Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Needs better editing There are quite a few errors and words missing or left unfinished Aside from that the world building is incomplete, and the reader is left not quite understanding the paranormal world I did like the story, but it felt like a second draft There should also be a note that is not a HEA, it does end in a cliffhanger.In the end I did like the story, and would be interested in reading the next book. 2.5 Stars Audible EditionThe premise of this story is good but the execution is lacking Very poorly edited with numerous mistakes including calling the MC s by the wrong names There are multiple POV s that make this a jumbled mess and it ends on a huge cliff hanger I won t be reading the next book And, while the narrator was okay, the sound quality was horrendous at different points in the audio book. Too many grammatical errors to finish. This story had potential however I gave this a VERY weak 2 stars and here s why First the characters Sean and Dematteo have no us stance as characters whatsoever Sean comes off as this shallow dumb pushover male and Dematteo comes off as this dumb, shallow, meathead who is overly aggressive I hate insta love stories I wouldn t have minded if they had bonded but there was some resistance and drama The author makes every issue with the character fit by forcing them to accept without any resistance All Sean does is yell and temper tantrum you don t see any actions from him It s like a lot of random ingredients thrown together that make a cake or pie but they aren t mixed and baked correctly so that all the pieces fit together.It s doesn t help that this is mpreg If you re doing shifter mpreg to book it has to be done carefully so that it seems like a story of its own It also reads like a lot of wolf shifter stories I m not quite sure if lions mate for life, In fact I mthan sure they don t considering there s only ever a handful maybe 2 5 males in a pride This would have been better as a lesbian romance story You can t write a shifter story with wolf shifter traits and call it a lion It s the phrase if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it s a duck This has wolf shifter characteristics, it reads that way as well therefore this is a wolf shifter story I know it s fiction but look into the actual biology of animals that aren t wolves there s probably some unsurprising differences.I read that this is her first novel, which I can also appreciate it s you ll have been put through its paces and torn apart a plethora of times before someone made a mistake and published this The tense of that story makes it hard to connect and immerse yourself into the story Not interested in series sequels. Hit and Miss 3.5 Stars I love shifter stories, and mpreg is a guilty pleasure for me, so when I saw this up for grabs, I pounced pun intended There are aspects to this book that I really enjoyed, and others that bothered the daylights out of me DeMatteo is a lion shifter, and head of a huge pride, almost too huge as I had issues keeping the siblings straight in my head, but that s on me Thrust into the role upon the deaths of his parents, he s had twenty years to grow into the job, yet he also maintains an outside job as an attorney A messy divorce to be puts him face to face with a human, Sean, and he s staggered to sense that this fragile human is his mate Now comes the hard part explaining who and what he is, and hoping for the best But wait There s a bedmate DeMatteo s been living with for fifteen years who needs to move out in a hurry, and he s less than pleased to be ousted, even though DeMatteo has always been up front about this stipulation Anger, hurt, betrayal, and chaos quickly ensues I liked the uniqueness of the shifter species and the fact that the alpha does something other than just live on site and solve pride issues The plot is a bit contrived It was readily apparent who the bad guys were nearly from the start, because none of them came out of left field, particularly The summary states that this is not an instant mate fairytale, yet it is precisely that DeMatteo finds him, mates him, bites him, and poof they re partners in life The book bounces around enough that it is difficult to stay on track Good storyline overall, but the presentation could have been smoother The chemistry between the two main characters is sizzling, and the sexy times are frequent and hot My main issue with the book is that it stops smack dab in the middle of things It is neither an HEA nor an HFN It just stops Fortunately, book two, Where Doubt Remains, is currently available, as is a prequel story, Erasing All Doubt Alpha s Rule The Beginning 0.5 Do not read Erasing All Doubt before you read this book, however, as it gives away all the key players that are supposed to be mysterious in this segment Due to the abrupt end and the jarring plot presentation, I am rating this at 3.5 stars Once you get into it, it s good, but it s initially a struggle ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review by Divine Magazine. 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Loved the story but needed editing and grammar help This story was very suspenseful for me In saying that, I could not put this book down I read the entire thing in approx 6 hours This story is filled with very overprotective alpha lions, witches, some brainwashed hunters and a very psychotic lion who thinks he has been wronged.I love DeMatteo and Sean DeMatteo, a very good divorce attorney, has known he was gay for a long time and has been actively looking for his mate Sean, a junior partner at his father s law firm, has only ever had relationships with women but that doesn t stop him when he feel an instant attraction when the two lawyers meet for the first time and sparks fly.Both MC s are in current relationships when they meet and when both break up with their current flames, neither one takes it very well.This book does have a cliffhanger ending but there is a second book to this story I usually want to have an HEA or at least an HFN ending but this was still a good book regardless of the ending.There are some grammatical and tense errors but nothing so bad that my mind couldn t overlook it And I am usually one of those people that can t stand grammatical errors and end up stopping to fix the error in my head before I can continue I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review Book Review originally published here DeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America He s young and successful, has a large family, and a devoted lover, but his lion side is worried with finding his perfect mate When he finds his mate on opposite sides of the courtroom, it s like a dream come true He s finally found his mate But when ex lovers, siblings, hunters, all come into play, he realizes finding his mate was the easy part living long enough to be together is the tough part.I enjoyed the whole lawyer attorney angle DeMatteo is a divorce lawyer, and his mate Sean turns out to be a lawyer too Being a lawyer too, I thought this was very intriguing, and I loved the whole side of it Lawyers don t usually work well as couples, but they did so here Sean and DeMatteo are very intriguing.The plot is rollercoaster fast, and a few of the twists took me by surprise I can t wait to read the second book. DeMatteo Santiago Is The Alpha Of One Of The Largest Prides In North America He Is A Young, Successful Lion Shifter, Surrounded By A Large Family And His Devoted Lover By Anyone S Account He Has Than Any One Man Can Ask For, But His Lion Cares Of Nothing Except Finding Their Mate An Unexpected Business Trip Pits DeMatteo And His Long Awaited Mate On Opposite Sides Of The Courtroom But When Challenged By Ex Lovers, Nosey Siblings, And Crazy Hunters, DeMatteo Realizes That Finding His Mate Was The Easy Part The Real Question Is Whether They Will Live Long Enough To Be Together This Release Is An M M Paranormal Shifter Romance This Series Will Contain, Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, And Mpreg What It Will Not Be Is An Instant Mate Fairytale, As Forces Set Out To Destroy Everything And Everyone This is the second novel in the Doubt Series dealing with paranormal lion shifters, witches, and humans The story continues to progress into a dramatic, action packed, love story DeMatteo meets another lawyer, Sean Herr The minute the two meet DeMatteo knows that Sean is his true mate and Sean feels the sudden attraction to this beautiful man It doesn t take long for the two to get together But human hunters are out to kill them, especially Sean, who is unknowingly a witch They are all a part of a prophecy that is playing out I found myself holding onto the edge of my seat as the drama plays out I loved both DeMatteo and Sean They are HOT, the sex is HOTTER, and its going to get evenso A lot of surprises Don t miss this novel series You will not be disappointed The novel was brilliantly written and the chain of events keeps you engrossed and holding your breath Great Paranormal Read I applaud Sharon Johnson in her beautiful writing ability.

Wife Mother Former Marine Author.These are the titles that inspire and influence my life I am a New York native that now resides in Lake Ariel Pennsylvania Writing and story telling has been my constant passion since childhood I believe in love in all its forms and that everyone deserves their happy ending.

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