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The SeanceThere s nothing WRONG with this book, but there s nothing fabulous about it, either It shows the author researched a lot about slang in the era, but the characters seemed paper doll like and were not particularly well developed The mystery angle had the feel of a script okay, now we re at the climax so I should drop a clue here This mechanical nature of the writing without the love of character prevented me from really getting into what could have been an interesting tale about a psychic s son s relationship with Houdini The idea is good and the writing and pacing are good, so I d have to say this is just average farenot bad enough to abandon, but not good enough to read again. Middle school historical fictionTarget audience Grades 5 8Scooter King is a boy living in North America during the 1920s His mother pretends to be a medium and gives s ances to clients while Scooter helps her with her fakery Scooter is very interested in Harry Houdini, who is in town for a performance While visiting the theater where Houdini is to have his show, Scooter stumbles upon a dead body and he is soon embroiled in a mystery.Strengths Explores an interesting time period in history Seems well researchedWeaknesses There s a lot of slang that may be hard for a reader to decipher.I liked The S ance quite a bit I m very interested in Spiritualism, which was an occult religious movement that was popular in the latter half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century This book features Houdini, who really was interested in Spiritualism he and Arthur Conan Doyle had a falling out about it Overall, I thought the book was very solid historical fiction The author has been writing children s historical fiction since the 1990s, and he seems very competent at it I probably wouldn t use The S ance in a lesson, but that s only because the book doesn t cover a time period that is studied in elementary or middle school. SCOOTER KING UNDERSTANDS Illusions In The Midst Of The Roaring Twenties, He Performs Them Behind The Scenes At His Mother S S Ances, Giving The Impression That Madam King Communicates With The Dead Scooter Also Admires Harry Houdini And Can Hardly Wait To See The Famed Magician Escape From His Razzle Dazzle Burmese Torture Tank But When Scooter Stumbles Upon A Dead Body In The Visiting Houdini S Tank, It S No Illusion Who Could The Murderer Be And Did He Or She Kill The Right Person As Scooter Sets Out To Unmask The Killer, The Mysterious Worlds Of Mediums, S Ances, And Magic Are Revealed No One Is Above Suspicion, And Appearances Are Deceiving If Scooter Doesn T Sort Out The Clues And Fast He May End Up As The Next Dead Body From The Hardcover Edition This book was very meticulous It made me thought what would happen next and how will it play out, but as I read the story was getting and phenomenal I would have to recommend this to people who love paranormal and mystery This book is one of those books that you get thrilled of reading and can t get you re face out of it This book right here is all about magic, paranormal, and mystery The main protagonist is about a boy helping his mother get through of her idea of making money with a s ance I really don t spoil all of the book, so have the chance to read this phenomenon.When I first started reading this book I almost fell asleep as soon I started to read the book, but as soon I turn the page it felt the book slap me across my face, and I was very intrigued by how it twisted when I just simply turned the page Chapter after Chapter, page after page, word per word, I could not put the book down, it was so intrigued I wanted to know how it ended.I recommend this book because it gives so much detail and juicy bits to everything that is happening in this world Mostly all male authors are good of making first person view, but they probably could not do it while adding mystery and suspense while making a first impression If you love paranormal and mystery than this book is gladly for you As you get mesmerized by juicy bits and suspense you can t help but reading this book until you know what happens next for the main protagonist. The S ance By Iain LawrenceIn the early 1900s many people were very interested in the paranormal and the occult that s a fact There were tons of mediums who supposedly could contact the dead and relay their messages to the living Scooter King s mom is one of these mediums in the novel S ance, and like so many others, she is a fraud While she pretends to be speaking with the dead for a small fee , Scooter moves around in the dark touching people with his spirit hands and performing other tricks One day a famous magician named Houdini blows into town and claims that he will expose every fake medium who lives there Scooter loves Houdini who doesn t and when he goes to the theater to see the act he actually gets to meet himbut not before he discovers a dead body in Houdini s torture tank The book was very well written and the neatest part is that Houdini was a real guy, and an amazing magician who really did threaten to expose every fake medium in the world The blend of fact and fiction makes for a phenomenal story Plus, the slang they used in the early 1900s is SO funny you ll snort out loud. The s ance by Lain Lawrence was a horror book, in my opinion This book did not have great affect on me because I dislike horror stories This story also has mystery because you have to find out who killed the actor in the death tank.This story is about Scooter King and his mother, a physic But Scooter s mother is like any other physic, a fraud Not that she doesn t put on a realistic show, with the help of Scooter, her son When Mrs King and Scooter are invited to a s ance with Viktor, another fraud But is Viktor a fraud When names are listed about Scooter and Mrs King the servant vanishes, but where to Then after the servant vanishes Scoter is forced to lead his trail When the trail comes to an end a crime is committed in Mr Houdini s torture tank, and Sargent Summer is on the case But who did it when there are so many enemies If you enjoy horror of mysteries this is the book for you, because it has a great impact in mystery on who killed the showman and very different characteristics of all characters In conclusion this book was not for me, but it could be for others with great passion in mysteries or horror. Scooter and his mother are running a moderately successful medium business, employing all the usual tricks of the trade to convince their clients that the spirit world is within reach and trying to contact them Everything changes the day the great Houdini comes to town and the word goes around that he is bent on exposing frauds in the business Scooter and his mother are understandably nervous, but Scooter is so enamoured of Houdini and his abilities that he seeks him out When a popular performer is murdered, Scooter vows to figure out the truth Little does he dream that soon he and Houdini are to share a terrifying near death experience None of the characters in the book were very appealing but the portrayal of Houdini was interesting, and Lawrence does a fine job delving into the seance fad so prevalent in the 20s and includes an intriguing historical afterword about the friendship between Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Junior high. This is a book for young adults which is sort of a murder mystery supernatural thriller, but which culminates in the protagonist getting to bust a fraudulent medium and escape from a trap with the help of Harry Houdini Lots of good information on Houdini, a bit about life in the 1920s, and quite a bit about how mediums and seances work to fool people into thinking they are in touch with the spirit world One thing that this book didn t explore enough was the ethical issues behind being a mentalist spiritualist medium Although the behind the scenes look at defrauding grieving people should have led to the conclusion that this kind of activity ought to be shunned, the book in the end has a kind of well it s ok if the medium sort of believes it and if they have good intentions , whatever those are I come down on the side of the people having their pockets picked As did, I think, Houdini. Review Posted on Reading Lark 11 20 11 Seance is a historical fiction piece that transports readers into the early 1900 s when seances were a means of entertainment for the masses Many believed in the mysticism of the time period and found themselves sucked into the spiritual movement Famous people such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle even found themselves seeking out mediums in order to communicate with the dead.Iain Lawrence not only provides historical background about the time period and the communing with the dead craze, but also adds another layer by including Harry Houdini in this tale Houdini was constantly trying to prove that mediums were nothing than amateur magicians who used their illusions to lure grief stricken people to their parlors in order to empty their pockets for the chance to speak with a loved one who no longer walked the earth The main character, a youth named Scooter, will find himself becoming acquainted with Houdini as they seek to solve a murder.I really enjoyed how Lawrence used history, mystery, and suspense within this book This time period has such interesting quirks and not many YA novels come to mind that explore the spiritual movement in as much detail as this one In addition, I also really liked that the main character is male Finding books with strong male characters can often be a challenge, but this is one that I think lots of young teen boys would enjoy reading Another aspect I really liked was seeing how Houdini fit into everything He is a figure that has long fascinated many people and I loved seeing how he could be woven into Scooter s world.I have two major complaints with this read There were some moments were this read dragged some for me and I figured out who the killer was long before it was revealed This book could have been a much better read if those two issues had been resolved However, I would still suggest giving it a try if you enjoy historical fiction and are interested in the early 1900 s and the concept of mediums.One Last Gripe I felt so bad for all the people throughout the book who were deceived by the mediums.My Favorite Thing About This Book Learning about SpiritualismFavorite Character HoudiniLeast Favorite Character Scooter s mother One of Iain Lawrence s best books right after The Convicts He does a masterful job bringing the world of the early 20th century to life with the period appropriate slang and vividly described imagery The Author casts new light onto the world s most famous escape artist, filling him with new life, making him seem like than just another figure from history What was probably the most pleasant about The Seance is it lacked the usual weirdness with which Iain Lawrence s books are so often characterized If any of you have read any of Mr Lawrence s books, you will understand what I am talking about he has a habit of throwing something purely bizarre into his stories The entire time, I was expecting The Seance to take a supernatural turn, but it never does, and everything is explained in a realistic manner, making it a splendid mystery.My main complaint because I always have one the final confrontation with the villain who, by the way, is easy to figure out, but the Author has added other elements that will keep the Reader guessing enough to remain interested is painfully cliche The villain gets to say his overblown peace and then unconvincingly laments that he must now kill the hero, and is even kind enough to explain the method If ever I am captured by a villain, I hope he or she is nice enough to explain everything to me, so I can then spend my time figuring out how to escape.However, The Seance is a very good book, despite this shortcoming Scooter is remarkably likable I usually find Iain Lawrence s heroes than a little annoying in some aspect , and in the world of illusionists, magicians, and mediums, a murder mystery is bound to be interesting and this particular one definitely is Give this book a chance, even if you are not a fan of Iain Lawrence s stories it will surprise you.

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