Mated to My Alpha Boss (Packless #1)

Mated to My Alpha Boss (Packless #1) Luca Has Never Known A Pack Sired By A Werewolf Father He Never Met And Raised By A Human Mother Who Died When He Was Young, Luca Is Ignorant Of The Way Of The Wolf, But He Copes, Hiding Indoors On The Full Moon And Largely Keeping To Himself He Leads An Average, Normal, Completely Uninteresting Life Until He Meets Adrian Sharpe A Company Transfer Sees Luca In A New Office, With A New Position And A Higher Pay But His Boss, While Wildly Attractive, Is Cold, Standoffish, And An Outright Ass At Times Turns Out The Man Is A Wealthy Head Alpha For The Local Pack, A Position He Inherited From His Father, And Luca Is Suddenly Dragged Straight Into The Mysteries Of Wolfdom By This Handsome, Powerful Stranger But What Does He Mean When He Says That Luca S An Omega And Claims That He S In Heat None Of This Makes Any Sense Book The Beginning Of A Fated Mateship

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mated to My Alpha Boss (Packless #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Fox Hawkins author readers around the world.

[PDF] ✑ Mated to My Alpha Boss (Packless #1)  Author Fox Hawkins –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 44 pages
  • Mated to My Alpha Boss (Packless #1)
  • Fox Hawkins
  • English
  • 18 March 2019

10 thoughts on “Mated to My Alpha Boss (Packless #1)

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    I felt like I was reading a book written by a 12 year old Not for me.

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    I have a feeling this could EASILY be ONE whole book.Adrian is an ass The simple fact of Luca being an omega is enough to change is WHOLE attitude What the hell does that say for his character Very little explaining was put upon. I suppose I ll see this thru to the end

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    Grammar Luca is an half breed His father was a werewolf but he never met him and his mother was human and he was raised by her Luca doesnt know anything about werewolves and their habits, he doesnt have a pack,he is just living his life like a normal human and only once a month he stays in his crappy apartment for the full moon.One day his boss tells him that he is getting a promotion sort of There is another job that pays and Luca really needs the money so he accepts Too late he finds out that his new boss is a huge dick Adrian is so full of himself and arrogant that I wanted to slap him,and at start I really hated him The thing that I didnt understand is how not even an Alpha powerful like him could understand that Luca was a wolf, an omega, till he asks him to work on the day of the full moon and Luca has his heat while at work.Adrian thinks that some rival pack sent Luca to seduce him, but soon after he understands that Luca isnt lying and he really doesnt know anything about his status and wolves Adrian s wolf feels this strange pull towards the omega, and he wants to protect him.I liked the fact that Adrian doesnt just jump on Luca, but takes him to his pack and cares about him When Luca changes into a wolf, Adrian does the same and tries to make the omega follow him till they join the other wolves and run with them for all night Adrian is always near Luca and also fights with another wolf that wanted to have the omega.When they are back as humans, Adrian explains to Luca what happened and tells him that he wants to mate with him Luca accepts and replies that he never had interest in another man but that he wants this with Adrian, also if at start he was a jerk with him at work.They mate and Adrian is so happy bcs Luca is in heat and they will probably have a pup, but only later he finds out that Luca didnt understand this second part and still doesnt believe that he, a man, can get pregnant.The next morning Luca goes back to his apartment bcs he thinks that what happened btw him and Adrian was only a one night stand and he seems also ok with that,but the Alpha goes to take him back and explains that he is wrong Adrian asks him if he can live with the fact that he is now mated with him and Luca gives him an answer only late that night, saying that for him is ok.Like I said at start I didnt like Adrian and Luca was too submissive, but when they changed in their wolves form I changed my mind I liked their interactions also if I still think that the book needed feelings and I hope that in the next books things will get better.

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    Luca is a lone wolf knowing close to nothing about packs and it being better to never get involved with one When he s offered a promotion at work he doesn t see why he shouldn t take it Upon arrival for his new position he gets a less than stellar reception and is thrown into the position by the boss With the full moon approaching both Luca and his boss, Adrian discover what Luca is So starts Luca journey into pack life and mating.Short read I would have liked to see the two get to know each other better and romance It only partially scratched an itch I wanted a little bite from Luca instead of him just blindly following Adrian and not thinking things through.There wasn t really much on Pack hierarchy I wonder about the maids and servant during the full moon.

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    Great take on a guy who knows he s a werewolf but has no idea how any of that works Luca has been living packless, brought up by a human mother, and orphaned young It s so fun seeing him trying to adjust to all the rules, customs, and realities of being a werewolf It s also very enjoyable seeing his boss flabbergasted at every turn by his ignorance Things take an interesting direction and there s a lot of misunderstandings that put us at a crossroads by the book s end While this could maybe serve as a standalone it wraps up with obviously to come We re really just beginning but it s not the usual obnoxious cliffhanger that you find so often I m so glad I ran across this and can t wait for the next one

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    The story is a lot better than I expected but the shortness of it really robbed it of it s potential A little resistance on Luka s part would have been awesome Off to read the next installment.

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    I read this entire series as a bundle and enjoyed the entire book. Great story that grabs your attention from the first chapter. It s kind of a short series if read individually so am glad I got it as a set.

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    Luca s accepting of being Adrian s mate was so abrupt as well as Adrian s proposal, after a full moon, everything changed I think I m clueless than Luca now.

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    3.5 stars

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