and wanted to offer his own take on it He never heard back from the video game company, much to his chagrin Now, over two decades later, the cast of characters in his head have only

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