Eight Men and a Duck: An Improbable Voyage by Reed Boat to Easter Island

Eight Men and a Duck: An Improbable Voyage by Reed Boat to Easter Island Nick Thorpe Was Innocently Travelling Around South America With His Girlfriend, Ali, When He Came Across An American Adventurer Planning To Sail From Chile To Easter Island On A Bolivian Boat Made Of Reeds Inspired By The Great Thor Heyerdahl, Buck Had Recruited Seven Men To Join Him On This Experiment To Discover Whether It Might Have Been Possible That Polynesia Was First Settled From South America Rather Than Asia But When One Of Them Dropped Out A Place In The Crew Became Available For Nick What Followed Was A Somewhat Bizarre Expedition Undertaken By A Rather Makeshift Vessel, A Couple Of Ducks One Of Which Could Have Only Guessed At Its Fate And A Group Of Men, Who, When All Was Said And Done, Weren T Quite Sure How To Sail A Boat Eight Men And A Duck Is A Tale Of Storms, Amateur Seamen And The Occasional Shark


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  • Unknown Binding
  • 308 pages
  • Eight Men and a Duck: An Improbable Voyage by Reed Boat to Easter Island
  • Nick Thorpe
  • English
  • 06 July 2017
  • 9780349114545

10 thoughts on “Eight Men and a Duck: An Improbable Voyage by Reed Boat to Easter Island

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    I wish that I liked this one as much as some of the best of the sailing genre Thorpe is a journalist and kept the story moving along He just doesn t have much sailing background and it was a pretty uneventful trip, so he focused most of his story on the inexperienced crew Unfortunitely, his constant pettiness, fear and cluelessness and the ineptness of the crew just wore me out by the end This was the story of captain Phil Buck s plan to move a commissioned reed boat from Lake Titicaca, finish it in coastal Chile, and then sail it to Easter Island Thorpe is a journalist looking for a story when he meets one of the crew on a bus The eight men who finally end up sailing were just plain lucky that no harm came to them No one on board had skill with electronics and little skill with navigation or medicine or well, sailing Everything was just done no planning or expertise required The book reminded me, of course, of Thor Heyerdahl s Kon Tiki which was the inspiration for the trip and also of The Incredible Journey by Tristen Jones and actually a lot of The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst because of the lack of preparedness.It was the writing that led me to give this 3 stars The self congratulatory crew was annoying, but the boatbuilding segment and the boat s arrival in Rapa Nui kept me reading.

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    8 Men and a Duck is an amusing recounting of the voyage of the Viracocha and her rather ill suited crew from Chile to Easter Island to prove that ancient South Americans could have made the journey At least that s what they were alleging they were attempting to prove Given their apparent lack of interest in the specifics of the theory and their shock that the Rapa Nui were not elated with their findings, it s obvious that the only real motivation here was to sail in a reed boat like Captain and I use the term loosely here Phil Buck s hero, Thor Heyerdahl, did in Kon Tiki Don t get me wrong, the book is very entertaining I did have a few laugh out loud moments But, what struck me from the beginning was the laissez faire attitude adopted by the entire crew None of them were what you could call experienced sailors and most of them were reckless and immature view spoiler The fact that no one noticed they d installed the sails upside down was a prime moment for a face palm, and they didn t even bother to figure out how to log in to the navigation equipment, test their battery system or attempt a man overboard rescue before they were well underway hide spoiler

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    I was fascinated by the Kon Tiki voyage Although they didn t prove that Polynesian peoples came from South America, they proved it was possible Very cool stuff 8 Men is kinda boring Even the launch was a multi step dud I was disappointed at Thorpe s constant harping on the expedition s negative aspects one crew member or another was grouchy and or petulant, forces were at work to destroy the morale of the crew members, equipment didn t work as intended, etc etc The would be sailors seemed to have oodles of waiting around time and didn t seem to use it to properly prepare Even Phil, who ostensibly adventures into places lacking comforts and amenities, seemed to fail at this They should have been testing equipment, packing and repacking and repacking equipment, experimenting with meal preparations And so on.Nick Thorpe is no Bill Bryson and definitely not Thor Heyerdahl Bryson takes on adventure and finds the absurdity in it What little humor there was in 8 Men one of which went back to nature and the other basically stopped being mentioned was forced and stilted Thorpe lacked Heyerdahl s sense of history and adventure.

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    I read this book assuming that it would be some a bland read yet from almost the first chapter I was sucked into the book The book follows the author across the South Pacific where he and the rest of the crew encounters sharks, loneliness and a variation of cabin fever which is unnerving on a normal boat yet these men dealt with it while on a large raft made of reeds Nick Thorpe, the narrator, gives perspective on the necessities that make up an odd voyage such as that with humor and fact that will keep the reader focused until the end of the book He and seven others in Peru come together in an effort to prove that with ancient boat building technologies that it was possible to travel from South America to Easter Island By proving this it would provide a feasible way that ancient Easter islanders made it to the island contrary to the original theory that they can from Polynesia I really enjoyed the book because I discovered the famed adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and his role in rediscovering some of the most crucial links between ancient civilizations through implementing ancient boat building techniques and proving that it was possible to connect separate civilizations I learned about an almost dead craft of boat building and the largely unknown endeavour of eight people sailing across the Pacific on a small reed craft Overall I would thoroughly recommend this book.

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    You can also find my review of Eight Men and a Duck on my book blogA journalist has a chance encounter with a confident, gung ho adventurous American, and decides to join the American s quest to cross from Chile to Easter Island in a reed boat, inspired by Thor Heyerdahl s Kon Tiki adventure which never actually landed on Easter Island The book reads like someone telling a yarn to his mates It s chummy, everyone s improvising, a bit inept, and hugely reliant on luck The quest is about as wise, responsible and well prepared as the adventures in the Hangover movie series, but there s less humour.It s not really a scientific thing it s people having an adventure for adventure s sake Once the only vaguely skilled person left the team frustrated with his companions habit of winging it and lack of preparation forethought, and the resulting delays , the narrative lost a lot of interest for me Basically, I didn t really like any of these guys all that much, as I could not respect them.It s not a bad book, but it doesn t really have anything much to say A bunch of bumbling young men seek adventure and succeed mostly through luck The end.

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    The author a veteran traveller kind of happens upon a group of men who are building a reed boat with the intention of sailing it from South America to Easter Island, to show that it could be done He somehow ends up on the boat as part of an extremely lackadaisical crew, who do not seem to share his sense of panic over things like no radio It was a very quick and enjoyable read.

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    Easy reading book, amusing and interesting voyage An amazingly disorganised and seemingly poorly planned adventure, making it all the surprising that they succeeded with relative ease Less serious, but in the same vein as Tim Severin s adventures.

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    I liked the honesty in their approach.

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