Kellan (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #4)

Kellan (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #4) When You Love An Outlaw, Be Prepared For The Ride Of Your LifeKellan Everything Worth Having Is Worth Fighting For I Should Know I Bear Battle Scars Than Most I Lost Half My Leg When An IED Blew A Hole Through My Humvee In Afghanistan Since I Got Back, I Ve Done Things To Protect My MC That Would Make You Afraid Of Me And You Should Be When I Laid Eyes On Mallory, I Knew She Was Worth Fighting For Too I Wasn T Expecting It She Stepped Into The Spotlight In That Hole In The Wall Bar Singing The First Slow, Quiet Notes Of Some Rock Song And That Was All It Took I Knew She Was About To Spin My World Around And The Timing Couldn T Be Worse On The Verge Of A Club War, Everyone Close To Me Could Be At Risk But, Just One Look From Mallory Was Enough To Change My Life Forever Because No Matter What, I Knew I Had To Make Her Mine What I Didn T Know Is How Much Hell It Would Put Us Both Through MalloryI Know What Most Men Think When They Watch Me On Stage For One Night, One Moment, When I Lock Eyes With Them From Behind The Shield Of My Microphone, They Believe Every Note I Sing Is For Them My Lie My Gift My Curse But The Night I First Saw Kellan, I Was Telling The Truth That Sexy Smirk Lifting The Corner Of His Perfect, Full Mouth, Those Ripped Muscles Under Denim And Leather He Had An Air Of Raw Power About Him That Made Every Other Man In The Room Seem Like A Boy Something About Kellan Made My Body Hum But, I Can T Afford To Need A Man Like Him Bad Boys, No Matter How Good They Feel Always Lead To Trouble And Pain I Know If I Let Him Get Too Close, He Ll Break Me Or Leave Me But When His Lips Brush Mine And His Fingers Trail Along My Hips, I Just Can T Seem To Say No This Is A Standalone, Full Length Romance Novel Involving The Men Of The Great Wolves MC Each Book Is Interconnected And Part Of A Series, But They Can Be Read In Any Order And DO NOT Contain Cliffhangers They DO Contain Dark Themes And Elements Book Themes MC Biker Romance Dark Romance Romantic Suspense Stand Alone Full Length Romance Novel Great Wolves MC 1 4 Was gonna wait till the end of the series before reviewing, but there are 10 books and a lot happening Dex has just been released from prison after serving 13 yrs on false evidence He returns to his club who sent someone for him along with his bike Before his arrest he d been the club s VP, a role he s voted back into He d been close to Ava too But someone wants to send him away for good Sly, Dex, are trying to make the club pay totally ligit, someone s trying to stop them, Scarlett s job is to stop Sly permanently, she s good at her job Colt returns to his home turf, looks up his local branch, it s not what he s used to They are into some dodgy dealings He tells them what could be, the Prez isn t interested, Colt gets into a lot of trouble Kellan remembers him from old, together they try to change things to new, the club s doing well then things start going wrong, people leaving because of threats, Sly Dex come a calling and they all go after those causing the problems This is a short take on 4 excellent books, they are excellent books, Jayne Blue is a new author to me, but a very good one, I m moving on to book 5 now, Can t wait..Sue P Another great book in this series Moving on now to Sawyer s story. This is the fourth book in the Great Wolves MC series I feel this book and the others in the series could be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend that you read them all in order This is Kellan s book he is the Vice President of the Great Wolves Mc in Lincolnshire As the club goes legit as business owners, Kellan has been put in charge of running the clubs bar, The Wolf s Den Kellan s job is to scout out a live band to further profits of the bar This is how we meet our heroine Mallory, she s good with the crowds, talented, sexy, and the one person Kellan should not touch This book has action, suspense, and some serious sexy times I love the new characters brought into this story and look forward to their books Kellan s back story was an excellent story it made me fall in love with him pretty hard I enjoyed the chemistry between Kellan and Mallory, I also loved that the author brought back a couple other characters from other books for us to get caught up with I look forward to continuing this series and love the spin offs as well I recommend this series to those who love action MC books I voluntarily reviewed this ARC for an honest review, this is my honest opinion and has not been influenced by the author or Publisher in anyway. Every so often, i like to read something different It takes a lot for me to find a MC book that appeals to me Kellan is definitely one of those books and i loved it that much that i read it rather quickly It s brilliant and fun to read, I ve read the other three in the series before this one and i will continue to read from this author and series. I was intrigued by Kellan s story past when it was briefly told in Colt and I was excited to know about him I absolutely loved Kellan and Mallory together, I loved the sparks they had right from the beginning I found the first time they met in Kellan s POV very hot, I loved how he saw her I thought their interactions were great with some very hot scenes between them Also loved the interactions between all the other characters especially with the MC brothers and Mitch, I found him to be such a cute character There were quite a few parts where I wasn t a big fan of Mallory s, there was something about her then that annoyed me a little I would love to have known about Kellan though but I m excited to read about what happens next in the following booksI voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book Mallory is a singer in a band and Kellan needs a band for their new biker bar Sparks fly between them.But Mallory has her own problems and somebody is targeting the club.So enough action in this book, also the hot and steamy action between them.Great mc read about a biker and his strong woman 4 StarsKellan is a good story with strong characters Storyline flowed from beginning to end and if you have been reading this series from the beginning you know about Sly and Dex They make an appearance in Kellan and of course Jase makes a few appearances Happy Reading I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Kellan is the fourth book in the Great Wolves M.C Series, and I can honestly say this one has definitely been my favorite so far Like the previous book, Colt , it takes place in Lincolnshire, Ohio So Colt is back along with the rest of the group there And there are even appearances from Sly and Dex from the Green Bluff, California chapter Although if they ve come all that way, you can be pretty sure it s because they re needed Like all of these Alpha biker dudes, you can be sure that Kellan is gorgeously hot and delicious But what made him even special to me is the fact that he s a veteran soldier, and lost the bottom part of one of his legs while serving But you ll never see him as having a handicap or feeling sorry for himself he is a 100% all American prime choice cut His injury has made him compassionate and understanding of those whose lives have taken a lot of bad or sad turns He s a really good bad boy Mallory, the heroine, lit the pages on fire all the way from page one She s a singer in a band, Mallory and the Malcontents I love that name When she sings she holds the whole audience in the palm of her hand She is smoking hot and sexy and sensuous and every man in the audience wants her, including Kellan Mallory isn t interested in these generic men, but when she sees this smoldering lustful biker guy, well, she just has to have a taste.So when these two meet, there is bound to be instantaneous combustion The chemistry starts hot and stays hot all the way through to the very end.But Mallory isn t completely the tough Rock n Roll chick she would lead you to believe She s been through a lot of tough circumstances in her life She is genuine and down to earth and trying to hold everything together while her alcoholic father just wants to blow it all apart She s also trying to be the responsible parent to her younger brother Life has taught Mallory that the only one in life she can really count on is herself Anyone else she s ever cared about has let her down She is too afraid and distrustful to really let Kellan in for anything than a little fun.The story line in this book is so interesting and the romance is so intense, this is a book that is hard to put down It has you from hello, and doesn t let go until the end And leaves you wanting for I believe Sawyer is the next up in this series If you ve read any of the stories about the Great Wolves Gym in Grand City, Michigan, you already know a little about him He is awesome, believe me, and I can hardly wait to find out By the way, even if you re not familiar with these other books or series, don t let that stop you When I first started reading Kellan , my mind was in a bit of a fog because it s been a little while since I read the others I recognized the names but couldn t remember a whole lot about them at first Yet I still found this story fascinating It s wasn t a drawback at all to not really remember who these all these other guys were It was a pleasure to discover them all over again If you don t mind coarse language and strong sex scenes, you will love this book You don t even have to like motorcycles 4.5 stars

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