Secret Wars

Secret Wars Before Secret Wars Arrives, Everything Must End In The Final Hours Of The Marvel Universe, Everyone Is A Mighty Avenger Facing Ragnarok, King Loki Makes His Move Magneto, Once Earth S Enemy, Fights To Be Its Savior Black Widow Meets Her Fate Still Seeking Redemption On The Brink Of Disaster, Ms Marvel Meets Captain Marvel Punisher Goes Out With A Bang Silk Seeks Her Family Before The Sky Falls Ant Man Dances With Destiny COLLECTING CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS , LOKI AGENT OF ASGARD , MAGNETO , BLACK WIDOW , MS MARVEL , THE PUNISHER , SILVER SURFER , ANT MAN LAST DAYS , SILK , SPIDER WOMAN

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Secret Wars book, this is one of the most wanted Al Ewing author readers around the world.

❰EPUB❯ ✹ Secret Wars  Author Al Ewing –
  • Hardcover
  • 528 pages
  • Secret Wars
  • Al Ewing
  • English
  • 01 May 2018
  • 9781302901240

10 thoughts on “Secret Wars

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    Well, it s an anthology that includes stories from Ms Marvel through the PunisherSilver Surfer by Slott and Allred is still my favorite here.

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    Marvel is as Marvel does In this volume, we see how the Last Days i.e., the Incursion were spent by some of our favorite Marvel characters I would like to see it as giving a dramatic and rather comic side to the inevitable apocalypse.

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    I found the Secret Wars 2016 to be very disappointing I had already purchased this companion collection when I bought the event, so I read it anyway This collection was better than the main event, but still underwhelming This collects issues from 10 series so it is, unsurprisingly, a mixed bag.The collection spotlights how each of the heroes teams responds to the Last Day of the universe The idea sounds great what would you do with your last remaining hours However, aside from a couple of the stories, the characters do what they ve always done The New Avengers get ticked off after learning about the Illuminati and that Steve Rogers kept the secret from them, and then they try to stop Incursion, helping people along the way Which is what all the heroes do, try to save people try to stop the Incursion or, in the case of the Punisher, kill a few bad guys It was the same each time, with some being better than others and the Silver Surfer section being truly AWFUL.There are a few standouts that made the collection worthwhile, and provide character development to overcome the sameness of the inevitable Incursion And they all focus in one way or another on family My favorite of the collection is Loki Agent of Asgard The main reason is that his story does NOT end the same as everyone else s He knows what is coming He knows that somewhere, a story always exists, and so shall the God of Stories I also loved how the rest of the gods are focused only on a great battle, but he is focused on saving them his dysfunctional family Ms Marvel was my favorite of the heroes stories Though she is an Avenger, she is also a teenager Kamala spends the issue trying to save her brother, and helps others along the way, but soon realizes that it is her family she needs to be with at the end Magneto s efforts to stop the Incursion were obviously going to fail, but his interactions with his daughter Polaris made the story worth reading Like the stories, the art was a mixed bag Some were Saturday morning cartoon y, some sleek and clean Overall, this collection was worth reading if you want a complete picture of Secret Wars, but could easily be skipped without missing anything My favorite part was Loki, and I had already read through his complete AOS run so it wasn t new But, I don t regret this purchase because Ms Marvel s section was so good that I will go back and read her series.

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    Eh I get that these stories are all what various comic book heroes were doing during the last days But it really felt scattered There were many editor author notes directing us to various seemingly important other comics to see the explanation for some plot point But not important enough to be included in this anthology I guess.

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    A great collection of stories showing us where various Marvel characters were when the universe ended I enjoyed seeing the likes of Ms Marvel, Ant Man, Silver Surfer and many others facing the end of all creation and what they were doing when it happened.

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    M s de 500 p ginas Me gustaron los n meros de Loki por Ewing Y los de silver Surfer Adem s que los mrs Marvel se me hicieron muy buenos y me gustar a leer m s de esa serie.

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    Gets an extra star just for the lovely Ms Marvel stories.

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