Chimera The Final Book In Mira Grant S Terrifying Parasitology TrilogyThe Outbreak Has Spread, Tearing Apart The Foundations Of Society, As Implanted Tapeworms Have Turned Their Human Hosts Into A Seemingly Mindless MobSal And Her Family Are Trapped Between Bad And Worse And Must Find A Way To Compromise Between The Two Sides Of Their Nature Before The Battle Becomes Large Enough To Destroy Humanity And Everything That Humanity Has Builtincluding The ChimeraThe Broken Doors Are Closing Can Sal Make It Home

Seanan McGuire.Born and raised in Northern California, Mira Grant has made a lifelong study of horror movies, horrible viruses, and the inevitable threat of the living dead In college, she was voted Most Likely to Summon Something Horrible in the Cornfield, and was a founding member of the Horror Movie Sleep Away Survival Camp, where her record for time survived in the Swamp Cannibals scenario remains unchallenged.Mira lives in a crumbling farmhouse with an assortment of cats, horror movies, comics, and books about horrible diseases When not writing, she splits her time between travel, auditing college virology courses, and watching horror movies than is strictly good for you Favorite vacation spots include Seattle, London, and a large haunted corn maze just outside of Huntsville, Alabama.Mira sleeps with a machete under her bed, and highly suggests that you do the same.

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    Forgiveness was for people who didn t have as much to lose.this is the third part in mira grant s parasitology trilogy but hopefully, fingers crossed, not the end of the story not that it doesn t wrap up well it ends in a satisfying place, but as any mira grant fan knows, there s always to the story than can fit comfortably in a trilogy and that s why she has written 6 novellas and short stories branching out from her newsflesh series, with a fourth, full length standalone book to be published in 2016 yayyyyy and just because she hasn t yet written any parasitology offshoots, some of us have our fingers crossed into little twisty finger tangles hoping this series will eventually get the same treatment and i m also hoping for a published, illustrated version of Don t Go Out Alone with the same desperate hopefulness i have for the publication of the graphic novel from Station Eleven because grant writes characters and situations i never want to see the end of and i m not the only one, as is clear by lena s comment in the thread Have you started How s it going How much Tansy is there I need Tansy to answer that question, not that much and it s complicated if tansy is your favorite character in these books and she should be, or there s something wrong with you , you might want to go back and reread the first two, because her adorable badassery is not a part of the story here again, it s complicated.this is still a great book, and it has many of the elements you expect from a book in this series the concept that person doesn t always mean human, the idea of moral subjectivity that perspective goes a long way towards determining good and evil How many people s motives didn t match up with what I d taken for their actions How many villains were the heroes of their own stories , the quirky but oh so true observations of someone with a unique perception of the human body Teeth always felt so big when you touched them with a tongue, and so small when you touched them with a finger, the humor, and above all survival Being a monster is not the same as being a bad person It just means you re willing to eat the world if that s what you have to do to keep yourself alive.there s plenty of harrowing action k mart is always terrifying in books like this , much character development, a chess game ish juggling of risk and situational trust and unexpected alliances, and some new developments on the sleepwalker front view spoiler pregnant sleepwalkers, oh no which i only mention because this passage cracked me up Dr Cale needed to examine her She needed to know what was going on with that baby the baby the woman would probably eat as soon as it was outside her body, because what else was she supposed to do with a tiny, helpless thing Even if it was a sleepwalker, it would smell like food than family Babies arrived covered in blood, didn t they Maybe dropping something tiny and helpless into the world with its own gravy was a terrible decision on the part of evolution. hide spoiler

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    Okay, there s still no zombies in this book, not that I was actually expecting any, but all those Throwbacks are such a close fit, I just had to add the descriptor.How did the trilogy end Was it a satisfying ride Did it fulfill all my expectations It was okay It didn t quite wow me like Newsflesh did I enjoyed the feel of falling deeper into Sal s viewpoint all the way from book one and having a slow burn, and it did promise to have a pretty interesting finale So now that I ve made it through book three, did it fill the promise Yes, and no I got the feeling that the story was there and the expected grandness of destruction was also there, but at the same time, it just wasn t pulled off.It didn t suck Loose ends were picked up Sal got to confront or engage with all the interested parties, and no one was left unscathed She wasn t a real fighter, after all, and being a family gal will only get her a so so epic rating, but I still feel like the series could have shined .Perhaps I didn t like the feeling that the entire tale felt like we were being pulled from one camp to another like the a tide, or like the we just had to touch all the bases once before settling on one final solution It simply didn t wow me, but it did give me some closure, and for that, I m grateful.I love my parasites Brain parasites are always going to be precious to me I just wish well, I just wish that Tansy had been allowed to grow and flourish in the series She s just NOT INTERESTING as a coma victim Sorry She was so damn awesome, too I never wanted to have her live out her days on the page as the victim She had so much LIFE in her sigh Could my one complaint drag down the enjoyment of the entire novel Or even two novels Possibly Likely, even sigh

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    I ve not been terribly excited about this trilogy It s overlong and there are no twists anywhere.Sal is back with her father and the evil head of Symbogen, having given herself up so that her fiance and a friend can escape Meanwhile, the megalomaniac tapeworm Sherman has enacted his master plan and infected the water supply with clones of Sal s tapeworm having removed her personality information and made it even invasive So Sal needs to escape the military version of the CDC and get back to Dr Cale so that they can stop Sherman somehow Like the previous books this is about several groups of people driven by their own agendas and morals, and the various attempts by them to control Sal and the other groups It s also about endless repetition of Sal wanting everyone to survive and loving everyone, including the Sleepwalkers To her credit, this book is where she comes into her own and actually takes some control of this stuff, but she s still at the mercy of the other groups than directing their action.The ending is ok, but like Sal, I wanted a bit of an ending for at least one character Ok, I got to use megalomaniac tapeworm in a sentence Bonus star

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    This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews Reading this series is always a delightfully horrific and philosophical experience Being centered around a scientific experiment gone wrong, causing tapeworms that were meant to be the end of human disease and suffering to overtake their hosts, it gets pretty squeamish during some parts.That s part of the appeal of the Parasitology series, the pure horror of knowing that some of the people you interact with are no longer human Instead, they re tapeworms living in human brains, either driving the human hosts into a zombie like state or becoming a rare incidence of chimera, who think and even believe that they re that human.What s even fascinating about this series, is the realism that this could actually happen 13 years from now If a new technology came out that could cure all diseases, that could safeguard you from any cold or virus, that could prolong your lifespan and give you quality of life would you take it no matter the cost Chimera is the third book in the series and it asks all the tough questions It s multi layered and complex, contrasting morality with prejudice, survival and human instinct, and the radical views of opposing groups when it comes to humanity Whether it s the military faction who has the firepower to wipe out all zombies, to Dr Cale in her hand to creating these monsters, and to a tapeworm scientist who just wants to preserve his species Time and time again you ll be asking yourself who is right Who is wrong What is right What is wrong Sal is a strong character with the pure determination to survive, to right any wrongs that have been made, to protect her loved ones and to reunite her family Following her through all three books, she s come a long way from the confused accident survivor we met in the first book Even in Chimera, she hasn t figured everything out The one thing I admire about Sal is that, she relies on her determination to succeed to push herself forward, no matter how hopeless, no matter how risky or dangerous the circumstance Because Sal would rather act and fail, than to sit around doing nothing, and that s how she s succeeded thus far But it hasn t been without failure or without consequence.Being the third in the series, Chimera is actually quite slow moving But if you ve read any of Mira Grant s books, you ll know that she favours the detail, bringing forth a vivid world that comes to life, multi dimensional characters that you can root for and philosophical questions on mankind and survival.The ending also doesn t solve the worlds problems, but it just addresses this little patch of North America that has been affected by sleepwalkers More warm and fuzzy moments between Sal and Nathan would have been welcome too, but this story was never about the romance.If you love science, horror and philosophy, this series will absolutely blow you away with its pure detail of a scientific experiment gone wrong It never ever skimps on character development, scientific methodology or the morality of different factions I never thought I d enjoy a book about tapeworms, but anything that Mira Grant writes deserves to be read If you can t stand the thought of tapeworms, but wouldn t mind the rest, check out Feed, which is one of my all time favourite books I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 starsThis was a mostly satisfying conclusion to the trilogy I just can t help but feel somewhat disappointed though I don t think the trilogy as a whole lived up to the promise of the first book I think some of the most interesting characters like Tansy were wasted That being said though I did really enjoy it and I want to read a lot by this author.

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    3.5 stars This is decent finish to the trilogy that ties up most of the loose ends Overall I enjoyed the series, but it felt slightly overwritten and long in parts Grant s skill as a writer made up for that flaw for the most part As a whole the series was a solid 3.5 stars.

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    If I wanted to, I could probably write a long rant about Chimera and Parasitology as a whole But I m too disappointed and I just don t fucking care enough, which is really the biggest problem After finally being won over by book one, books two and three frustrated me no end, and I m left just glad that it s over.The plot of both Symbiont and Chimera can be summed up in one word kidnapping For 1000 pages, someone is always getting kidnapped Then they have to go rescue them Then they re all so happy to be together again for like two chapters Then someone gets kidnapped Usually it s Sal, but sometimes it s other people for variety see Tansy, see most of Dr Cale s team I m sick of the kidnapping, and I m sick of Sal s stupid sacrificial rescue plans I m sick of it all.After Parasite, I was riding high I loved the whole cast so much That held in through much of Symbiont, but by just a bit of the way into Chimera, I no longer gave a shit about anyone There s no character development They all end the same way they were at the start Basically the only change anyone goes through is Sal finding a chimera kid and deciding she has major mom feels OH BOY WHAT A NECESSARY PLOT ELEMENT The villains are boring and flat The heroes are too.Read the hell out of Newsflesh Maybe don t read this.

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    Grant takes us into the not so distant future, introduces us to a world on the cutting edge of medical technology, and shows us how miracle medical cures could be society s downfall Eerily realistic it highlighted financial greed, humanity s search for the magic pill and ponders how far in the name of science is too far.Since the beginning of the trilogy Grant has presented multiple perspectives some in diary format, audio messages, and others in scientific documents Throughout the trilogy, we have watched the transformation and growth of protagonist Sal as she finds herself caught on both sides of this war We witness good characters, greedy characters, sympathetic characters and villains who will make you shiver Human and parasites alike fall into these categories I love that Grant did not make this a battle against good and evil, but gave it a realistic perspective where both sides need to compromise.One of the things that impressed me with the trilogy and particularly Chimera is that Grant blurs the lines between humans and tapeworms The characters played a large role in this transformation Sal in particular as well as her brother Adam and her sister Tansy changed my perspective While this is classified as horror and yes in the beginning, I shivered it slowly became about the characters and made me ponder humanity s advancement Could the ultimate medical cure be our downfall Is our search for eternal youth, diet pills and carefree eating going to be our undoing Grant once again weaves in humor, tender moments and surprises that tugged at my heartstrings and made me giggle She highlights strong characters who can accept and those whom are close minded presenting a realistic look at what if She made me care and I became completely engrossed in the outcome I feared for them, cried for them, loathed others, and damn it she made the unthinkable loveable Sometimes I miss lying to myself about the things that make my life complicated SAL Wow said Fishy I don t think I heard a single full stop in there You know, when you start talking entirely in comma splices, you re probably ready for a time out and a tranquilizer For fans of the trilogy Chimera packs a punch and delivers a nail biting final book with twists and turns before closing with an open ending that left me deeply satisfied Of course, it also left room for novellas in this world, something Grant does these marvelously and I gobble them up like candy If you read this Ms Grant, I would like Fishy s story and for the love of all that is holy, I need a copy of Don t Go Out Alone.Copy provided by publisher This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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    Mira Grant of Feed fame has finished another wonderful science fiction trilogy, proving again that she knows how to write good endings.In the final Parasitology book, the tapeworms are spreading Countless people are getting infected and turned into mindless husks, incapable of complex thought, ruled by their instincts It is up to Sal and her friends to save the world but the world doesn t seem to want to be saved.An issue that is incredibly prevalent in science fiction is a lack of character growth and development More often than not, sci fi characters are mere sock puppets, mouth pieces for the author to express a certain message Grant the pseudonym of Seanan McGuire takes a solid science based concept, and combines it with characters that feel real At the core of the Parasitology trilogy lies the story of Sal coming into herself She is the focus of the books, and Chimera shows the final part of her journey into accepting what and who she is, and finding her place in a broken world Because so much careful attention is spent on Sal s development, I felt that some other characters were done a bit short I would have loved to read from the points of view of other key characters the short pieces of autobiographical writing at the start of chapters provided a welcome insight into their minds, but I was left wanting to know .Like all the other books I have read by Grant, the science in the Parasitology novels is sound The fact that a character like Sal takes the spotlight does not mean that Grant lets the worldbuilding slide Chimera is well researched, though the subject matter parasites tape worms might put people off from reading these books Chimera answers all of the questions raised throughout the trilogy in a satisfactory manner, and has all the elements I look for in a science fiction Grant has yet to disappoint me in anything she writes.

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