Falling Stars

Falling Stars I thought this novella was really cute If you like children, you ll like this, because Christina s twin girls, Delia and Livy, are a major part of the book Your eyes are two colors, Delia told him There is green and little gold speckles Did fairies do that They might have done It is very pretty I wish I had fairy gold in my eyes He stood up and pulled on his gloves You have fairy silver, he said Like a blue sky with silver dust It is much, much prettier A blue sky with silver dust She considered And Livy, too, then And Mama Yes Yes, she repeated with a satisfied nod She took his hand, and looked up at him, and smiled.Christina s daughters were adorable I thought they were the best part of the novella They both immediately got attached to Marcus, and I absolutely loved all of their interactions Like I said, if you love children in books, I think you ll love this one.He d discovered that looking after little girls was nothing like minding rough and tumble little boys Christina had called her daughters hoydens, but they seemed to Marcus the most fragile of china dolls Out of doors, he found himself worrying that they weren t dressed warmly enough, then that they were over warm, and would take a chill in consequence Every game seemed too rough all the places he d taken for granted as perfectly safe for children abruptly became fraught with perils.Even though they re the ones who latch onto him first, he finds himself reciprocating the attachment I love that with Christina s children, Marcus bore no ill will towards them, even though they re from Christina s previous marriage to a man she married after she refused Marcus He s not at all stand offish or cold, even before he decides he wants to make a play for Christina, which I totally loved.The romance between Marcus and Christina was cute He doesn t push her away or want to get over the attraction by sleeping with other women When he first sees her, he feels he needs to get away and sort out his thoughts, but he never makes mention of doing so with other women, which I loved because I ve read faaaar too many Hs who think this BS in romance novels But you are quite right regarding my height, she said I did grow another half inch How keenly observant you are Twin sparks lit his eyes I did not mean a mere half inch I must have confused you with some other girl There were a great many of them, as I recall Ah, well, you mustn t mind the error, Christina answered in tones laden with compassion Failure of memory is common with advancing age it cannot be helped And even when Marcus was being kind of an ass because he doesn t want to feel vulnerable, I adored that Christina wasn t afraid to take him on one on one.This is a second chance romance, so there was a separation a decade, in this case The thing I liked about their separation was that it wasn t based on a Big Misunderstanding view spoiler Christina, although she had developed feelings for Marcus, was betrothed to another man at the time She had a tough decision to make, and even though her choice may not be the most romantic or loving, I could see why she had to make it I understood that she was eighteen and couldn t just up and choose to run away and elope with some twenty four year old man she d met merely two weeks ago And not only was the man she was engaged to, Arthur, a childhood friend of hers, but she also couldn t just up an leave her family behind because of this instalove Totally understandable I actually commended her on making a sensible decision hide spoiler A charming tale of courtship featuring great portrayals of children I ve tried the pillow over the head trick to escape their screeching with similar low levels of success and an adorable if hard headed hero I do like that they cleared the air about the past early on in a mature manner The heroine did a good job defending herself and pointing out how things were from her perspective Oh and I rather appreciated that the previous husband wasn t a villain I don t know why romance tends to insist no one can have a happy previous relationship All the agonizing they did over outfits and what to wear when they knew they would encounter each other was quite cute As were his attempts at wooing A quick, fun and satisfying read short story done right. Three reasons to read this novella Loretta Chase wrote it Old Latin Teacher on , who is not profligate with her stars, gave it five And it costs only 1.99. 3.5 StarsThis was really different from any other Loretta Chase I ve read It actually reminded me of something Mary Balogh would write it s short and sweet and honestly a bit saccharine, with none of the banter or humor I m used to with LC It s a very short story, so there isn t much time for plot to develop Everything falls into place extremely easily, and in fact there are a lot of almost magical references to angels and stars sort of bringing everything together in an inexplicable way The MC s fell in love ten years prior in a short two week series of secret meetings, but it didn t work out, and they were both left bitter about it I was thinking for most of the book that it was due to some big misunderstanding, but it wasn t in the way that I thought Suddenly, the two are brought back together with one having never married and the other a widow with two twin daughters, and I probably don t need to explain further There s not a lot of action here most of the story is descriptions of feelings past and present and memories being brought back to the surface The characters are somewhat developed, but a lot of questions were left unanswered I think this could have been really good if it had been fleshed out , but there just weren t enough pages to really do so There were some cute moments with Christina s daughters and Marcus, but the renewed courtship between Marcus and Christina felt rushed and glossed over Everything happens very quickly, and much really only happens because of intuition and fate Christmas is in the background without playing much of a major role in the story itself I liked this, and it was a cute read for December, but it s not something I d probably read over and over again It probably could have become a full novel with some plot events, and I kind of wish it would have. An Enchanting Regency Christmas Novella About Romance, Forgiveness And A Second Chance For A Once In A Lifetime LoveTen Years Ago, Dashing Marcus Greyson And Na Ve Christina Travers Fell Madly In Love And Parted In Anger Now, Wiser And Seasoned, Both Know Better Than To Trust The Wayward Impulses Of The Heart But Some Feelings Never Fade And The Joys Of Christmas And Family Just Might Rekindle A Certain, Special Spark This Novella Was Previously Published In The Anthologies A Christmas Collection By Stella Cameron, Joan Hohl, Loretta Chase, And Linda Lael Miller, And In A Christmas Present By Chase, Lisa Kleypas, And Judith E French Really cute story about second chances and rekindling a former love I loved Marcus and Christina and Christina s darling children I enjoyed the falling stars descriptions and their scene at the end was magical I really wish this would have been longer than a novella because the build up would have been wonderful. This was so cute The hero and heroine are reunited 10 years after falling love and breaking each other s hearts This helps to establish a connection even though the book is a novella There s a bit of angst, a bit of seething, a bit of pining, and a bit of Christmassy sentiment It quite worked for me. Such a lovely story about second chances It worked so well even with only 50 pages One of the better novellas short stories LOVEEED the bonding between Greyson and Christina s twin daughters, it was sooooooo cute And I love the Christmas vibe very very magical and pretty

Loretta Lynda Chekani was born in 1949, of Albanian ancestry For her, the trouble started when she learned to write in first grade Before then, she had been making up her own stories but now she knew how to write them down to share In her teenage years, she continue to write letters, keep a journal, write poetry and even attempt the Great American Novel still unfinished She attended New Engl

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