GirlBradley Barker Goes Into Hospital To Have His Wisdom Teeth Removed The Very Day He Enters The Hospital, The Porters Receive Their Redundancy Notices And Decide To Get Drunk The Result Is That He Is Wheeled Down To The Operating Theatre And Has A Sex Change Operation By Mistake This was a fantastic novel I ve always been interested in genderswap fiction, but often it s resorted to objectification This novel, however, looks at the reality of what it means to not only be in a body that doesn t match who you are inside, but what it means when that change is forced upon you I highly rec anyone who is interested in genderswap or transgender topics to pick up a copy. I read this book for over 10 years ago, still it make me smile just looking at the cover, Jackie This is one of my favorite book I really gonna enjoy reading this again in the future I definitely recommended this one, it s fun and interainment I like the character, Bradley, and I hope you will too. It was quite a while since I read this, but it definitely left an impression even if it wasn t a great read It s mainly the storyline where a man Bradley goes into hospital to have his wisdom tooths removed and wakes up to find that he has undergone a sex change operation by mistake I won t say that it can t happen, but it s not really believable.The book is well written, with a tongue in cheek approach to how a womanizing bachelor has to accept that he s now woman It has a lot of funny segments, which provide an insight into the everyday lift of women, from a man s perspective, but also the inescapable part of how it is to be haunted by the press.It s not a classic novel, but a fun and somewhat thought provoking read.

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❴Reading❵ ➶ Girl Author David                   Thomas –
  • Paperback
  • 374 pages
  • Girl
  • David Thomas
  • 06 July 2017
  • 9782266113984

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