Claimed by My Alpha Boss (Packless #2)

Claimed by My Alpha Boss (Packless #2) Luca Belongs To Adrian But Do They Love Each Other Their Relationship Is Awkard And Luca, An Omega, Is Sure They Ve Skipped Some Pretty Crucial Steps Crashing Right Into Mateship Is Disorienting, But So Is His Alpha S Fierce Protectiveness As Luca Comes To Terms With His New Life He Struggles To Figure Out Who He Is Any It S Easier Just To Focus On The Basic Stuff Like Why Does Everyone Keep Saying He S Pregnant Is He Really But He S Male Book The First Flickers Of A Binding Romance

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Claimed by My Alpha Boss (Packless #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Fox Hawkins author readers around the world.

[Epub] ❧ Claimed by My Alpha Boss (Packless #2)  By Fox Hawkins –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 46 pages
  • Claimed by My Alpha Boss (Packless #2)
  • Fox Hawkins
  • English
  • 03 September 2019

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    Receiving a little omega background The whole stay at home and don t stress felt discriminatory the pregnant one can t DO anythingkind of way Of course stress causes a particular reaction in omegas resulting in some weird panic attack Adrian could have just EXPLAINED that as a reason to stay home instead.3 weeks without. and then all of a sudden the mood strikes again but without heat inducement lots of prep It seemed just a little to clinical..AND he thinks he s in love Luca.

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    Grammar In this second book I started to like both the MCs They are both changing and we start to understand their character and attitude Luca isnt the submissive omega we thought at start but he has Adrian wrapped around his little finger Adrian isnt only an arrogant ass like he was at the start of the 1st book, but we see him like a caring and protective Alpha who would do anything for his family and his mate In this book we meet Adrian s mother and I really liked the woman, she seems smart and really cares about her children happiness In the 2nd book, Luca finds out that he is really pregnant and finally accepts the fact that a man, an omega like him, can get pregnant Adrian I have some news Okay I m pregnant Yes, I know I know this might come as a shock It doesn t but despite being a man I think I m going to produce a child You are This made me laugh, it was funny.Luca and Adrian use their time to start knowing each other and since the first time they had sex, when they mated, a month pass before they make love again Adrian was w8 for Luca to decide what to do, if he wanted this Adrian was also scared that Luca didnt want the baby, but he was giving the choice to Luca and I liked this about him.The best part of the book was when they are in their wolf forms, was really cute to see how they act when they are wolves.Also in this book we see Adrian s jealousy when another man tries to flirt with Luca, and the omega goes into a panic, not bcs the other man was doing something major, but this is a defense mechanism all omegas have and use Luca without knowing when they want to draw the attention of their Alpha or another Alpha nearby to protect them from unwanted attentions This was the motive why Adrian at start didnt want him to go to work, but in the end he cant say no to his mate.The book ends with Adrian and Luca in their wolf s form running under the moonlight with their pack and Luca understanding that he is falling in love with Adrian.

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    Luca and Adrian are settling into cohabitation Luca wants to work, something Adrian is against, so there s a concession in which Luca can go to work but Adrian has removed all stressful work activities Luca also has to come to terms with his changing condition.This one was a bit funnier than the first installment and I enjoyed a lot Luca attitude toward male pregnancy was so understandable and humorous The pregnancy test portion of the story was my favorite part of this read Luca coming out to tell Adrian the news when Adrian had been telling him this from the start was hilarious to me I liked seeing that there were werewolf guide books for omega and werewolves in general, it was different Although this brought up questions about why Luca had to be hidden from human eyes during his pregnancy if there are books available to read about omegas and pregnancy.

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    There is a lot of ground covered here but not a great deal of time The second story has a number of fun parts and our pregnant omega is so new to the ways of werewolf biology and culture that he finds himself in several cute or humorous situations The great thing about his newbie status is that it gives us a perfect vehicle to learn this world s rules of werewolves A few new bits to the standard lore make it interesting I was hovering between ratings but decided that it was about a 3.5 and, since I liked it a tiny bit less than the first one, I would go with the 3 I definitely am eager for the next one Luckily I have Kindle Unlimited because I think this is going to be a long serial if they are going to move such a little way forward at a time.

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    I don t think I will read next books These ABO books are always the same.

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    3.5 stars

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    Nice start with both bookslove them playing together as wolves Can t wait for and I hope the wait isn t too long

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