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Isle of Winds Isle Of Winds Is The First Instalment In A Middle Grade Age Fantasy Series Robin Fellows Lives With His Grandmother And Lives What Appears To Be A Rather Ordinary Life For A Normal Twelve Year Old BoyBut When Robin S Gran Dies, Quite Suddenly And A Bit Mysteriously, His World Is Turned Upside Down A Long Lost Relative Comes Out Of The Woodwork And Whisks Him Away To A Mysterious New Home, Erlking Hall, A Quiet Estate In The Solitary Countryside Of LancashireSuddenly Robin Must Adjust To His New Reality But Reality Is No Longer What He Thought It Was Erlking Has Many Secrets As Do His Newly Found Great Aunt Irene And Her Servants After A Strange Encounter On The Train And Meeting A Cold, Eerie Man On The Platform, Robin Begins To Notice Odd Happenings At ErlkingThere Is Than Meets The Eye To This Old, Rambling MansionLittle Does He Know That There Is Than Meets The Eye To HimselfRobin Is The World S Last Changeling He Is Descended From A Mystic Race Of Fae People, Whose Homeland, The Netherworlde, Is Caught In The Throes Of A Terrible Civil WarNot Only This, But In This New World There Is A Magical Force That Has Infiltrated The Human RealmBefore He Can Wrench Power From The Malevolent Hands Of The Netherworlde S Fearsome Tyrant Leader, Lady Eris, He Must First Search For The Truth About Himself And The Ethereal Towers Of ArcaniaThe First Instalment Of The Changeling Series, Isle Of Winds Is An Engrossing Tale Written In The Traditions Of High Fantasy Story Telling While Carving Out A Magical New Realm It Is Perfect For Fans Of The Lord Of The Rings And The Harry Potter Series

James Fahy is the childrens author of the Changeling fantasy series, a Middle Grade age series following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our world, and the Netherworlde, a shadowy realm which lies beyond our own.In addition to fantasy for younger people, James also writes adult Urban Gothic James is represented by the Ampersand Literary

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  • 20 July 2019

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    British fantasy though I mean, they just do it better than us don t they well maybe I m biased on this as all the books I love are British, esp Harry Potter I do love US fantasy too, I m not a hater, really but there s just something magical to me about Brits, I think it s all the castles, and boarding schools and tiny villages and the fact that whenever I read anything, I have to have google open so I can translate Britishisms pavement STILL sounds odd to me whenever I come across it but that s off point.This book is very very British, in the best way which considering half of the monsters and people in it seem to be from ancient Greece, is odd but strangely this still works fantastically all the characters say bloody and bugger a lot, which I approve of, and there s a stern old aunt and a very well spoken teacher who happens to be a satyr it s great even the bad as in evil characters, are perfectly polite and charming, which only makes it even chilling when the gaunt and sly Mr Strife is making hows the weather small talk while stalking across an autumnal glade holding a wickedly sharp knife movies books doesn t matter which, brits just make WAY better baddies the Uber baddie of the series at least I m assuming this from the setup in the first book is an unseen puppetmaster called Lady Eris we haven t actually met her yet, but I really really hope that when we do, she s found sipping chamomile tea and eating triangle sandwiches and being super British too, while simultaneously being really evil then my fangirling will be complete One day I will go to actual Britain, and probably find it isn t really full of red buses, cops with really big hats, local pubs and elves and fairies, and I ll probably be very disappointed but until then, I can cuddle into my British fantasy like a warm and cosy blankie, and Isle of Winds is as cosy and charming as they come.

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    This book is an absolute treasure to read It has shades of Narnia and Tolkien and Harry Potter, but in a strange and enthralling new world that is very believable right from the start I was immediately drawn into Robin s story and the Netherworlde, Fahy creates an immediate sense of wonder but with darkness lurking in the shadows I loved each and every character, even the despicable Mr Strife The interplay between Robin, the mysterious Karya and the very loveable Woad is spot on and made me laugh out loud on than one occasion Fahy weaves his spell effortlessly and I cannot wait for the sequel later this year Highly recommended

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    5 full stars If you love Harry Potter and Narnia, you will love this book The story starts with a 13 year old boy Robin whose Gran dies and is sent to his Great Aunt s house The story then unfolds as to how Robin finds out about his Fae heritage and his adventure into Netherworlde where a war is underway.James Fahy does an excellent job of weaving a good yarn His style of writing is just flawless With each chapter, I was whisked away into a magical place full of fantastical creatures The worldbuilding was intricate and layered The magic system is introduced well and easy to understand Not once did I find there was any info dumping The plots and twists the story takes flows smoothly Nothing was forced or haphazardly placed within the novel.The character development was done well too I found Robin to be a thoroughly engaging character His friendships with Faun, Karya and Henry was just endearing He shows a lot of strength throughout the book considering he is learning a lot about himself There is also a lot of mystery surrounding Karya which piqued my interest I would love to know her backstory The villains were some of the best I have read They show spunk and are not so easily outsmarted I also enjoyed the conversations throughout the book I found myself, many a time, smiling to myself So, there are a lot of light moments interwoven with the intense ones.All in all, I would say that this book delivers in spades It is so beautifully balanced and narrated I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good fantasy adventure read You will not be disappointed at all This one is going on my favourites pile for sure On to book two next

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    I loved this book I didn t know what to expect when I started reading it I read it for a challenge where I had to take the very first top rated book from my to read list after sorting by Rating I got swept away in the story The characters are interesting, the Netherworlde seems real, and I m so excited to read the next book I found the premise for the book to be imaginativeI have read a few books about the Fay in the past but never one like this that could be because I ve only read a few, not a ton , and I m glad that it felt so original This book is really well done and I m hoping the next one will live up to it 5 star rating, easily

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    This was just excellent I would recommend this to any fantasy lover who enjoys a well spun tale full of intrigue Isle of Winds is one boys journey from a lost and helpless orphan with no place in the world and little direction, to a blossoming power with a strong group of potential allies and enemies The Netherworde is well realised, and filled with both understated menace and magic in spades If this is the first of the series, then lace up your boots, as I m in it for the long haul I think good stuff.

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    I was dubious going into this as i m aware it s aimed at middle graders but hey so was Harry Potter and i loved that Good news is i got like a chapter in and totally fell into the story This is a really easy read, i lost hours of my life which only happens when i really enjoy a story It is the first of a series, so i m going to follow it and see where the story goes, but for a first instalment, it was well written, imaginitive and most of all fun I would probabaly say this should be reccomended to anyone who likes really good fantasy, with a dark and intelligent edge Would read again Thumbs up.

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    I wasn t sure if this was a children s book, YA or adult fantasy, and in a way it s all of them any age can enjoy this as it works on many levels there s plenty of magic and adventure for younger people, some seriously creepy darkness for older, and some pretty adult themes about death and responsibility that would be appreciated by an adult audience I ve read there are going to be seven in this series and I hope so as i ve just binged the first three and now i m drumming my fingers for book four as I wasnt to know what happens next

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    When I read Harry Potter, it wasn t the characters I fell in love with, it was Hogwarts The big imposing castle When I read Percy Jackson, again, it was the Half Blood Camp I dreamed of attending I cared about having my own hobbit hole and living in the Shire than I did about Frodo s quest.You see the theme here Well now I have another magical place to play anywhere but here with The story in Changeling is a really good one, as others have said already on here and on , but for myself, I just fell in love again with Erlking image error

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    I totally fell in love with this book It has great characters, a good plot with plenty of action, and enough geeky magicisms to satisfy my inner geek girl All the lore the main character has to study up on, i want to too, The Netherworlde is such an interesting idea To me it wasnt like another world somewhere away from our own, like Narnia, but one lay on top of ours or underneath like tracing paper There were some really nice touches, like how the seasons don t quite match up, and the stars are different, but that everything here has a mirror version over there For instance the local village is called Barrowood, and in the Netherworlde, there s an actual wood filled with burial mounds barrows and Erlking Hall over here becomes the Erl King s Hill over there, which any fan of Faerie lore and legend will recognise More thN any other book, it reminded me of the mirror world from Stephen King s the Talisman and it had the same blend of enchanting and spooky too Loved it I have definately penciled in my next visit to the Netherworlde High grade fantasy goodness

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    Magical book quite literally Isle of Winds is the story of Robin, a 12 year old boy living in England who is sent to live with his strange and aloof great aunt after the death of his grandmother Robin discovers that he has a very unusual family tree to say the least and that the gorgeous old country house he has been sent to live in is practically crawling in strangeness Fauns, satyrs, redcaps, evil ghouls who control dogs and birds made from shadow, and lots This is one of those tales that makes me really want to go to England Wild heather covered moors, deep autumn forests and so much creaking and dusty charm in the mystical old hall of Erlking itself I wanted to explore the house myself by candlelight The windy atrium, the steamy greenhouses and the grand ballroom for practising sparring magic in As long as the cranky housekeeper wasnt home I hope next time around we get to poke around some of Erlkings locked rooms as well as the magical Netherworlde x

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