Jacked Vol. 1

Jacked Vol. 1 I loved this book Fantastic covers by Glenn Fabry John Higgins has evolved into a top notch artist His art in this book is spectacular Eric Kripke crafts an intriguing story about a middle aged man going through a midlife crisis He gets talked into taking these supplements which turn out to give him super strength and also cause hallucinations He can t control his strength and falls into trouble with some drug dealers The situation spirals out of control from there Received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Crystallized In The Nimble Mind Of Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke And The Talented Hands Of HELLBLAZER Artist John Higgins, JACKED Brings Superheroes Back Down To Earth And Rubs Their Chemically Enhanced Faces In The Dirt Josh Jaffe Has Become Invisible Not Literally His Receding Hairline And Protruding Beer Belly Are Certainly There For All To See But His Downsized Career Is Going Nowhere, His Kids Barely Acknowledge His Existence, And His Wife Might As Well Be A Stranger As Far As The Rest Of The World Is Concerned, Josh Has Faded AwayBut That Was Before He Discovered A Mysterious New Drug On The Internet A Miracle Compound Called Jacked That Promises To Enhance Both Brain And Body To Their Maximum Potential Of Course, It S Pure Snake Oil For Percent Of The People Who Take It But For Josh, It S A Ticket To Heightened Senses, Astonishing Strength, Insane Bravery, And A Newly Satyric Sex DriveA Single Pill Takes Him From Middle Aged Zero To Real Life Superhero And It S Not Long Before He S Thwarting Crime In Increasingly Bloody WaysHelping Others As Always, That S Where The Trouble Really StartsCollects JACKED The message is maybe a bit heavy handed but the story was mostly fun and violent. Eric Kripke, the creator of the popular TV series Supernatural, writes a Vertigo comic book about himself getting superpowers from taking pills And it s not that bad Well, no, I don t actually mean himself, it s just that the main character in Jacked visually resembles Kripke a lot But the premise is pretty much it a family guy in a mid life crisis decides to get some pills online that should make him smarter and focused or some such, but they end up giving him superpowers He messes up, saves the girl, gets in a fight with some criminals, shit hits the fan Then comes the inevitable resolution with a happy ending.Admittedly, the story is nothing too original It s a very basic action plot that won t surprise you at any point, but it is executed well It s obvious that Kripke was inspired a lot by the works of Garth Ennis, most notably Preacher and The Boys Yeah, this book is brutal It is action focused, there is a lot of blood, gore and flesh flying around If you re not into that kind of stuff, beware But, to be fair, it doesn t really get up to Garth s usual levels of craziness.Another thing Kripke picks up from Ennis is the writing style I can t quite summarise what it is exactly, but every issue reads just perfectly You pick it up, you start reading, you won t put the issue down until it s finished, and you re enjoying it the whole time There is just that very good sense of pacing and flow to the story that both of these writers share.The artwork by John Higgins is fine, I guess It has this very nineties ish Vertigo feel, which I am not the biggest fan of, but it does get the job done The covers by Preacher s own cover artist Glenn Fabry, though, are very cool.Anyway, Jacked by Eric Kripke I was really skeptical about this title when it was first announced, but I was pleasantly surprised by it In fact, this may be the best series to come out of the recent lacklustre Vertigo reboot Jacked won t rock your world, but you will have fun reading it And hey, sometimes it s enough. Review in Progress Mid life crisis meets wanna be superheroes and ultimate drug tripping Josh is going through a rough point in his life where nothing seems to be going right He is advised to try enhancement vitamins drugs with questionable legality and soon finds himself with super strength and hearing However it also gives him wacko hallucinations from his homeroom teacher starring in a porno with an action figure to finding himself inside his own colon EWW Not to mentions getting involved with a major drug ring This is for mature audiences Lots of language, violence and carnal behavior I liked the practical, everyday guy use Art is decent as well His side kick scares me than anyone else in this story though. Do super drugs make the superhero or is there to it A terrifying romp into the realistic repercussions of getting jacked up if you are the average Joe. JACKED 4.0 5.0 STORYJACKED is a twisted love letter to every 40 something adult teetering on the brink of a mid life crisis And, as a 40 something adult teetering on the brink of a mid life crisis, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Eric Kripke expertly depicts the struggle of our literal and figurative hero, Josh Jaffe, as he comes to the realization that life is flying by and he has yet to accomplish one great thing Only three years my junior, Kripke s semi autobiographical story struck a chord with me From his pop culture references Lou Ferrigno and Ed McKinley to the sheer joy experienced by Josh after he rescues a man from a horrific car accident and revels in the fact that his back feels terrific Some of the anti drug sentiment toward the end of the story is a bit heavy handed and Josh s revelation about true happiness he just needs to worry less about being great, worry about being good and fulfillment seem a bit sappy and apparent i.e It s A Wonderful Life And yet, it works perfectly in the context of Josh s fantasy superhero world created by JACKED.Josh Jaffe is the consummate lovable loser trying desperately to do the right thing while, at the same time, selfishly risking it all I found myself rooting for Josh throughout and, truth be told, living vicariously through him as he drives a vengeful fist through the smug face of meathead criminals And the ultimate victory of enjoying a quiet evening on the couch watching movies with his wife and kids gives an old guy like me perspective on what it means to do something great.ARTJohn Higgins art perfectly captures the fantastical superhero vibe of the story Higgins work is lush, incredibly detailed and colorful, and, for lack of a better term, emotional Panel after panel captures the bone crunching action and gut wrenching emotion of the story as Josh descends further and further into a world he is ill equipped to deal with I found myself welling up over the final few pages when the dust settles on Josh s adventures and he begins to pick up the pieces of his post superhero life.CONCLUSIONJACKED is a full frontal kick to the teeth for any What have I done with my life adult contemplating a stroll down Mid Life Crisis Lane Greatness is not found at the bottom of a pill bottle or at the end of a fist plowing into a smart ass bad guy Just look up Chances are, greatness is sitting on the sofa across from you right now. Overall a solid series that walks us through the dangers that come along with suddenly acquiring super powers without any formal structure Superman and Batman have the set of rules but Josh is new to this game so he s making it up as he goes along That means trouble brews and he must find a way to manage it, which might be different than you would imagine I m a big fan of other types of writers song writers, screenwriters as well as Eric Kripke so Jacked is a great opportunity as far as I m concerned A 47 second session of intimacy Well, it s a reference to 47, so I ll take it And the artwork looks brilliant Some basic existential issues are discussed in the dialogue, but it s less phylosophical and practical in nature, sometimes even funny It ends quite beautifully with a life lesson that we can all follow True greatness isn t the things you do It s who you are Who you love and who loves you.Josh Jaffe, the main character, is an unemployed, slightly overweight man who is bored of his life in general His dentist brother Brian tries to help him by giving him some next gen drugs to enhance brain function Josh suddenly gets superhuman physical strength that he uses to save a man from a car crash When he ends up putting his neighbor in the hospital he knows the powers come with a price view spoiler The neighbor s wife Jess was just getting beaten up by her husband Damon when John walks in and quickly dispatches him She insists that Josh not hang around and keeps the secret from her husband s gangster brother Ray who eventually finds that Josh and Jess are responsible Josh refuses to kill Ray even if Jess is sure that s the only way to erase the price on their heads Instead they bail out Dr Asher Swartz, the creator of Jacked, for pills Asher becomes interested why his bogus formula, which put him in jail in the first place, is having this unintended effect for Josh s body chemistry.The only way Josh can return to a normal life is by killing both Damon and Ray Damon is easy, but Ray gets to Josh s family and threatens to kill them unless Josh brings him the drug Jacked Josh uses his wits to trick Ray and save his family His wife will need some space after their ordeal, but Josh is determined to take things one step at a time, even if his life is just ordinary and not superpowered, until he reunites with his family hide spoiler An ironic look at Superheros, somewhat in the vein of a Watchman or closely The Boys The art is above average Kripke s tale is as much about making it through the world as the complete opposite of a superhero so all of the rest of us with all the baggage of a mid life crisis I found the ending a little soft, but the door is open to a sequel

Eric Kripke is an American television writer, director, and producer He is best known for creating the television series Supernatural.

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  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Jacked Vol. 1
  • Eric Kripke
  • English
  • 05 May 2017
  • 9781401262709

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