No Mans Land (On the Edge of Now, #2)

No Mans Land (On the Edge of Now, #2) Spoiler alert What a fast paced thrilling adventure from McCullough Solid plot and great characters this second book in the OTEON series is a must read Before you continue and would like to read my review on Book 1 The Departure, please click No Man Land picks up right where The Departure left off As the SCF are closing in on Tag and his new friends, the pulsating light reappears and without hesitation, three of them hop into it They are transported to New York City a different NYC where The World Trade Center Towers are still standing tall and grand While walking in alleyways to avoid any unwanted attention, the three of them stop upon witnessing what seems to be a man who is beating a woman mercilessly as she is moving crates on the dock Unable to resist the appalling scene, Tag fights with the man and ended up rescuing the woman a Neanderthal named Lucy Lucy s master, Walther, seeks the service of The Resource to retrieve his slave at all cost Now, four of them are on the run Will they be able to escape in and from this ruthless world a world where the society system is collapsing and the unethical slavery system is condoned This book 2 is intense and suspenseful than its predecessor It is a one roller coaster wild ride with a lot of heart pounding moments The plot is solid and focused throughout the story and so far throughout the series too I don t see any plot holes and all the subplots are explained away well We get to know about the portals the origins, descriptions, etc in this sequel They make sense and believable There are also a mystery behind all this which I find interesting Oh, this series is getting intense and intriguing This is a story jam packed with action and well executed through the mellifluous and engaging writing I simply can t put it down Yes, it was that good I feel like I m watching a movie as McCullough managed to describe every move in fight scenes with vivid details Brilliant Once again, characters are well developed with a lot depth Kyle Tag s brother has role in this story He is looking for ways to communicate with Tag as he searches for vortexes There are also new characters in this story which I find likeable I love Lucy and Jove characters the sibling bond between them is so endearing These Neanderthals are a peculiar species with gifts They have eidetic memory, deep recall and species memory awareness The only one issue about this book is that you d need to read the first book to understand the story better You d appreciate the big picture a whole lot this way While you can still read No Man s Land as a standalone, but the background stories are not sufficient enough, leaving you feeling something is amiss In a nutshell, this is a well written sequel with plot and action A heart pounding cat and mouse game that will guarantee to keep you at the edge of your seat This is one promising series cliffhanger endings in every book that compel me to read the next book Redemption. When a book opens with so many possibilities it is tough to stop turning pages till there are no pages to turn The ending is partly satisfying but it also entices interest for story The author has created an incredible web so far that easily blended with the first. Lots of interesting things going on in this book I really enjoyed the twists and new characters. If you haven t taken the opportunity to read Brian McCullough s On the Edge of Now Series do yourself a favor, and pick them up ASAP A great getaway from regular ol life, there were twists right from the beginning When I logged on to Goodreads today to leave a review for McCullough s Redemption, I noticed I neglected to review his second book which, a couple of weeks ago, I think, hit 1 in s Top 100 Free books So, treat yourself read all of them Really enjoyed this It s a fun, engaging read that s a real page turner I don t read a lot of fiction, but I m quite enjoying this series Can t wait for book number 3 She Stood Quietly For A Few Moments, Enjoying The Brief Tranquility Until A Sudden, Loud Noise And Bright, Flaring Light Reflected From The Buildings A Few Blocks Away What On Earth What Is That The Light Slowly Diminished After Pulsating Several Times In Timed Succession She Watched As It Flickered Out, Quickly Realizing She Shouldn T Dally There Would Be Hell To Pay If He Discovered Her Taking A Break No Such Luck Lucy Is That All Do I Have To Come Down There, And Beat You Again No, Master I Ll Do Better Please Let Me Try Brian McCullough S On The Edge Of Now, Book II No Man S Land, The Second In A Six Book Series, Transports Readers To A Time And Place When History Shifts, The Forgotten Come To Life, And Authority Disintegrates Tag, Rose, And Claire Discover Societal Atrocities Still Exist As They Search For A Way Out For A Way Back To Their Families For A Way Back Home

Author Brian McCullough, a successful attorney for over three decades, discovered his passion for writing later in life In 2011, he sat at his computer to pen the first words of his first novel six books later, he says there s to come McCullough has three daughters, and he lives with his wife in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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  • Paperback
  • 378 pages
  • No Mans Land (On the Edge of Now, #2)
  • Brian Alexander McCullough
  • English
  • 08 July 2018
  • 9781519272409

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